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Pete Sheppard - Playoffs?!? Celtics in the Playoffs?!?

Feb 23, 2013|

Pete Sheppard battles it out with callers who are adamant the Celtics will go far in the playoffs this year. We playback sound of Danny Ainge saying the Celtics are just trying to get to the playoffs. What do you think? Are the Celtics going to even make the playoffs this year? How far do you think they can go? Listen here to all the talk with Pete Sheppard.

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No he -- shepherd she oh. -- -- W yeah. How -- -- with those seven yards Sports Radio W. Guys I'll be back tomorrow by the way from noon to four right here and had a three point seven of rebel web. A more discussion about the Celtics and Bruins Red Sox today -- some and the patriots and brought some Oscar talk as well. Through to guys that tomorrow such a home assignment and I broke broke the Oscars. I've seen I think five of the movies that have been nominated -- Argo. Jagr went chain Lincoln's overplay books overly liberal conservative are very I haven't -- like apply it is. -- piece of southern wild on the southern -- which. Never heard of and I'm more the Nazis but. In ones I have seen have a great shot to win maybe just Bogle for two more just one. It and double part of your house that's that you homework assignment if he -- the most recent -- -- you know. Both room and and -- -- to be created but when David it was like he's insured were his third. Best. Academy Award for actor and -- lead role. Well adjusting the group would result -- -- 617 sevenths of. 97 -- threes number of people really are. Why talk about the Celtics and now Danny Ainge and that they agree or disagree. With the way they are what Texas -- 78 says I can't believe -- of all people. Would advocate trading Paul Pierce some things rise above winning and losing and haven't Paul Pierce -- Tyrus up it is one of those things. Plus he's playing great and what the hell did you expect to get admitted -- -- out okay did you feel that way when the brewers traded ray Bork. Did you feel that way away and Pedro Martinez and Johnny Damon some others weren't so I mean I am I understand the sentiment telling nights every and I get it. But we start talking about -- rise about when he was no not this state aid to sports it's a business. It's a business. And and -- an opportunity to get better for the next several years in my opinion. If they've made a couple of days of the -- steel which portrait of the KG deal got done it happened. And I'm not sure going to be able to get back to that championship level. A couple of Texas talking about we don't drive if -- don't -- Julia -- own drama probably time to have to say it. -- what soldier or here with entirely different conversation we're having. I think we're have been highly competitive what do but I held a playoff run. No question. That's -- it's it's I think Danny may be trying to make the playoffs comic in the vein of losing Rondo the best player regardless of what people think of him. To injury if Rondo had gone down. The stand would be championship not the playoffs let that's what I'm saying I understand that but that's not the reality is situation here. So we -- says. It's. Overseer of Mercury that one. 413 -- wouldn't actually be better episodes don't make the playoffs this year. Well -- did -- get a better draft pick. -- Adam I don't know. Number divide that it it's too late for that anyways it's I mean they they may not make the playoffs like I said they made I think they're probably well. As a seven or -- you know what -- -- and eight is -- at the Miami the first round and have a difficult time as it is winning a first round playoff series. He wise either bring up the poison pill that would have been come to Boston in the Chris hoppers or how that guy would have been fun to have a round. Almost rap talent on the deal I mean I hate jumpers contract I understand that -- to get -- or Brooks in the draft pick. And and aperture to be a -- deal with KG -- done it. One guy says was talking about the the caller earlier with the Red Sox. You know apples aren't you can't you can't eat candy you're an idiot for saying it's it's good analogy. A much about the finance I think what the call was talking about was from sentimentality. Point of view. Where you're saying the Red Sox waited too long battle bricks and over -- was not about. And the same thing now sentimentality with moving KG and it would pierce and -- I mean to quiet it's not that's not about the money in this -- -- -- to -- -- to wish I understand what -- called -- It's what 777 I'd severed 37 backer Padraig oakcrest a couple of -- XT RW Riyadh oakcrest. And how you doing. -- -- Well. It's 5050 Chris I mean that's why it's great topic it's it's 5050. You know I'd say half the half