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What will the Patriots do with Wes Welker?

Feb 25, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss the Patriots options for the franchise tag and talk about what they believe the team will do with key free agents Wes Welker, Aqib Talib, and Sebastian Vollmer.

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What steinbauer -- -- ID 37 WEEI your phones until 2 o'clock. -- -- got you this afternoon that 61777979837. You can text us. On the AT&T text line at 37937. We got a week ago. Before the patriots have to announce who they're gonna put the franchise tag -- -- this conversation a week ago. As your opinion change all your idea changed all about a patriots may use. This franchise tag between now and next Monday it's -- what climate is the next Monday is the dead monies to different I still don't think that you afford to lose key to lead. I still feel that way you know talk of some people that comic -- last night. He feels that they're not -- franchise anybody. And because the market they sitting still get some of these guys so we always -- billable time here left right march 4. But maybe they won't know Wilfred says its next month I just don't think they can afford to lose to lead and then have to try to replace that. As well as potentially debtor for a period of time because a player suspended. All -- also Kyle -- has another guy that can be gore. But the weak link of this team you could potentially lose three of earlier and better case for -- for some period of debt and there's some speculation that can be up to feel we we how -- 180 days last week right in this thing went official. He was found guilty we checked in live in Nebraska in the thought was -- a 180 days. And that's still could be the potential for -- -- I don't disagree that. They have some depth -- the quarterback could be up their top three guys. They -- occurrence said last night and look Greg Bedard wrote yesterday in Boston Globe. Has you leaning towards a Greg's side that there is -- Tom Sunday may not use the franchise tag in all I'd. I would still use -- on Wes Welker you know my opinion hasn't changed a patriots standpoint. I'm not should make enough to afford to lose Wes Welker but. On the other end of that is there a chance -- to leave market's not great. And current last -- of sports tonight was a sports and it was great and that he was talking about. What we've already seen so far in free agency seen Charles Woodson cut. On -- speculation in Baltimore the ravens decision is going to be once league franchise Joseph Flacco. Feels like they're looking more more towards that -- indicate a long term deal of franchise have figured out. We can bring one of two guys back next year. And -- reader Paul Kruger mean those are all pretty good players reads get up there and age. But what -- did on the defensive side of it was huge for. So you're looking at that -- make a move here there are other stories trouble league this weekend. About teams already up against the cap we dictated dead or broke now what did the jets did last week. Think -- one of a monumental substance but that's a player's right it was a huge chunk of change and had a cut to get under the salary cap. And there is this from the dark specifically and his comments they got from -- to -- drop -- the the Atlanta Falcons. This thought that because the league is not gonna do with -- the last couple leaves just bump the salary cap up big time. That there might be some teams in trouble I'm reading from regards. Meet rough part out and -- -- flat cap changing the game. It's not as Ian Thomas to mete out the former director of college scouting for the patriots has always been one of the best in recent media. The patriots were talking here to anybody but the team's website to -- offices close in England as we're gonna get. Well the interesting comments Bedard writes about out of FLAC apple affect teams. Before the new CPA the cap usually increased anywhere from Puerto seven million dollars a year. On an annual basis -- and block out the cap is a 123 million dollars. Greg writes it would exceed that number until next year and that's the earliest. The -- just the -- cap puts a premium on drafting well developing talent. The thinking about that. The league it seems as though it's changing a little bit as far as the cap not going up and the insinuation that may be some not all. The middle class would potentially moved on from and certain organizations. Because that would fit in those are organized with a lot of money that we're dealing with. Meet you have to be creative and how you put together your roster make sure you can fit those guys in May be a little younger in the game. So what he's tell each year right from reading this correctly. Is that there are some teams I would up with the patriots in this category but there -- some teams to be so hard up against the cap. That they wanna sign their draft picks they had their high level players. They'll be what I guess he calls through the middle class right the middle class a