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Pete Sheppard Talks NASCAR and Give us a Great Rant on the Oscars

Feb 24, 2013|

Pete is in on Sports Sunday and opens up with a variety of sports topics including the horrible accident at Daytona yesterday and some Celtics. He then give his opinion on the Oscars tonight and is very upset that big money-making flicks NEVER get nominated - where's the Dark Knight, the Avengers, or Skyfall on these nomination lists!?! It's a conspiracy.

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And that's sports breach what's that. Sunday afternoon. The little -- comedian slushy crap the drive through to our right -- too bad right. Up without. Jeopardy until 4 PM this afternoon your -- point seven FM Sports Radio. WEEI thanks. Checking out the -- affect everyone listening audio WI. Sports Radio network. Around wearing when. Thought over 6177797937. Text -- 37937. That you tweet at peace -- three to six. So what do you wanna talk about they what do we not gonna talk about today there's justices lots going on the Bruins have a you and a win today and a winnable game -- very winnable game today in Miami against the Florida Panthers but there are a couple of stats that. Jump out of made that I will get to that might throw up. A are raised an eyebrow or two. Different that kind of thing but some interesting stats neck in Portland and the Celtics tonight. Us -- us to get -- go back to back wins the trailblazers have really been struggling they've lost us seven in a row. That always concerns me are we going to work -- teams don't play team that's been allows him by the with a parent has allowed him on the lost their last four at home. Are we tried a couple of Christopher price today doubt that. Lucas Oil Stadium down in Indianapolis -- get his thoughts on what's going on it via come by it and and he -- patriot news. It just speculation christened the patriots are looking at how he felt about. About Notre Dame linebacker yesterday amid tight -- and it's -- the whole background. The difficult from all that crap -- I've I've said this before maybe it's me I just don't give a damn I don't care. Now I'd -- dope boy and actually it's something intelligent of day. Audience yet he's like you know I wouldn't talk about it I just -- know I wanna know why he was invisible on the Alabama game. When Alabama do. Where they throw action and others at this other stuff. Fifty and and people. And Obama told that report we played like 101000 times yesterday. I don't get it I I really don't I don't know yet -- but that kind of stuff I don't care has not I mean this is probably a million stores like that out here. As if this guy I was one back on the -- note here it just doesn't it doesn't waiting for a NASCAR Stewart NASCAR story is that is an interesting topic as well. And like dale I'm not a huge NASCAR guy at all I mean I watch and abrasive sometimes I'm sure -- would have beat. Daytona on today here because I'm adjusted I think it's interesting with Danica Patrick -- -- position that that is she's gonna draw a lot of neutral viewers like myself. Up to watch. Because. That's what to do I mean I'm just a -- -- -- a -- casual not a I'm out there and I just I just don't I don't. I don't hate hate NASCAR's used to be portrayed that was like the big thing I hate NASCAR I just don't I don't I don't particularly find it exciting. I think the last 34 laps are always exciting and injury -- I -- I can't sit here for three hours two hours and watch a race start to finish just does not the former. But I do what I wanna hear from NASCAR people as far deal touched on this during initial today I wanna continue a little bit as far as. You know NASCAR safety what you guys think about it. In general. You know what happened yesterday searches that -- -- story yesterday. And you know all of the -- several people getting seriously injured yesterday that I mean it's amazing how. On the drivers. Were seriously hurt all members are really is or what you want your thoughts those who do follow NASCAR what do you what are what are your overall opinion on what you thought I happened yesterday and should they do anything to prevent it. Other precautions that should be taken. Not -- said. It always amazes me. It amazes me every year how more people don't get apple decapitated by file balls in Major League Baseball and -- stadium I'm always. Amaze him is surely you received the -- here about the injuries. From time to time but the -- -- balls in the bullets that go into the stands. Up I'm often amazed. Particularly a you know what -- -- proximate to the players like at Fenway where you're you're fairly close in the box seats. I'm amazed that more people don't get hurt. The your thoughts on that 6177797937. Talked about threats are a little bit yesterday try to get into it. It all after the I was on right after the game don't want to really talk about it would you leave your thoughts about John Lackey. -- yesterday's point or -- starter hardly -- finished pretty good at it as a positive that's a positive thing I rather have that then. He started off with ten great pitches and then and the weighed in on the way he he started yesterday. Which is with