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Dale Arnold's Reaction to the Tragedy at Daytona Yesterday

Feb 24, 2013|

Unfortunately, the Tony Stewart and Danica Patrick stories are overshadowed this morning by the horrible events that took place at Daytona yesterday afternoon in which a huge crash injured many spectators, some seriously. Dale gives his take on the situation and how it was handled. He is not against the sport or NASCAR in general, but is amazed that the leaders of the sports basically just want to move on and get to the race. Dale poses the question - If you had tickets to the race today and were sitting in that general area where the crash was, would you still attend? Dale gets reaction on the phones from some NASCAR fans.

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I'm not gonna pretend to be a big NASCAR fan and you guys know as we've talked through the years that I am not I bend allowed a couple of times have been up there I've seen it. I understand the excitement people have when they watch it I was captivated by -- when I was at Loudon. I'm not a person who follows NASCAR. I was gonna -- at any great -- degree to hardly any degree. I do know enough to know that this is Daytona 500 weekend I know enough to know that Danica Patrick set. NASCAR history when she won the pole position for the Daytona 500 which is scheduled to start today at 1 o'clock. As part of every NASCAR weekend. You've got the the big race on Sunday Saturday night you have what's called -- nationwide to war or like now I like the minor leagues but the nationwide tour. And they had a race at Daytona last night the nationwide tour. You by now know what happen as they were racing under the white flag the last Latin and angling towards the very packed finish. A couple of cars got locked up in a crash. One of the cars went airborne. Crashed into the fence the safety fence -- and putting might quotation fingers up because how safe that was his what's in question here. Crashed into the safety fence at Daytona. Bottom line here is that parts of several automobiles ended up in the stands. Including not just -- but in the entire -- hauled everything. Forty. Rows into the stands. The pension from one of the cars ended up inside defense. NASCAR initially reported that 28 people were injured in this crash. Fourteen were treated on site and ultimately you know able to go home from there. Fourteen were transported to an area medical center. Last night to reported in critical condition one was reported with life threatening injuries one of the two. Quote on quote critical patients was a minor. -- I don't know that's a teenager or even younger while we were told us that it was a minor. This morning both of the critical patients have been upgraded to stable. As I tweeted yesterday. In the aftermath of all of this. The drivers in NASCAR certainly know and accept. The dangers inherent in their sport they know what possibilities are they accept them. -- NASCAR has done remarkable things over the course of the years to make things safer for the drivers. The fans understand. The dangers inherent in watching their sport I know -- says something on the ticket. I know that it says something on the signs posted along the safety events around the tracks. But defense actually understand. That in certain areas where they sit at these races and the two races that are probably the most dangerous in that regard -- Daytona and Talladega. That they understand. It is possible they could be injured. God forbid even worse killed. Watching the sport that they love. It is a scary proposition and I'm gonna. Ask you a simple question here there's a certain section it's called section one that's where they work. Section one is where most of the debris ended up in the in the stands. If you had tickets today for the Daytona 500 your wife and your two kids. In section one. -- -- -- Beat it let me tell you what Daytona. Daytona -- the pants. -- didn't change anything. They took out parts of defense that got busted down in breached they took out the bent polls and make up a new fencing up. They didn't change anything. They put offense back in regular order. I set I found the speed network on my cable system last night for the first time in my life because it's 7 o'clock last night NASCAR held a press conference. And I kept as the afternoon was going on and I heard about this I kept hearing in NASCAR's gonna hold a press conference 7 o'clock I sought out speed network found it. We don't anticipate moving in -- fans we had our safety protocols in place or security maintained a buffer. The separates the fans from the fencing area and with offense being prepared tonight to our safety protocols. We expect your regime -- more with no changes. To each who is the president. Daytona speedway in how long -- NASCAR press conference lasted yesterday. Eight minutes. Eight minutes. Fourteen of their fans in a hospital at that point two of them in critical condition. Eight minutes and the gist of the NASCAR press conference was -- -- breaks tomorrow one. Don't worry we'll get this this expects of its drop that checkered flag at that flag at at 1 o'clock. -- I heard this on Twitter