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Mrs. Mutnansky and some voice activated text messages

Feb 22, 2013|

Mrs. Mut calls into Mut and Merloni to talk about Mut's first weekend alone with his son and to discuss if Mut will be breaking his no sex streak anytime soon. We also play some voice activated text messages about Mut as a father.

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I went under -- aren't. Disagree on and so we got to go on overtime it's down -- were -- on three. We have us a special guest we -- some additional ones here when these we have a special guest. Okay both bring a special guest and to. Terry your status really got them guessing how many number two diapers will marked change alone this weekend we set the over under two and a half that's over changing diapers all by himself number 20 it's over. We think is my -- special guest is just. What do you think. Hanging me again. How many three diapers changed -- on the slopes number two diapers. Actually it's. -- keep it -- -- -- -- and that's the business. I heard you need to be eating here on -- I didn't realize that we're eating at. On the tour I don't I don't watch guides go right back in the loop misty and until -- -- the world's coupons do their work. She is going skiing out now Vermont a chemo where were brother lives yeah. I think I'll be in charge babysitting all day and I will tell you. Since I found out about this last night that is all I've been thinking about. To you again -- Tallahassee -- out that's just me you asked me freaking out out don't put the Sunday it's real simple and you were freaking out before you and bring up -- it's a simple call you mom. But moreover strength in numbers to -- to two and a half -- think. Dirty diapers. It looked a lot you know tumor and all you -- it's harder I don't eat movement or he can't now let. Are we gonna -- a couple of aren't. That's all I do anyway to some works pretty well we have something there was a some additional -- here and it had something to do with. You know little breaking the tie here -- Oh no you over the weekend apparently but there's -- over under for mutt and his over under for you so it's all are up. I don't quite sure what that mean is that invite only under from my and the old are you. I don't know what Joseph is put together back here. -- Take in the over on now what. Like that separate -- -- -- -- say separately and together and push -- you -- -- brother I'm not he should it be ski Kimmel live she loves to ski she's very good at seventy brother oh. Not just your big yet -- other Lou you're right next year. -- get get mud on the slopes and if it's what are your hobbies in argue it there. A couple of times -- -- -- time he would not according to an end. Now a it's snow boarding -- that you know Bart snowboarding might be a little easier in -- snowboarding stuff for. -- it's. Sometimes coordination doesn't always equal good or bad so just what are what the snow comes down jets -- stuck there for the night how concerned do you then she. I ever I don't -- India it. -- not. -- and -- I think -- detect -- in October cop in due time. I think that's comes -- couple weeks ago has Z since then cut not been known at all since then to -- more diaper last weekend solid did. -- Eat -- -- out a couple of times. You know he's improving. Did that after dark and pat are better. Those street might be broken soon. In -- sounds a bit last week might feel good -- Pay on. The next time the call comes from whatever Joseph is numbers you don't answer anymore OK I don't care what time it is. You turn your phone off you hide wherever you need to hide next and that phone rings it's not important. It's some creepy guy from the station call on you donate dance tomorrow do you have. Level -- well and more yet just really authorities -- never remotely thought it Q elective. Friday chicken it would just before the weekend account like it. Thanks yes I'll see you Monday. I'll be home at this point. The over under the one with -- set -- mutt you'll run it was a half -- half -- It's fitting way to put that together. Deck is you're gonna you -- wanna go under for me overheard Joey son of a bitch boy are we agreed on that in the office. -- during the Tressel and there was -- A posting care if they -- One of the biggest mistake I made a lot of mistakes that displace the biggest so far as giving you while number that was a disaster. Good for you guys to watch we sweat on the air more now -- I can not see there is never mentioned about her not going skiing I was I thought -- might help me out and my accuracy. You know just booths no. I'll be driving up there's kind of dangerous. Team unless -- home by get a little help from -- Healthy Q Lleyton. He's give away two months point 47 a lives through technology here on the month Lucia we activate your text. Don't know voice and no we elicited some earlier I talked about my hesitation of -- my son for the first -- just please remember report ladies this is all random I don't pick them that I certainly some through the tech we'll see you told me that afterwards I apologize for Delaware on the air I didn't know was random. Denial it's hardly pick them up but no it's just -- and -- -- -- text okay no just just happens -- one that -- activate deactivate. What are you staring down the barrel of -- your post -- a wife and Simpson if Clinton this. Anyway we don't that is of someone taking many hand line and texting him he's only guy put those words together one sentence. But what you have to be a little bitch all the time. -- It's your opinions there is just going skiing with a pole in each hand. Six seconds that's a question. I'm missing here sir of course she is what would you how would you skew. XQQ did there of not you are a loss. And commit to twenty by Tina Fay eighteen was not much help I don't you guys are pathetic. Well some -- cash outlays go to had a knives and get the family involved with the when Jessica on the phone gates melts clear Tutu. Peace everyone Eric Pena. But you are such -- little as a father please slap him from me. We have father a year earlier leftist mailing went warning yet make sure your wife takes your -- notable person gives them back to you before she goes under ski trip. Like X read Alan Joyce Jeremiah -- goes askew and -- nuts. Make sure you shaved your Nichols before feeding time. It's stupid but I'm glad it's just a reminder you know it. -- -- -- -- Doesn't need to do that increasing its bottle of formula things like that all we get great form of formal -- -- -- or frozen breast milk that's that's from the -- Cohen. Make sure you cut from the wind you in the diaper is off to avoid an -- -- hour. I think you've let out last week he put out when again get a technology was listening. Make sure you cut from the -- when the diaper is off to a Boynton and punch our. We have we actually had a what's called but there's some sort tool. They used it. Edison Edison visuals like yeah cutter and do a number two and in mutt kind of hold on a long night but guy underneath the faucet with like a paper towel right try to clean him up if you don't -- like wet wipes and all the work here. All alike test will be all over the rug because he has a quick get a whole lot of kind of do that without gitmo would place. VOA's paper towels no it's the quicker picker upper -- that's what I is that not right. Can you help me out here during the break -- good job good text today with the job out of our system to -- in. -- activate random text messages here on the show. I tried a couple of times he's not tech coordinator and. Get a break come back to you what's on tap the big show is it to here on Sports Radio WE EIK nuts. Make sure you save your Nickels to force feeding time. Here's greens. And the excitement. He's right here so it's great you're not three point seven. We -- yeah image WEEI dot com.

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