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The Big Show's 4 at Four - 02/22/13

Feb 22, 2013|

We tackle four topics we haven't touched on today. Today we hit on the Oscars, the World Baseball Classic, booing injured players and more.

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Didn't know in this no -- Needs to -- NGOs for poor and the -- -- -- -- yeah. Yeah. Orange ball. We -- -- yeah. Okay -- Gulfport topics we have not discussed yet today. John Benjamin young Andrew and I understand that people like to -- Young Benjamin. Benjamin a lot of attention on that on Twitter. From time to time apparently from time to time -- with Oprah topics out there are probably a bit before we get to the topic number one yeah thwart. You're your search at the bet you have with me your request. Don't well he's the 1000. Twitter followers. Trying to get to 1000 by march 1 what today excellent but with a 22 22. And how many followers yeah. 515 and needs some more by hitting WE IR LI CH oh yeah okay -- delegate math how many per -- does he need to get 1000 more than -- How much half showed us. 500. Can we get -- -- and you're gonna get another 500 in. Ten days his profile has gone to see what this. Reason you. Well Andy is more than a little -- hey people have their preferences but you have three times as many Twitter followers. Has been so he has something wrong. What are the first question -- -- Apparently ordered him about it was performed. Rosters are finalized for the World Baseball Classic teams in the tournament starts that's next week. Over under there'll be three or more. WBZ tournament under hated -- the first game I believe that you like. Equal idea. To assess. -- That you do it I guess you have to do it right now by spring training team. Your good team and I'm not sure the Red Sox are I'll take it you're preparing for what is happening right now. All like it in one way and one way on if they keep L -- cents. If you got them out to the world baseball out of fair and it's why -- held -- they bring him back here he's got value. -- -- -- Just want what is my being right there is a god in -- I wanna see him. Take that route from the mound to the dugout -- of Cambridge like he did last year with Bobby -- with John -- stand and wait for the baseball pleased just to just do -- -- programs -- publicly. No I'm hoping it goes down Balladur's in -- in the -- beat the crap. He's been very Tito like so far what we do we know it blaring out -- well and he jumped on that Alfredo or are you okay eight. Yeah right the situation has been addressed he did the drill properly on -- but I think we agree on the World Baseball Classic lose it over to. It's time for college players to take to wonder what test as both the new intelligence test the player assessment tool. Which WEE -- personality would score the highest and lowest on either test. It was -- alone up there fell asleep on the trailer as it sees as long. -- you feel arguing trial as a gruesome thing to miss a ticket policy give you to take a lot of close and there were -- repetitive and AD. You know same question I -- trot Tom. This same question twice. -- questions ago. But wanted to question Nolan irons. What does this month the year. Clearly that September. We are -- clearly clearly now that's part. We know this WEEI the smartest guys easy everybody the benefit somebody else other than Alex here. Why -- the only question I had was is is he would WEEI person now shoring and then then there is there's no hard and -- here in a land quality okay. That's as Larry Bird didn't play for second place rob Bradford. It's easy W personality Michael -- yes he has oddities in the running but sorry -- Angela are. Harvard Chinese was on the debate team and -- 2000. Captain of the debate I don't like I believe so yes and use -- and now it's got Yale but it's OK the guy who whose -- is the lowest. President. Youngsters are present company excluded. We might. Think it will be high. Hi taking that he will. You know what they released study for the test I intake and high you do well what he would study. Would study forty would take it higher growth he was starting forward at all. I was -- rob Bradford were just and hang right deterrent that dot com domain I just go Brad great. I enjoy. A lot of on your honor the prosecution rests David Faye spent an hour. David thanks for the number three I don't know before to bring what do you guys. Let anybody tell me when things on. Partner. It bit as a great -- nobody can use on the radio audience who areas where you think that Alex -- affluence and I think my tunes. Mikey Smart don't get me wrong but we are Smart guys here and yeah just what you just went there were just messed around and test it. Be a big joke. What's number three of them. The fans in Chicago last night cheered -- the -- came up limping limping after a minor collision with Nate Robinson where the fans in Chicago out of line side. I. Low class. -- -- guys get hurt. I mean not even in Philly -- come on now. I'm gonna defend the Chicago fans here not because I was there for what twenty days or whatever it was 25 days. Defend them because LeBron James. For a 68. To 65 to seventy to ninety whatever is -- huge. Port that big. Spent a lot of time with. 0000. Wal-Mart list. Them. I don't think they know he was hurt. He's always pulling up. Don't have to remember that thing with his elbow. And they're in their playoff in Chicago I think this is part of the reason they they booed. Remember this in the playoff series for Chicago he. Would. Right hand. And take my free throws left hand is so painful. Lot of drama there so I don't think they were just jumping on them. And -- -- see somebody LT of people are not sick at the midwest at me. Mean that's an April you out of Chicago did execute it -- not. What do do you review police. -- to skip -- back them bring back step. -- got him. -- at the Academy Awards this Sunday and Andy's favorite entertainers Seth MacFarlane is hosting. I wanna know what movie will come away as the big winner. Well Ben. Since I have three kids. And oldest one is for really see many movies until 234 months after. They've come out is go by would go by what I see in the in the bootleg stuff in the barbershop -- -- -- -- -- barbershop on bootleg. I agreed to give you freedom. 25 dollars per pre employment so different -- On Q you've -- Pilot. Oh okay applause. When -- -- over. I don't think that's when it was the image move always -- address taking you shaking your the statement bootleg copy it then had to be Lincoln or -- rent. I would assume so -- is getting a lot of the good policy after the Golden Globes and stuff like that. OK you got six people hiring what one million people whom chanted death to miracle little wounded. You wanna set up a movie and we you wanna -- in Hollywood a town where everybody -- for a living. Then biggest need double as serving over here into a country that wants the united blood on the breakfast cereal and little walk the Brady Bunch of the most watched it in the world. That's a hundred militia there were sort. -- Look correct are gonna tell you who we did suicide missions in the army that a federal laws in this. Well we gotta give Ben -- the process. Has put us in the movie. So you -- riverbed yet I I heard this this side guy he was speaking in London news talk about the Academy Awards. And he said here's a little known fact fun fact for. Like the very first award they give out. On the Academy Awards on on Sunday night is like is it's like editing sound editing whatever it's it's the first one on TV they give -- Nobody knows anything about -- whichever will be winds that almost always wins the Academy Award for best picture. It's -- it's one of those things that just works out that went because you know ideas they give everybody the ballot nobody knows anything about sound editing. So they just go with what they think is their paper Moby and they vote not. And then they and a boating -- -- -- for the Academy Award so when you watch that that that sound editing whatever it is we're about Iraq about. On TB eight -- about one out that title win later on the -- I just made in the nineties your four. -- the tickets issued to go by about a way -- thank you very much reminded me that LeBron James. Had to sit out during the NBA finals because of rates. Every day of the month belongs to you might all -- -- at the -- grabs. Grabs. What the big -- I think -- -- be Lincoln is gonna get the the big award Garcia -- -- people raved about no the only one I saw was genuine change violent. Perry did I enjoyed it it was pretty good but not best picture quality and being tough very very tough and they were during -- -- most out the guys Hollywood movement into everything Mike -- question yeah three hours in the barbershop. Well if a lot of work he'd be in the wreckage of my hero right into the field -- it does does it doesn't just out of the -- Judge's role lot of red to have all at the click back and I do.

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