from some fans yesterday the very first text message on my machine right now says how's it different from a foul ball back in the stands. While there is a huge difference. Chances are the the foul ball with a bat while certainly able to -- use significantly. Probably isn't gonna kill. I guess there's some remote possibility it could happen and it has happened in the course of Major League history I don't know all the case -- -- Chances are hockey puck skipped over that big -- that they've installed at the ends of the rinks in NHL Arenas. Chances are -- pockets over that and even hit -- It's probably not gonna kill. If a piece of a race car a 3500. Pound race car at a 160 miles an hour. Gets through the so called safety fence at a at a NASCAR facility. And consider the -- if an entire week. Ends up in the fortieth brawl. At at Daytona speedway. He got a pretty good possibility. It's something bad is gonna happen so yes I do think there's a difference. I asked a simple question now. You have four seats for today's Daytona 500 section one role -- By the way yesterday there was a guy sitting in section one row eleven seats three and four. You got a metal rod in his -- it came propelling from one of the race cars. It gouged his leg from his hip to -- unique. His brother who was sitting with -- -- the time thankfully was quick enough to think of taking his belt off using it as a tourniquet. May have helped save the -- life because he may have helped keep him from bleeding out. That was section one row eleven seats three and four is where these two Brothers were sitting yesterday. So you'll had tickets for today's Daytona 500. Which you are. Eleven and eight year old. You have no problem segment. It's -- are now it's eight -- stop never happens. We look at this after every incident we've certainly learned from those in the past some of the protocols that have been put in place today. Our as a result of of prior incidents so. Again our our initial valuation is is still ongoing. But it certainly something that will look at if we can improve upon that. We'll have slowly put that in place and as we can. Except they're not doing anything different that they'll put in place as soon as they can not for today's race we got to go racing today. They're not gonna go play the Daytona 500. Pump don't help fix the fence. There's a calling pass through gate there where you can actually you know get through defenseman now of the infield -- a pass through gate there. The engine of the car went for the pass through gate yesterday. They look all they're gonna they're gonna study this very religiously they're gonna look at everything. Corporate entity. And now we got to go raison. I think it probably some fans. -- I got a text here on the machine from a a person who said I don't know if it's here Shia saying he for the sake of argument. He says you know he has worked on pit crews and everything said he loves racing he'd -- I would never -- that well. This guy who was involved and. Now I don't know if you've seen a patent on on ESPN this morning they've shown shots of it as as the morning has gone wide shots. The first row seats there. I would say with a walk way. Probably ten feet from the fence. Ten feet. From cars doing -- 160 miles an hour ten feet. With a safety fence that over the years as they've made their. They're studies and as they've made their improvements. Got extended from fourteen to 22 feet. Yesterday at higher hurdle that 22 foot fence and ended forty rows in the stands. I just I don't know eyes and and by the way this is not an anti NASCAR -- this is not me saying they should never run that sport. Even though I'm not a huge NASCAR fan I'm not trying to advocate doing away with -- is I know their people who love. -- that's terrific and and those people who wanted to see it as I said I've been a couple of times -- -- I've been with my brother I've been with -- others. I enjoy the experience. You wouldn't catch me on a bad. Sitting that close. And I said with your wife and -- kids how much is too. You when your brother as these two guys I talked about earlier you -- year and your best body. You guys off for a big weekend in Daytona widgets at first I ten rows that are. If you had tickets for today's race in that section where that offense got breached and those parts ended up sitting in the stands. Hurting a minimum of 28 their reports today that number may be -- -- a minimum of 28 people. Fourteen of whom had to be transported to the hospital -- home last night were in critical tool from today of an upgraded to thank god stable condition one by the way. Of the two critical patients last night was -- what were described last night as life threatening head from. I don't know what that means going forward for that person I hope and pray for the best but. I gotta be honest I kind of wonder. All of that stuff is on the table today and I never thought I'd ever say this but yeah I even NASCAR I mean I could pretend to Italian. But I know anything about UFC 157. In which you actually had eight woman's match. Headlining the show for the first time ever. I I could pretend to know about -- drowsy and and all of that and Liz -- motion. Submitted. By