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Chris Price helps break down the Pats' offseason from the combine in Indy

Feb 24, 2013|

WEEI.com's Chris Price joins Pete Sheppard to discuss how they Pats fill their needs this offseason and how they defense showed signs of improvement over the latter half of the season. They focus on what they Pats may do in the draft and how'll they'll handle they're free agents.

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Record speech it's speech until 461777. -- 7937. Told Moscow packages scored for the Florida Panthers notes two to one. Late in the first period registered -- they have a flash. Goals from a Lucic and -- It was 77797937. Texas 37937. We'll get back the poem called just a little bit -- check in with our own WEEI dot com Chris rice who's down. In beautiful Indianapolis it's always beautiful in in late February at the -- my -- Chris. -- protested but it's been awhile but -- I could tell yeah I love the column that you wrote. Recently that maybe a couple of maybe ten days ago about the before -- into the com myself about the patriots defense. And he broke everything down. About how much it had improved since last season I thought it was a terrific piece that you did. Think that it really appreciate when you go beyond the circuit numbers that mean we can all look at the general numbers. The other the the last out -- backing it up you go the other number you go. Beyond that -- really look at those numbers and you look at the performance needed eighteen to team you know even drive to drive. The numbers are considerably better in their early -- and art direction. But certainly another episode just what they wanna get on the way bush this kid the offensive line from Arkansas Pine Bluff that -- like -- a 4540. What was that. A bit beat up the appointment of the group. You're our movement out -- mean you look at guys like that the bluntly on -- heroic ultimately job -- -- Keep in Oklahoma who started at the quarterback moved to tighter now we got to tackle this week year. Yeah we are brilliant at the drop out -- Colorado and Indy. -- your -- forgotten the -- to be sent to tackle the proper deployment there's a real strong possibility to cubic feet could he went to local data in him. With a number one pick overall so you -- the bigger guys the guys who. You know you don't expect him to be moved an outlet. They're put up some really good numbers in the forties. Before it's become my supplement to -- as she quickly. What do you think is gonna happen with a franchise tag you think it's going to be to leave him what he -- gut reaction. -- or gut instinct what it about Wes Welker what's gonna happen here I just can't believe that the gonna lose this guy. No I think in an inappropriate out of about a week or so wept and I think they're gonna. When it comes to Welker to leak all over again attacked what they're gonna side who are regular what do you think so we got to leave because the patriots you know their. It never -- The money on deep at the back universe that people never PPP had to back. Ten million dollars for 41 your work be compiled log or don't let it be economic users went deep -- dramatically collapsed in years. But I don't need to lead in the first eat figure quarterback -- -- -- political agreement. Where they keep him. 856. You'll Arctic really a year whether you'll late signing bonus that impeccable work but I I think right now -- -- -- until you leave. I think he signed former because of all first. -- -- its value really on the market in contributed to look at the Waco vocal about unity about the surgery in I think the -- agree with it in Booker comes back I am with you you I don't think it -- Kuwait. It Welker leads this team for the short you'll benefit the printer -- to -- -- I think you need walker -- at least one Morsi. OK so say you're correct about to leave and and and with the and we don't know what's gonna happen would that murder prosecutors is not asking for jail time but still you still have Roger Goodell to think about and you still Bristol possibility. That invaluable prosecutions and ask him to jolt and it doesn't mean the judge asked to agree aware. What would happen Chris if if there's no better here and and old to leave that that that's that can be this year. Computer and it if you do you are some option but -- they get beat duke -- yet. -- value Al Arab region market with got a picture on rip their Brent Grimes. Are played the lead at the same time. You do that over to -- with a record I'd go quarterback you're probably the electorate is to position but you -- -- -- doctor court you know you can move guys around a little bit. -- a little -- depth there it's not. Quality not quality depth but it it it's not tested and that they -- all possibilities don't go around in the rapid import. Who worked nurtured a week. Who met the media worked earlier this week -- look good in network expressed an interest in playing for the secret that don't that they're currently -- at the to the next level but you -- out the option. Both in -- and -- -- in the draft. When it's -- it back into historically. I think it would be more inclined that they go after free agent because of their problems drafting developing eat at the back. But again they're about to go our ballclub. Why it's a little scary we talk about according going back to quarterback how much or build I mean. It in an emergency session -- situation I agree like it happened last year a couple times but I don't think that's what I don't think that's the best. Option for this team mr. Adam go back to quarterback because they can't find somebody to replace -- I think that's. We'll be kind of a scary situation and I think there has been major concern. The only major concerns I've had -- he would spell check drafting is with the with with wide