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The Big Show's 4 at Four - 02/25/13

Feb 25, 2013|

Fighting in Hockey, Danicas performance at the Daytona 500, Kobe Bryant vs Mark Cuban, and of course the Academy Awards are on the table!

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Okay we'll get back to the Celtics conversation just the second port for four topics that we have not discussed before we'll go to Rome and a fairly rapid. A succession. The start with -- number one young Benjamin what he got it before we get to number one young Benjamin. Lecture Twitter account because you have a bet you mean by Friday. You have to get to 1000 are you still in the 500. I am still on the lower end of the 53530. -- so again is it that people don't like you that would. Yet. Planet when you become more likable it's okay. Let -- be sweet to be accurate he's -- on our solo Jenny go on its errors it's I wives here mr. for a dimensional -- -- targeted -- some time. Got a little insufferable apartment -- please get the 3003 to -- like Ramallah that the 2000. Meanwhile. Ground ball here ground ball yeah. But it doesn't mean. I'm playing. Trade between watching other people we think we're watching this spring training game. Where a sovereign -- today. -- you see that done the baby was just staring me in the face and hit it -- with a -- of the funniest thing Nacional spring yeah except an emotional debate. It was a token it is from this. Our number one of them on a Dallas radio station Mark Cuban -- recently said the lakers should amnesty Kobe Bryant. Kobe responded by torturing the mavericks for 38 points and twelve rebounds after the game could be treated amnesty that. Mark Cuban just shut his mouth were do you like him being a vocal owner. All I love that he's allowed -- I'm Lebanese tweeting all the time and -- Attacking the NBA officiating he's got a he's got like these guys just goes on and gives you cliches. That amnesty comment by the way was a Smart comment on his part. He -- its larger point was look at the lakers payroll. They have to do something Kobe Bryant is gonna make it pretty high thirty million dollars next year. The lakers if they don't amnesty Kobe Bryant he won't have to make some very critical to what I'm about 45 million dollars. Sure I don't agree that it is saying however due to the players for the same way at times Orkut Mark -- be kinda like Spike Lee is to the next and edit and no end. And -- -- their shoot threes and it doesn't doesn't add more pressure to players are because he's -- all the time sometimes. And all the teams -- a light it up against the because of his numbers crazy comments practice so like well I like the -- we obviously felt some kind of a personal vendetta in that game. So go -- there if Mark Cuban hadn't said it what Kobe they're gonna lose the mavericks and Kobe was gone -- square sixteen points. It has meant a number she would. In Sunday's edition of the Boston Globe's Kevin Paul DuPont said the knuckle -- is out there who insist fighting should remain in hockey often say that it prevents cheap stuff. So the question is should fighting stay or go away in hockey. Before we get that Branson of course I just got to. That goal by Zdeno Chara bolstered. -- -- -- happen it was agreed that is one of the best goalies I've seen the last this year. The best goals -- -- the last five you're just because the guys 69. -- -- -- I -- -- look at that -- -- you have going there. I was jumping up and I don't know who -- -- close to look Cooper is jocks those lights. Stick that in the ballerina but my problem PD we had a -- on Friday. -- dale. Have a problem with this. Why if you disagree. That that fighting should if you disagree with him you think the fighting has a place of professional hockey here and not a driver. I -- -- extreme -- can survive without without fighting but for entertainment value I think we all like to see it. I haven't seen many examples of a fair fight them to -- there -- fights. We're just article and I'm not talking about the cheap shots them I'm not talking about Todd Bertuzzi. Where it was just like -- them mugging that was in the so yeah that was everything yeah. For the most part you don't see the effect of a fairer fight in the -- boxing. Just finding. And I thought it was strange that he would go that route. Yeah a couple of -- of one of his other bottom points he had elect about ice and not be like the pop -- on a penalty kill in all the you have to. Depress the Red Line -- pass in crisis to issued today and I kind of agree that I don't agree -- the point to about getting rid of icing. Completely up front when even strength I like the race we have a touch the puck guy like that he wants to about the college and I school roots its automatic pricing in there and I I'd like the race I pick it makes a difference. Possibly -- especially conditioning comes into play at the end of games. By doing that he says goaltenders that have mystic now that's ridiculous. It's taken away and I agree with their agreement lessening the equipment and and -- the pats absolutely but no statistically c'mon that's extreme. A bit what to watch hockey if there were no party. I would have as much interest and I would watch it but it -- isn't there's not a lot of fighting now there's just does not -- how liberal is usually I mean it's it's well deserved you know. I mean the -- has placed orders still to this place for him again. The threat of the looming flight. What you like that -- about the threat of a looming fight but they didn't fight. But I guess we're not called trackers from -- -- -- I was