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ESPN's John Clayton chimes in on all the speedy receivers at the NFL combine

Feb 25, 2013|

Should the Patriots want to add a deep threat in this year's draft, John Clayton says there are plenty of options. ESPN's football guru calls receiver prospect Tavon Austin a "fast version of DeSean Jackson." Clayton also chimes in on Ryan Mallett, saying there's a market for him, but the Pats need to put him out there.

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan I'm not sure how many reps John Clayton -- up the Columbine what is so forty speed was but did you know put everybody -- was -- quite some time. Since we talked or -- -- John Clayton John joins us on the AT&T not like AT&T forgy LTC good morning John clay how are. One very very well what's what are your overall take away from what you saw this weekend in Indianapolis the that I don't think aside just in terms of performance what stands out what jumps out at John. Really just continued evolution of the speed at wide receiver position. You know he used to be back in the if Jerry -- days in the West Coast up and days. He -- 6263. Wide receivers weighing 200 intend and they do or 55 or 640s you know Jerry Rice is more or seven guys. Yesterday there are fifteen wide receivers 45 speed or better. I was pretty good now compared to the running back. And running actually -- about organizer and under 45. But don't know the speed bear you know the athletic ability -- offensive line group because. Mean it was amazing that they Dwayne Johnson ended up two and 472. And you exactly after the ninth running back which is completely forgot about three in part out. I think the group very good group for -- and -- -- and then actually get to the position of quarterback -- once again. Inconsistency. Show -- I think it can change the world teams looking for quarterbacks are going to act. I want I want to get the quarterback John on the wide outs in the good forty time today. The NFL network put up a graphic -- -- the top ten. Times ever and Chris Johnson obviously number one and at least two maybe three guys from this week are in the top ten. But other than Johnson none of the guys has done anything in the NFL I mean a couple of them. That have done -- never even heard of how much weight does the mean everyone's there one every -- -- do they look -- guys forty time and say while. That's that's our guy that makes all the difference. But the raiders who knows that's. Gonna notice on that list would brag about -- Yet Eric -- they were decade before all that all taken by the raiders we know they pay attention to it but not think it. When you really look any a lot of the guys are low draft picks but also to a list this year particularly to a table -- at. What -- -- came out that was able to get up war three war and some people pattern in the court Tuesday. And you look like past versions which aren't accidentally went into the com mine as one of the top five wide receivers. It didn't really deep to wide receiver go in the first round this year. But I think there and now that could be because of speed once more also too when you really look at the landscape -- this receiving group company. It seems a little bit of pot and not at the tank because there's about eleven. Wide receivers all bought 626. -- between rounds two and four so yeah you might be getting some projects because. I did watch the receiver drills and two more -- -- and running route but also to you do get it. Talented guy with -- Wait six to -- and some speed to. Just a fair to say that for the skill position people. The the forty time carries the most weight -- general managers and coaches are looking at it may before the line minutes the bench -- beyond that what carries the day for these people the shuttle runs the interviews the bench press what in your mind. Well I mean they -- you can't. Coach speed you can't teach speed you can eat into a small degree needed. Work on forty yard dashes and try to make them pass certain that they still speed does dictate a lot of different things and it clearly. -- particularly to with the cornerback position which isn't a great group of quarterbacks this year or if you have that -- -- speed. That really helps because it if you can work. The techniques you're able to do that ought to running back position I mean we see with and its -- another running back and you don't have to be. Still a sport for going to be great that you want explosiveness and in this game is all about explosiveness and so. Our speed is very important mean that shuttle girls are very important for the offensive lineman. Go to ten yards friends are important for the defense of alignment and each individual position as its own new wants to sport which you wanna see. That's -- -- part of way to arm by the ball. At least now in the for example yesterday the running backs and what 33 out of 38 running back. Were able to at least do what they could do that you can judge -- you can put them in in at least a boxing kind of shake a myopic I don't look at all the numbers and still look at the tape and see those different things. And compared them and that's a whole thing about this thanks domestic and Harrison didn't have in being able to look at one guy -- -- paying one guy