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Friday, February 22nd Whiner Line

Feb 22, 2013|

Reunited... and it feels so good.

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Music music views expressed and expressed. My life these aren't like ET TE Chris Cox. This discretion advised. -- Morris. And now. Laura you're alive. I made a decision seven months ago because something had preached and let players. Thirties and ideas have been coaching and now -- -- have a problem if you tell the truth your problem becomes part of it passed. If your life becomes part of your future WEEI. Who Maureen airlines'. Wanna tell my extended family which is only players. Recruits who believe me families who believed in me that I'm sorry that indiscretions accused. Dial 6177793535. And the US professionals who have covered me. One apologists -- professionals and for that indiscretions excuse whiner line they make the sudden rise to me every morning they are highly principled people very strong -- Very strong fundamental and I let them down what -- indiscretions. Six years ago and I'm sorry for them and now I love of the game what might play is what coach nowhere else. Don't believe anything as much as I believe in the university in the state of WEEI. I'm sergeant indiscretions. Whiner line. Guys I'm confused where what do I miss him what was the discretion at 66 years our shore about sectors -- -- know that which is gas and I think that is it's a pretty good gas apps are dead indiscretions -- used. We'll tell you it was years ago eight years. It's on it anywhere at cape Kennedy died after apologizing to professionals not as professionally your lecturing and this is a topic for another -- and at times bigger failure in Boston Rick Pitino or Bobby Allen director. Pretty typical market took out all at every penny to. And it took reds title lowlands the whole coronation that divert the tip don't press conference I remember remember lord and hours out the problems and is out and everything. I was there -- had a great line we raised banners in Boston. Unless -- that's part of the -- -- -- policy I'm like the way I heard yesterday it -- everybody I -- you don't want to hear it -- you're -- you don't like close to what -- stuck up for you today -- by the -- and I appreciate that desperately for -- it doesn't like me that's -- area. Now Michael what happened a year respect from -- -- and technical analysis suggest that its series of accidents last year the Smart kid in the back in the class. Finish -- at UB. Just -- -- -- -- never ever ever say wonderfully unique patent itself app and wonder about where liquid to stamp I finally back on him probably you. It's an ice cream -- league decides -- secret -- on your shirt cut. All your whole. -- Down under. It's time now to decide the AT&T wide of the week. Right now played -- fast to watch for the past week and then you'll decide -- lot of the we went about texting and your vote at 37937. Your first nominee is. Could this may have been ahead. But yeah it hasn't made things that they think have been his quote and the commitment Mitt Romney although they. -- -- -- -- In particular over the -- -- have come out so Michael how it will be good about Pennington couldn't but then -- -- -- and complete the big bad they've been. And -- for I secret for you guys have these reunions. Aren't planning. On air targeting and under 66. That's the bricks that pat. Discredit whether it does personnel who have been an expression. On your second nominee is. -- voices. Like. Yours does this I. And he. Yeah. -- All voices that was enough. That's enough Simon. -- -- -- Yeah. And now -- Yeah. -- recorded on the any ages cellphone. -- appeal was again. I have a brother named Alvin he never forgave my father -- -- -- go by now yeah all right we got it just gripping AM doesn't now he should but he it. -- -- to vote for -- to jerk. Text or letter dated 379372. Vote for voices an accordion man to -- text or letter B 237937. You have until the end of today's water line. To text your vote at 37937. And choose a or BR winner will receive 100 dollar American Express gift card. -- -- also be eligible for the wider of the year grand prize what's that new iPad one year AT&T service included. The bottom we can now power by AT&T forgy LTE with leads up to. And -- three GAT and T rethink possible Arden -- and a. Now it's funny as some of the fans who really don't mind. I would have is that you have -- all of the globe big bad. This that the people Republican. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And message paction never. Chad's. Most of our photographer and he's like the W young Turk ads comes around and ask your playbook since January -- connections. Excuse me Andy and different. Don't Goodyear and accept a but the. Cambodian. I -- take a lot on my part that did not want all of that in America and what he did give god. But. It was my -- would not want to god. And they don't you might have been out. Happened -- my favorite. Might pull it might go but what I do want I don't believe it Ahmad medic -- should I -- a lot. And what I heard talking to land I was a better then why Clyde say program. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And. I am -- -- have that you'll -- me back handed back. I'll bet -- get the job -- And. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that song is -- an artist double joked that if we have the we have in them that. Only if you put the Jerry crow wing. -- -- -- Glad -- -- to do it you know big involvement Kirk have all the possibility and maybe that -- have we have been typical of control over it I don't want to do that. At all that they don't like this -- for portable radio bit more with speculate that it was okay. And more than stated that. And message. Speaking of Chad. And I have been people along. Whether you know. What other. What and it won't -- that girl. And Eddie did that happen. A little bit right next to them can't keep -- actor. And apparently -- John girls and Twitter. To allow. So what she's. As a suspect. Think you know I have been beautiful new. What packets over the differences between at my I haven't. -- -- what I am I always carry on yeah. He always carried the portable. I have what I -- like kind. Treat his back attacked twenty. I want -- point ethnic lines and last but not me. Eleven attack Atlantic and then why haven't apple. Like that that's my opinion. And the loss though is that that -- she want to warn. I -- points he makes one she loves sports she says her Twitter -- shall not checked out. One that much. That's worked -- arguments were she was. -- command line Agassi and Michael Specter says Max Kellerman was the first victim I don't know I wasn't there. -- The victim there so they got it's that it residual checks from WiMax are bad -- -- -- -- Gallagher body voted account yeah -- It's obvious that facility. Well war is the Sacred Heart University. Bobby Valentine is there and do a -- At the and it karma bad you do this just added a new reading -- it they've been burned out -- poor. And I just picture that kids at sacred heart walk in the class. And Bobby V like the wicked witch of the west palm is like. But at the Canada but I don't. -- had a banana. -- -- Why don't they just up and -- they -- -- anything any secret. Now one thing the father of former sacred heart -- -- and an editor guys got a call the articles it was a former -- art student. Yeah people it's -- journalist Doug Flutie Doug Flutie had his magic. At the heights. You know enrollment went up. Would Bobby Kennedy the opposite. I he would take never but he did get a -- Bobby Valentine got Derek athletic director. I would have wondered if Larry Lucchino on the border direct and. I'll add the under Twitter just. Just this is -- registered. -- three Democrats want and I'll. Mr. Becker it was Boston sports. -- reason for. -- to -- the -- and distribute the two. Tax day created. Yeah I. And do. -- -- -- -- -- -- you took those -- and then again charts but there. Afternoon everybody -- bail on Obama so I'll be back in the big fate of the big help. Alongside my best friend here Michael Ali I'm a lot about -- got -- didn't really that they don't iiroc. The -- how -- you today. Good good belt potato here. How important got a little scrap wood Jon Scott earlier in the air what your opt out I. Yeah. Our deal about how rank that one went to. -- I was buying Zdeno ones that are those who does the best deal that -- her. Japan. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you know deliberate negotiation much is daily use pre meticulous -- -- particularly anymore. By the wider spectrum David -- of grandmaster jails for I was good I am still -- that was. It might cause I think -- Paul -- got -- -- -- I don't know about that man I think you know what Bob bode. And that's the exact. Would you. How -- -- thank you -- comfortable. Should think Manchester scoring drive around it to -- held by Amber's her. -- mean Michael that you don't you really don't you look for burgers but you don't you wanna know what places are open late. Should already know this is Boston nothing's openly. Don't bill. You can't go. That big a crap bottom of that I developed my plan. That's kind of what I want that nobody nobody knew where they always went in effect unless we don't -- but the admin and I. Yes it is held onto that I know and he said you said he's been wrong for how many year Abbas does he said about. He's a genius or like -- and I said that Wesley was one of the five best defenseman and he was at three weeks ago a month ago it was about me and roughly eighteen years. Of immigrants now. Multimillionaire at any age a couple of account -- -- -- but -- sort of beautifully and have voted out and bought. -- -- -- -- And the message you send your -- he hadn't taken that deal did to Kevin Garnett terrible connection -- worst analogies with. No -- right. I'm not say -- was David thanks. The difference -- -- -- -- -- related our interpreter Bradford government -- with any sense. -- I've been that you'll. But that's fine but I'd probably do it nobody does that stand up and that's. And that meant that what you wanna trade. That we. Actively -- clip without forward. -- content area and of course that's what. So in preparation finally. Conducted in focus groups of -- -- that we. Live atmosphere -- -- effects will be cut a lot of Chinese. -- -- -- And I'm disappointed he would call me there just. I only to support -- Okay. Our daddies who are a lot of -- -- quarter. Accordion man wins landslide. -- -- 3% of them. All right well according M and Wednesday. 100 dollar American Express gift card from AT&T. And as eligible for the latter of the year Graham tries to claim the prize accordion man and an emailed -- -- of the week. A WEEI. Dot com there's a -- also brought to you by AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to know. -- -- is look this is shout out to regular toll has -- wonderment. Are as fast food three times at wonderland center tonight show they did he -- that brought.

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