with Texas sustained ago bleep myself the other half for saying to the other Texas they should complete themselves I. Myself -- -- but now it's it's a it's a great topic Lotta gray area Chris that's why it is. There's no absolute guarantee right or wrong answer right -- just on that through this in the way ago but go ahead state your thoughts. Absolutely did and I agree with you blood -- on the liberal side because I'm not at odds so they can again but I denied. I'm not you know. Aware of the reality of the situation reality is too late suited. They're a tough spot but I do think they get it shocked the world and win the finals still a wriggle out and out far and say that we're in the whole thing. You know when the whole -- the robbery scene. I mean I don't mean to sound like yeah right and wake up we didn't go that -- in Europe needs the ball and they're real is still in Europe though weighty guarantees that he came back -- And once what straight. And -- on Olympia had trouble while the bank and what -- -- now Jordan are. I think -- abetted -- With the unit they have -- like -- on the market thinks you know Terrence Williams the -- the eight. -- can I mean you know mark god bless marred by at least talking about a guy who is -- -- at night the tech guy and the team even now. Talking about he's gonna put you over the top I mean let's be serious but you think this team Chris you root -- this team when the whole thing. Duel it out the -- the finals with a -- -- finals. I I don't I don't know. Why I didn't I -- -- you're -- -- who I understand. At a news days I used an 8%. I don't mean -- timely -- -- You know anything can happen in this sport's world I think that the senator from my side. Absolutely not likely you are right that you're exhausted right now. Indeed going to be -- right. Play and play less like if you've exhausted I think this is gonna get a blow sooner road and no sooner rather than later as well the pastor brought. -- you look at the box score I mean did you read Bucs look from last night it's CN tactic. But I don't think you don't automatically turn into you know rest -- -- -- do we -- -- have a -- by its order. Our -- Jeff green's game a lot I think he's really blossomed and I think you should be starting or appears to be honest with I would like to CP has come off the bench more but you can't. That game last night -- is you -- that is not the style basketball you're gonna get the playoffs against who are horrible one of the worst weather few teams in -- four teams in the NBA that have a losing record at home in Phoenix is one of them. -- absolutely and into the not a Miami. They ended -- even and in the end you know India and -- -- I fully agree that you but it is just like -- topic everybody has the right there. Are you ever get -- -- I write for us I hope you're right let's -- stranger things have happened in the world sport indeed LA kings won the Stanley Cup last year as an eight seed. You know nobody thought they were never get it together but I again hockey playoffs and a cup play have so much different than the MBA there really are. The best players on the best teams usually get -- get the final it is very few exceptions. Where the elite players in the -- teams don't make it the finals in the NBA. It's very different. It's very different. -- hockey you don't get hot goalie get team at the LA kings are really you know just it all came together for the -- that. A month and a half stretch. And it happens in hockey a lot original lot of 87 seeds -- -- when missed it to the world you know when the Stanley Cup the get go go deep in the playoffs. I don't that's the case as far as Richard -- in the NBA it doesn't happen all that offered. Jeff Mike Merrill -- you guys all I got 6177797937. Texas 37 -- 37 just equipped the second break them right back to your phone calls. -- Sports Radio WEEI. You're mr. what -- championship -- -- you -- right now. All -- -- -- -- And try to get healthy and get the playoffs he would do we can do. So does president of basketball operations varying speaking yesterday though with the -- show with. With the Michael -- Dale Arnold 617779793767779. 