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Pete Sheppard - Lost Opportunities by Not Trading KG and Pierce

Feb 23, 2013|

Pete Sheppard opens the show talking about what he believes are missed opportunites for the Celtics with the failure of Danny Ainge to move KG and Paul Pierce before the trade deadline. We take many callers who take both sides of this much heated battle around Celtics Nation. Listen here to get the latest and great taste only on WEEI.

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That's like 777 guys -- ignited trees severance exit 379373. B at the ship but preachers six. I -- to join the big show yesterday. Lower than it was supposed to what were still there. We're third dill with Michael -- and Dale Arnold. And got to play in case you missed it to play it a couple of highlights what the questions that the Michael -- last today the president and and basketball operations of for the Celtics so here's what happened yesterday -- mr. go to -- back to phones. But isn't it also fair to say there are if Danny Danny Ainge says he would he would have done those deals when he wasn't the general manager. Of the Celtics now that he -- the general manager of the Celtics. Perhaps he would try to make a deal at the end of the careers of into the hall of fame careers of Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce. Yet all. I -- at all because all the players. That. -- agreement. Between. You know -- ever Wear -- -- You mean you don't give them away you don't like and not you know you'd be out. Great value and and that way Kevin Garnett all -- are playing much better. At eight career and Mary war as being so. All. We were terrible with Kevin in the area. Tell me what you're looking for from the deal that you did make yesterday. More on record -- ball scoring on -- A book. Or -- -- and a whole year result we don't take a blog entry. And sort of getting -- report that the that that we don't. We're really close. Back together and get to -- obsessed -- this where you ever. Close to making some of the deals that were reported everywhere UN conversations with the clippers and they approach you did you approach them. Well. That's that's -- -- -- due to I think he compromised. Integrity -- my relationship with -- I want called -- I had never talked. And I'll never any. Kevin -- an improvement. In your opinion I've been trying to figure this out in your opinion. What do you think Kevin. He started saying publicly probably two or three weeks ago that he. He wanted to wanted to live green -- the -- gray wants to be very drain in it's up to him he'll stay here. Do you think you start saying that publicly because candidates it's a no trade clause so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In -- turmoil right now he lead. And you're. Viewed. On. You know development are here on all beaten. Our our pet's life here he's here and act on them Mohawk. All right it's Danny -- yesterday with on the big show with Michael -- in and Dale Arnold. That's all great loyal bloke she's great and sentimentality is great -- let's -- and I can I get it I understand Aniston did it on from. -- I just. I think in two or three years when this team is still around the 500 mark or not much better offer them where they are today. But just remember that just remember that day. Just remember that day I mean I hope I'm wrong. I just as I said the reality of the situation is to be in contention for a championship which this team is not. Just visit. They are they are nowhere near where they are right now. Again if Rondo at soldier had gone out I would lose this body we have this conversation. But the way the team is currently. The way they are right now. And you look at the serious teams that won a championship the Miami's the Oklahoma cities of San Antonio's. The clippers. Those four general. I don't get to that level. Like this -- victory I gonna do. Next year -- -- of the year after that I it's going to be really difficult. Really difficult. You guys might you might have a different opinion -- we do and that's fine. So we're talking about six point 77797937. Texas 37937. Is our RD in that you bring -- to -- W -- yellow party. -- -- you know year. On -- about you you ought to. I don't I don't know that real -- questioned waited you know get it appears. In Pakistan this tough question it's very is is a lot of gray area to organize believe me I understand. How people feel about it. And and then I guess you know what you Wear is what you're gonna get for both play it's. And you know even if he'd get some kind of worked for them you you've got to really throw out the rest of the season because. It derivative really a lot of time -- -- -- build a lot of teen chemistry new place. So you Margo you know ID give my team you yeah you're really kind of just. Give up on the playoffs because. I just don't see you know. Put new plays in this late this -- trying to come up with some kind of chemistry. Well that's what they're going I mean that's a -- join them in Crawford and now in dollars and looks like D. J. White going to be here for Chinese export nine. It's a few years of NBA experience of Oklahoma City Charlotte but. You know these are the kind of guys they're gonna put you over the top I mean debate mature over the top if you got a chip which are contending team but this is not a championship contending team. That they have right now. -- but guess what the end -- in his. Do we settle for our rob run in the risk of not getting -- couple potential future. Is. To that point go