arm bar in the first round but I anti. That's what I know was what I've read and that's falling -- I know that there was a big hue and cry about with the that would be match macho about. -- global market for USC won 57 weather fans would would purchase it based on the fact that the headliner. Was when the first time ever. That was what happened last night as well. But thought the lines and bring you guys and 6177797937. As the telephone number. You can text us whenever you like it 37937. Always talked about the Bruins in NHL realignment we talked about the Red Sox in their first pre season game yesterday against Tampa and done jetBlue park. We've talked about Daytona and what happened last night in the race of course is scheduled to go on as scheduled today don't worry. By the way you know what's really -- TV numbers will be up to. They're TB numbers will get a spiked today. Because of what happened. Last night -- crash. It had nothing to do with the fact that Danica Patrick the pole sitter in this have to do with -- -- it got hurt or to the car ended up in the stands. To that -- and public quick text messages here at 37937. As we get to your calls. First one from 570. I don't know where that is 57 terraces love me some grandstanding bail. The remember why the NHL put in high -- -- because somebody got hit. Yes. And they said we gotta do what we tend to make things safer for our fans and even though there's the possibility. Even with a high nets that you could be get hit by a puck a lot fewer people it yet been used to yes that's why they put in the high nets. The other one says dale please get off your soap box you sound like chicken little smothered you just take crap so people bash you if so you'd need help while probably do but. For reasons other than that and another one from the 413 while Springfield says judging from your last take sounds like you don't have much faith in humanity. On a side note thanks for putting hockey knowledge on the station well happy to do that eaten and I probably have lost some of my faith in humanity. On. I asked a simple question and for these text machine tough guys. -- If you had four tickets today in that section you're wiping your two kids would you go. Would you be sit narrative. Satcher I what I. Doc. 6177797937. Toms on the cell -- hey Tom I don't. They were product and great. I -- -- -- actually brokered a -- -- advocates would you wiping your two kids. Who are in that sense in that section. I'd better go on racing since loud and opened in 1990 Everett's season -- up there are you. It's go to rests when I don't forget my obvious perimeter racetrack and -- I'll always part will dirt track. And -- -- a thousand people who. That they aren't bidding ninety mile an hour there there was an accident directly in front of us. And -- and that a political. Nobody got hurt. But that's what it in my house and our content -- -- are -- its portability we we go the rest. It's pretax it doesn't happen every day they're probably order for a public what year is going to be here that they would let that happen again. But it's just a freak accident they are doing what they at. That's right. -- Well let me ask you deep duke fans have to be that close. Well if you wanna -- -- that there are those states. Are very good shots in my. I know -- I understand apple might and like I I don't know what capacity is at Daytona but it's -- hundred and somewhat thousand a lot of people. I mean the need to be that close. I would've wanted to get back -- not because obviously it's -- when that a lot of 26 grows up -- as we could -- -- wire -- But that -- or people are I mean how old are always gonna have that the people would be saying. In May of 1987. Bobby allison's car went -- via. Over the fence at Talladega. At Charlotte 1999. And in IndyCar Series there was an accident that killed three fans. And and you are right it doesn't happen every year thank god and they never have anybody -- that happened every year. I guess what I'm saying is and I know they're trying to do everything they can I'm sure the last thing in the world NASCAR or anybody else would want is to it is to have their fans get hurt. What are they doing enough -- today. Their idea of doing enough is -- offense and let's get the race off 1 o'clock. We're here. We're gonna cancel I got all the people -- a moderate style about it. No but I wonder if I wouldn't shut that section down today. Okay rupiah and that but still that -- went forty gross gonna have the so the first quarter gross or. Well it was in that same section section one. I'd -- -- and I know that. In the hole eight minute performance they put on yesterday they said that they have plans to reopen that section just like they they did yesterday. I don't know I wish I was a better answer I don't well at all. I appreciate. I would be. Our thanks Tom I appreciate it ray isn't -- pay ray -- you don't. By that I do very well thank you need that guy out in Miami in a whole goal. But I would say so but then on I need but not to a web -- late -- -- -- Yeah. Well and end in the -- I was trying to make and and look to his credit. He said that he would take his wife and kids since it -- action. I would