7937978. Says -- you just can't trade players like it appears KG for ever -- the -- epic. I don't think they would they would -- -- return average players I'm sorry. Maybe some you just haven't seen Bledsoe and Jordan played up those are two young solid up and coming guys. That could help the stomachs and win the championship this year even get there even come close. But those kind of guys you would want for the future and I hope some of you're right that they'll be at that though a deal like -- of the call will be available next year. Maybe that maybe it happens but. I think it's a big risk not to pull the trigger this year for team that I believe is gonna struggle got to the first from the playoffs that's all. Just -- Rivera next here don't -- BI Jeff. There that guys hey Jeff -- doing. And doing good W are doing great I'm doing -- hasn't started snowing yet as far as I can tell -- no rain in a little video. I just wanna see -- operated picked off myself that the Celtics didn't you know make any of those animals like like you set a prediction right I'm pretty sure people are underestimated how good black social going to be. Help at one point but all right so they didn't make them -- you know does it also was stuck with these guys and believe it or not. I still think we got a chance I mean I just think in the playoffs you know got that -- can't -- gonna take to another lab. Given what chance chance there watt. I think it can't they even make it to the finals I just think those I like I said I think he has been done that you don't playoffs as a whole different animal I think they're gonna take it to another level so wouldn't carry those guys are all veterans Jeff -- explained away got a play I mean. What scares you and he decided to -- A look I know that and it's it's a it's a very good guard we understand that everybody scares me in the east because the Celtics don't have the best player -- soldiers not there. Ed you're gonna use it -- to have become pop up pressure for the rest of the season. -- pierce and Garnett in the early seeing. Signs of -- now that when they don't play well they're not gonna win. I know last night they played -- Friday crappy horrible Phoenix team. And that was in the -- that was not playoff basketball last night the way to sell its played on the Mumbai 25. -- to have that kind of -- play that way to play off site I I just have a deeply concerned. Down the stretch here. I agree we -- but I mean I was also had that down the game the triple overtime game in those -- you know those guys got it out. The other there's no absolutely. And firms -- that was when the best game maybe the best game of the year in the NBA. But this like I said it they they debt ten games that they just came off -- The first ten where there were 81 not nine and one whatever they had a lot of home games at soldier. March for a circle in the -- even after that a plea for the next -- the road after march for a so. Like we had Oklahoma City this is extremely difficult stretch -- -- -- -- a bad road record there won and severed on the West Coast the only team that -- was being -- They got tough games tomorrow night and Monday at Portland and that -- it's not those knock the depression over games even though Portland is under 500. It's I just don't think it's going to be easy easy as people think that's all. I don't think it's going to be but I I mean I just want to ask you besides they eat almost that the Israelis -- that much in the -- Every team scares me because I worry about. I think it's going to be a tough series a matter who they play I mean yes on paper they met even with this way they are not people like become overconfident. Of how well they match up I think absolutely they would struggle which Chicago I think they struggle with -- Indiana. And I think that struggle Brooklyn in the Nextel got the they can't win a series and I'm not saying McCain went -- to say and I think they'd struggle I had -- -- up I'll be surprised -- -- get out of the first round I I hope I'm pleasantly surprised I hope you're right Jeff. I hope they go deep I really do what I'm I'm I'm looking at it realistically and I'm looking at Paul Pierce and Garnett are gonna have to play mega minutes. Big time and they can't afford to sit these guys out a lot Iraq will be able get a recipe would normally get a couple of years ago. So. No I get angry which of their but I also I'd -- -- -- -- -- crop it's pretty good till I think you're gonna make a little bit of a difference so. Boy got that -- and thanks for call Jeffords a great it was a good pick up by -- because you traded Barbosa who was not worth anything to you now he's hurt. So certainly. -- you know on paper and we'll be okay now start -- last night with ten points. Pretty good against the horrible team. We'll see how he fits -- -- retained his actual bit like I said over Libya with the Michael on Thursday this. American and always gets a bag with them is the is -- frozen costs this guy but we -- on a horrible team like the words losing fifteen to 37. I think your attitude is indeed he's saying all the right things is change what you come two disorganization of open doc we illustrate about will be an asset to this team. Again. Whoa what how much is -- gonna he's gonna legion past the first round of the playoffs I'm Margaret I'm not sure. How much sure Merrill is in on all of Mexico WEEI Merrill. The pleasure speaking he should have your own show America and Broward thanks I really appreciate what's on your mind. Well I want to