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Mustard and Johnson - Many Decisions for the Patriots this Offseason

Feb 23, 2013|

Craig and Larry talk some Patriots offseason football and the various issues that the Pats will have to deal with before the get back on the field. Should they franchise Welker or Talib? Which of these guys deserves a long term deal and if neither of them do, who can they get to replace them? They also talk about Brady's career winding down and the new party-starter...GRONK.

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Mustard and -- in our number four you're keeping score at home were here to 130 John Lackey is back so -- Larry Johnson is a matter of fact after. A week long cruise it was more than a three hour tour that is enough but that did not end up. On a desert Iowa Mary and ginger but everything seemed to go well for Lara what's wrong Rivera had a -- and much as mrs. Powell a pop up I took. And Howell the third was outward -- in Larry's -- bothering me anti. Will be -- teams today. -- about -- is this an impersonal will be on the computer. It will be myself -- How would you handle that if you -- him. I was truth but -- -- what he has essentially. Told the -- yes -- -- why old try to conceal the fact that he -- -- this long. Time girlfriend. But you wonder. When you watch that game. Back in January the national championship you know amateur. Was was that he was so distracted by the embarrassment. All of his they girlfriend that he couldn't play or. Did the Alabama. -- amateurs and yeah be seen erupt at the blind yeah they could stop for most at a penalty realized that that's exactly what he's going to be facing a regular basis when he comes out of college I wonder league fastening that's until April where you all your draft books out in your journals and publications. And year and your forty times in your lateral speed and everything else. Come April worry about that -- -- I don't care you don't I don't know you don't care vibrant it's a relevant question to ask about Tom. Welker mentally we go to -- prices -- let them broke. On that now I'll give you this text in the 413 right on time says who is the players the pats muskie. Period Welker -- important but to leave. Is an absent Wu -- he and and you add. Ed Reed who obviously is now for -- she's busy he's hosting wobbles Oscar show is he really in -- from -- The government a bronco. The rich Eisner podcast that you showed up there a certain nutrients. Series in -- the patriots would you be encouraging no right to counsel involved in some other than -- -- a right to doing. Anything but getting in items 'cause they getting in shape but it I mean I'd. When Jimenez that out meanwhile. The same -- all of this inside about the -- being players that the pats -- franchise. -- -- that's drafting take note moving there were three are so much for all the credibility of that -- I don't know. I think -- to leave the biggest problem is as was stated earlier. He was on good behavior when he was here but that was for the one year any -- was playing for free agent contract. If you gave the guy had two or three year deal what we're together out of him is he is Belichick in the veteran presence on the patriots. And not to keep this guy out on the straight road -- has a good play when he was he Harry was injured. A little more than I want them to -- but. If they don't resign him up to do something with that secondary because every year we keep coming up the same problem. I really think so but on the audio out and hiding given a rock -- other guys just are problematic for -- down. I don't know. Brady that does Brady ever voice and any in this -- you never hear from him about anything Morse is. He's like you with your wife like -- -- it is -- controls everything in every year from -- do you really believe that Tom Brady hasn't made his feelings known about Wes Welker. I hope we he has only one that whatever our EMI award. Right but it and here's the question in this goes back to Gradkowski. Every says well you know those who think that the problem. Patriots should put the franchise tag on to leave and not Welker and then of course that would mean that it is a very good chance that look we're go somewhere else. People trying to rationalize that scenario by saying well you know he's got these. These two -- at these two great tight ends there impossible to to defend and yeah idea idea out of the problem is. Keep all those guys helping in the field the same time on the other -- -- may be probably -- reason is so effective in great tight ends his because you have broke out there -- -- running around because they're getting nothing. Brandon -- had a nice -- -- he's not your programs are -- -- over the top. Deep threat like in my wallet would be -- close your eyes for a second movement okay intake Welker. Out of the patriot offense can't Brady fine and a guy that can replace him or does he go back to the old. Odds -- receivers the open receiver mentality. Because let's face it Welker is his favorite receiver it's that this idea that Jack I. I think the most relevant thing you said to date news that a lot of great things today so I don't know which finger drinking on a cruise well written that the drink -- a day. Now the most that you did in and you said it best is that. To me this is all about Brady. The other couple more and hired by two or three years with the greatest one of the greatest quarterback to ever play the game. You can't play with him. You've got to give him when he needs. In a pilot that is a slot receiver like Welker. I just think he can do right on the other hand because this is obviously great subject for debate because you look at both sides of the equation. Last time I check Wes Welker played all four quarters of that AFC championship game. We've played well one quarter and a went Talib left there with the patriot that there are 20 let's and you can't exclude one problem from the upper right. But Brady neat because Brady is not IG three. You know or Russell Wilson. He cannot elude the pass rush. You've got to give them a safety valve and I cannot tell you the number of games. Where World Cup has bail them out he took a couple of terrific shots. The guy bounces right back he was upon return -- last year. I don't know what -- you want the -- do take tickets well one Dexter takes issue Larry 171. Hey Larry was an automatic for Welker. When he dropped those two balls last year against the giants this year against the ravens because the Super Bowl potentially. In a birth to another Super Bowl potentially this year. A from -- as what do you say that everybody drops the ball and even the great