players. Or get cut loose the free agent market. I add that in to what Greg's at the beginning of this football notes column yesterday when he's. Greg doesn't like John forgot who that next team in the AFC east -- we all are visibly -- buffalo. They fell flat in the face coaching change gets the jets have been adult in the Greg writes about them. He says the dolphins have 45 million in salary cap space in a year in which several good players. Could be flooding the market at this -- and depressing value. As a result of the continued lack cap. So. Like speculates himself and he gets to meet drop to basically say that. This idea that because the salary caps not going up this year it's gonna stay about the same. Teams did not prepare well for and the result is going to be. This group of middle class players all callable -- players by any means but good I put Aqib -- and -- categories good but not a great quarterback which -- they're called a great quarterback. But these guys will be cut across the league and should the patriots at 159 million dollars in salary cap space they talked about last night the chance they can renegotiate Brady's deal freer even more. The ticket in a position not just the franchise Welker. But the bring back to leave after that and go get a free agent quarterback. That's my big thing in last week or so is ban -- print doesn't -- you gotta bring him back and if he can't bring him back for adjustment trade. But there could this level player out there that pitcher needs you can put these guys on your team -- well first W thanks guys that are straight and I was gonna give you 21 round picks. Right you know all of sudden now you're -- or what if you franchise insolent signs him. Yet the -- 21 Olympics I believe he can franchise tag in the trade his rights are franchise to run for something. It's eleven point four million dollar hit a big hit tonight the big hit me. You running out of space. As much room as they have and I'm looking net. Right now calculating this in the cap thing is old off chart Trace at dolphins 42. 45 minutes SE 43 million here nothing's been a major to -- fifteen in right now other. The -- they're both twelfth thirteenth -- room goes. Recorded this calculation in the dolphins -- 43 with a -- at the colts at 44 browns 44 Bengals 54. Under the cap. So. -- you talk about a vote. The Broncos 617 million dollars under the cap. So it's not like every single team is sitting here like the jets haven't cut 32 million just to get five million under the that this display cap space. But talk with the dolphin -- actually crazy. If you go out there put two wide receivers up the debris welcome back. Baltics is one team for that go up it's like everything with the patriots and ago said fifteen million dollars. And I do think that there's a roll over involved as -- also it may be a little bit more. At their -- the pack as far as carefully put a lot of team for the. But up -- that type of play it's gonna be cut here is not a Wes Welker Wes Welker is out there let's let's put -- -- consider overly freeagent other free agents popped year. Upper class put into the side and that middle class deployment not been caught yet. That guy's got to decide in teams at the -- -- -- overpay. A middle class freeagent. Only at a recognized that next year the cap might not go up again. Might look at it two years -- -- -- bomb and I can't put myself and the situation room overpaying a player I have money. Even others have a bunch of guys that could be out there. I don't want overpay -- you're down to your players. Are not middle of the -- people you say to leave bids. As far as freeagent corners go he isn't he is considered giving guaranteed money to a player that. On is on strike to ball off the field it's always draws a logo is available whose top quarterback available in free agency. It doesn't matter is an OPEC plays top guy available in draw more interest. OK but as a team go look it if it is a bunch of new guys -- not out there right now that are caught between now -- -- -- -- -- -- killer -- is a team gonna give more guaranteed money to keep the lead knowing that he does not the field issue or a -- a medical issue. Or drug issue that he's gonna be slapped not just in the wrist but -- pretty good arts has taken a four game suspension. The next level up again give back I guarantee money so my point is they just bring him back. Because these other players get a flood the market using Bedard -- And that knocks everybody else down I put in that middle class and so are output a menace the lead quarterback talent there's too much baggage with him. Letting you bring back Welker potentially. Still -- money to sign some of these players that's the game changer for me are more committed than ever that. You franchise tag walker and try to get that two year deal and if you don't we she got up one more year. Knowing that you get out more money gets the capping got a potential Brady restructuring knowing that there's -- teams out there players up the middle class excuse me. That might just get one year deals this offseason