start but the Bruins but now it's the start. I I I mobile driver up the road not because the weather which I mean. -- people forget about I remembered as I was growing up you know it -- in high school. Remember most horrible late -- east teams with Ron Mercer and he'd borrow and Travis Knight. That's cute that you get in the whole body starts to want it's not like he NFL where OK and we get that we. Good ticket sixteen million art and Russia draft and I even -- the crapshoot. You are not gonna get top ten talent in the you have a chance. To retool like -- set on the fly a little bit and acquire assets you have to Buick and to go actually college you don't think Indiana. He gave the question would look great this Celtics won't be you don't think that it seemed like you know ordering New York the extra -- ran it up in the post season. If I have to match what older players have a ton of minutes look at the minutes that garnered. -- I know I'm pierce got lucky pierce got lucky last thing going had to play 26 has been exposed go there and MBA team black NL. Those -- those games you'll be far and few between this is another tough -- tough stretch that said. Next 78 games are going to be at every one of them going to be difficult every single one. The -- -- cake walk the argued in underground important Charlotte and a category two gave Jerry a lot of them. It -- in Charlotte. Absolutely I just think you know you look at you look at the idea aren't great Jordan -- are mutually enriching its great for -- -- seven. What 24 year old -- plate he spent. In who can develop offensively and not trivial won't need to. Who 62 under sixty pounds I mean 24 years old. I don't I just don't think enough people have watched this the clippers play they -- -- the Celtics and they don't really see. The rest of the games right I mean I -- try to watch -- -- I'm kind of like a -- the -- guy I 'cause I join I think they play Great Britain basketball all it for the most part they're they're really fun to watch and Bledsoe would start on I'm probably half of half the teams -- -- Absolutely the last thing I will say is best and again best case scenario is they. Go to the second round and then lose in stride and I don't see I would hate people who get the NBA final -- I don't -- -- a what god has said that little one at all and I got more people texting and it's eight and making it to the Eastern Conference finals and god oh god bless them by I hope the guy -- somehow some way it happens by. I mean it's just not realistic it's just not realistic. Yeah I agree -- -- have a good night out calculator that Israel appreciated. Here's Mike and the next era WEEI hello Mike. They're able to -- -- much Mike are you doing. Want -- to you all. First of all guessing this is it's no I could have back that waste impeccable records on that area. -- -- move a little bit but it's not RS not a done. Not. I actually had offered and got a Korea itself nice I think -- play in the old it's it's not gonna stick -- voyage and children in game M -- that -- -- covers morass. Yeah yet. Marty didn't try to with -- idea. I'm gonna try to -- dump -- materials are a lot taller pretty much I -- verbatim what I was. That's OK you can reiterate whatever. Combine my for an. Yeah yeah I mean I'm -- with you I can't believe what I'm hearing feedback. They all are you tell you what are you are a little bit -- you what you and I have watched spiritual victory so let me demonstrate that. That victory the victory -- -- the victory. They were just three you know -- stoplight at the Big Three with a big rig and big guys. But anyways. We watched the demise of that team. And I remember an 86 my god father who -- actually played with Egypt yet UMass career for you yeah. Yeah he's led down a little bit biased guy goes he goes good I'm I was which simply had to tag -- around Celtics. And I do as well that's -- -- that the the organization back ten years maybe more are you crazy you know. You usually get to you all argued all the experience and everything you know and it was absolutely right. And I'll watch it this team and I think he -- yet made the point that you know. Kevin and wolf Paul play better or more durable than Larry and I cabin were at that time right. Same thing goes in the year to what you don't have. I -- -- you can -- Jordan and and but until I would definitely taken most again. While gambit that deal we you know that you'll doesn't happen unless I -- I don't -- appear steel comes to fruition that's the problem. But I think now that I would hope that everything -- -- -- force I want that 100 Baltimore. And because it there window for this team in my opinion I chose to -- courses all of the windows all. When they lost so lake is magnet. And then markets last edited done. You know they have to start retool and figure out something for