not I would not sit there with my wife and -- I don't know if I'm torn apart like pat fox job and you know we accepted that debt. If you watched you you can all of the lately you'll let me -- -- which we operate bad people making money out of there and I don't blame you not signed up to -- that situation where you quoted -- some stupid -- -- -- -- me. Well and everybody on on the text machine on Twitter -- keeps telling me you know whats the difference between Nat -- Derek Jeter foul ball hitting new work or hockey puck hitting like it is it is certainly possible. Possible that a foul ball or a hockey puck could actually Killian. I hit it I think it's probably. Not real likely. You know not a -- what you say is that how you -- and I'm out -- let me ask. Articulate lone NASCAR and I -- the whole -- and good guys if you think it's like all hit it in. You -- it happened you know -- you reported that we can. To answer can't be undermining it -- -- -- hoping not what they need to look that keeps all the way back. Quit who I'm not a chance of getting hit by not think. Well I don't know I don't what that distance would be ready and I'm I'm kind of -- on this. I know that -- that for NASCAR fans and you guys who have listened to me for a long time no my brother's a great NASCAR fan. You know takes vacations around going to races and all that stuff. And and true NASCAR fans will tell you that part of the experience is not just seeing the race hearing the race. True NASCAR fans tell -- you feel it. You feel when they're going by a 160 miles an hour and I bet you deal. Is it really necessary to be that close. I mean I I I know that their fans who. Probably pay a big premium to sit back close at. Out out the first caller said you know I would want to -- -- just because the bad seats I would say that about people who by the first row seats at at an NHL arena. The patsy. I am not because it's unsafe although it's possible I guess that a piece of glass could fall in on you're something that. To really seen much to be honest with you but that's beside the point -- -- in Greenfield pay David Kato. Or I'm doing great and I've been quite a few tracks in column. NASCAR world certainly. Addressed issue there's some engineering. I think they'll come up where the success they're not in a lawless each. I didn't like what about what what Shelton's that the president on. That press conference yesterday was an embarrassed. Yet won't start saying well we don't expect this it's happened wait too many times. Armed but in comparison to other events other sporting news. There's -- -- happened all all our and don't always get hurt this does happen it's it's it's unfortunate but. You know or that that the cars are great shape they're made to disintegrate. So that the driver steps in the Indy recently that actually happened expert seller that the tires they couldn't fly. I don't know the design of the cars it's that easy for NASCAR. But the drivers now because the partners say they're really not afraid of getting -- Yeah I tell you this and that NASCAR's done great things to make their drivers safer and to their credit the last death in NASCAR. Was Dale Earnhardt that was six years ago. Right way and that was a little a little longer than six years ago they haven't lost a driver since earnhardt's. Yet that may need to automobiles it's okay for drivers like -- -- you guys. They allow these guys -- -- and all I'll just like the sport of other sports. India one guy used to make a mistake. Things happened start sitting in those seats -- like these -- the other callers said. You don't pay more form they're not good -- because she can't see what you can see is directly in front yet. What I sit there I would -- -- various book but it wouldn't be. By short each. To prove a point yes -- would you wife and kids. I would I would go armed -- it's -- again you know driver error here's what it cause. That accident and you know auto -- breweries and that happens at that that's part of port. David appreciate call thank you. 6177797937. As telephone number we're talking about NASCAR because what happened yesterday. -- would also put Bruins on the table by the way the only Bruins fan who finds it. A little -- delicious. That Max -- -- of the Montreal Canadians has a hearing today with the NHL. For a bad hit on Brian McDonnell last night I ain't just me. I wonder if you know the provincial police and Quebec will be looking to rest -- -- -- -- app probably. 