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LB joins Mut and Merloni to talk Bruins and the game of hockey

Feb 25, 2013|

Lyndon Byers joins Mut and Merloni in studio to talk about the Bruins successful road trip, the play of Tuukka Rask, and if the game of hockey needs to change some rules to allow more scoring.

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We were were. The coming up schedule and also in. You know. Terrifying situation were. We can enjoy it whether the same time us. Two compete and go about the business -- -- You know that's probably the last chance we were able to become -- relies for a few days. And now we're -- really busy schedule fortunately. Those things. Well Zdeno Chara is not kidding about the schedule but -- 937 WEEI get ready for Bruins hockey every other night. Between now and have made me LV's how I -- of it I loved it scared not advocating not that's not hyperbole every other night at least the Bruins are gonna play between now and -- Now and they listen -- -- what does it mean any any team that you're going to Florida -- that time off and and and and come back we'll have to -- -- -- -- our god gave me. A surprise -- solid I was distraction say you know on on Twitter you know army put a picture up there isn't that -- ingesting it was mush on the golf course that upon hold up a fish. Or someone you know what that's that's good -- that step out and out of it. Other -- and it's a picture with a stripper I don't know I don't you're gonna start off bottle in his hands stripper with them and counseled on what. Fish you know I would you know we have Sean -- on our -- on Thursday's -- authorities Thursday's authority and -- It was there it was still -- you don't. Get to the town you're going and you know lobby in ten minutes -- the dealer joined at six and it's a couple hours and it. Head off for a nice dinner and yet you pour yourself into the rapper it to 111130 for the ultimate statement though he says those days are over brother video games and and now guys hang out so good did it work it's working for those guys. They won the Whitney did yesterday I thought nine special teams standpoint. You get a power play goal was making -- of -- Chris Kelly rented that 1 for 1 o'clock consider one for one night out of the suspect by the -- Eight seconds left turn to a quick look at these or how little you know Utley hit a good par plays LB that was the worst -- they saw all year I wasn't it his. They didn't they waited to the end to get the big man a little bit to have the good luck did you notice the shot low. I'd I'd almost five all the big man -- you know he saw a 66 a marksman did and I couldn't get down their easy gimmick. I take fifty of those is that loan asleep on actress Kelly take fifty of those -- and -- topic goes. -- out on top of the penalty kill which is now a special teams employees -- power play goals and four or five you've killed off 21 consecutive now. The penalty by -- is such a momentum changer for anyone you know you're gonna go a man down and you feel good about flight that off -- look at that. I tell you this team's got a teleconference and an you know as much as it ever I hear Britney knock in you know I was saying -- not get the points -- getting that you know there's Clyde and limiting his minutes but. It's clubs where the highway and Mary I was a sin in my during the break how -- you got. Little things little things like Tyler -- on offensive guru comes back. All the way to the goal line and saves a goal which would've changed that game you know I would don't -- Nobody after that we talk about the offensive side so annoyed about it and some opportunities he said you know Utah -- -- their -- -- a goal -- gonna happen. But overall I think is all brawl game has improved. I especially mean rookie year several watched in Sydney a lot of people saying if this he has to be out there with Bergeron you know we gotta get him out there because defensively the liabilities owns only. It did that overall part of his game hasn't privacy and fight for the popular more -- just not finishing right now and is probably in his head -- he's. I guess -- gonna come he's gonna bust that bubble it be different if he was get the chances but you know he's playing great heart he's playing good. Defensive hockey and as the Bruins are in general and not for nothing to -- 34 saves young -- he's making it look easy it's. It he he's he's got his game more on point and it's nice when you can through -- and in there and gets it done mamet makes -- Just aptitude is -- those started coaching company to -- right in the defense that this team played the last thing at thirty -- but -- is that a lot of stretches -- -- point and a point on. 24. Right and that now when I was. Outside -- such a fan Andrew -- added that that -- that -- that guy gets back gets a biscuit turns it up -- Dayton beat Florida they have a chance to get on him he gets the pockets of its artistic it's either going back the other way or scorn was defenseman and they're going back the other way. And -- it's -- it was fun to watch. Well let's stick with the defense -- for second Doug Hamilton two games ago played ten minutes. Played only two minutes in the third period last night times on the ice with a load up the thirteen minutes -- but clearly in the last fourteen -- -- that. He's David backing off his minutes here a little bit right what -- you take that is a sign of the Doug Hamilton play a lot early they're back in office minutes now defense. Other -- -- we all know how good Doug Hamilton can be when he when he plays he gets points when he when he plays he does the job that you got to remember he's nineteen years old enough. You know granted it's 48 