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Terrence Williams with Sean Grande & Cedric Maxwell postgame

Feb 23, 2013|

One of the newest members of the Celtics, Terrence Williams, joined Grande & Max court-side after the Celtics blow out the Suns in Phoenix, 113-88.

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It was the biggest win of the year for the Celtics their first road win against -- Western Conference team. A favorite who did this rod the blue army nurse Williams sat down at this and we're all these crazy things about their 25 down. With his back to -- is not exactly where we are -- -- -- this -- -- atop the millions. Looking around not -- right here but you know what like that -- yeah you would interview anyway you want. What was your biggest in the last few days when you first realize that you were going to be a -- itself. I think it sounds cliche about food the -- and true but it -- -- pharmacy you know you've grown up. Look Jordan's about the lakers look so. And I've always wanted to be here. You know to be honest we didn't drive. So to be open to the -- is very you know means a lot. They see everything that's been said about me. Off the court issues. -- everything you know to go to get a chance here today. -- -- -- -- -- -- I can't can't. The moment in. But there will we have greatly impressed by watching you it it'll be about the -- full well. Does that change your perspective about -- back in the league. Yeah. You don't want movie begins -- if doc told me. We keep them out of side of maltreatment of team America to walk on the sit there were alive today -- You know playing in China the number of respect to -- gave it they gave the -- -- you know. The world. If you put into perspective to be other boats. Tuchman PJ Tucker it's not a player who five years without lead bouncing around -- places overseas there have to be nights when you're there. Even if you're doing playing basketball needs you have to be night. I don't like back you know I like it might need warnings. And every day. And we gave me. That what it's going to be what it was like it's around them because you have a young man African Americans -- the -- and it has to be just. Different perspective with everything. Everything. The words -- in the world. You never understand. The different cultures into you put it back into -- that atmosphere. You know you've caught down to try to order comprised. Defeat anyhow if you -- You know if I can say wait a moment ago if somebody you know hope for thirty minutes of me you got to eat mcdonalds it's me. You've been on the rule the seven hour three hour bus ride in the snow it's. You have to be either I don't want the media how the you have a great pitcher right now that they'll be right now I don't -- play it out and you have a lady you're out there for three months to a David. I've yet to -- and again if they. Haven't you regulate. Fries you can -- and I'm here a couple of games that people know -- -- that you -- role. That's where the Celtics beat the place. You're in your law. It was the most common. Currency effect. Why I'm here confident about your skills and when you. I think the biggest. And group were not offered here I think we're here comes through this. Field. -- It was a blog in my game. Green beans and Kate you or anything. With the Arctic that -- told flagrant. Athens news that's like. These guys. CNET you played against D. J. White over there yeah. It's. My -- talked about it he has the Celtics we expected this week. Has been surprised -- you know both. There's -- growth service where event. You get prosperity here but if they get them replaced back in the hotel before -- open right now and Michael wonderland there right -- next. --

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