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John Lackey Post-Outing press conference

Feb 23, 2013|

After John Lackey's first start post-TJ surgery, he spoke to the media at JetBlue park and talked about his one inning of work.

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I did -- -- -- here before when my own business and kind of reflected on you know -- happen. It's you are a lot of work and it's. Gotta take a lot of trainers lot of view it that helped me -- give back to this point and decided to you know to be back out there. There's a whistle sooner yeah yeah yeah yeah. They got he got better as I got a little more tired actually the balls are coming down a little bit and my -- first the way it goes up in the zone to. Of distance control fastballs that are just try and go and street men. Leotard once you answered your throw fastballs. Yeah there's definitely a little bit -- this little different than a tone so I'm sure you know. Okay. Honestly yeah whatever the result stuff I really wasn't real concerned about today and those. Just gotta be back out there and get things going in that direction and mix somehow we'll start you know worked on a few things. Excited -- as far. Missed playing baseball pitcher knows it was good to be back out there and -- so far has it been food -- an elbow also you know we'll keep move forward. I you know I -- agree doctored that I didn't trust them a lot and I'm most going to after the Reno so. No doubts. It's. OK okay go. You know. Yeah. I applied for sure how I feel yeah you know there's there's there's definitely some -- -- defeat socialism wasn't. This for a few years beyond what it meant. For sure what ever. You. Probably not. I think there's it is more pitches pitches and and the ups and Garcia and you wanna you wanna be to break him between innings this. Make sure you can bounce -- Cosworth the ability to spend the next play and now we'll see after that. Well. On the first game after time zone you're now -- ha. I was just trying to get the globe -- today. It may own the plan was one Julio you're in the -- to. I windows you and you look forward to the next -- for sure but -- We'll -- Louisville in there and keep -- You probably not. That's just something there for awhile and especially a division team first and one more question too much. -- -- -- Routier. Pursue solo workouts again. Yes. Yes. But. Yeah. He blew us all we were. Up. There's always so much you can do available also right Brett Seymour and half of his his shoulder work. You obviously you're where he would straight British shoulder wanted to read you know so. There's there are different groups that yeah. -- you -- you. Work -- yeah absolutely. Yeah. -- Just doesn't instilled -- me also it's. I give back in there come -- and mom coach you work hard and we keep doing my stuff than. It's a very big step to be back out there it's it's a different feeling you know the middle of the stadium in the backfield when these mounds there. -- Yet. It was only for him. Tiger and players. It was so long would go on as you have seen things happen it a lot of different points entering turn your mind you know. There aren't many years so we -- and special this noon launched returning. It was got to tell you you know one day at a time keep grinding and work yet. Yeah it'll help me they want -- you only have one extra start -- -- it's been awhile and knows he has kind of Tuesday. Early start and yeah it'll help that your. Plus I had. -- -- -- -- That much differently as far as weight wise -- Is it just so good and put a lot of hard work and don't open it pays off. -- Now I'm 34 -- over there and it's from Joseph and it's. Was you have any concerns us as we all know a lot of guys yeah. Are older now. The better part of this. It's no option. Yeah. Him like I had a torn noble. I'm sure everything is easier when you're younger you know for sure lute. You know put enough work that should be -- right. I wouldn't -- it honestly just trying to get fastball down away you know about it is there. -- 2001 pitches a lot easier than do not strike -- you know what music you know right. Yeah. I'm amazed I'm not a number I can't predict future this year I'm in. That's pretty good years -- you know him loosely and hopefully you kind of know. I'm really excited. -- -- -- -- -- -- Philly has won my first British Erickson who really do -- It's been a long long road back to here and it's been it's going to be -- -- Those are you crazy. -- -- -- --

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