amateur. Yesterday it was at Daytona 500 Jimmie Johnson coming out victorious Danica Patrick finished eighth after winning the pole position last week. Does Danica actually bring in more viewers to racing. Should Robert brings more viewers to racing should not be bringing this viewer to racing. To Brohm might -- not at all I was under yesterday and normally I would not have I hate NASCAR. Other I just don't let just a joy to me watching from her voice has got to be either you change your mind which may -- may be right on television I've never been there know what happened. I haven't I don't atmosphere is great at crisis atmosphere is terrific the women of great. It always blows in the have a great time. It's like a big tailgate party it is so did you like it -- -- enjoy the -- that there hasn't changed my my heritage of mind -- I think you I'm there which as my beloved or you don't watch because she was an absolutely I watched the pressures that I was at the MBA on. And I was intrigued orbit just to see if she would a Welsh or dimension to believe for a couple laps him -- for I normally would never watched if she was -- I'd I'd close. I think you're on top ten is great. But if she's in position to win it. With what -- laps ago. If she can win with little left to go look at what they don't it's it was fixed this morning -- -- -- hilarious. Is channeling Internet etc. I thought it was -- journal of experience that he thought the Daytona 500 respects. That it. It was fixed incomes -- X group yeah debt singers because at that NAFTA went out of the way -- -- -- democracy in the top ten are what do you want to report. Our last -- Academy Awards were hosted by Seth MacFarlane of Family Guy fame how would you grade his performance as host a I think maybe even a -- -- plus and her movies are here to receive awards my movie is in red boxes in front of grocery stores being. Urinated on by a bomb. -- of O'Sullivan is -- and this gives them or separate from some -- -- -- -- little ones. About the one where he's song. -- on yeah what is having a conversation with William Shatner. In the gives me -- I don't I loved it. Venus are tricky that I MI I I I can't believe the route roberts' request I thought it was to -- and that's not to mention the guys. Mortality -- single little beacon dance a little he gets it. You can Vitale you'd just on the fly he had lived you know what times I thought he was nearly flawless I know it's why sports the first half hour and then beat three commercial the Celtics. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- we saw your -- Groups and so -- The Mulholland drive. Angelina Jolie we saw you moved in G they may have just real excited that I -- live. No way we saw him move. Natalie Barry we saw them in monster's ball. Nicole Kidman eyes wide shut Marisa Tomei in the wrestler but we have -- incredible -- Moves at all. Rebound we always talk to move. Kristen Stewart we saw your moves in on the roll band -- monster we saw Charlie is the wrong. We saw them in the sand -- and -- -- we saw them. -- testing and we saw you lose them and us filibustering. The field. He's my good Boys Don't Cry going to be proven without a sky and -- wins left him. Heavenly creatures include. And gentlemen the game and. -- -- I was pretty -- out in the first fifteen minute that was like at the end of the -- -- -- bed that was like at 845 did did that part came when I was literally muscle it. Now -- -- texas'. -- didn't know Seth MacFarlane second so MacFarlane which you don't know who Lois Griffin. Sari and stick with. Great perfectly I've got to watch repair and hundreds. Did you not watch for a guy. There are lots of shows I watch a lot of lot of good trashy shows and funny shows. I'm not -- the only guy regular. Umps are. It's okay. -- some bad TV shows are good shows that I liked the you don't. I'll set my -- Watch it every night by the summer via credit and I haven't seen every single episode but I think it's -- I tell you doesn't cricket star ledger who doesn't think it's a broad and so. Young and injured already -- get the Simpson produced with them. It's got the South Asia got a Seth MacFarlane prejudice altogether that he's not a fan you know op -- he probably thinks that was a C I actually studio job look at. And it gets you don't YouTube of the episode with the whole cast is gone with him and it it their all they'll go cargo Leo -- well Mosul went 30 designed. -- -- -- Post -- it became friends that don't character a lot of the show and his ideas to really is fascinating -- with -- Lipton hysterical. They sing the song -- so which is which is great. But they're the reason no reason to say plus last night as a -- And the directors of the reason the reason this was so great last night because you have a lot of host. Of this show. We're just kind of image that they're stuck in between yeah not really sure what to do. There either. Trying too hard to get attention or they're just being safe and that just comes off as Luke warm me get this thing. It is the last night and you either ready for it or not. I think he should be have that job as long as he wants don't I think it's the best I've Iverson agreed to a public person the first year nobody of other people tried Steve Martin. They've all had there they're good and bad. And I just think disguised absolutely perfect. And the way he handled this up self last night that sharp a brilliant the parts of its -- -- texas' black people watched him the guy Kevin Garnett ray and Kevin Garnett the big then we'll talk more about him and nineties.

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