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Mike Eruzione talks about his big memorabilia windfall

Feb 25, 2013|

Captain of the Miracle on Ice team, Mike Eruzione, had himself quite an auction. He pulled in over a million dollars selling off his gear from the Gold Medal run, and he joins D&C to talk about why it was time to sell.

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Again. Why do is beyond me. We do that. What are you life. Metal man in 33 years fly by in a blanket and I. The capital 1980. Gold medal. Olympic hockey team Michael geely joins us on the AT&T -- like Mike Long time I'll talk you bet and I don't 33 year discussing possible. All the cook at a we're all old. Outward up and yeah opt out what the real sure -- -- that we're gonna get to the end of the road at some point or the other -- tell us about the the decision to love to sell the Jersey in the stick other come about. Well I thought it was it was actually. -- in here -- -- I heard it all Anderson. Soldiers injured in Canada like one point two million dollars I I said in my life as a what would that it stop the -- it's worth the money. And basically just waited and waited and felt it was up. The right currently not just some Madonna does that little baby so it -- -- I'm gradually. Thank you what a great opportunity for needed to occupy kids some money to change here. Maybe your kids' education. I've always told everybody I'm doing it right we -- not the wrong reasons and things -- fine for me financially integrate. But it was sitting at now. In in the trunk get my act all of it everything that I had from 1980 and I thought this was the right time so -- I'm excited about what you know what happened legislation got. And eventually sit down without my advisor and find the right way to it is the money between -- -- and my -- at my charitable probably. And I -- with that as well as properly up. A scholarship but I -- -- -- wash university hockey players Atkinson and at all without some of the money is well. Well good for you a -- 660 for this year to 62. With a stick another 53 for the gloves. One point three million from like Rosie Tony did you think you gonna get this much that the bidding was gonna go this high. Military yet I thought that your team was in the gulf per million. Aren't. Based on all of Anderson you're right but I mean I'm not stopping it anything at all it's all good job. I think -- obviously going to something like this and you always expect great things happen but that's actually educate in the reality that but. The bottom line is I was particularly with the stop it it was considered my trumpet my act Egypt displayed somewhere. All they've got black -- I need my buddies from little Google apps in the picture you -- you're. Good -- that that aren't. So it it really it. It was just logical like talk to kick in -- -- the the one that pushed opal you know that made the decision immediately and it talks a soccer field. I got a look at when they need to coach what do I -- doesn't solve my Olympic -- that got you know a million two billion dollar. Already looked at those of you. And that kind of solidified it for me -- occupancy at our brand. Not one person at a Ukraine. Has told art that stopped so. Why is it the metal is what it's about and I would never ever so the gold medal I'm -- -- -- -- so the goal of the ring that we are seeing on a lot. Why not why not if I gave it five million for the medal today you wouldn't sell. Ten million. But nothing like Google. When the ninth for them to have the money other quick if they needed. Right now the that would let it also about we we went public class and I'm winning I'm Natalie and we didn't want -- -- not. That's what it means to meet but that was what the term was about -- my into my ultimate stick out my underwear and sweat suits -- Anything like that that's just a -- The real deal that would nuts that something that won't state. Has anyone suggested what the metal would be worth if and when your kids do -- down the road Mike. They told me over a million dollar. Have my teammate absolutely medals for 500000. And. And I don't agree with this but I guess because that was the captain of the team and that'll -- a little more. No question and I I can't believe that Henderson Paul Anderson got a 1000002 for his Jersey and -- -- 660 or -- act Canadian money or something -- -- exchange rate their intellect. -- I guess it was Canadian. Some big. The billionaire candidate -- -- but. Yeah I can get you know we just didn't have -- -- people bidding but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Everything went for more money than they anticipated other than the maturity and it villagers. During a political game I think was Christians that. Yes it was kind of an -- that is that these these people -- and it's kind of strange and I need. It still worked out well. So so how does work with when you decided do this year you contact it was just lead director of sports inherited jocks and got Chris -- and we work with. Yeah it was a company a California as well as the heritage