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It's Mustard and Johnson - WITH CRAIG AND LARRY FOR ONCE! - The State of the Boston Celtics Post-Trade Deadline

Feb 23, 2013|

LJ is back…AND BETTER THAN EVER! Craig and Larry kick off THEE EXPERIENCE talking about the state of the Celtics after Danny Ainge elected to not pull the trigger on a mega-trade. The guys talk about what the C’s chances are now for this season, if they are better without Rondo and where the Green team goes from here. Can this team legitimately challenge the Heat in the East? They get into the legacy of KG and if Danny should have pushed harder to get the deal done with the Clippers.

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And land. The announcer says that the teacher and preacher are here for you on a Saturday. The first to -- Yes indeed we actually mean the teacher and the preacher and those creatures know and potter's no pretenders. It is mustard and Johnson of peaches and herb tight tight moment. As we are back for the first time about thirty days not census took the ball. Before the -- -- super well right and we were speculating upon the super actually you know otherwise. Was -- it was. Oh yeah super -- before this double was the week before the Super Bowl because that was our last show where the weekend going into the Super Bowl I was skiing and I believe you MP Ron and then you took a couple of weeks off. I took a week off what you're taking -- -- it -- away from you for three weeks has done wonders for me all the respect to our consumers energy of life and positive a certain catharsis. As you've exercised all your demons to -- demons and so we're -- -- -- -- I checked your man I'm Obama that you -- that every news that a couple of weeks -- could -- that every my garage you know obviously -- -- -- ago cruise. Or at least you're going away a little crew more -- come out and tells people on the air out -- hours on that ship that. Did you not topology you know the one that they had all the problems and things are going to my favorite supermarket shot in three people ran up to me. When you -- ship we want at your request that was -- on that ship. I heard on the radio I -- while I got rid of that guy I called company and read a mom I'm not having any more -- that. But we -- this I doubt -- delivered -- in my shallow as you told me not to reveal your whereabouts. Of two weeks and I made that promise I've followed your instructions twenty. And -- me old there is short -- revealing your location what happening am I to -- mr. me brother argue that the guys the rate. So. So -- on the Saturday we're going away and had to fly out Friday and Thursday night because of the snow was coming and I -- this guy you or guy used in the past from Arlington. And he says his father instead. Whose fathers like -- -- -- -- like -- and yet halfway through plot going and I guess he got hired or just couldn't get the job done so when I come home. Have my garage. Is our average with no he never he never cleared the -- thing opera it was so bad when I got home I had to use a chainsaw. -- you root of the series I'm dead serious our not so -- induction always liked some I had to use a chainsaw Matt I'm trying to do. Mental pictures and later this investigates I don't know you well know -- now actually used to think my right views that managed it was early without. That and so but I love all but you know I know people have been on a cruise before but honest to god if you get on a good one. We're Caribbean absolute paradise in -- while I was away by the way got a chance to read the Francona -- Which I thought was -- out now -- from myself laughing out -- continuously. And as usual Wednesday a paper Sports Illustrated takes an excerpt out of a public. Using trying find the most controversial -- -- -- that they can take with arrogant and but the marketing survey. What about 5% of the pork the book is really about frank the -- for -- -- and how we came up and things that he did around the Red Sox it was the guy is funny is anything really salty language but it was. All in language eloquently errors that's solved and of course over here and I've read Iran -- lately I guess it smiled and yeah what does that mentally and is the -- of these talk about -- and Jordan in minor -- yes he did. That the interest yeah he did this isn't -- -- 1800 parks up in Jordan because in -- -- -- -- -- for -- ball in the green. Francona really got our audience and take our our I don't wanna sport let you read -- I brought in for you. But it's in the Red Sox to management does not come off that bad bill like any any of the company you work for. People have opinions they have about things that they wanted to do. In the old accompanies so they have a right to do that happen I think Larry came -- that bad at all and I think about it. Charlie want it if you want to point your finger towards anybody they have some very selfish. Unlikable ball players on the team that they have since gotten rid of. So pay. Good recommended re would you put it you know -- -- corset. Gold with -- the Red Sox book in the eighties the curse of the bambino early nineties and I'm sure that was able to pay for a few college educations in the Chauncey household. Which you put this one in the same category drinkers may -- you know I going to -- -- fantastic million. What