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Tom Brady signs an extension which could make him a Patriot for life

Feb 25, 2013|

Why did the Pats extend Brady? Does the extension free up money to re-sign Welker or Talib? Michael and Pete break it down!

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Here to -- to some breaking news from Peter King. Stopped off about this. Here's a story is quote Tom Brady. Took a huge step today to ensure he'll retire a patriot. Agreeing to a three year contract extension. That'll keep him under center for New England through the 2017. Season. When he will be forty years old for the second time in his illustrious career. Brady is doing something players in this day and age simply do not do as he did in 2005 Brady a league source told SI dot com. -- signing a contract with New England. -- will pay him significantly less money in the market will bear in large part to help the patriots. Stay competitive for the next five seasons. Amazingly according to the source the deal is for an eye popping the conservative 27 million dollars. Which is less than half its work by any measure. The extension will pay Brady three million dollar signing bonus immediately. In addition to salaries of seven million dollars between 158000000. And 26 team. -- 9000000 and 2017 to without breaks down deep and according to Peter king and his sources. Brady's cap numbers this is where where it really matters because cap numbers were in the twenties. Twenty million dollar range well 2013 -- cap number thirteen point eight next year's fourteen point eight. 201513. 100201614100201715. Million so he coupled this news from Peter King. With the report earlier. From Albert. Absolutely this is a great thing this is an absolutely a great thing and ago. Tom Brady I'm not I'm not surprised a -- surprised by this at all. I mean. He's come home boarded the god you Gisele are going to be fine. If he's done this before. -- just class all the way policy and I mean how can anybody be dissatisfied what he's done. Are you surprised they turned out it alma maybe not -- two point seven million. Well. No. I'm not surprised because if you look at it. I know he says he wants to play until he's forty. I'm not sure he will if you get into that position. Where he still playing when he's 3839. Years old still playing at a high level under the contract again. This is just a formality I think this is this is not a deal and -- -- Peters writing. This deal ensures he'll retire patriot. I'm not sure about what this deal ensures right now seller give -- yeah I'm import you have to -- -- the -- and -- can go out and you can do something that you wanted to do and you can look at look at different players. And probably will retire patrons played at a high level. In this contract is severely below the market in two or three years I think he's got another MVP here too and we'll come back -- the again. Look at the contract but he -- but curious to know what you guys think about this all -- Paul Pierce and Tom -- Tom Brady. Agrees to a restructured contract with the patriots -- good for him. -- it's good for business with the New England Patriots what should they do what -- count flexibility we'll talk about it after. I think the mindset has to be more of going forward how do we make her 2013. Team strong as we can. Understand and of course there's going to be season in 2014 and 2015. -- we can't mortgage everything and put it into just one year without paying a price on the other end of it at some point so you know it's not a one year. Plan that's got to be you know it's gonna come -- more than that. But I think that's really what you're you're looking and is deciding maker 2013 teams competitive as you can make it. As opposed. How we fix what happened in 2009. Bill Belichick talking after the season. And really relates to the big news of two today big nose is Tom Brady. Has agreed to a contract extension with the patriots it's a three year contract extension. For 27 million dollars. It gives the patriots media cap relief right now Texas as well before the crafts and that Brady is taking less money in feet. I taking less money and cut his contract he restructured it. I think you can make the argument that he -- had more on the open market where he could have demanded more from the patriot but it -- cut. It -- take money away from his salary and say here give it back to management -- players. The what I think Peter king's point is 27 million dollars. In the three year extension for Tom Brady is peanuts compared to what could've gotten plasticky to Peter's story in my opinion of the key is. Quote the upshot of the deal is to give the patriots massive cap relief and a flat cap era. Brady was due to count on the New England salary cap 43 point six million dollars in 2013. 2014. Dollars cap numbers will add up to 28 point six million in the next two years. Savings of fifteen million dollars in cap dollars and time the patriots. After -- if they want assigned to help keep the team atop the AFC east which they have dominated -- -- quarter. -- Editors on to say at the end of the piece about you know they should have the financial ammunition to fortify the team record ball to the pass rush by Sunday -- Detroit free. Other colts or second or buy side veteran Ed Reed also free -- and offered to -- up the opened a lot -- re signed Wes -- which we -- gonna happen. Maybe in higher for a franchise receiver like Mike Wallace all of a sudden -- seven additional fifteen million -- -- While two thirds of the teams in the league struggled to waiting in free agency because there's so it's not the cap. That's great stuff -- problem patriots. Unselfish despite Tom Brady. Rate of 1515. Million more dollars in additional cap space got a lot of Iguodala but there's not a lot of players in week in the -- to do this stuff Alec this. -- I think I think it's some selfishness do. In the in the distance. Away away and that's what he's