6177797937. -- telephone number. Via text line and you guys have lit it up is always available to the 37937. I've been remiss in telling you that. You can always tweak a comment or question to me if you like at dale. I understand completely those folks. Who feel. That you know they would go to the race -- the NASCAR's doing everything they can do people wanted to -- -- -- no issues with any of that feel free to do that. But try to have some form of intelligence. To your argument. As opposed to the text -- from 860. Who texted me have you abandoned buildings since 9/11. That's an intelligent way to look at it it's 6177797937. Is telephone number Steve's in Rhode Island pasty white. Good -- -- -- well thank you to deal is a liar always say you're a great receipt you can you can do a little bit of every regularly you know your yard utility infielder. And Doolittle. Who would think you'd be doing NASCAR on a Sunday morning yikes. I now. Personally got a record deal aren't aren't died in 2001. Yes men and you're right and M and I should point out that there and there was adept at Loudon sense then but it was not a race it was in a practice run happened to be there in fact the day it happened in races. The last cup series death was Dale Earnhardt. There have been 1234. Deaths since then. One was in the NASCAR Mexico Corona Series. Two were in the -- modified tour interestingly both the Thompson International Speedway in Connecticut. And one in in another. The south BO corona. Two were but Winston cup NASCAR death in a race the last one was Earnhardt and 2001. Right our men and you know and once you and the all under the category of everything considering. You know how how much racing -- do you know across the world. On the you know what they did you know these things don't happen all the time obviously. When it happens it's a big deal and people -- noticed. I'm not a big NASCAR -- -- used to be in the last decade or so -- -- really miserable way to almost nothing. And part of it is. Like what you said yesterday we've been oppressed operative and a press conference on what is a big story and it on the front page bulletin newspaper all of the country web sites. NASCAR they -- they sometimes they just don't get it and done well. And when it comes you know putting emphasis on this and and you know doing what they need to do but despite pain. What they're supposed to do. You want them you know I'm not saying -- but -- all you people want that you know. You won't -- -- well they're not going to do that -- in Fenway Park -- sticks -- to -- like the old. Because -- would look who's you know about 800 Vietnamese now that they -- OC so. That I can we won't see because a lot and it reached singles today -- on -- Awesome to hear your question. What you're there I'd just like everyone else -- wouldn't want mostly because those seats in right. But but setting that aside. But setting that side yeah I'd have to be there because who's to say it would happen by a hundred yards further down the track. You will want to get what it would take alcohol or -- a better -- lower bowl. You can read fool all of those -- could pass it could've happened. Anyway so -- -- sort of 12 section one today media happens section seven. Yeah how are just -- it like years -- have -- conversation again I hope I hope it's never. I hope never to -- you know could -- it. You know and so on to what is what I actually took some note what are they supposed to do on big could have been 500 yards down. What -- your brother. Has two Brothers big. I haven't talked and since yesterday I probably should call them last night and you know was busy doing stuff and I didn't column. Bump in the Cuban you know you mentioned the readings being dot -- -- it you know. If that happens in every sport. Did you know I'm not a big hockey bimbo look and yeah I. And sometimes you know someone who's coming in what are that you speak of who they tend not quite a lot but I -- -- As we issued -- Montreal. Or Montreal comes in and I've heard you guys that you can expect so and so and so it would drop the gloves in the first minute yeah well. The ratings will be up -- that boot -- that hockey game. Because people are like what was going to be like I'm gonna watch you know. I I think probably nobody expects the might be in death. Well no I mean I don't think outlaw a little bit I have to be there are. Master -- and then a couple people. One happened on that. AP London calling amateur six and 77797937. With telephone number text line is 37937. Dexter from 978 says why do you support fighting in hockey. -- been more deaths of ex hockey fighters in NASCAR drivers in the last ten years. Again I'm quite seed. Core relation you guys have tried real hard. The talk around what happened yesterday public you know. What happened to -- hockey puck in net in the Y India and yes all those things can happen. I understand that there is some risk probably not much in basketball wouldn't thank. I guess if if god forbid -- dole on top of you back when he was playing in the front row. Maybe you'd get heard Dwight Howard did now or something but they're probably not a lot of of danger going to an NBA game our front our test escalating warfare on our test once the punch you out or something about it good point Matthew that it could be a little scary if that's sort of thing. -- -- -- I understand. We're talking about that were talking about the NHL and the Bruins they play this afternoon in Florida against the Panthers we talk about baseball top but. I gotta be honest even with started the grapefruit league season yesterday probably not. A lot of rampant baseball interest as yet but we're happy to talk about it and the NFL I mean me give you forty times the combined. And I ran four to five today. Nearly beating Chris -- 424 record we can do that. But DJ -- pretty much got that covered on Twitter.

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