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John Ryder and Paul Flannery on the Celtics and the trade deadline

Feb 24, 2013|

John and Paul open up the show by discussing Celtics GM Danny Ainge's moves - or lack thereof - at the trade deadline and what could have been if the Kevin Garnett-to-the-Clippers move had come to fruition.

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Happy Sunday do you I don't know if that's a phrase that's not uttered too often isn't happy Sunday. John are underway here and Paul Flannery will be joining me right now. As. We will was as he walks into the studio right now -- -- Paul Flannery of SB nation dot com required reading for all NBA fans. -- battling the snow out here including Paul and myself so -- -- -- me from -- forty sixes will go heavier on the Celtics and the NBA. That's his expertise. And will be taking your phone calls on all things Celtics NBA it's 617779. 7937. You can text this is well at 37937. -- gold ball. Go great on Dario rent on time yeah no problem yes just started up the show and it's so good to see yeah. And and for people out there and I always get so many Texans and messages on Twitter. Do so many of these owners it's great Evian studios -- and actually answer some of the questions from the colors yeah absolutely this go back old school is used to be yes absolutely so. Have they have -- -- course check out Paul's work on SB nation -- count Celtics in action tonight taking on the struggling Portland trailblazers. First up let's get to the NBA trade deadline. A lot of people some people anyway upset about the the lack of moves for the Celtics made that pretty much was that Danny -- his hands were tied. That little bit I think there were a little bit I mean. Here's my question for people would you be more upset they made a bad trade and that they've made no trade. Like would you be upset if Danny trader Paul Pierce to the -- Four at the immortal a package of Chris Humphries marsh from Brooks an epic. Eight I would be I think everybody else would be to now would you be upset if they did that. I got a second first round pick -- commerce -- told that I would I think that would be really good package you'll still probably mad when they don't know who -- -- -- -- cracked. But shooter exit better but I mean so that's the question might just make a trade to make each for trade -- whenever people say that I was I was -- wolf for -- Don't you think he would have traded everybody could have if he could have you know what I chuckle that all the rumors the nets. Frantically tried that that Humphries -- John -- first round pick package try to get it landed a bite on that for judgments you tougher Paul Millsap of the Celtics for Paul Peterson probably anyone else for that matter. Yet another offer all over the league nobody want it or is that there as it was a tough market let nobody got traded Josh Smith and Katrina. Right and that was the one big name that many people thought was we're gonna get traded and doesn't come down this a lot of people think it's still works this way that teams are not willing to give up those first round picks even though this draft Brett is not expected to be to -- draft anxious expect to be import draft but still. With a luxury tax in the new CBA and it's really halting quite a bit of movement it is it is and yet it as as he -- this draft is not expected to be all that -- well. The last strap that was not expected to be all that good. You know yielded a Blake Griffin and all and all those all the point guards Jrue Holiday. Ty Lawson players like that who in the middle the first try and every draft has its value. But you're right it's not a question of always there are other good players and draft it's that those draft picks -- you cost certainty help you stay under the tax. And that's what we're talking about so those first round picks have gone up in value whether or not there's actual players on the other end and and out Paul writing today in his Sunday shootaround column Sunday notes column on SB nation dot com. Not much buzz around the trade deadline but -- many moves made of course before the trade deadline including James Harden so many other moves Rudy Gay as well so there actually was activity just an -- that trade and if -- big bad John I mean so. If you look back that way Howard trade at the time people -- Orlando got police that's all they got well. They'd actually didn't do that badly. And if you look at James Harden trade that was a blockbuster trade that was serious value. For James -- We're talking premium draft picks were talking prospects were talking a good player Kevin Martin. That was great value well from that time to time at the street Rudy Gay which admittedly everybody knew they had to and they were under the gun to do so. But this actually had trade up first round pick in a separate deal. Just to get under the tax. Right so instead of it or not just -- the best player there are also trading assets to trade the best player that's the kind of market were -- Here gripe. Back to the Celtics in. Kevin Garnett. That the rumored deal over