game schedule but you start. You know nineteen year old playing every other day. My -- just said the schedule you play in every other day you you know you young guy he's not a big guy yet he still grown into that big framing as you know he's 6465. Is on a couple hundred exit polling juniors. Somebody -- -- -- -- we -- what seven -- -- -- -- but again it's a -- united junior high you know he was a man among boys in junior identity broke swept down there. And he was part in only -- lead the team in scoring but. He you know you -- save -- he's got talent and he's -- -- I think you like Reuters and clouds got this team believe and and and the Claude Julien. That -- the -- -- fifteen games. Audits of flies like twenty games that have stuck playing nine games a week yeah block area already having not ever gonna yeah yeah you're -- it's -- to sit and physically. That's when the big things right gotta gotta grow physically so the endurance. That said he hasn't -- apparently. Gonna take guys you know they've got to forwards on the other teams in other making a point -- -- what nineteen -- around him you know he's he's -- Take a beating physically and I think that. Had a clause is going to be saddled up his gloves. I I don't doubt that it can be the one bullet -- get any Hamilton will they ever went it would be a big deal would be the highlight real people -- an event that's a -- that's what it's all about it will be I will be a sports and a top -- probably some. Would you -- TV when they gave -- to ten minute game. I Laphen hole holds in France but just totally blew much. Bolted to guys just to -- referees on the ICC -- -- -- five minute boarding pavlik right there custody from behind me it was a completely blatant. And how they let it they let it fly and then the -- good for Lucic you know did I really appreciate. The senate and it showed a lot of character to then there's the Bruins killed off the police for for lunch and Lou chat to -- you say look at you know you've you've got to make a point at some. Sometime in your career -- you gotta say. I don't care if you you know you don't have respect for me. You know you gotta get it out Arnold I'm sure there are sure -- -- dropped a couple of personal notes in there and leads through the terror I'm Indian and and rightly so see it I thought it was cheap on on the on the officials part I mean they knew -- they knew this they have to optimistic they can let. He -- sent me -- taken in the air force you to bond. You screwed up you should have known it. And out of my coach is backed in -- himself in this neck and -- -- -- body injury headfirst into it I don't mind a four minute but I usually know. As a baseball player what you can I can't say to an umpire before you get thrown out. And you can't do it in -- radio but. Routed through the glass to get a ten minute misconduct. The collapse to a rapper had a began amid a guy's got to be go skate and buying Sony get a few words that a lack. I was throttle which they -- itself blossom. I was I was at my -- in my promised him and his story was that Kerry Frazier. I I I got he Tommy for apparently Corson scored and I Corey he was a very tiny guy -- I -- would be human being -- -- Hitler lighten up. And I was at all he's so that was -- at the end of the period. And we came up for the second period and I was catering are you -- around he skated by -- -- if you even look at me. Do you even look at me for the rest of the game I'll give you ten. And that of course I you have to somehow some. Grant me I look at a nominal what after he was. A simulator but had an and I you know of course I gotta explain to -- Iraq -- while I'm gone and apparently by its parent free up enough not not not -- to carry all of what does that carry all I see it here refrigerator and it just small isolated am I hated enemy hated me. You go to Daisuke ready for the game I don't look at me get LB I get the biscuit -- on the PK a the biscuit he's over on the left board Juli out you can slapper apparently trying to put in mr. -- currents. -- went off his ankle. One of the things that was you know not only the Bruins came less that we talked about here early is right up scoring in the NHL it's a shortened seasons like 48 games scoring is down. This year and since the first pole post lockout season where over half the teams in hockey. Average over three goals a game in 20052006. -- now three or four teams right now. At that point and and Lou and I are are are we -- -- the scoring and I think. The league could be better if there was more scoring in -- the plot Mike Gilbert -- to a bunch a reasons before peppy with some of these reactions. Out of depicts the game in my opinion you think that's a legitimate argument that score in the league needs to be up -- be more entertaining better frock. I you listen I'll tell you what how big was a goalie in Florida. Six foot six sponsors and their two on 120 pounds yes okay. Look at every goaltender in the Rachel very few guys -- Tuukka Rask is small he's he's a -- -- he's six. What he's six he's six foot 20 Lisa what wind -- -- well goaltenders are big guys five foot 55 foot eagle -- Nowadays is is is on her enough. You know everybody that plays going now -- 6465. They where they where the bigger equipment men and you're not yet and not -- biscuits apartment sealed so that's the problem bigger goaltenders. No more ironic it is able to make and the nets bigger. I -- is part is that this all of these getting over Indian point to recover in the game -- this hockey is so good. What's wrong with it and I'd I don't believe I don't believe scoring would would make it more exciting yeah I mean the NHL comeback from from a locked out. And player shortened schedule. An -- boards