out of -- and. Bob Murray on here that I'm in with both companies and decided Harry to pirated who has got the best one. And they came to my house they what happened in the attic and it into the truck. I opened up the trunk opened up my hockey back in it it would like. And act at a picnic. And down. They are -- -- -- it's kind of funny because I got some great friends and. Credit -- what would happen actually took all the stopped it but it truck and -- in the New York City. And -- in -- -- in the Brink's Co. gonna take to stop down to Dallas was -- display hold onto it and eventually they'll tell. And the uncritical welcome. And again I haven't -- very -- actually struck. Beagle who won when he robbed this stuff. At two million dollar insurance policy -- make it out over a -- by the year in the. That's what got OJ and trouble -- -- Steelers junk. -- got back I don't know what the conservative think that. Happens -- any particular at all. Was sensible and didn't you know it taught you well in the auction. And. They take their stinking bag your stinking hockey bag. Are you talking bad I think worked for 20000 dollars. -- it. I mean it won't stop that -- -- that I haven't seen. I am in we don't we got a wrist watch a pocket watch that says gold medalist on it. My credential pop it out and credential is -- picture. Went for ten period. While. So at at. At some point biggest cut you a big check and say you know here's your millions -- and have that it. Correct yes that -- at what point where. I don't know maybe it's up to one point five million -- get a check from them for you an apple still take as check unfortunately. And and the rest Pakistan will be. Sat down with my children decide which is the best route that they want take with the money and events so. I could go for ultimate IR it. Hearing to a education for their kid -- with regard -- -- -- I don't want to do something like right but it is -- ago. It it -- that -- It just was. To block you know most important thing you like the family and kids and I can help them out and you know -- the -- jobs being worked hard hardworking people but this is. I'll wait for them to maybe I have a little less burden at a time especially with everybody -- going on. -- Is anything out there are more valuable than say your shirt like medals aside would Jim Craig's. Flag may be Jim Craig stick shirt flag together what would these auction house is really like to get their hands on. I would probably say he's glad it's not in the about. And he obviously as that flag. I think in. I don't like give up slightly at any moment. -- lack. Different than it against the and the majority right I agency Jersey -- up probably honorable and you know that after that probably in the battle -- also within the last act as a security who -- maybe that's what company well. Mike good for you I -- I can clearly see that you're doing it for the right reasons and and good for you got good catch up with a congratulations on the windfall and spend wisely my friend when -- under digit granted. I don't know until I'm speaking up about three -- I don't know you'll be galloped out boy are you somewhere warm I hope. I'm in -- law that works that works art might enjoy your enjoy your day we'll talk to down the road it thank. Michael -- but that -- -- on the AT&T -- AT&T forgy LDE can you imagine anyone not. Selling I mean really he's holding his -- as ring. He's got his memories right in on pictures. Got a mobile bottom line and not coming -- to sell the Jersey areas. Don't posing in front of the stuff. Like soccer socks and then up paddle shoulder pads. A stick clubs I mean you tell me a stick is worth 206 sixties were a little canyon don't sell. You should be -- you have examined. If you say the stakes -- 260 I'm not gonna solid. And by my kids or grandkids how's he got the memories you have of the pictures but it does does does. As a stick provide you any more pledged by holding it. Thank you said bring it over in your hand to display you look like a little and -- statistic and a computer household decorate with scholarship to head up in the attic and a truck. You know I mean I am guessing wasn't tournament and guess and every guy in the camps in a column there. Their financial guy via their accountant Tom Jim Craig among the phone right now to any flag mean goalie had shown up the worry about it too worried if you haven't. And a flag and hang on your wall that. And could get stolen and burned out there. Cash out maybe will -- great. Mormons. Are born. Great opportunity. And that's what you have here tonight that's what you earned here -- won -- If we play them ten times that might win nine. Not -- Not -- -- tonight. We skate. Tonight. We stable. And we shot down doubt because we can act. Tonight. We. The greatest hockey team. You were born behind players. Everyone. You're meant to be here tonight. It's a short time. There -- Is done it's over. I'm sick and tired here about what great hockey team missile -- scroll. This is your time I go out there and take it.

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