the clippers in the perceived attack that they were split and I can understand Vinny Del Negro -- in the final year of his contract he wants to win now with the clippers. -- Billups a body is I guess so much hinged on Chris Paul. And him really pushing for this -- or not. -- I think I think that had a part in. I think they're definitely had a partner certainly when your when your franchise player is also going to be a free agent after this year. They have some influence. You know from everything I understand the hierarchy clippers organization did not want necessarily do that they want to hold on the Bledsoe that wanna hold on the Jordan. If I was -- I would have done that actually had long arguments -- with people about this over over all star break a lot of people think that -- clippers are -- crazy. To trade those two guys for Cameron crazy -- to give that up for 36 year old guy may retire sooner rather than later. My feeling is is that Kevin Garnett we'd give the clippers a chance to win the championship they would still not be the favorite but they would give -- -- legitimate chance to take a -- -- But a lot of you disagree. On win -- I I thought it made all the since the world for the clippers. -- -- you know that the spacing on the floor. You know but digs up by the lanes for Blake Griffin I can understand it from -- standpoint completely get that championship pedigree I can understand it but what about from -- Celtics viewpoint. I think I think -- had to swallow hard and do but I you know. You know the way I feel about Garnett. Is that he is more important than just what he gives you on court which is still significant. That what he did in terms of change in the culture in terms of you know. Making over the Celtics in this defensive minded unselfish Condit team. Is very very valuable and admitting you trade him use that. And it's got when you when you do that and -- you Andre Jordan has come a long -- the hundred Jordan. You know there's a reason he went -- second -- can he was immature when he was 181920 years old and he's come a long way. But you still you you know you were completely changing over that team if you do that I think he kind of had to deal. At the same time I would give it is denies he's he's -- moment. There were speaking at all hypotheticals of course because this didn't end up happening -- If they did end up acquiring Bledsoe would that mean for the future -- Rondo or what maybe is the future Rhonda we can even look at that. Again I I think it probably I can imagine them dealing him with a stock being down right now because of -- injury. Right yeah I mean I don't think it necessarily changes. A whole lot gives you more options mean you know. Eric Bledsoe is not exactly classic point -- Much like Avery Bradley is not a class a broker broke Bledsoe has more point guard skills they -- right don't get it twisted. But I think you can I think you keep -- -- Bradley together Rondo announcer Ron noble let's go together and how to backcourt of -- then a lot of people would have a hard time matching up again this but. You know it would also give you a lot of options is Bledsoe is deal would come up at the same time as Rondo is deal would come up and then you can make a choice you know you don't how. Have to do everything right away. Right you really let us. -- -- in the Korean patients in its in its. Really difficult to make deals as we know in the NBA it's said John -- along with Paul -- of SB nation dot com take your calls at 617. 7797937. And you -- text this at 37937. Now going forward with the Celtics team. For the remainder of this Selig season do you still have their ceiling and around even the six spot. Yeah I think so I think that's and that's about where it is I mean realistically yeah. You look at their schedule the scheduled -- is -- in the second at the ought to back to back the -- pick up some they got a lot of road games. And they're gonna they're gonna arrest KG a little bit and -- -- get to a -- pierce thirty minutes tonight. The rest of the season so yeah I think they're gonna you know they're gonna have yet they go 500 the rest of the way may feel better than that then they're probably looking at the sixty. Yeah well you look at the the rest of it with Philadelphia and Milwaukee struggling and he had JJ Redick who knows about Bynum so. There's definitely potential there I would think for them to get in at six -- seven spot the third -- I I'd be stunned even though that you mentioned is the schedule of march and they're not the best team on the road. Still it's the other teams the rest of the eastern conference's it's not that strong below them. Now it's not I mean I think I think -- David there safely. Probably safely ensconced in a playoff and in the playoff pool. And you idea and as the list making the surgery right now idealist horrific I would knowingly part of union first round goes up though I don't think any team would. The fact. And Indiana Miami Eastern Conference finals would be a surprise ever was talking about how the knicks matchup would Miami want one about Indiana Indiana messed up really well with -- -- yet tasty tidbit. -- -- that's the thing if -- the Celtics I mean you know it's the right draw you can you can do some damage in the playoffs -- you probably -- and as crazy as it sounds probably prefer as long as -- is in that second spot you'd probably prefer the six but because if you end up being in the five very good matchup with the Miami in the second I mean yeah we did all the barrels there's going to be tough no matter that would -- Let's let's get to the phones here's Garrett in north -- Garrett. They are you don't act like Michael are guys that -- Not that I wanna talk ought to sell the second -- -- extremely excited to remember watching them are out last year's net generally and they turn it up. I was looking at their roster and I got that they can pick up you know yeah you don't signing on. I wonder you bet you anything about Darko Milicic -- know he's still out and got the Stanley issued but he he's someone that we can -- -- signed up the rights to -- and -- the rights but he's not coming back. He's not coming back now. Now if they're gonna go that route that I think they're gonna go with this side you know the smaller lineup in the running come -- a guy like you keep more coming to solve it up and. I mean keyword is the name but he's been released by several teams in the last year so you know it's. I don't know how much I don't know it's teamwork really helps. Yet the way out is out there you don't you gotta go a couple spot because Abdullah not gonna give it a minute now. And now -- you know back -- KG and well Wilcox who couldn't spurts by about. Whether pick it up D. J. White picking up D. J. White who who is in the league and has played in China. And in some limited minutes he's he's he's produced he's an interesting player ides of I think that's where your own terms in the side. Don't pay the -- still it there's still one more spot available. Right I think you know original audio yeah Terrence -- attending Kutcher -- through so but having played it but recently went out very well I mean granted limited time. Good passer he has skills some news in the ninth. Overall pick I know it was a bit of a problem child I thought it was refreshing the other night after the Phoenix win. It was I would -- -- after the game and it seems like these that is the spurs over in China humbled him a bit. It it has that effect on people it has that effect that. It's it certainly does -- You referred out like that you hope that he you know he -- -- -- people -- together to does have a talent as you say and there's a chance to -- disabled Jordan Crawford. Jordan Crawford has ten. And you know it's it's it's just a question in this league because. We had a guy like Jordan Crawford -- Jordan go ahead go do whatever you want you know you're gonna get a guy who picks too many shots and she's 42%. But if you put him in a structured offense created where their demands and responsibilities and maybe you can harness that count into productive NBA play. And that's what they're doing this for the try to do. Yeah we've seen as so many times before so when you -- the wizards in U. Someone's gonna score some was gonna take those shots not a bad team and and John Wall comes back is his minutes agrees I like that move. I mean that's not a major -- game changing move but for what it is I like the move I mean they gave up a guy with a torn ACL who wasn't gonna play and a back -- center. Who plays like what eight mentally -- -- tonight I mean it did that there was that was in no Braintree and save a little bit of money on the under the pact. For that final rosters but do you think they'll be. Here we go again -- I love discussing is through the -- out contracts the Mikki Moore is the Troy Murphy's of the war from from from the past but. Guard by this yes. They -- that that route or do they continue to look no the -- season wrapping up the Australian season wrapping them -- obvious they're gonna look at any you know I I know from talking to people. You behind the scenes with the south if they have a big board -- a big board with. Like a hundred names. You know all throughout the world the league. -- -- unsigned free agents China China the the league in China Euro all. -- there's no -- that you know that's where they're like and so you yet you might wanna wait and see to see who gets bought out but. You're gonna do this every year and very rarely do you bought out guys actually contribute much of any. -- Nancy that's usually the case in the -- probably wait and see here Terrence Williams whether they sign whether they. To a second ten day contract and then from there sign him for the rest of the season in the same deal -- D. J. White and sure yeah I think the approach. It's John Ryder and Paul Flannery with a check out Paul's work on SB nation dot com check about Twitter as well that he plans his -- me up no sex. We're talking Celtics NBA at 617779793. Sevenths text messages -- get some of those. At 379370. Rove be on the phone lines perfect person to tie to about NBA and celtics' Paul Flannery is all over it.

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