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Adrian Wojnarowski, Yahoo! Sports, on the trade deadline

Feb 22, 2013|

Wojnarowksi joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the conclusion of the NBA trade deadline and how close the Celtics came to trading Pierce and KG.

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Final hour much elude not a three point seven WEE I got still 2 o'clock in the big show spent all day yesterday picking through. NBA tweets and rumors for four hours. No we got left with Jordan Crawford and Boston and JJ Redick. Been the biggest -- entire thing -- a guy who was all over it matter what. Besides the trade laws -- body Ager was -- Yahoo! Sports dot com. It's like go to a movie that you're it was all hyped up and then ended up not be enacted it would JJ Redick Adrian being in the building -- -- with a prearranged traded. Yeah you know I think you knew this going into this it was going to be a look at the players we've been talking about. In writing about all the the deadline. It was always going to be unlikely that Boston moved. Garnett it appears that they discussed that and they're just that with the other big name and you know in the Atlanta decide to hold onto -- Redick was always. Helicopter report guys' -- you know -- good player and help Milwaukee but obviously you know it doesn't move the needle for people very much. As the biggest tree was rumor was that the biggest Josh Smith and how how late in that process. Did the Josh Smith peel off ballpark do you think. I'm stuck in that got you Milwaukee and Orlando and they had been pocket about that three week deal with Orlando Milwaukee and Atlanta. And finally at about it with ten minutes the three was too dark and they look at the clock it was like 2:52 PM. On -- had called out to forget it we're -- do in this and that's -- Milwaukee and a related to the two week deal operatic so we're right up against it. Atlanta -- out of the wire. Are rejected a last opera Milwaukee made -- you to -- giving anymore for. Source -- and then. Boston. What -- nor were really out -- didn't want anything from those guys and Atlanta decided you know what will either. We -- sign and trade with him at the end of the year we can maybe keep on. Or we could just wanna leave it will -- salary cap space -- Rockefeller sarcastic so -- I don't want grant to kind of free. So let's not do a deal and and that's that short little walk away. Danny was -- in the strange body with this team because in of the assets to really Gordon. And -- and help this team kind of a I think compete for the east and Jordan Crawford for Bob also okay and Collins but. Yet but then again the other options -- -- get rid of guys like pierce and Garnett and I like that organs like. A -- it's a missed opportunity to acquire something for these guys -- missed an opportunity. But I don't know what opportunity. Really was there I mean this you can trade up and you can get something for them. But I think it peeled off the -- would have liked to have done. What with the clippers. Peter let's go collegial point guard in the -- Jordan between -- several developing. On that to deal lightly Boston would have went ownership with and that we'd like do this let's -- we indicate either. It is. You know no trade clause. But in the end. The clippers clippers cooking -- wanted to do it at at time when a lot of executive coach is among the elite in the Western Conference and some some in the league east there repair. Orbit but they thought that made the corporate team that beat out there. Our ownership murder operator that was reluctant. In with a -- persecuted deal. And it never got. You know they never read. In principle that a package and I do think Boston. You know. I I think that what they may have pulled the trigger. It was never was there ever got to a point but it was reported that August today McCarthy had a DePaul crisp ball it contact Johnson bill should contact KG today. If you'll lose -- this no trade willow will make this thing happen -- think. Danny might be kick himself that he gave KG that no trades on the could've done it regardless of the KG wanted to. You know I don't know how hard he -- percent of trading -- contract are obviously. Organization -- like you and how they just don't. You know a couple players -- habit Kiki as a copycat that would with the lakers. But we'll -- went that you're actually it was going to be difficult I -- think this well. At Boston wanted to get KG to -- that it would distribute authors. And at Boston traded peers out from under him. How likely would you bet that that would want to stay so. If they cannot say they checked all law to whatever book murder or anywhere else. JE mail will it. Not -- I think very differently. I don't think they were at the -- I just opened the clippers. -- -- I got out there was meant that it didn't wanna do it Chris Paul. It up which are not the management Chris Paul you anything you want on their. And Chris would not pushing really really hard for that he did. You would have made everyone else out there he would have it management have to reconsider. Article about it because -- please Chris Paul. Yes is being positioned here by some people as -- blocked the traits to your feeling is and never got to that point aging and the clippers. We're never even on board with trading too young players for -- Manila via rental for a couple of months -- retire. It exactly right and I think you know you've got a profit organization that to the window here executive very differ. Not suitable lot of time here with with Paul. Like -- you know it is early twenties and and feel like they're good enough to compete this year but the -- -- was. I understand what can donate a lot of heat coach last year to deal you know this was a move that put them over the top and short term. I think the profits and look at it a longer view but if you adequate. And you have a chance are legal for you you could say hey we got a few more years of Chris -- is such an injury you don't know. What's going to happen and you know you're not talking you know let's go to -- at -- eventually anyway because they hit eight. What will be able command what Chris -- science and so we're just talk about the hundred Jordan. Kevin