receiver and state and not a defensive backs. It had a horrible track record here. So I can now be nice to. Fix the situation I -- the last 34 years every you know they've gotten better in the second half of the secondary it's obvious for a lot of reasons you just stated. It be nice though Crist wants to start the season. Where you look at the secondary. And say you know what this is pretty good as they really have been the same quarterbacks in the -- they left. I agree I agree I don't -- that there at that thought they out there right now but he -- So what they need really -- portrait accurate article but I think some consistency that the not to pick orbited the Q how did you do your lecture. When to leave with help be -- run a group out there that it will be compared to order a accordion Gregory seat he now you have options but. And again and credence in the draft look at the guys wrote you'll you know again shall let Brent Grimes. If you decide not to bring it back but again you know an outlet -- -- yet you obsolete coming back at less money but and it went -- told me once you know -- a coach and a contract. The first one unique name -- when you make money to hurt when he maker legacy -- that go into second contract. You -- -- should -- look at that -- at -- don't think it's gonna happen you're going. Why did it in the gamble the pages might be willing to take up and I just I'm back in my mind is always one knucklehead out there Chris and over pays for is for players there's always -- 31. Yet that that they're really that they -- anything piece though what we saw from the lead over the second the people again when he would -- be easy you'll really out of a lot this accurately think. The depth in the secondary with exposed. We went down in the first app earlier championship he let them what -- mercenary or hatred and -- get -- -- elected to lead. -- at all Coke order but you would be able to catapult their real impact on the depth chart. In that extra body -- them a little bit of extra support they're secondary if you lose the -- how to -- find a little replica of. Yes absolutely and especially if the question marks about that in a what do you what do you think it's gonna happen we're -- and do you think. Saying he doesn't get any jail time in the Lincoln Nebraska. Do you think Roger Goodell imposed any other additional suspensions anyway it's because rocker and the door. At this point are there there's no real feeling what it up and they're not -- the people under the league regular -- -- it in their belief that. You will not be suspended because that doesn't fall under Roger -- Eat your jurisdiction really -- -- book or you wouldn't -- well to beat the -- them. You're going to be illegal in our division it's very aware. They're not detail I -- here in the media featured in -- for which I think -- there's going to be some sort of yeah you don't -- on murder she led. Penchant yummy -- I. -- -- but a lot that they were there again to Madrid striker couldn't get in what they were getting into exactly but I I think that I think it's something. I don't know what it would do whether it's as to whether or maybe it's on the Olympic don't bring it into. -- opposite pocketbook because I -- up in Italy where they're really being knew what they were getting your argument when -- -- you. Some sort of week like -- and it's really -- Easter time predicting. He caught them they'll money because of the incidents in the league will look at it it looked at the guys who we have been trapped in the battleground delete your record -- -- -- -- several -- so caught an awful lot of money so. It -- all under the regular. Developed I've served in that aspect but. I think that it happened to I think that regard but are you going to -- Punished for what it. I'm so Mets I detail out you know all the -- Bermuda stuff that happens off the field these difficult front is the really it does not -- I know people some people around your gold -- -- over -- love the drama all that. I could care less -- careless and I wanna know why. You know I think pull him brought a good point and -- edited -- be asked him know what happened the Alabama game so I didn't watch it press coverage yesterday -- -- you were down their that messed that anybody talk football followed us all in all TMZ stuff. The typical what they entered the football part and that's where they -- but today it's -- minutes ago from you know pop culture on my third to prospecting and you really couple look at him. Through -- -- -- are removed all of that -- -- -- all -- drama you have to look at him insecure it. He can contribute to a lot of blogger who believe it's you'll be contributed the -- well it -- -- unfortunately but bring that you'll. As a rookie coach a shield him from the circuit the inevitable circuit it's gonna come along. We -- a guy like -- But there -- a lot of people who believe that there's a guy who is at the very you'd agree worst. With the third round knockout all. Before -- sold -- -- shot out of probably. More -- I'm hearing there's a lot of talk out your about him going all the more and her -- Oh Baltimore the early bird out of it like what he brings to the -- of that trip. Undersized or rich girl with a big heart a world leader in. I wrote about the date how jokingly but I looked at him at about oh -- seat belt beat the putrid all of the league critique him. -- a linebacker who does very well and -- or that in the future twelve Lackey let them. What that nickel linebacker in sub package -- to bring it out to Apatow beat you gonna get. They'll all the 29 where the secret -- but you know I I think ultimately. You know it's not a creep you are either -- -- the arc parking lot the -- I think he's going to be got to be contribute. At the next level in your -- Was bigger Christopher price of WEEI dot com -- -- the combine in