thinking I don't know where I don't publish. How much time I have left exactly I'm not gonna allow regretting I'm not gonna allow any kind of -- cap hell. The take over this team that will limit me. And this is his way of saying if they don't I don't surely do listen to when you let -- -- about players in the team that they didn't. -- masters advised -- his advice on what to do with west -- Well here's a case for Wes Welker -- Don't tell you don't have the money to do it because I just created some money for -- -- -- Simon weapons. And you -- that's part of it you know I mean Brady's greatest feelings very well known about how much -- Admires Wes Welker again go look at the numbers since 2007 just about 30%. Tom's completions over the seven year since since 2007 gone to Wes Welker. Assign him and well. Not taking your calls on this when six point seven summits of -- 97 -- -- -- must talk to Mike Mike from Boston Mike. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the column about how we don't players to regard the respect Paul Pierce -- Jim -- I don't know Mike. Michael literature Altria pitcher -- cell phone worked out here and talk to Chris Chris is in -- Chris. Hey guys thanks from claw. -- thing out on that block what. I can't believe -- Glenn -- I mean that you should be able to get our current form right and it. -- -- I don't know and the other out -- -- but on the -- being on public what are the one little question that he. Does not upon up like at the ready did I mean it's great needed. That probably eight droids don't get the most money that you're not likely guys these are like that. Well I -- it's a good question Chris I think and I know in baseball. It's a real issue. And I think the baseball. The baseball association players association baseball hometown discount when people don't like that probably a little stronger. And as you're liberal and Alex Rodriguez wanted to come here you want to do that let it. -- cut his salary bit to make it more accommodating for the Red Sox the players association would let it happen Larry -- came up with that statement it's a shame that. -- one of the players in this association wants to do something and then the governing body won't let them do it. If football I think agents look at it and say you know competing agents the cat and and can I can make more money that what you don't. And hey Tom Brady established player Italy and do what he looks. -- -- make -- a column -- to say you know. I'm sure most players want everybody to make as much as they can't means more money for membership fridge sized. In -- that the average salaries so -- -- I'm sure most players electricity and Tom Brady at 54 million or whatever he could've gotten by the patriots but. -- that benefit them in the long run should it be franchised or just in general but. Look. Winning championship or try to try to win another championship obviously means more to him and an additional seven million dollars. Because it's apt to leave means in my opinion there's no question now that they will -- Wes Welker my guess is going to be for the in the week you know. A lot of people to bring in this from the eighteenth tee -- I'm surprised -- -- -- government. Lot of a lot of people bring it up from different numbers. It's easy when you have a supermodel makes that much money and you know Gisele was walking runways of course he has this you know he didn't have to worry about it. Let -- the reality is yes he's married to. In terms of business in terms of dollars. He's married to number one supermodel in the world he makes a lot of my. He's done this two or three avatars right in his career -- before Gisele. PG -- he's done this before. Yes I think. Obviously obviously. They look at the combined income in there are any worries about where the next meal was coming from and whether and how the next bill is going to be paid. Just think it's. But if if opinion whether you're if you're if you're after every single dollar that's just who you are whether you're married to Gisele Bundchen or not. Andy you're getting married her and they are but I'm still let my money there's. This is not part of his make up right now after. Even if it was America -- I still think you would -- he's done it before. At a guy I think people not a -- about maybe some do underestimate how competitive that this guy is. The guy is is still very highly competitive that you could see it still see it where you believe -- body language or not. This guy wants to win that guarantee you killed and two years ago against the giants. It killed them last year lose that game against against Baltimore the guy wants to win. He's got a lot and you're excited amid the you're excited here I'm excited because it benefits the entire team not because you can retire and be year notes out of gestured. That's what got your fired up a problem you've never. -- I miss the I am. All I may help to go to -- at all -- yeah he's put the team ahead zone but basically. Org an additional million dollars for the benefit of the team body not respect that Auburn does what happened is -- a burden on our priorities are proud of -- Let's go you know. Quickly. Gives a better deal that would go to Eric in Portland -- with -- I don't per call without and our first caller knew it was your minds. A little nervous eight L Arnold I don't ought to that we had yesterday he let it get an IQ cop beat up and and it would accident. -- -- -- guy he was right to Jamaica that's -- idiotic comment about Savard. I caught my character you -- an idiot that's -- try to redeem yourself and -- act. Beat myself quite an idea what that it didn't Allendale that would help out because that's a reply to go out. Right now right now we're at the you'll be couldn't be happier that. Decided to -- a quarterback went -- one thing about it now with the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- let's have -- -- -- thought she had better outing like he was -- -- the war on yesterday made some ridiculous comment about. You know Savard deserve to be heard and back crook always -- yeah I was release that Savard deserved it aggregates and it's just idiotic comments got a moron archival. -- I'd known that I would regard to get back to pay -- -- to accomplish. Why is Steve -- proud of priority. Tom Brady. Let me selfishness contract extension with the New England Patriots 320 -- million dollar contract extension. So that has lowered his cap number with the patriots. The next several seasons. -- highest cap number. The next five seasons will be fifteen million dollars in 2017. This year thirteen point eight next year fourteen point 8201513. 