into at least in the playoffs. And get in but it ticket holder a little bit of excitement for the money they aren't going to be gay men. Dark I get that I understand that I think you know may be ownership might have stepped in a little bit behind the scenes and -- in the exact same thing I I understand that. You know it's okay for right now for the president but. I don't dog -- -- the first rather Miley get a couple of home games if that and and it could be bounced so is it really is it worth it for a couple of home playoff games to not look at the future right now a much sir. I'm I'm again and again that they probably think it is and I think what you're gonna try to do is. Can get it started they can't make -- to my own campaign. I'd hit yeah that I really know what -- think imparts I probably didn't get position I would do would be loyal to particular -- given as much. HEK and would piercing kinda opened something collective -- big. They've they've got and -- -- -- -- -- -- for the play off. They -- he would change a lot of -- will be afraid to apply. Because we've all had veteran experience -- -- something good might happen I realize it's a long shot but. It's the only shot -- in a big lead you -- really work in the off season. And trying to boom boom that. And I'd think that just my private -- Odds -- out there -- -- -- you make a lot of good points believe me read a lot of good points and and certainly. It's possible I like I said but the fatigue factor with the two stars in this team. And the fact that for the most games they are not going to be able to. In our weird texture or to say you don't you think -- Steve tonight off yeah you do I think he needs a night off I think it's the it's happened sooner rather than later but doc. You know -- -- really have that luxury down the stretch here especially if -- -- for a 73 seed in the playoffs then. In you know to. To arrest those guys like you've been able to do in the past he was able to -- the Big Three the past at certain times. For game here game there all three of wants a couple times firmer grip me a couple of years ago. It's just -- have that luxury and for the most part I'm most nights if pierce and Garnett are real hot real decent. Or better knock -- -- and it's just too much it's too much pressure. I'm a lot of guys who was still you know very much improve overnight -- a drop of ten games sample bomb to -- is seeing flash is already if things start to come back to reality. And this is a pop -- schedule they get they got here coming up. And it's great it was touched the ball and move the ball and doing all that stop -- In -- a lot of people say that against Denver certainly did her a lot of people talk about against the lakers. I vigor and and I think the rest this -- just going to be difficult for. And some of the games coming up. Video Oklahoma City. Us shortly as well. And that reality is really gonna set in. When -- play that team. I'm just asking people to look at the big picture you look at the serious contending teams and you tell me. How the salvage teams get after it and now and the years in the next several years. I'm not seeing that but so -- you have different ideas that's why. -- in Manchester next year -- in Riyadh Greg. And these are angry -- don't go -- -- the LP a lot of people they gave you crap right style. I'll offer you are but usually. 95% of the time you were on the right side of the argument and whoever's making. Decisions on this station it's all about credibility credibility credibility that's why. My outlook and deserve bigger role on the stage. Well thanks Greg affect you -- I really I really appreciate -- all I can say is you know direct comments upper management because I have nothing to do with it it's it would be nice. Everybody knows what's real about it. Here and I've. But we know it's not it's out of my hands looking -- -- it's out it's out of my hands it's a it's a crazy business but thank you for the kind words are really appreciate. But I digress. A I I look -- it under. The level of pollution. Mass psychosis. -- on hand. -- People and so are some people amnesty -- Lot media these and they are sick or mine or go talk about what that way to much just misunderstood. I mean it's that thing that really. Really. Irritates me more than anything is. I mean in my opinion we look if you had a hedge your bets on which team it has has a better shot at winning a championship in just. Forget the TBA argument. The Red Sox where the Celtics over the next five years who's gonna have a greater. Shot at a at a penny per title in my opinion it's the -- in the reds. Well -- absolutely 100% agree absolutely. My overall point is when you consider how much scrutiny and how much. Backlash direct talks to begin why is it and not apply to the Celtics and you're a good example might. I to -- your point of an L and go ahead yeah. How pathetic this and the only object green has been OK. From the get go and I now understand heart conditions so -- the ideas and to. You know. Developed -- screening so that eventually becomes. Heir apparent. Paul Pierce served as the next great Celtic that they can build our. With Rondo. But right now this team is going absolutely nowhere I don't care what these can say or even the people on up in the media to defeat and the team is going nowhere -- put. All our money on that but yet they continually keep him behind Paul Pierce -- guys 26 years old there comes a point in which. In which keeping Jeff Green on the roster with Paul -- doing nothing but catering is development