truck unfortunately his timing has been just that tab also go bald head drop. You could it definitely. Argue the point it was not a perfect pass it was a little bit behind him there was a little bit behind them. Well one guy -- certainly -- -- -- he was playing in need they need it all the breaks that you get that giants team -- that giants team with such a low key to what we are from out of what they've been -- -- team -- -- here the 07 giants team that ridiculous catch that help -- -- David -- or -- -- -- drop last year. Is the giants you have to admit Steve from all that might be the lucky is team in the history of the National Football League. Yeah what -- is that we know David -- for burial minicamp though I don't -- an idea. Tarver for the giants if I don't. I'm bad with you know it can be very glad to the -- I'm glad. It's good for us theorized -- like me. No I don't -- over the you know what. I want what one. Thing. And some evidence of that anxiety only -- did. Substitute changeup that was he's gotten used without the top but you know the truth that's nothing to worry about a veteran tell that it. Larry don't -- green bananas anyway. And play ball it's part of baseball elected here. More about O'Leary who kilos. Scrappy underdog over there on yawkey way and that the. Does it does not district ornament just because ago. The volcano comes out and says you know reloaded -- Gonzales and profit -- but dollars and money and everything that they guy gets criticized for that. What do you want to guided though EEE he realized that just to feed the monster. Is not necessarily gonna bring you a winning formula. So the idea of trying to build the try to go about the right way I don't know what the courts or are they doing wrong you know rice used so bitter enough -- Praying for dumping all the reflected in the way they do they -- -- -- three year contract but they're -- that Jonny Gomes on pioli get into the left field building up. Guy. Good guys in the market that you can pick -- monster what these guys basically you know. All right -- You weren't might quality right you're you're you're more concerned about -- -- your theme in your fifth third baseman and generally can enjoy it's going to be a funny guy and chemical about some sort of an expression yeah. I now know I'm like the daily concern you know -- get that they are right. There's only going to be one playoff game coming on the elite that you're not -- my prediction because now you have the Astros in the last slept twelve win for the Rangers in the U. That's not a burden right yeah. So you're -- I'm still as I said earlier I spoke -- the angels not win that division last year I don't know I don't know boring to get a playoff spot. Yeah that is so good -- -- and you have basically keynote it's going to be like a score how many -- because you're gonna have a lot of teams but you don't probably gonna get. Anywhere from 808085 wins and I don't know what's gonna win -- there's like 8890 I don't know if you could definitely drop off because. The loss of power you know and -- they're older in the ball boy they keep. The old V word. And you know I don't know that I absolutely know what to expect from them this year you know there's a good about -- they won't make the play -- so. -- -- -- thing drives me crazy you know I -- because now. Look at what is the hold update me on what is the whole -- thing I -- do -- know what happened there and the only jobs they're like. I was backpedaling a little bit on is you know like austerity budget for next year -- things that you know they may get the read you know negotiate conduct with -- -- -- the legally offseason but I swear they'd give him -- another kind of contract goes the yankees' way. That it just you know after awhile like when enough is enough I mean he's a great player but. You know it took its. It was not a problem now Mike is what you're saying is in again you don't want collusion. But none of these owners can control themselves so so it's like you finally say okay VA in after this long term seven year contract were not doing it anymore. But there's always somebody else out the I talked about polls contract. Well yeah I mean that's that that might you know the -- lifting went way down I I think he's good at what price do you put on your legacy basically. You know why more money more years removed from the illegally could stay with the cardinals have been out you know cardinal for life well but. You know the -- didn't know that. Multibillion dollar TV media older people probably stepping inside -- long -- deal. Which -- not right we have our people can't whine about it because both about teams operated that way but that is so you can't whine about it. Not Selena. -- but you know. You know the Red Sox didn't make many -- there was debate you know late night partly couldn't make -- public. Get rid Emmett doc what can you do know I'm I'm protected the Yankees as well like if it Tony from Bridgewater apartment I'm planning an attack. What are you supposed to go if you don't -- you know Hamilton's deal. Five of the last two years he's getting thirty million dollars a year. Absolutely I mean that three year deal would be the way to go I mean I I get. Eight people or so ago but at the kind of money in a kind -- you got from Cleveland eleven walked. Yeah and plus they're acting came up yet he came up as a big zero on almost every playoff game he was ever involved with the Yankees. -- I mean these are tough position you know I didn't have -- and everything. Write your series your -- spending all the money and then they when they don't want bar and find those contracts he kind of -- like. Okay you're really doing here you know they nickel and not cynical remember local -- and they didn't -- my contract. -- there is a great point you're bringing up though is like a child that you you are you give the -- everything they want and then as they start to get a little bit older and all of a sudden you decide to tell me about it you got -- -- -- for a -- -- doesn't work that way. I've just enough about -- for el -- extra practice sports -- I've just -- -- the Red -- you know personalities that enhance the chemistry last year such as the -- Cody -- differently -- -- Are no longer there. So I guess walking up the other areas leader -- David Ortiz also known as big pop guy in if you can -- his beloved yeah big about it is adamant there is everything shot in the worst. Public relations mammal I think I've ever with ways where you know the lords said well we're comments speak well of the well all right already made as -- -- to -- prosperity brought an.

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