are jammed and I you know I mean. This hockey is friends and family is proud of fortieth what are you did just Florida that -- you know my take on that might you know we should not out there shouldn't be thirty teams in the NHL it's not go to. In -- the order ownership sedate me by Tampa -- -- -- -- should be to Florida should be team for Phoenix -- Dallas. Columbus though I don't mind Dallas stallion all the the taxes are crazy people you know so -- I give Dallas a little bit you know it's a written notes are rough. Rough and ready in territory in other ready to roll out there breezed past. Seeing guys there's a thing to me I think it's that and I don't make all the a lot of his detailed in new mobile get into a little bit and make in the net big giving us understood the -- -- That's -- Goalie -- you said that there -- bigger. These pats now it's not about safety that they can hide behind the safety but the -- -- like if I get whatever it is inches above the knee and protect Mike Walker it's. It's all about how can I stop the. Talk of it makes the parents figure out and make him a little longer it's a recovery you're right. I you know again that you don't put the gloves in the in the they're the only the catching that they have now where we're goes from the thumb to the back of -- -- there's. A triangle of of netting and and -- There's there's stuff they can do I just you know. I just I hate when. When guys like -- bring guys like -- Gibbs great I love Stoops is a gay guy in the -- -- Obama he's a fan of the game I don't now in Mike and defended duke might just left with my wallet there's someone was here -- -- and and just my my career as a Boston Bruins. -- that would have been mr. Mike Mills accused Israel Kerrigan Leo yeah you go yeah exactly what exactly but lately he can't think the games played by bigger smarter. Talented. Young man that. Put more effort into the off season you know you don't know goalie you know goal -- Guys to come to try and at first game like this does not know debating how much work they put in LB where did I tell you the flyers scoring got to -- the car stuck to our guess is and that adds these stupid that's right now. The first place I was just like bullies aren't lazy might goalies prepare. Better than goalies did before. And they go closer to you I say is all these big. Goalies aren't working anymore LB know while saying that I don't know what can we just have the run game there are reported that 141 when a greater. Rick Tyler cynically could have been a could it could've been a kind of game. It would you know you may have been different a bit instead Tyler Sega pass is but come back save a goal that about a goal was because of the patent was the -- because to his parents were too big. No it was because -- Cingular fast does the Bruins. Used his speed to get back great -- on the goal I mean one of it -- highly safe seat so so what does that have to do would do some orders that day and much smear. Syria over. We get a break right now but this well and ask you because. I'm sure there's a difference right we set talk about changes of the game. As a player you look at and -- why we have the changes but think about. Fan base -- about excitement think about the country soccer vs football that's all. That's with a suspect -- has. In the plot you're there hit your heads in the cloud just like my movers heads in the clouds just like -- -- duke should know better he's a hockey got every hockey fan in the world. I mean not for nothing much did it but they got the airport hockey in Russia and brought -- -- guys. Make your money in Russia in Sweden -- -- come here that Swedes have a professional hockey league definitely leads in almost every can judge this idea that they did it's some some armored some Saudi Arabia team to beat sixty enough and by some Russian team in a -- Saudi. That's all right you -- 61 goals I got that elderly but not. And I have to listen to people's -- Parking needs more fan support. People had. The only hockey fans that are left are being born as we speak into a hockey family bills we've not every hockey fan on the planet. Hockey is amazing and end war one was it is is a great game. That Tampa Bay game what an incredible that was an awesome to help put Tampa -- you know the offensive juggernaut. And the Bruins go in there and beat him to double boredom it was awesome. During the break. In much -- -- junior -- college he you know I'm an enemy you know I'll let might hit me you know if I get to number let's that's what I always said no young -- -- punches. I get to argument if you get if you weren't -- there. -- All of -- longer have to. -- have an insurance policy for the 7937. Now part time your six looked -- -- -- 79370. -- this AT&T text like 37. 937 more LB and your phone calls LB hanging out smuggler got a 37 WEEI your phone calls the bruins' effort on the strip and also. Playoff Campbell -- column yesterday new NHL -- singled scoring won't. Read they're losing their minds that they write about some of the stuff. It didn't I think the goalie equipment to go ahead. -- the only -- summit -- expect that promise but it's a little wound up a little tight and a difficult nine room. And weeks guys in Vietnam is a little bit less and yet the kids like you know. Felons to Wheaton for the bingo call. Gotten on much action should he give you the you have to finish well all pronouncements on -- -- that -- -- -- just a little bit -- I don't know where he fired up by the -- -- that a possibility but now will will get their Sunday. I had a couple of times he's not according to an end. Let's pick that correct yes. Up out -- it up. Followed -- -- increase the -- -- by the from the current four by six feet today