I like about this -- Cuba's it was so -- and it even had did you know some of Valentine in the air in terms of that managing sought me. So you felt while you were reading it that you were really reading about stuff that you just get through experiencing so. I I -- Franco Francona was fantastic in the book apps that will laugh out loud I mean I'd be sitting there and requires setting it acts that -- -- loud embers just. One of those books I certainly recommend you getting reading -- I think it brings you a better. Understanding of some of the nuances that goes on behind the scenes. On the had a great run when he was here -- diplomats are part of sports Greg. By the way I think the Celtics should get rid of -- net -- just how Adam income Rondo they seem to be playing much too -- -- wet out Garnett Rondo they don't need them. Did you watch any of that game last night I watch well. But let's not get are glad -- -- I mean Phoenix's last on the west the eighteen and 3825. And a half backs -- you can't use that. As a measuring ride for what this team is like but I will tell you Jeff green was unbelievably long points -- one point just not what he's hoisting up like thirty that are important to eleven for fourteen. I tell you have this talent when he comes. They that this that ten day contract a six foot six got a bit broad and it's just one game Michael Long global market goodness you've built like a fullback and anyway -- throwing these passes right. You catch the pass they were playing at Phoenix I don't throwing passes throwing a pass Greg I know you would site. So good to be back among this morass of negative Tara let me let our problems saying I -- and I I preface my comments by thing that. I'm just telling you that. You know it it it was an interesting game 'cause when they came out first and said he got that's not playing as -- brown you've got to be kidding me. So I was in favor of the trade let me -- -- thing that I want them to make the deal. Are reading an old article by Jackie McMullen and about about the Big Three a -- -- Mikhail parish and bird in. -- Mikhail said he went home and I just cried because he just realized it he could no longer get his body to do what it used to do. And it was in David I want them to make a deal because I don't see how far this team can go in the playoffs. But at the same time if I'm Danny I -- really ticked off. Did the days of trying even to discuss making a deal like everybody's under your bed. So even if he wanted to make a deal with the clippers. It's like you've got writers and stuff what breaking stories and stuff Rangers hockey to the -- and talking about getting run over are in it let's face it if you bring in -- point -- rob -- selling he had in your Rondo sitting at home recuperating. Then you're saying -- so what am -- chopped -- and now they wanna get rid of me. So it's a difficult. Situation to try and discuss and make deals nowadays because everybody. Is dropping dimes on everybody who -- to be capital because of the deal was not made. And you gotta go back appears you've got to go back to Rondo and you got to tell these guys that how would this is our part of the game we're just discussing. -- I think it's fascinating scenario and I was listening to re agent which now -- -- this morning it was on our right after the -- and Nancy out after the trade deadline came and went on Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock. In unfortunately. He what the celtics' situation. In a way that reminded me of the old Milwaukee Bucks in the 1980s. Forever. Good enough to make the playoffs forever good enough to make the second round. But may be really not a true contender and I think that which you have your Boston Celtics right now three games over 500 yet they can blow up the likes of the Phoenix Suns they're gonna have difficulty against other teams on the road and -- -- Portland and write your -- yacht and neither of those games are going to be easy no question about it and are they in imported -- -- without coaching at all. Said that they that the Celtics were not in Eastern Conference contender anymore. You agree that. Yes. Because I don't you know women are solid -- and and Rondo went down I mean you can't keep you losing soldiers and and expect to be as effective. They are gonna sign if he clears over in China what's -- you guys over in China D. J. White forward -- play but the bobcats he's six quick nine. He's big he's another big -- governor Collins in -- ink in the trade. Went. Bob balls up the -- is another big they got to that they got to have another body. When you hear got net -- He's every saying. You want. In a player to represent. You know -- a team. In you you just follow but the guy over and over again his passion his love for the city his love for the team. So it's very hard to sit here and say wow they needed trade them. But I think you're going back when he I'm actively -- very best line of all thank you Pete for filling MB of the best line of all the Washington bullets. Whatever you do you don't wanna get stuck in the middle either be very very girl walking barks at -- now he's a Washington bullets. -- reference was to the old Washington bullish outlook I I say the Milwaukee okay same well I thought if I trust I trust -- -- Milwaukee Bucks to coordinate. It elicited by technologists and the Milwaukee Bucks