and it just. You -- -- -- different but it it's almost like the way the Red Sox handled Kevin Youkilis watched here you know clearly. Pierce going better -- you coolest ones. But you had middle Brooks and obviously. Was obvious. A viable player you know who's had a great slugging percentage but they refused to move on from -- -- And held on home because they want it all is valued -- wasn't there. And they just didn't want to make it -- PR decision which is why in my opinion Pete the sucks and the Celtics are the exact same thing. And I wish that people will wake up and realize that. And -- -- your teammates and he made some excellent points that's actually pretty good analogy made it with the exception of I think KG is a lot more rival and it appears as -- the little more valuable than than -- -- was that down the stretch for you -- your -- I and I we've talked about this. Mr. program and others are brought it up about it appears coming off the bench or being a six guys like -- start and I think doc is gonna seriously have to consider that. I certainly ward off for a lot of reasons. It it would preserve small little bit. -- stretch here and into the playoffs and -- maybe that extra rest. Against -- or restaurant or rest I think you have got -- -- of first round bye I think it's up at the dock pizza consider there's any question about it and would surprise me. -- one bit if you did. Six point 77797. Audi -- seven Texas 37937. As you guys all lined up Kurt. Marty Dave rich Mike -- see you guys there. Old blab about what might I was no room for anybody to call black well I hope fly through because we'll get through. Eyes at me because as a mechanic -- you on the -- guys it's a great debate. I mean there's no absolute right or wrong answers as my personal opinion I feel the Celtics. Will be here next. In the next couple years. Certainly open discussion it's it's great topic because as I just don't think there's an absolute right or wrong answer innocent people liked it like to -- -- I just feel that they've -- headed in the wrong direction. Right now anyway. Back with what I thought golf speech here until several Sports Radio WEEI. Our. Chemistry literature this year during the year right now. All our work. -- -- -- Try to get healthy and get the playoffs he would see what we can do. That's a Celtics. President of basketball operations Danny -- Not trying to get to a championship trying to get. To play out -- Trying to get. To the playoffs. Says it all right there. All you have to know. So he'll be shocked as anybody. Eastern Conference finals I didn't get now a fourth round he would consider a major accomplishment right now. Trying to get the playoffs and -- people call up here -- -- Eastern Conference finals I've even heard people say they can go all the way. It all this week. I don't get a god bless you could not last year. It's what 777 nights ever -- 37 taxed at 37937. Gawker to Connecticut up next here at W I repeat hiker. I don't you don't. Get and shocked that any minute deal I mean is that to say I need. -- -- All in the 22. When it's in I hope that you know anyway I didn't happen again. Because they have kids like you -- -- to. Candidate. Well but let's remember -- let's remember KG deal doesn't get done is in a -- pierce gets dealt. And and so that's that. All right they didn't I agree you can go oh. Not true I think the players you know -- we -- But it you know you're gonna. What had happened when it in the energy. And -- There are those out there correct I think they'll have the same kind of opportunities are better ones next season I I am not that camp. And respect those who think that I mean that's that your opinion. I've not sure you're gonna get more better deals in this I think people underestimate again what's calling. Jordan and Bledsoe with hall of famers they are good 234324. Years old respectively. They are good young players that you can build this team morale they're good they're good chips to have right now. You know Bledsoe starting on almost a lot of other teams in the MBA -- -- active backer crisp ball. But glad. I I did I just don't want this team to fall in bill you know when carriage with Michaela bird got through all the make up them. And I just don't want that to happen again I do you think that Beijing it will happen. And. Well just to -- -- to the point just said about when the big triggered all I understand that it to counter that argument is you know what about Len Bias and Reggie Lewis and it's fair it's actually fair because we got the bloody probably cost him another championship maybe two. He stood on my that if he still around the pitino thing would be no particular rowand. This team -- to -- that franchise for for many years because -- just didn't understand the seller cap. I just hope I'm what they say it's ever gonna be that bad again. Right now you just had the president of the basketball of basketball operations tell Michael how yesterday. They're just trying here to make the playoffs to make the playoffs. I don't know it's unbelievable unbelievable I got iPhone app that. I have -- as -- could -- any aid but active AG I think -- -- them big time as well well look up it still felt that okay Goebel and. Our regular appreciate it 61777907937. Here's our rich in the car that you don't we I rich. They would on -- much you're. Good -- You know I disagree what that last caller and odds. And I guess you'll it is well that's okay but I do agree with you that you could look at it anyway. But my way to look at that is that. Is that