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Monday February 25th Whiner Line

Feb 25, 2013|

Pete gets ripped for his Oscar picks!

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Abuse excuse views expressed and expressed. My life these -- like ET TE Chris Cox. Yeah discretionary stocks still. Morris. And now it's warning airlines. It's playoff time the Syrian and you can just stick your toe in the water you know he would -- pride in our you have to us. Put your feet and we go out and now there has been their best move forward in New England they're playing well and in doing that came up their mind the story has touched and the WEEI. -- more near lie and I think he's very patient. You know his good feet. He moves around really well let alone he understands the game they are beautiful dial 6177793535. Don't trust him in in that there come on the same page in. You know he's he's that he's another guys courtesy. -- -- us again why -- -- just a little bit different you know especially you know you're sort of in the area and the swelling candidates going to go down in the things like but definitely excited about the opportunity get out there and and have some fun. And now these are the type games you play for the -- this would you. It's been on your dinner before and then when -- go out there and just for your best foot forward. It's -- like to do a lot of things it's. WEEI. Whiner line. -- and have a nice have nice new contract now my partner president Tom Brady -- solutions dust accrued retirement -- You -- trouble for doing that tongue in cheek thing. -- You know obviously you know he has he has to Zelda thanks Wes Welker does. -- That's right here at Georgia -- today drive it and so Wes Welker. Britney's got you know house with a -- He does not only votes. The game that saw the but he secondary in the remote how does that work. I have guards still. -- -- -- I armored -- should stock market CDs -- has to have some flesh devouring creature. -- -- -- -- -- -- Me the latter side has brought to you by AT&T yes it is yeah I live is available in your iPhone and android device brought to you by AT&T AT&T the official. Wireless provider of the Boston Bruins. But the most forgy coverage in New -- grant him an assessment yet it's kind of it's like. Me. Our patio bands. They'll. And they create. 48 PM. -- -- -- It is is not particularly. On Sunday before the I don't know what I would have done. -- away from Monday anyway. But. -- But he never does anything about and I got out nobody cares about music. -- -- -- And that message -- victory obviously. They do -- -- call and be so adamant arsenal you brigade of -- and it was what's I did not match via -- a -- -- -- at the Jennifer Lawrence for best actress I didn't get the director parents over the director. And get a pat down -- -- best supporting actor which he should've -- didn't did you pick that. That that there will be a stumble up the stairs note for jet program -- crutches in the -- part of lover. -- You'll want to be seeing some while you're watching the most part for not -- -- sector added disarm its okay because they were sect. -- -- -- -- -- -- Saw a lot to give me a recap of the first half hour and that's during the -- game during commercial a -- over a little bit but -- really -- what was going on. Arts are a little bit of adults and Scotland participant drama of it costing us being a little little the notion of the Milky Way if -- this -- that's all right though I shot you are she's beautiful it's a big girls play the right now I think she's terrific. Lindsay Lohan and red carpet the that's the break the growth like do we need the Internet -- there. That's only been kept it could develop more show first twenty minutes a bottle and -- and I thought he would always have predicted a daily -- -- -- They got some of those big trouble with the belt. And -- -- think -- -- judgment to bike wreck myself -- we're out yesterday at -- yesterday. But I thought I guess you can't create itself your big bad -- our power that there off the -- -- -- show its goal of the apple app you're going up the last yet but donate it yet but it's not that you -- the format backed up like throughout the threat that. And that message. Thing. We'll work on -- president and controller for the trumpets and you're Alia amendments all of that and idol again. If you don't know -- -- and so far we've seen tower power probably have a different view PB. They've had a great tremendous great great accounts. I -- being Kirkland and I would -- in the show now plotting. Waiting. I think I have a computer. -- good job of my. Hypocrite and a message. But it -- the DC show anymore got a culminated into MCD -- run defense team that's done it already is either can be used -- Yeah I don't know I'm not an announcement is no way no government can play it. Ten games up on eight and I'll I'll probably don't block compliant -- I don't you get a medical and McHale. Thank all of there. And the message the security is that possible. Problem amazes he uses voice. Yet is hardly give a cold to use report should not complain I'm just trying to explain to you. Myself like let's not -- thought I scratched and clawed your way through drove time. Crowd this -- terrible but I feel fine whether I want change these winds trees we are you sure you should. They could profit. Welcome -- hopefully -- more like your current criminal -- by the way -- optimism the