the next series of players. Yeah not gonna work with these guys in a long series veteran players. Can have a game like that game against our Denver that strip wolf I'm. But they can't sustain. This setting gains they liked it that he bought well might scratch the -- you. Album with via -- -- -- were kind of wears them up against that they have Greg Doug Bryant Joseph Davis you guys are lined up. Six what 77797937. Texas 37 37 tweet me at the ship three to six. I'm -- tells o'clock right here -- three point seven FF Sports Radio WE yeah. That's what 777 nights. That is 37. Texas 37 37 or tweet -- The -- while the second mare island friends and so you were up here open yet one of three point seven FM tonight -- -- -- 830. My beloved province college flyers look to bounce back from being absolutely. Humiliated. At Syracuse ours are they take god it's nice that it Rutgers on the road. The PC can get back on track and get the 78 the big east with -- wings of the of the big big time. Bounce back win tonight and markets kind of in the same situation just on the outside to report that's at 9 o'clock and also -- he had years of a somewhat right so to Bruins. Cabinet office that's until 9 o'clock 830 over him with reports that -- America's team problems got a -- wanna miss. The points after 7779. Victories ever text that 37937. Dug himself up next here on WE EIO Doug. Eight he owed -- -- doing. It. I -- -- would point to and I we got to go to bed and on the topic brokered by. I got back or that a precaution -- a little bit and I -- went out with a anymore what can I. This. And that black Latin and. I was he was let go last week. And yup yup. Yup there was you go. Left -- -- is go online real about it sounded WEEI website you get all the gist of news yet some of all the final so she did. Last three dangerously they were great great stop. The what. Yes it's on WEEI dot com the last three shows there in the final wire line for him anyway. Is on their cell yet give elicits grades greats -- really -- that. You -- pull up but so we're. I'm sorry I got a book it's important to Michael now we're world deal. Us -- Michael Holley and Mike -- will be joining him from Seattle PUC the -- a guy from Seattle he's gonna start mid mid march some time. If you local guide from there I don't. -- from he's from this area originally that he worked out he worked in the smaller Boston station before in -- -- up to Seattle. Doesn't stuff for ESPN radio was well he's a good guy and I will be joining Michael and a couple of -- a couple of weeks weeks. You are are at an auto market yup yup. You ought to record streak last time the US auto around the country would and and -- quote when topical and the public. Let gridlocked collapse. I got activated admitted they were at a point oh yeah great. What's in my with the Celtics picked. And so on and off ball into her car. And they've got called up and it. -- -- -- -- -- on and in the into sloppy start talking about. Powell that big big and you are an effort created the next year and -- -- three to put the guy in the place. You don't put in place that. You don't really. He talked about the fact that Bart had literally -- He. Would not pick Detroit he's got in the. What I know Doug we that we all we know that -- that's been that's been brought up time and time again for the last month everybody knows that the problem -- that -- wasn't gonna happen unless pierce got dealt he wasn't gonna waive his no trade clause. The question of -- adult -- would have anyway I disagree I think of Paul Pierce got traded if they did that New Jersey trade it was on the table which you may not know about. And and then they traded Garnett to the clippers got back Bledsoe and Jordan I think the team would be in better shape -- some people -- raise some people don't. So we've -- a repeat that it was pretty peculiar. Wanted to welcome you think that that that -- actually. The could go to the briefly not give any pay and working -- -- greet -- return and and it. -- -- -- -- -- It is pretty good player yeah -- equate that that guy goes to the you can get that the -- Marchand at that -- the KG trade and -- got Bledsoe and Jordan I would done that. -- -- -- I I did that we're -- a lot with what the guy you know. About -- a visit to his question how how far do you think this team to go this year. I don't think the art by Oprah picked it up on everybody talking about like. What we can hit it straight here and that's what a lot all birthday. I I think they know each orbit around -- KG but. I think we're. I don't talk radio that the -- -- -- regular but that being. And whatnot but. Well I think we're a lot that they -- it if we trade with the net you would that be great. -- -- -- Prepare for senior career I meet a creature at the guys -- -- I understand I understand I understand Doug Ortiz and company