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Rob Bradford, WEEI.com, on John Farrell's encounter with Blue Jays media

Feb 25, 2013|

Bradford joins Mut and Merloni to discuss how John Farrell's session with the Blue Jays media went and to talk about Jon Lester and John Lackey making their first starts of the year.

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It's. Okay. Well I think it militias in the book illustrated. But that's what's. Well again it's his questions were raised when and maybe that's been -- the time talking about it's about time so you know. Continue to go back and right now my focuses. On what the Red Sox need to do to get ready for the season. Very loud pregame music in the background will you heard there was a Toronto media member asking John Ferrell now remember. Measure the Boston Red Sox but he stayed he had no on the blue jays were gonna go all Florida Marlins. Acquire all that high priced out -- Lou 93 point seven WEEI in -- Eyes the Red Sox blue jays a plate today knuckleball. Fiesta at that wanna joining us on the eighteenth the outline -- W rob Bradford WEEI dot com. Rob was part of John Ferrell making -- longer trip to -- -- the short trip to Port Charlotte as part of this. In double header are -- clot situation -- deal with pilots -- media questions get them out of the way so they can't bring them back up during the regular season. I only get hurt -- that was necessarily the party by but it what you looked at it certainly I think that will have to be incorporated to build -- Because it did do some good in our country treat another round of course and on the way. He did -- winter -- geography in the press conference and it kind of Peter -- a little bit now that. -- heading to Toronto in early April -- -- -- -- -- media members there in the -- -- partially -- problem from. Austria but were getting trained answered from barrel about the subjects so a lot and that's what we kind of got. Biggest test that. Toronto wasn't good enough for him when he really always want to be in Boston because -- a pretty good team out there to be seen to be really interest in and Jon probably left. -- yet still all riled up about it. Any you know little one I think it's taking target the media members 100 that hunched forward that they're taking blood. The comment -- made it to track content about. That hey you know I talked Alec and upload it again I tried doing you know if you have a chance go to Montreal the PG -- which -- it. And it toppled its back covers basically to go down that way. -- old standby today it didn't go down now way no doubt that cannot -- -- through the whole back and -- but he. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You are you trying to -- you better he's there really a whole lot of are up about. Built from the budget perspective we cannot get fired up well. A Red Sox play a couple games of the week and rob what was the big take away for you. In those two games a performance a player would say those two. A Lackey Lackey take in the -- Only good question good the you couldn't guard how bitter are we going to be -- one inning by. You clearly -- and clearly and you'd all put in an -- went on. Last couple of -- You really are you all and that is -- John Lackey. That you remember and and we go I figured out that got the right direction again one enemy. But it could talk about what do we take away from the entire week yeah I think got a one -- But Daniel -- and -- -- back home right Port Charlotte was that bad -- -- close a game and they rose good to see about that knows mix and his break and balls but he of this. Fastball command wasn't there early on they talked him at all after that outing going into this one here's. Is your objectives are sort of get that velocity up in just learning with a fastball is go to break ball early at that was -- surprised. Yeah -- a tool that the current struggle a little bit of William before I'll let you know -- trust so -- gave it rocked and -- impact contract. You can watch it on the big arm slot in the last -- all much better -- -- started -- -- But I can't talk to you guys after the next day and -- a weird thing is that I guess you can use all transactions. Then you can all that plays out the gate but it has become a dude if you remain open -- where. Okay now we're gonna go to fly or not only junior slot back now are you know more about Balkman and the guy -- one thing it might try you over the backing Barack. It it just go to -- the radar gun reading because I think there incurred from Powell a lot what if you bark murder command. The slider and fastball but as we said before still -- about right or. And W readout from when you are last year at this time it started he's -- I've been here a little baffled by your -- and having a quarter figure out how to monitor and don't want. A quick follow to be on radar gun readings that you talked about Lackey mean they had him on nests and 8990 miles an hour 88 a lot of times. Do I take these as realistic readings as a fan watching -- was it different during the spring training that it would be as you go around in the Major League parks dropped. Now I think it's about Roy Utecht got that I could Gregg got what -- army colonel John -- it -- you know would agree we. Lackey you'd never be impact I would do a pro annoyed at one point he lies -- did not expect it to be excited got thrown at midnight and more of the union actually abolish the strategy. So. I thought I'll repeat it -- that you really wanna look at the radar gun reading probably got quite barred. If you've ever had an air and -- -- before bargain today dealt