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Doc Rivers Postgame Press Conference

Feb 26, 2013|

Doc Rivers spoke to the media after the Celtics win a thriller in Salt Lake City, beating the Utah Jazz 110-107 in OT.

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-- Chris. Would go back and renegotiate. Shoot. On this game -- And did whatever that is it was a best win for -- of the year. Five games you know seven -- five different cities three time zones you know just taking time zones. The guarded Al -- over time and still have enough to win. You know it's funny to start your retirement to brand going for Kevin. Kim wouldn't let me go no no no I'm I'm -- I believe that but I kept him in and then he was he was terrific. Paul down the stretch just hurts you know we we found someone like in the McEnroe. With the spacing and nobody helped out Kevin -- -- that did help all turned the corner. And in the stuff so I thought we we jump -- game up. You know I'm a fan of that what we did it -- -- when zones are traveling all on the floor. And I just thought our truck was so bad it was good you know we didn't know what we were doing. And they didn't know what we were doing and I thought it created confusion. And it didn't work but I could tell you. The truck where do we do know we had no clue overdoing and that -- the -- confusion for both teams had -- it was good for us. Yeah. It is that it -- category five games and forget whatever score first bought thought to start the game he gave his life was scorned. But I thought his defense. Was such a big factor took them so long to get into the seven -- -- -- -- you know them in the -- and so what we just the government denies every catch we're gonna pressure the ball. And C home loan before it takes from the get to the post and then it really helped this is we took so much clock off. They had the time the forces -- and that was your and you know the overall rebounding you know they're they're dominant -- overall though we Oden and hung in there yeah. What we're supposed throughout. And down Kevin you know that's why I took the -- could turn the corner but he was written. For Kevin to come up because we noticed on the small small pit -- big was sinking in under the basket. And -- jet. Roles in the Kevin Kevin Rose up to that noble is sweet spot. We thought we -- got it in the just -- you -- just fell off balance the need to just kind of forgot it so. I -- in mind Paul had it and I just wanted to make sure we had the last shot. Yeah. If you. Don't know game tonight you know he's struggling and do all the sudden. You just kind of reached down you know that's. He's just a great player that's of great players -- he was exhausted and you can deceive and just reach down and grabbed it from somewhere. And they just what we needed it we what we wouldn't want enough that. Yeah. It. It. Yeah. Just. You are up there on the saying after you defeated through -- period and that means -- player or player. That's one of the things I was upset when our guys last night her thought they made three -- heroic that we can now five straight times and the awful shots and Paul never touched it. And so when we called time out I didn't I just say it could go through the period. Now he had a going to -- the ball. -- -- he wanted to switch some mud I didn't I didn't want to. Solved -- the wonder somebody should. We're getting good shots and we -- missed a couple. And let's keep running and I didn't like it because I -- all the -- -- the received the last best yeah when you view. You know just the got a lot of heart this is a lot of good things. They -- this is a bit is just a gut check win for us some and we we're on fumes and hung in there hung in there and hung in there and and so that there and it's is a lot about this team this group. -- -- Around the zone and then we came out trapping and -- -- -- That's what we drove that time was not a -- run until it was. It was awful problem we're going but some are guys can't rotate or just plants or to just kept finding guys. And you know we kind of took him away from post which is what we're trying to do sort worked in the long war. And now. Like. It was -- -- and got shortsighted. I mean it was really good it's. Listen when you win the game here this is tough bill -- went -- the record of east. Change your the last five years is its member -- When you coming here and win a game. That's real nice.

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