Leo a walk a hit that hit the bat -- hit batsman. So what do you make Iglesias kind of a Jekyll -- date for Hammond and at that the plate was okay blasted a two run homer had a couple of miscues in the field. Salty had a bad roads let to a run. -- steal attempt. Places of the make -- and play a minute on the idea. On media. Blocked the plate in and roster -- -- -- up the running yesterday it was a very very gutsy play by glaciers -- -- -- -- in front of the bag. The Red Sox are on the table let's just I'm wondering how much public interest there is in the Red Sox right now. At all in these exhibition games they meet anything to your guys. Horry strictly you know you just can be one watchers -- know the starting pitchers. Such as Lackey as some videos and the other do. And it was a -- really immunity to try to get to higher load during exhibition season because the Red Sox are -- some pretty bad win loss records in exhibition play going to be gone through. Do fairly well in the regular season. But I do pick more and more people and not be watching. Of the top restart is allegedly a top three starters on this team. In spring training games is the governor bureau deputy wacky. Buchholz and Lester. Lesser amount today. Us six or 77797937. It's also the support when we get -- Bruins on the table are very interesting game tonight. What this afternoon I should say. About Jose Theodore was record against the Bruins in the last while I know it's kind of struggle a bit this year the papers as on the hall of 584. But to say -- indoors last twelve games against the -- -- 101. And one. With a one point 94 goals against. Crazy. The one guy. It to watch out for you want to -- enough really with a for a parent is watch out for a Jonathan Togo. These are rookie center for them outstanding young player vehicles and viruses -- -- Is there one. But it is again they said it lost four straight games at home all thirteen on the power play during that time report brought to the best power penalty killing unit. In the league by far at 94 point four a 94 point 4%. But sometimes you don't -- they've always had to be number over the last twelve games so iffy starting in net today and I believe he is. That it via -- a tiger gain the most people think again I always a always -- playing teams have struggled at home -- you never -- eventually gonna have to turn it -- that's -- Portland tonight off the -- and the Celtics have been pretty dominant against Portland over the years that thirteen and one in the last fourteen every year and every game is different every year's different. You know there and their 51 of the last six trips to the Rose Garden. -- JJ hickson has been shooting at least about the number he shot at least 50% in eighteen straight games. Is that typical to -- MBA. The last time -- -- played here against the Celtics. Back in November immediately seven reports. Of the yeah I don't you shut the 2% of it was 3% that night but that's that's that's up and watch -- Portland lost seven straight. Like I said no trip no no no game is going to be easy. But the Celtics in my opinion the rest of the way especially over the next ten days or so it is a brutal proposed government they have. Bout tonight in Portland tomorrow night in -- They went through thus far trip. And you'll be Chelsea got a lot of callers yesterday still wanna talk about Danny -- and what you thought it was the right move or not we can still do that if you like today. Whatever is when -- report to -- and also the Oscars. The Oscars are on the plate today I've got my. I copious notes that taken. Know what you guys that I'm I'm a big movie guy amid huge movie -- like I said I've seen a Chicago -- jag -- chain that -- -- -- -- playbook and doctor I have not seen a more. As I keep saying I never ever heard of beasts of the southern wild no idea. I have no idea I don't wanna go and the -- is I mean to something all musicals in the theater that is to nothing for me. Absolutely nothing -- and Chicago was a big hit know some years ago that did not the warming now going -- like going to theater. I've seen cats -- -- in Germany opera several times brilliant stuff like all of deceit stop like that. But in a live -- not on on the silver on on the screen. I don't really enjoy it. Like dots on the on the Oscars and I see -- a lot people apostles like. Not to be sexist but I think this is like the suitable for many women tonight I mean they go crazy. This bars and up Oscar parties were toast by a fascinating. In our guests I guess barge at parties were no way -- another big one around here which year's -- the year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lot of bars haven't specials tonight Oscar specials -- drinks. They got -- so. And the fact that Seth MacFarlane is hosting tonight I think at some injury is well because he's edgy guy who created -- a guy we're island and raised to grad. Great guy hysterical and he's he's he's brilliant I think is these these brilliant. With his Family Guy humor. So he's gonna bring that some of that the table tonight I mean just wants all Bob strike statistic of remote -- once would be worth it. Now I'm probably not gonna watch a lot of TV -- Oscars -- -- element