Indianapolis and Lucas Oil less stadium. So from a pitcher Sam Boyd any other people that you're hearing about jumping out that you are -- for -- -- not paper standpoint. With a big name with a big what's the big buzz I read about some of the wide receivers. That have looked pretty good but I always have a caution flag up Chris about the about the speed the data four yard dash time because as you know there's a big difference -- com -- -- -- and actual football speeded up you put Wes Welker or -- like when Quebec in the past and some of these situations just in pure running and rocketed -- to do well but in the game. And actual real time football speed makes a big difference. You have but I brought up Specter went between -- to -- our -- -- the patriots look or when it comes to accepting the prospect partner is not so much that property he. But they're building in something called the three cone drill and that really stresses agility foot work. You look at the guys that they've gone after the last few years going back almost ten years. Those are all are -- -- bird well the record -- either after pro day orchard become by. I looked -- -- -- guys like Wes Welker I like even check Jack and going back there and they don't. All being looked at his footwork it and -- and immediately before doctor Julien government a great record broke out. -- that's that's that's the world and when you look at those positions -- number airport here. Those traditional eat position it's not sort of forty I'm a guy -- do well when that record drove up haven't bought the record earlier. The defeat at the backs like -- but there's some guy who we talked today. Decrypt that back wide receiver Ricky -- who worked yesterday who. Like the patriots. Who like to -- system and liked what they do agree that they actually talked to the putrid. Out burning coal patent. All over the last couple Egypt where -- personal -- -- the -- USC. Released physical Guidant playbook ordered city jacket and particularly the system. -- -- but in order or convert you didn't beat -- going to knowing god. But you -- back at Florida State in the first -- that you would direct. That you and the back at Florida the week as well we're at it you'll. You can very much that you speak for highly New England Belichick -- you can prepare. Under the -- immediately keeps jumping out of -- about -- that now that the question of whether or not he's good -- 29 because it. Its stock is really rising at that point and how might eat regular rates forty. -- nowhere illegal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who is absolutely obsessed with Wes Welker but other Wes Welker so muted yet they. On his iPad look to watch him play wants to deepen next Wes Welker -- look at her slot receiver. He put my interest like Alec got the. Marat says -- suffered in the and read that you have you brought that to me that they write about the about that situation by remember likelihood that it -- Egypt you know character witnesses -- -- repeat that people got a game and get it to sit down and talk with military get a steal in the way -- -- to those few minutes. You can get a sense there are these -- secret current players -- not in -- -- the -- at the registrar reeled off. Really standout from the as a real New England -- -- guy. So do you figure to go defensive back in the first round. Yeah I think they're gonna -- -- that the back at -- out through your goal is there any and obviously a lot of it in between now that the political decree to beat. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He knew that knowing that -- and below you'll be -- recorder hatred. Are you the possibility. I'll buy it yeah I think that they're gonna go eat at the back -- think they're gonna continue to build on that at the other all like liquid talk about or. There's no question that this team. Right now with the secondary -- to order NC eat it think you can address so the vote. It's you're pitcher in the drought in and again that person who sent to back up there it would -- -- -- -- For the to go where beautiful ball segment often -- make for the jets but what the hell they don't again what I visited there -- any truth at all to any of -- -- -- garbage. You know I think that there -- tradable chip or say that I think you're the guy will be able to bring the most in return they're looking to make -- trade because. You can sell a lot of team on the idea of you know Terrelle re in them you know for example if you can go to. But he go to air -- -- it looked you know -- you rivas to hurt your number one pick him you know whether you're down the road I. And so that you'd get it to the -- We don't have any other commodity. Or any other art but you don't have all the commodities that you can point to -- it would bring a lot treat a one thing that jumped out at me when we started the third new jets GM. With doctor talked into it. You said that part drop at the look for great player and bring in great player that's what order to YouTube. That are so many years. Bet you we're not about you collecting over the assembly in it big in the kept their focus on the players and then he got it now that. The -- -- still very much about he -- that just really struck me as a real contest between the with the -- stupid that's totally defeat that. Our Christmas price great stuff look forward to reading you a DJ beater down there almost for almost one you're down there. We're leaving tomorrow Gloria wrap up your speech from the perspective this afternoon so all the unity pretty much out of the way -- -- didn't work out carefully on Monday and Tuesday that all combat. When guys and a terrific job for W -- -- -- look forward to reading a mortgage stop remote that we talked a year down the road expressed. Turkey thanks a lot -- for price.

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