anyone. Really think that this team is going to championship. Or in the Eastern Conference final is a delusional they OK. But but championship. They play. And I can understand. You know people's feelings on -- not make of that deal and getting here at the future. We know. The Big Three -- again that was probably going to be at -- a three human. And the Celtics. Who also disagree with what you said earlier all parents to their Red Sox. They have been able. All obviously with two world famous still remaining and -- you can parliament last year. Have been able to expand that window almost like five or six year. What one game away from the final last year. Five minutes away from finals five minutes away. Yet seen that. Well. It's different team richest not at nine new players now with the guys editions it's like eleven do players in total it's not last year up the -- this year though that's the problem. And the best player on the team last year with Rondo he's the best player on the team this year regardless of what to think of him he's not here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Another good two years out of town if you build around them with younger players like Rondo like Bradley. I'll like Jeff Greene won't you'll see it as real solid basketball. Like all parents are here. People need to. Now a doctor and just -- -- play out this year and and basically. That organization I guess when that you won't get it from prospective. They make the playoffs are you have green you have. You have -- in court neatly coming up the -- experience. So you can't go back and hopefully. He changes -- -- -- the way he's not control the ball. Eat and talk and that's -- -- Yeah but I think I still think it's going to be awful rescue again it's gonna do it depend on average that record makes a great points is going to be you know. The -- facts for KG and pierce and they're gonna be -- a year older next year. It's a ticket to big gamble NLM what they get hurt where they can hurt this year what do they. We know start to really fall off. Next year especially pierce. He's already got in RE ER he's seen his jump shot he doesn't have anywhere near the left that he's had in the past -- I think the last couple few games. Three or four games you've really seen it. Command I think demands exhausted and I do think doctor to -- to sit him sometime soon I think he really needs it. But I just think it's an awful big risk to take. Way and you could have started building for the future a couple of days ago. We didn't they didn't Danny didn't he thinks differently whether yet -- warship not to do these deals -- what or after the overvalued pierce. I don't know. Understand how we're done but I understand I understand those who don't wanna go. But we start talking about Eastern Conference finals and finals. You know most calls would agree with by. Whether they should admitted -- or not I think most people look at this team understand. They are going to struggle in the first round of the playoffs if they make it. If they make it right now. In -- you you look at the standings. And there what. -- parts of up to. Their for their four games. They are they are -- the reserve -- place right now. Between 126. There. One up in the loss column on Milwaukee in Philadelphia is point 2134. Games back in the loss column. Toronto probably not going to be -- they're -- you know they've done to seven games back loss column. But it goes every sixers are hanging around for now anyway in the so it's up to play. Of them coming up as well. And that game is that team is at Philadelphia. On Tuesday march trip that going to be a pretty big game. But it will -- and all the rest this road trip coast born and Portland Utah on the home against Golden State. That's another another tough stretch three out of four row at Philly at Indy home against Atlanta and had Oklahoma City. -- Mailman will find out the team's all about. Marty David Christie guys like got it wrong for a couple more 6177797. ID 37 text at 37 got a 370 jeopardy you're -- seven Sports Radio don't we yes. We've received tons of questions. Via text Twitter phone calls. One. Well why did you move KG and why did you move Paul Pierce that's that that the most popular question we've received so far. -- -- I'd like -- all ought. And -- And. -- In your opinion did. I don't know. I'm not real comfortable with that answer be quite honest -- if I have the utmost respect for the eighties terrific thing he's done some really good things here last year's -- I'm not really all that comfortable with that answer I mean we all like him to the question of like to question of in my preview what is better for the future of the franchise. The sentimentality reasons yes we all want to stay in retirees Celtics and whatever I think they're both breathed it obviously a big albeit a rapid by the KG day a number of retired also. -- -- -- -- But what I like him I -- -- but. It's it's it's the same GM that also said I would ask the does that Jim Richard caliber team. Said we're trying to make the playoffs. Just try to make the playoffs. -- I like to know. Like oh my easing Greenfield a exit -- -- a market. Would hate yourself. I don't say that I don't think you're crazy you're anything else but I do think you worry more than my Jewish mother. I think I'll mortgages -- -- concerned -- -- gets heard and probably I look in this last year he rescind. Well what free agents from -- to calm here in this slow and who that's. I give out -- get the wrong guy never said that last year on idol when the