because it will be able fast -- crap. I can't stand the the sense of entitlement. And especially the pre Oscar crap when you have everybody -- talk about dresses and suits and it's just one big rip -- in the Joan Rivers -- -- cannot stand all that stuff and I know many of -- about a lot it. I look forward to a -- wait. Well appreciated the pregame -- -- the pre Oscar. Go red carpet stuff to start and -- was supposed to be. Up and they -- -- rich guys on this podcast he's been replaced by agreed. So that's on the table tell me what you think if you got the planning anything for the Oscars tonight -- -- haven't you know you're capital fairly route or you being forced you guys up Cleary -- watch the Celtics tonight because I don't have too much can make you want to. I'll watch the Oscars which started thirtieth that the -- start at nine. I -- think Seth MacFarlane posting is -- it does bring a level. I think a lot more guys going to be interest in the Oscar this year because he's hosting. I'd public Purcell OK. You know here -- -- -- I I just I just hopes that lets it -- tonight let let at all -- logo. No rep and rep as much as you can. Here's some of these actors and actresses that it's just the sense of entitlement is deception. That you can -- But it just takes it and that's which you guys think about that quick break Mike JC guys lined up lots of -- -- -- the -- -- upon today. As I said why talk about the Red Sox Bruins Celtics the Oscars your prediction on what your predictions on the Oscars but the main W GAAP and gives that was seen. You know the short -- these -- -- foreign language film on war. Austria Kon Tiki in Norway. Chile. Are the former congressman was called. No. It was called no I don't know. Chile. Royal welfare. Denmark here that might be one Canada -- which. Warwick war which. Interest. Seen any -- seen -- Of the credit -- you know. A it's. Great to -- and that the movies that bring in the most money never. -- -- Cannot tell me out there that -- rise that should have been nominated for something James Bond James Bond only states -- I think that's gonna win that one extra ball. By. Yeah she's excellent Al -- she's gonna win that she went the best out of bird. -- hits ever -- -- by everybody needs investment that was pretty funny. And before my time -- writes. Rochus. In before my time that that's when it got apple was not a great -- this year. Excellent excellent movie -- my favorite James Bond -- time. -- big big on. You know. I can't stand in movies that bring in the mostly dark rises in inventors can tell me. That they shouldn't be somewhere in on -- despite what you might not listen again at all. Robert Downey junior event with its oracle. Wait I mean. Africa -- -- probably not. But -- -- considerate. And most like OK in my opinion gets road. -- -- Dark Knight rises is getting the best supporting actor nominee it's awful I know electric nominee a couple of years ago it's. Called the academy. -- -- watched right tonight RT whenever watch whenever I mean it was like the Arabs. Deserved best actor that -- best picture. Argo. Down I think -- And although that list this year the list its -- -- will be -- -- -- playbook might packet to a doctor. Grocery. No problem with which I'd be out here were adequate argument. Was okay. And Kirk a minute plus -- on Spielberg will win a best director. Four which were for Lincoln awful what's -- -- yeah possibly. Possibly. -- you have yet in wares via. Was treated -- directors. Attentive to. I think Argentina. Yeah what it was two dozen of these. Is that the directors. Appellate four. We've been reflected in. Get nominated for best directed at me nor did you know he didn't get nominated for best actor or best director doesn't -- -- -- -- at the Oscars awful happened. What does that happened that the picture gets gets nominated about the director. Announced its -- before. Crazy. Actress in a lead role for me Jennifer Lawrence. Me the likes playbook I mean she's not only smoke and buy it she was that was a great character -- -- -- that you met I did not excellent excellent would be our last week. An and I mean actresses -- -- it was off a tough one. Ago and -- and happily it was. -- -- you had a cat woman she was phenomenal Batman and -- that writes absolutely. Brilliant -- -- -- actually pulled off what she did. Look at how hot she wasn't that that cat went out and if -- -- -- him. -- feel like it was burger. It began dependency masters. When. Al hunt I heard -- testing sessions yet it's at Harvard. But -- Jacqui we ridiculous movie. Where we talk about that and -- guys haven't Oscar parties tonight. -- -- on some guys up here are going to be forced to watch the Oscars against -- will. And not be able watch the Celtics are up DVR -- vice -- and it went 777 -- and not 37 on the table today and also a hook up -- price hopefully at some point he's down at in Indianapolis combine. Talk a little laugh football combine them patriots as well each and let's hope for his job right it'll take until Celtics basketball and -- at the Rose Garden Celtics. Portland tonight all -- WEEI sports Sunday -- right back to your calls we can export -- yeah.

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