Garnett feeling without error on the league once. He would struggle war it would clear up the -- for Griffin he would play that that stretched for. All four position and then everything else you bring your team and a guy who's worn it and who steps and look at nobody has Eric -- nobody in Miami nobody Oklahoma City wanted to see that happen. -- -- this thing out now alone what what's best for this organization Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett retiring Celtics and just using their money. The cap relief or trading -- one or both of these guys before that happens. What the that they that they what was ultimately the longer you hold onto. The website. And I think. The older they -- you can still get something for them but you know it is they get older I -- value and I think. The days of being able to trade. Aging veteran -- first round picks for really good young players. Are largely older like the clippers are unique -- that you're touching that one player might put them over the top. You are on the league and that's not usually almost never the case. And those are rare instances Rasheed Wallace to admit it short years ago when they won their title and did that. For them a home bought. I think that in this day and -- of the NBA you know people talk about. The bird McHale group growing old together and kept them too long I believe -- -- -- deal. With Indiana at the end of her career they could've gotten experts chuck person who heard -- -- bracket that should. But that doesn't happen anymore first round picks are so valuable and bouncers -- this new portrait bargain agreement just. It eager adults eighteen straight -- tropics and so -- Austin the idea just giving those guys away for nothing. That doesn't make sense either. But. They're getting into that in between place now guys where they're not really competing pretty congress championship anymore. But they're not bad enough that they're gonna be the -- You can get stuck in the middle I think that's what Boston does ultimately a lot of old boy could get stuck in that middle place never. Let's -- and I agree with that point did you know that in the value is going to be higher it's you know. Am I overly excitable -- from Broxton and Chris Humphries nobody -- first round pick is also coming in that deal and I don't see the value being any higher next year there's no guarantee that Paul -- is on the court next year come trade deadline. Yeah I think that. Ball -- can revisit it wrapped it deals around draft time you know what we strapped it is not gonna have a great value it should be policy one that. It will you know mid twenties it's you know they're they're the team. The playoff team you're getting picked that. You know not to be really high -- in a pretty -- trapped. And Internet -- be got it try to get one good player back in countries. You are present books. You're really getting either so our -- and opened -- at the purpose but not not what you're trying to get younger rebuild. I have no problem with the nets within with the so we're not doing net. -- deal. They had a deal actually Brooklyn -- to try. Yet in. We try to get Paul Pierce at the trade deadline last year with with a pick up the lottery. And that was a different kind of a deal. Well possible so -- for a year and I think they're you know Rondo injury changed how it obviously look at the season. I think those that regulatory yet at the draft and I -- NC do they really want it all and again indeed -- luxury tax season with a you know what the artist is probably. Not competing at least. Yeah editing get under yesterday and electric tax talk major which -- Yahoo! Sports that repeater issue is gonna come up here not next year the tension the year after and just. Hate to look past this season but again going to next year -- value stamp what hatred fifteen million. With a five million dollar buyout for pierce Garnett signed a reasonable dollars and eleven million dollars. Assuming Garnett -- if it does not retire and both guys are reasonably healthy. What guy would have more guys it is simple as Paul Pierce will be expiring contract and has a buyout and therefore be more valuable in the trade market of the two. You know I really think it depends. If you're treating either one of those two guys. You that he trait for a particular need we need are meant there was some people well I thought. With the clippers we actually rather have Paul Pierce we need a score in small sport guy. You know that position of -- -- to -- -- so. I bet that -- depend on the team and what their needs are at this particular hole. They're trying to the old saying hey we think this -- the other is to get -- Them another run under two in the playoffs but we -- this guy -- there and so I think the American parable in terms of you know what people -- left -- Every interest a year as we get the off season from a basketball standpoint -- it did the Celtics -- get anything. In Jordan Crawford deal like that deal giving up Barbosa and Collins for a guy -- it as a play last couple days and in wash Alaska will get out. And eat in Washington. They're going with the future Bradley appealed drafted. Florida third pick in the draft and -- you know he's much more all around player. And then a cropper this property swore he'd come up -- And -- went up he can. It was a guided averaged 1516 points when he's got -- You know. I'm not backing the Washington but -- -- is your plan while he hits with a walk up them. You don't hear. They're trying to make -- he's not he's not starter in the league he's he's he's -- guy he's specialist I and then. And scored a fallen down and the little little bit and and that -- -- -- It a clr they can go bigger try to make Laura what this team major gets arrest after a busy and maybe not so busy result yesterday appreciate the time is always we'll talk to you soon. On the best in the NBA George -- Yahoo! Sports joining us AT&T hotline. It's AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three G-8 AT&T. Rethink possible we'll check -- and rob Bradford bottom of the hour 130 on all things Red Sox spring training gets -- voice activated acts. Later on the show what it's all runners ninety seconds went on -- war.

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