100201614. Million and others said. 151002017. Now this is a good thing. I would think your patriots -- even if you're not a -- public adding -- it has freed up some money for the New England Patriots. So. Where's the opposition coming who can have a problem with it up to you. People on the eighteenth -- text. Once -- get rid of Brady -- -- were something bad bad move by the patriots. Are you surprised. The other and says it's a sad day in patriot player nation it takes the highest paid player to -- hit. So they can -- other important players. That day. Don't think they're just as I didn't really sad day. Tom Brady -- -- its contract. Understand the game and you don't stand talking about not you but I mean anybody says that did you just don't get it. And Stan Barnes is somebody not as proud as you're. Not a logical about his -- not -- a -- take a price number Tuesday by the equation. I mean how many other NFL players you know we do that on -- -- a -- others that -- to -- offshore well it -- the -- is -- put -- -- has that got to pay cut restructure his contract but. It's refreshing. And and he's done it more than once in his career Tom the Nazi guy after you know. The overly greedy about money you know he could be easily gotten 25 plus more million if you want to. And didn't because for the betterment of the team. Not have a tremendous amount of respect for that in this day and age of athletes. Almost on a precedent ought not sick now not -- -- fifth UP why is it okay for the past and not the Celtics. We should trade old Brady in Wilfork for some young unproven players right. I hope I'm wrong. Opinion even possibly compare pierce and Garnett to Brady did you see any -- -- slow down to his numbers from last year the last three or four years anomaly MVP type numbers. I don't get to the Super Bowl no I understand that. But my goodness. We talked about -- decline what is touchdown interception ratio. Gets below two to one that can -- conversation guys were close. I've close cut pro -- 4000 yards completing well over 60% of his passes. Distrust on a separate interception racial -- -- as well beyond three wants to please let's talk to them with the client doesn't think I was a bit and. Hey look what I got. And I looked up com. I don't want to send -- you know. Obviously -- can do that at some point deductible for it and you know he's first class buy it off -- Buick another championship all the weapons that they can get now. You know what if you -- it -- make more money borrowed bucks when money and endorsement. I'm panicked that the back end of it -- Now these are real big endorsement guys -- or he's not. Real big console but not not as -- -- he could be out of the straight man let's let's welts. I know I mean it's probably couple small ones but -- -- all over the place. While the Tom rather easy Tom Brady should pick out which -- and different things in the yards that put welts and he's a huge endorsement got these big endorsement endorsement watches him -- I want executed want to bumps and if you want a tube up he's not -- You know it's -- -- -- himself up endorsements like some other players are. Apple wouldn't call open yourself and you know that -- you're -- -- I think your top player to rig the opportunities there to try to Ottawa I think mr. O'Donnell problem did not review producer that several times in different interviews. It's approached a lot as an hour's question would. Beat Jerusalem down let's talk to my cholesterol is the demise of your cellphone. Cooperate this time was going on. They -- the -- got our. Car they're about the -- technically. I understand you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But what happened real estate we got the long what to retire -- mergers that -- only openly and will argue that they want it. Amid. An eight that. What -- you know we got it. You don't. Look -- with the Chicago who didn't block it we do. Want. You know agreement on what are. People know treaty which -- major what do you think of that there is about time. I got to know and you're just -- I think a lot of people agree with you don't think it's a matter of integrity of the it's a matter of respect. It is the big the big boy business of professional sports. And most of the time. Especially if you've talked about basketball. More basketball and other sports. As football and a guaranteed contracts account and you don't have as many -- of -- don't -- don't -- In -- get two point if you have some value. And teams in the -- you are -- one and out there and a team feels like okay we're not we have a chance to win right now we're gonna cash in this. For something down the road it happens baseball. Trading deadline baseball all the time. Ever get -- -- -- can help contender but were not a contender anymore to penetrate a moment to get a couple of prospects. That are gonna reboot the system. The problem is and understand -- calls to -- from except that we the first one on the phone and three years from now saying welcome to self destructive 500 again. That's the deal because of sentimentality you can't win championships. Which sentimentality. You win with great players that's underwent. Why are the big show coming up taking more of your phone calls and we got the latter line at 540.

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