in the eighties forever enough to make the second right and I said Pete reference with the Washington I was better off the air which got back at your prisoners don't tase me in the picture and read that book that -- outside block -- and -- your right hand. -- -- -- -- -- We actually on this cruise will redeem -- -- actually on deck chair yes with no shirt on. With us. In the whole not here to show us now to your WEE I have yet I agree that would work where -- -- -- But I might adopt out there and laying on the island deck chair with a share of items in the kids. And I did go in the pool yeah. -- -- -- is unbelievable I was the food and I was very. Measured. And measured quite a bit everything retirement where there today I only had two double cheeseburger it's only through chilling Boris -- -- anybody you know if you ever get a -- attempt -- -- going back next week it. It's funny because as you were only one of those lines and those that widget towards capital he's -- shepherd I have some shelter Rania and an outward urged apple -- -- doing some rearranging deck -- -- this radio station there -- Man by the way we getting anoint these microphones memorial -- -- We actually can be treated to yet T. Another. -- Red Sox -- All right Roger want parity in on the Red Sox a run. Well actually you know since it is spring training game maybe we could maybe squeeze the -- -- in -- I suck it. Six innings though and premiums -- -- so let me just get this much straight it is because we do you know -- times -- people against -- well. You were you in favor of -- making a deal you know I thought they shoot -- deal mrs. whether you want referenced the the -- Washington bullets and now the wizards in the blocks from the eighties. And BP is the problem here ariz gates' shoes and a metal. With the likes -- bird McHale and parish in the end up with -- that Celtic team role model -- years irrelevant in this round. I'm really afraid. The Celtics before our very eyes obviously -- with the injury to go com and soldier to Lester Stan. There could become not necessarily mediocre but irrelevant and that is scary up. Course the coach near the end with bird parish and in Mikhail. The results at the end what is Chris Ford via C I do think that you have to look at Doc Rivers. Like Dante Scarnecchia. You were he does have a respect -- knowledge about him. -- even when they bring players in here Jordan prophet who had a lot of trouble I guess on the it would but -- what the wizards. Then you have to say in -- we trust now whether he can mix and come up I don't know. But and I do trust in him that whatever they give him. He will at least be able to. Put something together enough so the team will be competitive I just don't know how about that we understand but I don't trust him a lot. Yeah and I think that he can make chicken salad the problem and as if he's he's making more of it endeavors that have been -- before which -- tomorrow -- to reconcile its salad is great. They're not and they're not the situation where they're awful team obviously they can be competitive they played Miami well. They can they can take down some regular season. Behemoths in the NBA whether that they can do that. And beat a team in the seven game series Kennedy beating Indiana they had to play Indiana seven game series I don't think so. Can they BP know they've lost the last two years what gives you any indication they can possibly. Be competitive with the heat this time around would no Rondo it's. It's and they really don't have it would be they don't have any bigs they go out and got an acting in. I'm telling you right now they need to cut got its minutes down -- wow and did what they going into the playoff just stay in my hot in cut his minutes down. But many government -- and when -- lamenting the fact that they getting -- Collins is -- is -- man that got -- -- I got real problems but you know -- just contrasted with the other team that it plays in that building. And when -- -- -- ruins your working at a team and the Blackhawks. How is this team how is this team can be stopped. All I got tiger coming for you I really -- And by the way down. Don't think about it in the car on the way up here this morning as it. I think Tim I'd like to have somebody weigh in on this but I think Tim Thomas. Gay -- this area probably the greatest single season. Of any athlete -- houses calls with 67. But his goaltending. That brought this team to win a Stanley -- a single and was phenomenal in in in atlas and I blame him he's the one who got our political and don't let other things enter into it into the gender by. I do I hated the way he laughed and I hope at some point this team will be able this city will be able to say thank you. Because this guy was phenomenal. I'm not a 100%. Sold on to -- Has had some great games but I'm still. Not a hundred years tolerance and let's face it -- I mean this team though is stronger team. On the goal on now than they were two years ago. Really if you think about how they once more balanced yeah it's it's really did stand on his head as they say hockey. Four. Four playoff series that's spectacular games you're never gonna see. And it just felt psychologically. With Tim Thomas in. Between the pipes two years ago phenomenal especially ankle those last those last two games mean they can tax understood they would not