also said he would never were -- extension with the Celtics either and he did I mean things have a way of changing it back for promise up against a -- or trying to because they can't appreciate the the kind words and everything in check out WEEI dot com for all of via. Stuff -- and as a great supplies shows. I'm just saying. We're Donna. Our Donna and that's palatable -- island it's it's a broker topic I understand the people who don't wanna -- what I don't understand. I understand if you don't wanna make the trade organic as a people a sentimental -- a couple Texas you know waiting. Loyalty means more than winning and all all that stuff yeah yeah I mean that's that's great great words by. The reality you're in the business situation like this. I'm much are the best thing for the team. I don't understand some people talk about talk about championship. We pray that several times that championship in Eastern Conference finals to which I say some review. I'd knots you're nice knots but you're not let you know I'd help you right. I hope you're right I'd just -- yet I don't see it championship the president of the organization of basketball operations is saying. Just trying to make the playoffs we of people they're talking about NBA championship. Caliber team. No it's not. MBA -- caliber team let me give me the five that -- Miami. That's it from the east and he got San Antonio. -- got Oklahoma City. That got the clippers. And out that wanna throw end up outside our real outside shot of maybe -- Denver to Memphis a degree that. -- talk about wild card teams. All by itself in the west. Bad and the heat that's not you tell me. How the Celtics -- championship level how they match up but a seven game series Miami. This year this -- not last year about this year in Miami Oklahoma City San Antonio. Clippers tell me how that's gonna happen. Well I mean they all have great players are most teams more than three. That's that's how you win in the MBA. He can't do it like in hockey you can't you know you can't be the LA kings. Not gonna happen it doesn't happen in the NBA it just doesn't -- and -- -- next your WEEI had a joke. Nor John year. A world war on Google Google for the about the book -- you are doing -- and I would open. -- our our oral. You would could well. -- gather and a horrible. -- -- -- Detected it got -- I know they checked there -- doubt no doubt thirty. About thirteen not -- -- -- economy game aggregate of 51 point at regular -- -- -- Horrible at it that was some of the worst basketball I've seen in a long long time. And you can't return -- you know Miller thank you wanna give him out of the government banker. Who eat that right there and -- -- Dog I've within a 100% of the stability and -- got this -- -- the -- played a good brand of basketball last night that was like street ball. That was street ball last that you can't play that way in the playoffs it's -- and it. The American public look good morning good. Momentum we look good where you want to get caught the ball all you have. Put -- -- the tribute you know yup. Born and I'm getting older and -- -- all but yeah I've been doing something you can going to younger. And they're very animated and turn people don't want it could go -- Was rumored to be. -- -- -- All morning martial Brooks yeah Humphries in the draft pick -- draft pick. Up. Well we're gonna put -- a little bit yup and that would trigger the KG deal but I'd never entered into. Okay what overblown. A little local. -- -- And yet Jordan and blood -- yup -- ammo Jordan enjoyed. What you -- I agree most people can't see that though that they don't -- -- and make him. I don't know I don't understand it I don't understand -- Jordan is a young -- 611265. Pounds that are 124 years so Bledsoe is 23 but I know I would be starting out so many of the teams he's a terrific talent I really don't elect me I don't get it. I don't -- it and and even now -- Believe me out you know one part of culture and open your local martial -- got problems -- -- yeah. And -- a park like ordinary. Well yeah but don't I don't I don't -- get a. Ed always Joseph -- the actual -- -- kind of -- a lot of it's a lot of these just sentimentality and I understand it. I understand and cover up of appoint two of KG were -- what -- they could've done this deal this year and KG retires next year. It out there helping and on the factor that in as well -- felt that a lot of people are. KG retires next year before the season starts. And you could have had you know the deals we just talked about I just. I don't know. I worry about some of you talking about championships this year yet. Quick break 61777. I'd severed -- 237 Texas 37 on three separate files. Segment. Coming up -- Chris -- like I promptly at all your calls radio Sports Radio WEEI. Back. Affect -- -- Helio still seven it's like ESPN radio. Those are your round at the -- -- records gamers targeted during with that Brooke injury -- -- -- 177797. United 37 Texas 37. 