do another event. Ultimately -- go back at the tape because it's not this isn't practices football and how you perform on the football field is really the most -- His first you can tell and from what you've heard from other people you've talked to it meant -- -- doing -- good -- do himself some harm or not really. Move the needle one way or the other based on his department this weekend. -- he passed the test and and I I don't think he got over. Great marks I mean you know it's not an Indian aid because when you come out and you say to the media particularly has. And while this isn't an 800 credentialed media and everybody sitting on top of each other and say well. I'm not gonna -- too much more to what we -- a press conference back at Notre Dame so let's move on. And you know what's going to happen in the Boston market if somebody in the media that he -- don't target India says that. What we're not moving on because if he didn't necessarily answer the questions and don't understand. On the -- this is a personal matter I mean this was a mistake and it's an embarrassment and so you're going to be very scripted and what you're going to be able site. But the problem that I think he faces as the -- I don't think -- point is going to affect is perhaps status to lightens it up to the -- ultimately but also to this isn't going away. Great Tim Tebow is still in -- ball. From the time he was back at the com I want everybody wanted to -- to -- Tebow mania has continued even on the appellate -- not a very good quarterback. But you can see what meant -- pale. Until he starts doing good things on the football field which is not going to be until September. This isn't going to like you can't move on as much as he wanted to move on but I think it's far he he didn't not a. Passed that test. And are subject him to at least not running good time because what would be in the anything's a bad forty appearance before seven then he might fall. And I was gonna say I thought he was brilliant at but he handled it beautifully. The press conference book let's see Iran let's see him live and see what happens to his draft status. On the quarterbacks John was geno Smith the most impressive one and is he the first month ago and it would that be in the first round. Yet -- the first one to go. Kill well in the first round he didn't wow anybody and he did enough I think to show that he's more likely than not the first. The fact that there's still some inconsistencies here nineties we work and out of -- with Chris Weinke and you can see that what Chris wink he's done over the last month or so. Is prioritize banks. There's a hop up on the seven step drop and as competent as an odd step -- Chris is kind of cleanup that op. You could see that he got the arm strength he throws very actually to his right into his -- Heathrow tonight spiral. You concede that in -- a little bit downfield he's not a accurately probably. You know you can sense even from -- -- campaign. But he's not one yet that it was picked up a weak spots Vietnamese war going to be seen a guy open and -- -- this still need to work in progress and so. Because of that and because of the inconsistencies in the other quarterbacks. That's why I think what you gonna now see is that teams like Kansas City. And Arizona being more proactive for veterans trying to find their quarterback and I think what he saw from he knows that and the other quarterbacks. Yesterday is gonna put the attic she's in position and -- for Alex net. There is portrait done. But I think that based on yesterday is gonna put achieved in the -- more to make an offer to try to get Alex net. So that shapes out the team cause all we heard is that deals done. But we didn't know what team which team. Well big it is -- dot I can tell you that because. What ended up happening is particularly to it is agent and about calling 49ers because it was Jack and also that they're not making betrayed you know -- -- not trading him to Arizona because. Arizona in the decisions and -- wanna play Alex met two times so is either Cleveland. Which right now is Null and Kansas City which I think will be yet. But once 49ers talked Alex -- you know he said basically like well there's no deal done that we know of course there'll be the one making the deal felt that it. Logic says there's no deal now I'll think about it. If your gonna beat Kansas City you have the first pick in the draft. But keeping you might wanna see Latinos and it doesn't the other quarterbacks. And remember they also wanted to watch the running backs to just out of protocol because -- know that that was going on. If they have made the trade literally it would had to run over. To see the 49ers. Coach talked to Jim Harbaugh and Trent ball -- -- get a deal done and then you don't agree upon it but you know I think it'll end up happening at some point but not right now. John a particular interest to the New England Patriots and the New England fans is the crop of defensive backs quarterbacks and safety -- you just that it's kind of a mediocre group. Is that indeed the case and when their pick and point nine that they stay at 29 will they find somebody to bolster an area of their team that that has an eight. What pretty mediocre group of cornerbacks -- is probably one of the best safety groups