if you're a one year veteran player. He signed with the dolphins hope they turn it around to stop the patriots. Because you get -- chance to play with Brady -- -- what did -- a chance to win the next year. I think that changes it for me in terms of this -- -- a pretty good position I think reading the dart and listen to current last night. I know what kind of position Iran. But if you're gonna have these middle class players the Belichick type player. They swung and missed on the be higher level free agent they've had some hits in that middle area of those -- those guys are available. You've got money to spend and those guys want to win now. The pain it's going to be an attractive place. For some of these guys and inspector who the -- the. It isn't dependent on the in the age of the player in what they're looking for if somebody like Ed Reed is is is released. Shore would you wanna finish last year to knowingly okay. But some -- keep Talib is out there young kid come up from rookie deal -- really cares. They're not there I'm not saying that he shouldn't care but still care about winning but a couple of rookie deal what do you think he cares about. That he cares about playing for Bill Belichick in winning a Super Bowl. That he wants the most guarantee money can get yeah and it might end up being here anyway while nothing there -- there. BC do you think some team is gonna offer him he called elite talent. Young. I didn't always said was the top corner one of the top corners available. Topic isn't it leaked. Corner on this steamy is because -- he's the best they got. But as far as available corners on the market. If you look and in a free agent market and and you know. The best pitcher out there's John Lackey on the leak pitcher. To be the best available pitcher on the market is gonna get paid like it. That's were to leave this study I don't think -- -- -- -- lackeys you're a guy you're using as example here. Had the off the field issues to keep the Lee does mean guaranteed money in the NFL is killer -- you admit that that's the biggest part of this how much guaranteed money in my giving him up I gotta give a bonus and there's in the -- there okay. What's the guarantee that we talk about that number all the time how much guaranteed as it. You're opposing GM who saw him get treated for a late round pick this year when everyone else apparently had a shot him didn't take yes he played well here absolutely. You offer him multiple years and multiple. Upon multiple guaranteed millions of dollars and hope he doesn't have a drug issue -- of -- is -- off the field issue. That's why is -- level might be up there with the big guys you're talking about the free agent quarterbacks. You know there's other -- Grimes and smitten -- bunch of other quarterbacks out there. Two auto best would you -- best is another GM. -- it -- the best count you'll find a team out there and head coach out there that says I can control. It's just I mean come -- off the field. Yeah okay but his youth is youth talent and you controlled we have the locker in the control yes we do I think weekend. Is the best guy available go get a little party for that's I think -- takes is one of those. Do that that's what 886 at the number the quarterback number a salary cap for you know -- franchise tag and six of 106. So you down a welcome for 114. 106 for to leave with his issues for year to -- out of a big chocolate worth 114. Welker can still placed it into one of the better wide receivers in the game that's -- from the start I don't think it's going to be able money. You mean eleven force a big number but the major thing of being back for four million they would. -- I think has more to deal with them look at their offense is saying we're going a different direction. When did this is what we wanted to we saw signs of that last year. Personally I think that -- eleven for the monies are gonna play a role we know that. If they wanted him that bad they pay 114 and continue with this office with a going I think it just look and it's aimed. And we didn't meet need another outside the numbers -- -- we've got the middle of the field covered we wanna change it up. That's to me the bigger reason by the walk away from Wes Welker. Again financially 114 again five short Dillard but still it's more -- change in philosophy he put all all the stuff factors and it together. The anything. I wanna change my philosophy on defense as to what Corsican cover the look and form a a couple of without three of -- they had last year wasn't good enough. So you got a week to go in this and you look at the free agency you look at the salary cap and as your mind change at all this last week my at least from a perspective of it's patriots are in this spot and realize that the -- league. Court to Bedard and current LR and press a league might be an issue -- some problems some of these players might come available. 6177797937. Your phone a -- text us. On the AT&T text line 37937. We'll get -- your phone calls the thoughts on the com I'm not --

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