get the puck bentonite it was a Nike Reebok that's saved that and The Herald photographer -- series -- Pacific where he just was phenomenal. But at the little ball hates got nine goals. Already. -- nicest thing important rebounding I think -- Wednesday not agree with you I think if flying under the radar because they're playing so well. There's nothing to complain about but I am that's the 1 area that I am a little concerned about points yet and. I wasn't really opening up a discussion of the moment but just to contrast them with the Celtics were. Anything the Celtics do from here now because of the injury situation. Probably a bonus and if you're looking at a future. Can Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce even be as tough in the playoffs this year as they were last year people do forget I mean. We're seeing them age before our eyes they did going to games sex with a 32 lead against Miami. In everything changed in that game for both the Celtics and the Miami Heat. And now you wonder -- what is going to be the the immediate and long term future of the Boston itself push. You look at seven that teams -- their contending again Angie got -- where you -- Horford again. Hibbert Tyson Chandler Bausch I mean. They don't really have a big day in guy that was very effective when you didn't have to use simplified right so. Listen I don't I wanted to trade I'd be the first to admit that. But at the same time Craig outlast there was one sequence than -- replaying last night when the boy look like a pinball machine. The ball was whipping around I thought it was watching that hoosiers but he says you don't protect -- tried -- -- throughout the -- only five times. It was it was like bing bing bing bam and it was incredible. Now why they are playing this way I know what I I already preface that I know that who they were playing against. But moving the ball around the way they did it nobody seemed to be selfish about taking shots. Tom was something very very interesting -- works well we will explore Larry's back on the mainland for the first time and a couple weeks he'll tell you some more great -- in store -- marked a -- From a -- You walked home from Guatemala department you're amazing all that Bible -- is finally -- -- are brought up Barbara with me through six points -- the 779. 7937. -- -- running 37. Not 837. I don't know I mean you know every every deal is unique in the Internet itself in are every year our team is different and unique and I think our needs are greater this year -- -- the injuries have been decimated us to this point in. And so we -- dad's death limited resources we didn't want him you know trade Rondo and in so injured marbles that you guys that are hurt. And here that are part of our future and so that. That just held us back a little bit trying to get and then we have -- -- -- That we're dealing with and the textbook tax flexibility of the lack thereof. So it is always hard to make -- feel. Use one of Larry's favorite metaphors to any exactly painting a pretty picture. On January 8 had they already Mac you must work really got to get that -- Martin gets up -- -- -- -- -- -- that I. I'm on a cruise ship and Eddie -- submarine and its parent ever found from -- I didn't hear -- my garage to sneeze and his -- Fallujah daily or nothing worse than a cell phone conversation. And they against them. -- the any state from a business perspective that however. And you gotta think that way also show me the money. Tom -- team the Celtics as the they have very -- the very popular. From a business standpoint you know do you wanna treat your assets and you know what you're saying you think about how long I don't know that take advantage of those I don't know and again. Are you looking for assets you looking to put people in the seats were you looking to develop a winning program. In directly with -- I think you're looking -- acids in the seats. -- I beg your pardon. Half that I think that material that I remember an average show after this might be fading on the urged. Like America are your first that would -- -- I appreciate. Are all I'd love love. You know the leadoff hitter. Yeah. Again I think it was -- -- some I don't -- You know look we're going to be our first look at the other countries are not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He acted oddly quiet -- rock that they had last year. Well I look at I don't look at so much adding on a subtraction they don't have a -- asthma. They don't I I just think less than what does that say you that they actually felt the need to give gun at a night off. The managed. To a good look. At. That struck the point. It got to make it or not -- actually got beat. Him trying to make more of what they can make it or don't get it. All I like I'll -- To me no doubt that was the year's deal I think there was -- in. Order and a deal. Let's go right in and go. Out a final. Think -- -- doing I don't think there were doing it just for the sake guys do you remember back but the bird parish Mikhail era. Like how long do you -- an 88 it lets an I told to -- mixed emotions about it I would have made a deal. I'm just -- I wouldn't have but when you lose your point guide and then you lose your best rebounder and Salinger how many more hits can take. Where a lot of Latin Gloria let that -- go ahead and pop arguably boycott -- Rolando let me talk read the under an eight re Bradley. Having a guy like really alert and a ball you know where a war on. Streaming great. You would like a lot of -- now you're broke for a limited -- quite yet. Let -- athletic ability. All of their -- and they -- not yet. It re entry and human perspective. And rob what do all points that didn't act. Al component poppy -- imperial with a little injury that little neck injury yeah. And it pathetic that board for. Let me. Now -- -- -- like you already know apple and all of your. Written that up player that. We are the way they play. But obviously. A great partners -- get rid of our -- Embryonic Ali Jordan Crawford we're gonna. Okay great equipment that went wait a minute you mentioned two players EU said Rondo -- -- -- Bob ball's a Muslim camp played rapidly or India again Rondo right. Although I don't I -- -- because you've got rid of the old guy like -- and order problem which would have made him. And a lot of pocket while big -- lockyer did not have a big -- into an incorrect you know -- and let the public art William. They all look like the legal rebound that we need a spot yet. Commitment. And a guy like Roy Hibbert. Dominated -- guy like I don't know what that might give you right now on the. Still see the Celtics going back to the Eastern Conference finals. -- I think Indiana's Topper. I don't know they can be the knicks or nets in the seven game series. I know -- been there before I I just don't know if they can do that in hired Larry -- into this you know what Mike I agree. What you said about Jeff Green in it's amazing to me even when you remove some of the chess pieces in you give this guy a chance to stop and play. Not only did he score 31 point yet why he barks into who steals. You know guys that it. My -- you know on ice that are really picking up on that what was the defense he play when that Miami was here against James. Yet. I'm. If you look at it called action. Here at W -- that a lot of shots. Being put in a little bit. And you get. What you. -- -- and now they -- political. Other probably going to be in you know 45 somewhere around there whether three games over seven seed right now. I missed at saint east is weak certainly compared to the west but is that one only team that's still the best team in the NBA until proven otherwise the Miami Heat. Yet the Celtics played well couple weeks ago at home on a Sunday after a problem all right thank you nice analysis there really find -- -- -- it info I within Bynum open jokes -- stay away from bowling -- radio. But but if he does come back and if he can complain all they you're adding. I don't know how you can now I I agree you can play small ball. I I in the playoffs it's it's the intensity is greater in in somebody's got to get the rebound. But now I'm looking hot if you noticed Miami -- OKC last year they did the planes -- they they really. They shoot the the re headed sanity or use the date the -- bosh. At the five it really just ran -- a -- yeah yeah and you know the Celtics have proven they can do that as well. I still believe in even though Jeff green is now blossoming. 69 and I think people -- yet he's about six ethics but you -- what -- Russell's size and I had this argument last week I kidding I do think. That Rondo is absence has actually benefited Jeff Green I IE bring up. The New York Giants and Matt can help me out here there was a particular tight end. The New York Giants back in the 0607. -- they got rid of them in 06 it was the best thing for Eli Manning. They never happened get rid of her and didn't play. Jeremy Shockey Jeremy shocking to the same the best thing that ever Japanese I mean inning was getting your nodding your head vigorously over the result that I had about a very good point -- you can start relying on a guy to a point where you don't notice the rest of the that of law it's the relationship. And a lot of people felt that Shockey was sort of a bully than in Ely did not have that assertive personality. And almost powered by Shockey. And I think they're on those personality obviously it drove Ray Allen out of town. And I don't know of Jeff -- really integrated himself well -- one I know I listened a great crop of last column because it's. To this point -- my biggest complaint against Jeff Green. Was not aggressive he'd stand in the corner and wait. But the ball accompany him whatever you how he's going right to -- and now he's driving to the -- hit dismissed it's not coincidence. That he's played his best basketball since Ron those left the floor. It had argued I mean it it it sounds ludicrous to city and state. There were a better team without Rondo no because I don't know I tape but they are moving the ball better how is that right. Do it can sustain in three or four playoff series probably now certainly you have the think the ascension Jeff Green. Asked to do with the injury to John like who's gonna be a -- and bring in the -- True pure point guards are there are out there. You really need one -- can -- honestly say Michael Jordan kind of defined fat that he'd just what position and he was up whatever he wanted was -- The eight point guard. Exactly yes the united you don't need that time -- son -- if it's -- -- Chalmers is but it's it's it's LeBron when push comes to show an hour.

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