and many many years I think that's one thing they can't help. It's been very good safety group you know there's been a couple of years -- once you get past that this state -- good luck here because you're pretty much getting a special teams player. -- -- good safety group a couple of years ago when Eric Berry came out and you know you had Earl Thomas since it was a really good group it was a good group pop pop but it wasn't that deep. This group is deep and also pretty good up top so I think it. Gonna go in a sense -- back feel there's more chance to get a safety than anything else but still need quarterbacks. All you have to do is sure that you have speed and -- me and Robert and also realize too. This may not be a great. Both cornerbacks. But most admiral from the at at from the SEC and someone from LSU's I'm from Alabama so there's still going to be enough -- that are going to be available for Bill Belichick a look at because. It particularly to knowing that the SEC dominated rapidly and 73 players. From the SEC. -- -- that are invited out of 333 players so that bodes well it that he's going to be trapping on defense particularly to. Knowing the Bill Belichick has always been a -- spot sound that Alabama and LSU campus. Back to the quarterback TrueCrypt John given it's not a great draft. Do you get any sense it is a market out there potentially for Ryan mallet. I don't think it should be a potential for or Ryan mallet but after the patriots to pull them out there because human I would have to think that. Particularly -- You wouldn't Cleveland they don't seem to be enamored with Brandon -- -- It would only be natural for -- particularly with the relationship with Mike Lombardi has and the arm strength. And lie and get a Bill Belichick and actor Ryan mallet has such a strong marks to at least inquire but it is no trade by the belt but a patriot centers a trade so. There and look around I don't know a -- to find what they wanna find. You know they need to stay with we need for one year or not but. You know there's not a lot of teams at the moment that are still looking for quarterbacks and he really -- you -- -- -- -- you know there's no trade Aaron you know that the jaguars going to be at least inquiry. You know -- -- desperate to try to do something big to replace Kevin Cobb and you know him -- he -- result knows something but. So far nobody's got any indication that the patriots are willing to trade right now. John follow -- question for me but never be so the National Football League isn't always tweaking is and always trying to do something better your overall take on their decision to have some sort of major event every single month and stretch out the season and and and have an NFL. Something of interest every month for every year. Well that's great and mean and actually in the calendar as forestry agency I can tell you that that won't happen to remember that. -- to be collectively bargain and the players and the union are not going to agreed and he didn't take -- days where they can get jobs. Or take away days and that your report roster bonuses and things of that nature. That would not happen. I mean it could be a spot it could be one of those things has planted in the year and yet they wanna move that I'm I'm back a couple weeks I'm sure that they can get an agreement on that. If they want to move the rapids and made it can probably get it. An agreement on Matt. Also assume you'll remember so much as effective because if you push back. The start of free agency and you start that you pushed back the start of everything they're cutting into salary beat them. Remember there are offseason bonuses in if you shorten the hot seat since you're taking money away from players he remember in the last collective bargaining agreement. -- gave up a lot of money they -- beat percentage out of 47%. They're not giving up anymore. That's an idea and I would say it that was flying in the year. It was shut out. -- John Alfonzo -- additional patriot quarterback was found guilty of assaulting a police officer in the sentencing is set for. Dumb and -- little 11 April 11 exactly. I'll win if and when that runs its course will the commissioner at some point step -- suspend him even though he was in college and not under the NFL umbrella but he committed the crime. They're not being a warrior. I can't say for sure but I would say no because this goes back to his college right not as broad -- and so because of that. I really don't see any remedy that and the commissioner would have thought that. Still maybe he might try but I don't think you will. And he really an -- problems right now or more with the police right and mattered district attorney's opposite and that's I think his biggest -- right now as far as suspension by the league. Unless he does something that added to it it doesn't go on the player conduct and really epic epic I watched this one from the NFL standpoint because that. Happened before it came and yet. He -- ESPN's senior writer John -- always a pleasure talking football with -- we appreciate the time that -- thanks very much. John Clayton with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TZ. Whenever we need a brilliant insight. He's available to drop on behalf.

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