sort of mine. But the simplest most effective treatment you increase the nets -- Yeah I guess yeah I could see that so I guess I could see I you don't have Sizemore OK I can see the -- -- what does -- throw some more anyone else on that's fairly easy -- that that's -- -- complete online at Atlanta revision in the -- standard IE whistling ICE two when clubs -- it killing penalties and back at a penalty. For delay game -- short hated teams. Ice the -- -- -- team's ice the puck dump it down to pick out of the game altogether make a penalty. -- I doubt. I would I -- I don't I don't mind oil -- but I wouldn't make it apparently I wouldn't you know that -- slow the game going to be miserable shrink the goaltender equipment the pads. I I -- if you wanna do anything -- pads a little bit. I just I did it this -- if I hit when you don't give athletes credit. For working hard and and playing well goalies are bigger they play for the if they don't play standing up to the ice now they play from the ice up. Every goalie goes down takes up as much basis didn't humanly possibly can't and then they throw their shoulders and and that's how goalies played well and it's working so. You know guys got to figure out go upstairs. All that is fine but we look at the way they look at this is two weeks ago sporting news to look at the -- they do it individually based on the individual goal. Hours 55%. Of the distance between Indian pelvis with this result and just basically is there are some guys in the league right now wearing Cote goaltender practical and inches above in the it is about the need to make any sense anybody here. That's a lot -- -- does for the goalies my -- Lotta -- like that so I do love about this one does support the NBA Kevin writes. Create a sizable key in the slot B eight. Not allow any member of the defensive team to Stanton in there until in the -- And -- -- out player enters the -- Kids can you imagine we did B five on three hockey beat -- just let it be ridiculous that's ridiculous. That's ridiculous -- of that. Yeah sent out reduce the -- the goalie stick to the size of defense exact. Carryforwards stick or give the league won't produce pat size gloves and sweaters don't allow the goalie these -- stick it. On out loud -- ads go much fun would that be brought down because I can edit your clubs that they would just yeah. You -- Stick to gloves in the go to the game at least 656668. By almost pulled pulled out on it was sergeant and energy -- is outstanding we lost -- 01. But but you don't always know that that's ridiculous and I just again I I I don't. See why you need to change anything. Hockey is incredible it's it's making more money than it's ever had it's more popular it's ever been so why he got a nitpick in white got to pull out. Why because it's tragic in -- way trending pact to. The New Jersey dabble free lock out clutching grabbed neutral zone scoring levels that's the those that's that's it right the face you might not care about -- get up and running backwards and scoring -- a bad thing for the NHL -- what what might happen but it's a bad out how to. The high flying Oilers back in the day pot all those schools when you can clutching grabbed. I -- to elect of the the problem with hockey and go there in the they're the goals -- and habit he has. They've dictated a bunch of rules were guys can't touch guys okay. And if guys yeah you're you're there are so many penalties are so many PK and and shorthanded opportunities. Debt that they specialized in that game. In and that part of the game so the focus hockey isn't so much on five on five anymore because there's so many penalties. And -- so there's so much PP and PK they've they've taken that they've shifted from five on five hockey. The whole goal right now is okay look if we play even five on five hockey. We're gonna get five power play opportunities again we -- pot for rules we're gonna wind so what are we working. Okay we're working on the power play guys so how many how many guys I that's what's five of the top. 55 of the top guys on your team forwards are the power play specialist working on scoring on the power play. What are the other guys doing it working on final five they practice Goran are and there is more time being put. -- -- -- -- -- Coming up with ways to score five on five which means all the lines would score on five on five which and we got more goals but now it's become especially is specialized game. Right you gotta have a good team -- -- gotta be good pay PK and you win hockey news. We have a good PK. -- the Bruins like a lot of us are just -- yeah I just sick of -- of hockey has gone from. You know. Training and practicing five on five and coming up systems so -- guys get good -- beating other guys one on one. And score more goals well they they they they big they're focusing on PP and -- focuses mourn your high -- players and then the middle of the road guys they're rules just demand is there there even. It's trailed Bruins last night first three goal lead of the season running but I I I'd like their style right because it's goaltending defense it's it's goaltending out like you said. In defense creating offensive plays and they've got the skill in the first two lines to finish their till now partly on Michigan improved but -- that's a good way to go about it. And I and I like that that's that's that's when I watch Justine -- up at three years. I did but -- the other group scored Davis scored on the power -- and and again -- -- sort of probably -- I was 41 game that's articles from me the deal more in the other guy and it's a double in the W column. I'm off -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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