another thing another take it from people this week yet. Couple young arms that we -- -- -- wrote so it's obviously very very did you it once again. Well it's good it Alec will open and and it does tell. So a lot it -- I Brazilian American people throughout the dispute that actually could live in person. Now they gave Ortiz needs more than three weeks worth of at bats but at what point nor is there -- starting as a -- the concern. Vote David Ortiz getting through the season with that Achilles. All pick out what to try to -- that and try to protect themselves against right now. There this spring training -- -- -- we expect that we series coming into marriages are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I did all the first college game last year I think -- march or. Go they know they actually I'm here and or any doubt we've got to play on Friday. And I think court issued about a week behind them go in order to -- -- drill bit scrambling and everything else. It looks okay let me as with everything we won't know until David Ortiz takes appeal are trying to basically you'll although Mike Utley. Really well all legally actually going to impact. Rob Bradford WEEI dot com joining us live from Denny and Red Sox and blue jays part of this with split squad game today Dustin Pedroia homered their -- nothing. Red Sox in terms of -- Lester start yesterday. I only saw the highlights of the game was not televised but I did see a laughing afterwards and -- You smiled or laughed more than I've seen Jon Lester smile laugh and -- it's just they spring training thing -- this something you thinking continue work. Lester realizes maybe that the edge that he has doesn't always. Have to be there when he pitches after games. It I think about secular note the same that would not retired -- -- -- -- in general and it veto mother and that struck camp. And it's almost the daylight. From what you had you know what do realize that you'll smile that much. Open you really understood. -- -- and I think that you make it however conscious effort to say Google. I'm not a guy that's all we -- I do actually have some fun every now again it because you can I'll market different. Go -- -- keeping the current trend in -- got him having extra. There's just something small -- people to string training I agree with that operate while. We look at this rotation depth buckled back on mound looked fine you brought to some questions he has Davis and morale is stretched out here but. Who is that next guy is at ruby Della Rosa -- that path that he's the guy waiting Rosie needs more time but the Tommy John history and everything else in the month. No I wouldn't count on dollar rose Lester talked about later in the year. Spot starter. But it certainly not do anything where you have a dark day we need a starter you didn't rotate throughout the year. I just don't need to upgrade completely limitations. But I and other route it over here in Dunedin is Webster electorate brilliant trap you know. Our group when retarded girl. Well -- why is what -- a lot of those trying to questions by saying. The reason I'm here is because you guys are in an even right now Webster. I have to rely on her for starting -- -- -- arguing that these are two guys who are important a year actually yeah they come up and out there if you relied -- Go in contrast I opened dole wrote -- got a bedecked -- just because the limitations -- put Iran right now. Rob last want from me wrote story post late last night he sat down Dustin Pedroia about his season and -- I'm curious how different does he seem so I read his comments and he spends a lot about his two young boys in this story how it's changed him and it's not Josh Beckett. But Beckett a couple of years there was blasts in Ellis Stanley was important right -- comes out Pedroia tells you. How -- these kids have changed his life -- see that in Pedroia. How do you think having a couple of voices has changed him as a player. You have had a couple people kind of -- be about different between the black comment Pedroia comment. I guess that the difference is that Beckett says you know look at its first -- is keeping close. And -- -- Friday. As you know like you all love baseball more than idea. But but I have to factory and Jimmy which as he said he never I would imagine you order. That he would have to cut his career short that he wants you because you beat back hurting you what his whole life go in regard to how Pedroia and acting. I do you think -- a little short period a little more business like. Our understanding that in the camp have to current mood here and I think -- -- article about a lot of people ought to recover completely black. -- outgoing guy but there's no way a Connecticut that -- a -- at the Cooper trauma helicopter about. It's been pretty business like they had a couple good because they're you know actual game people MLB come out of that goes. Rob great stuff is always good stuff Pedroia we'll talk to you soon. Rob Bradford WEEI dot com and a bad job enemy. Voice in the Red Sox yesterday here that driving around with its -- I actually did. Game was on the radio Jokester and don't do in the game. John Rich is not arrived yet Florida so who popped on I should've brought that up. Rob Bradford WEEI dot com zone doing the color commentary alongside jokers that we don't. But the game was on the call one Iglesias. At that home run bomb. It. What does your late but first pitch. The good get after policy this a 92 breaks -- thoughts on what you soften the Red Sox this weekend I'll recap the over under as well when you're.

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