937. Back to Paula went back as many as they came before out of here -- in Cranston high Ralph. Shall strike in there but again big big one tonight that was -- I could -- -- and -- when I was watching it couldn't believe it I look at what are you don't really know they only lost by six to but but they weren't they'd have as much talent on the floor last time province they lost my sixth well you know. Security now with this is this the sort of -- -- -- political yup well people know what agrees with few or it could be any. Any change agrees with tool for him to come out and say well I don't know I'd like he's got -- bold faced lie and now I don't know too many mormons but obviously you can bet that they don't really don't -- -- He got pierce and Garnett. In port -- All or are we trying to treat these two actually just could not get the treat you want it or at the moment Carol wanted -- picture. Wanted to treat these guys or are you saying what the if you Google now. Into the KG deal -- because that was a dumb trade well one -- -- -- -- -- -- in order to get up but. You don't want Rondo was here being it'll -- -- 45 you'll rip -- guy all the don't we -- did not -- optical -- -- our trio that supports. Well I don't post now they re election now. They're rebounding record here last night people well the cut would more often it's -- that that. What you can also look at when I look at the box what -- -- eleven games. All we want to witness cattle were actually shooting percentage in the most of those gains this sport is wildly over the last two years later in front of us. That's why we look at it. That we say look there's there's there's the company -- finish -- because assure his three point tightly. If you look at the scoring average Christian villages -- percentage -- -- that you play at such a higher percentage all the stops. Because this has not been doing that -- correct order saying what it is a buyout to shoot outs actually -- Like I don't with a big par that Ralph and but I doubled the -- that through just as though besides Howard there really isn't a a legitimate that are out there and that's why I kind of I'd love this kid Jordan -- clippers because. 260. Dollar bill graphically you can itself those two guys here would help as he. The playoffs what. Goes to Jordan Bledsoe played very few minutes that they won't be one of the top eight -- at club cannot. -- -- may not because a bit too short in the play -- to go a Ralph but. Good Bledsoe may not because they're crisp ball ahead of them but -- gonna play in the playoffs against these -- absolutely well those two guys on this team. What it would help next year apps will -- what -- up this year. Got together -- of level but it would help of UST what Mora Mike in Nashua, New Hampshire that's how you rebuild. Mike I had. Good -- -- all year. I'm doing good Iowa I'm not a big advocate TI but I'm glad it's still there and I thanks I'd I'd play it play you know -- I think some of the younger people it's great. You know what -- is so pathetically run inning. Put together another victory which comes -- -- only once -- twice in a lifetime. And I was I was that -- when -- Parrish and McHale amber at. That they could win every year and I thought it would -- a couple of championships and I I was glad they drove it into the ground and then you know what happened. Fifteen years so why didn't mean you have to make simple when these guys. And I can get something back but it's an insult to them -- kitchen he can get he can get another ring is about the -- they can be. -- -- somewhere else but I don't think they can win another championship and -- I hate to say you know. Up next right -- -- be also the factor when you say about the victory it you have to factor when -- bias in the -- apparently by some reviewers I've certainly. Where we're parts of that put. I -- I think that would in the championship by the Soviets could be anytime soon. That's gonna do it thanks again to get did you produces itself the lowest in the air as well great job voice today I'll be back tomorrow from there before. More disgusted I'm sure of that -- only cause that we could get through today I'm sorry try to get to as many as -- could. We'll do more tomorrow more tomorrow from noon to four and also. Just little -- -- reported WB your Oscar picks tomorrow night and if you're interested in in watching. I know some restaurants a lot of -- DB on the Oscars watch the Celtics -- interest to with Seth MacFarlane hole well hosting. The only guy -- guy. Recent grad so interest and stop have a great save the rest of your Saturday night everybody I've talked -- -- -- Sports Radio WE yeah.

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