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Danny Ainge with the Big Show

Feb 22, 2013|

Danny Ainge joined Michael Holley and Dale Arnold to discuss why the Celtics made (and didn't make) the moves that they did on trade deadline day.

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I guess an on line -- -- been very busy. The last week possibly the last two weeks. I'll put this out the Celtics and the trade deadline trade deadline was yesterday the Celtics did make a move. They acquired Jordan Crawford from the Washington Wizards they had to give up Leandro Barbosa. And Jason Collins Danny Ainge has brought you by quality installation Lincoln technical institute. And northern bank and trust mr. range I don't Dale Arnold here Michael Holley. Mark. Let's let's let's let's let's get right to it because a lot of people have been asking about. Your your thought process the last few days. We've received tons of questions. Via text Twitter phone calls. One. Oh why did you move KG and why did you move Paul Pierce that's that's the most popular question we've received so far. Read my -- I'd like government Pol Pot. In your opinion Danny is it almost. Does it do you almost have to play against your nature. -- -- -- not be more aggressive the you have to say well wait a minute Danny that deal doesn't make us any better as much as I'd like to do something. I got to step away from this. Every. Order call partner there that. Don't pocket. You bought. All. -- -- Short hair and a lot of almost an American well. Erin. You can click off. That you Erica are about. All this upcoming year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's after the deadline of one -- and trade my phone for yours -- little shaky but will will will stick with that I wanna go back to this I KG of Paul Pierce thing because. I think we have at the very least I'll call -- we haven't thought about this at all data but we've at least part about it in the past. Your your statement that you wouldn't let TT. Get old WW talk about read our back and Larry Bird. I've ever had I am. You know our poll that already but -- never that would like edit that when it alone all. All our military ever at all. OK Pete on eagle. On. -- You try and have. I. OK that's fair but it. But isn't it also fair to say there are if Danny and Danny Ainge says he would he would have done those deals when he wasn't the general manager. Of the Celtics now that -- the general manager of the Celtics. Perhaps he would try to make a deal at the end of the careers into the hall of fame careers of Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce. Yet all. I don't think you bought it because of all the players. That. They have agreed. -- -- -- -- -- -- You -- different you don't give them away you don't like hundred. Not you know he beat out UT and great value -- and by the way. Kevin -- all there are playing much better. At eight career and Mary war as being so. All. We were terrible with Kevin in the area. Tell me what you're looking for from the deal that you did make yesterday. More -- record are both scoring on -- apparent. Are booked a trip or air. Hold a result of tech blog entry. Our effort and sort of getting a report. That we -- We're really close you back together and -- on the assessment that's where you ever. Close to making some of the deals that were reported everywhere you -- conversations with the clippers and they approach you did you approach them. Well. That's -- -- and get into I think it compromise. Integrity -- my relationship went on an album called -- I had never -- And I'll never anything. Aren't going to be brought Kevin content proved. In your opinion I've been trying to figure this out in your opinion. What do you think Kevin. He started saying publicly probably two or three weeks ago that he. He wanted to wanted to live green wants to die -- wants to be very -- and it's up to him he'll stay here. Do you think you start saying that publicly because candidates it's a no trade clause so. -- Publically. -- and all of -- -- What -- -- -- -- one. On. Like you are in helping. -- all. Out. -- In the few hundred more rain you know he lead. And you hear your -- You know development are here are all these are our -- -- here he's here and act on them Mohawk. It is to win a championship during the year right now. All our. -- -- -- -- Trying to get healthy and get the playoffs. He would do we can do. And so I was gonna think about you but now all of a sudden there -- a connection to clear connection. This is great 01 more thing about Crawford a lot of people. Flip Saunders it's familiar with the used to coach -- said he got his his problem is confidence sometimes overconfidence. And shot selection do you think that's the issue really that good athlete but he human around 40% you think it's either you can't shoot album that's the issue. Or is that shots that he takes what do you think. I -- the comedy I think it really calm. Out a lot of them. In. Europe where he'd -- That's up. About her. At number one and number two spot. -- Or more rock bottom of the hour. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our general willow will go along with you next week it's a little tough to hear you but we are we still have some questions worrisome next week. We may repeat some of the questions that you did answer today and that was tough for some people to your arm but thanks for taking the time which we actually. -- -- -- -- -- Charade that folds are sure it'd get out of here I am travelling band at. So on the road industry just sit there in the. Are you -- UMBS don't you can't do that and -- As Danny -- other president. General manager of the Boston so that the general manager of the Boston Celtics accuse me Danny Ainge has brought you by calling installation. Lincoln technical institute. In northern bank and trust more to phone calls after this.

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