black -- And that message -- sucked last night. He's a wild pony up here -- -- don't you just. He -- what he's always a warehouse in beat writer here when the brakes don't reminds me of not that in his body -- but just in it is supposed to scoring. Ricky Davis. Yeah I know where the -- is at all tired and I don't care who Islamic. You find a shot assist -- just going. We've got along so well go -- but I. I cut it in the often felt that. And this message -- The rest for the police. Peek -- it you you basically do you believe it more. I know I'll pick it -- cigarette butt and that it. And then that grand. I users separately in the Boston next. -- they kept it that she and shepherd it's SH HE PID. Shep Sheppard yet. And and bagged dog Wimbledon put. I don't know why I -- that that can lead to bad. Ocracoke. That I handled myself I -- and -- these young guys and bad and bad. My -- you know. Adam and Ben and then you don't -- put this in the -- did that in the locally. So I've got -- -- I don't know about that -- about the lead he made what would that they would have been a very good guy bad. And that meant it to someone says don't I don't granderson no way or talk about the visit a G crystal favour of the reason why because they do have the best pitcher -- -- And others got from Connecticut to me processes gutsy performance Britain balls. And balls that they guarded as the place to look cool and it's. How proud you -- -- and still. Involved sports regular. If you walk out the proper over the patriots when you finally called -- had occurred. And this message that I would never call met anywhere too much respect for men no probably until -- damn proud dale always struggle. -- mumbled some of that that all our. When you personally its red -- collapse that's right they probably you know everybody got a call him when -- -- And then there's got Chicopee. -- the call today and those -- Blame me out or reason I was there -- -- while Lester and Beckett and buckles -- -- in nature I did I cause the article calls often and that is that's that's the only the media. Media. Thank you Barack but it -- dot com. I highly doubt Lleyton has some eye candy as you know I didn't pick it out didn't coach -- you can't Dennis and bad. And -- -- back back to the net debt diet close I think Beijing about being accountable. And they -- go and got more. And the Connecticut I think. Dad I was just curious if you knew it in the accurately NN Daytona 500. That a cure dementia. Good and accurate that it out of them. I think at. And this -- that's erased -- -- -- -- -- I should read yesterday to Jeff augment of that rhetoric -- moderation and you're sharing your race you don't run out of supplies -- -- -- -- because -- the car -- -- -- Wait a minute break you can only the bloody -- only went for 92000. He's for that kind of commitment I could've bought 400 or five big break. And now. A big help I don't know if you broke every little bit helps -- -- -- to grand. It would hold onto it otherwise it would take. What Curt Schilling. -- digital piracy. Urgently -- stick went public 262000. Where served with for 660000. And just like with assault case it went from yeah that's a believable. They expected a million for the Shia. Hey you played all we know that you work -- -- -- but did you know that might get out of the guy who -- the site on WB -- You know for the longest time he -- the biggest crush on political. If he could any way you could spark up that'll point if -- -- little. -- -- And this message they're liking them based call that era the bone for Comair about -- -- was there when the original. Oh she -- issue especially especially go below the desk. -- -- Attitude and it's a lot to -- that they are all kids that watch that door. If they do they're all paper I capitalize. -- Now that the joke that they don't you know that they're able Bryant. Mike Babcock. Don't like that there -- -- spot besides I'm in the MLB got very active player of the -- -- and Britney got professional earnings. And -- message. Attack is figured troop interpret the games. Must applaud but they went like ten minutes of the office team. With. Say we must have been applaud you're not even sure I don't give me they're critical day the -- however was when there's lucrative pitcher named Otto resident Steve bottlers like Saturday about a -- him -- He says and can't count to 1020 pitch from the Sox throwing left handed palindrome. -- -- to do is on the way. And it's such an easy ones go away now yeah yeah. It's tightness in my so. Yeah. It's not they were all -- -- -- it's. That's what my top five all -- -- got -- I was one of the temptation is denied statement. Did not yet acumen which one. One of the guys one of the guys -- pop was Rolling Stone one of the drysdale. That you remember went to Africa. Texas does not integrate and -- can -- thirty students for the. That they took -- they're doing mounted availability in the Columbine. We while more quick I'm are you do you know a community. Although there's been a field goal with. No no I don't I don't know I'm up fairly that the speaker Forman who happen to be at 200 pound pairing guys. But -- -- -- within. That makes -- it might be. And the team always. That it makes it. I don't know. There's are a lot of high -- by AT&T AT&T the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins. But the most -- coverage in doing.

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