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Avery Bradley postgame courtside with Grande & Max after OT in Salt Lake City

Feb 26, 2013|

Avery Bradley joined Grande & Max courtside after the Celtics with a thriller in Salt Lake City, beating the Utah Jazz in OT 110-107.

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Sometimes it's your job to describe it and still defies description of the Celtics paid overtime in the final night of the trip to beat the jazz won ten. The 107 erode over time report by Paul Pierce but he found it is you were Avery Bradley county entity after playing Damian Miller all night last night. They're coming out like house of fire tonight. I still have no idea how has this team. Continued to surprise everybody that bought. You were gonna go away. I mean this kind of team we are we're growing team come out every night and give all. You know it's a tough -- for suspected bad but you know that's what kind of team you'll find every single guy. Come up by the everything you gave up about Paul Pierce. With those last three or four shots and they've knocked down I mean just isolate with the cap that won't want. They just so as a kind of player is he he loves to be put -- emphasis in -- You know he makes -- obsessed Paul Pierce. In this David -- it sort of there was a ball when we said as the fourth quarter was going on that this doctor was a time out. So we didn't talk about for a long time given the parameters of the FCC and language what did Doc Rivers say during that early fourth quarter timeout what was his best. He taught us that we needed to step we were playing team defense. We're playing the right way. And -- in the game we picked it up when we started. Playing Celtic basketball on you know we're great defense a team and we showed it showed it tonight. My favorites they -- like the fact that you miss shots but you continue to take them. I think it was that three you looked like he should have been the fourth one that brought together -- to the point oh you got it we shot. Yeah I did but it's fine you know you got to continue to keep playing -- enough for me on the defensive and that's that's what I try to bring every single night and my team needs that energy and I'm gonna do it every single event. There was a moment two weeks ago and I were talking about earlier in Charlotte went Paul Pierce and we -- on his way to hall of fame is just another night for twelve years on that trip there. But he gave up the last shot if you had a great look at it and Doc Rivers was so excited -- did that it's even though it didn't fall for you -- that night. He knew that that play event that Paul Pierce trust UST. Definitely we also see each other and that's why -- TER that's why you see everybody making. The next advancing everybody knocking down open -- could get some sleep on a flight definitely what Paul appears to be pulled up what. Probably not -- Avery thank you. I thank you.

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