playoffs began last year and they played Atlanta at The Beatles Lennon -- get beat Philadelphia. Yeah they and blow -- They get really -- last year. I was not say blowing up last year I was not just the opposite that the rock god Marty people. But not -- don't lump me with a lot of people. It seems ridiculous to me in the last few days didn't treated by both talk. Whose -- has an expiring contract and was hurt and the second rate. Center. For the first great point guard to replace. Our hurt point guard a guy that can shoot and score seventeen points tonight and dish off. And run and he's. Was a street guys not a point carper says but he could replace it 12 you got to go basically that you traded nobody for a guy that can help you know that's definitely -- better with him on the team without because Barbosa could play. And they get Terrence Williams from China. And one of the lopsided we have a guy like KG they can put him under his wing and the guy has legitimate challenge you to high draft pick. And he really attached to our club we -- spell people. And D. J. White and -- and add more to the club -- right and he's making these -- he's. Marty how far this team going this year. You're saying that you go to peace long site it's okay. But they affect you who have -- -- who is her. And he's got a lot of capital and Rondo he drafted Rondo and he could legitimately trade Rondo at this point for a big. You don't know what's so he does. It didn't start. What's that what's out there besides Dwight Howard I want to -- guy. Somewhere that we don't know about where China. I mean where the Dili where you you didn't all of these are people who Terrence Williams would be like not normal you're like a nice guy. But just didn't. Things I've watched any change due to fill up to fill -- -- to -- he says. He's trying to get to the playoffs. That's just like Belichick they would just gonna play the next game OK -- not win the Super Bowl before we get to the next. -- you think the -- age really thinks that this team is headed to the champion at a championship level. Right now you really believe that. As a few players this came as fast they beat that team that played by running. And Jeff green is starting to. You know Mike what -- what happened gets -- lakers. What's gonna have to tomorrow against Portland that you saw. Just a few -- couple weeks ago. You -- because what we're stronger now than. How far do you think this team's going Marty. Yeah this year with a with a golf far. Removed a teammate to stop the -- to the have done. The for the moves of dot my friend this team right now is totally talked -- enough throwing D. J. White it was -- they contract hasn't officially been processed yet up slightly this -- going. I think -- -- Getting into the playoffs they're going may be well as far as they went last year. Tell that to the conference files on the cost of five minutes away from the championship and wayward incremental last year. Almighty god Martin last year the best player was on the team in India in and Rajon Rondo. You were full of optimism. And you were saying oh they're gonna win the championship. No but I thought that would get that I thought they had a chance to get the Eastern Conference finals and I I mean it when they started against Miami Miami it's seven I never thought to the south have a three game to lead when a huge game five in Miami. That have a chance to close it out and then just a Little -- a lot for games six and just torched them. We Rondo and Solyndra went out I never thought that they would put together a winning streak like this but. They have they have -- of the sick man who won the six. 100 plus we have for the last three games and for the lost. They have. A man who won the six player award in the NBA last year player for them who's got a really nice three point shot. I mean they've replaced Ray -- as far as I'm concerned. And they have now kind of nice in new point guard. And and he he's making who's he has to make helped by the knowledge that did you want to do it. But he do that you don't throw away people like KG could you just not gonna get people like keep KG back. -- are writing is to have agree to disagree and look no one's saying if they made the trade would pierce and Garnett that they were going to be -- two caliber team I'm not saying that despite some of the techsters are just hear what they wanna hear and a sober him up on KG should help. The KG trade again you're hearing which you wanna hear I set a preface that by saying that's F. The Paul Pierce trade happen KG wasn't gonna waivers don't break clause in my opinion less. The appear straight. In note happened at that are straight did happen. Like I said I think many of us agree that -- that he would waive his no trade clause. Budgets -- talker but I mean. I mean c'mon. Terrence Williams. DJ -- Wilcox as your backup center. He's shown flashes at time come on look at what happens when Garnett is in the line up on this team. You don't think the fatigue -- was coming into play your -- you're seeing glimpses of and people are just so carried away with this 110 game stretch in -- van Gundy said the other night it's great. People get carried away but I'm Tanya injuries like this will catch up the team like the Celtics -- security start to see glimpses of Chris Jeff Dave -- Aussie guys all lined up one more six point 777 nights OpenId through several latex that 37. The 37 page articles severed right era Sports Radio -- not -- three point seven FM WEEI.

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