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Greg Wyshynski, Yahoo! Sports, on the Bruins

Feb 22, 2013|

Puck Daddy joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the Bruins, to preview the NHL trading deadline, and to discuss the best hockey movies of all time.

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Really nobody's. Point seven. Speed -- drills all the rules on the attack what drives me. The play blue jeans that's played -- guys on the minds of the good -- nice enough. -- -- Not so much better defensive blue. Jack can -- call last night's Ford two over Tampa. -- continues this weekend and you get yourself. New York to wrap the numbers must include ID three point seven WEB -- joining us on the eighteenth -- -- like Greg we -- -- And the great puck daddy blogging Yahoo! Sports dot com. What blue Greg your request solo brush your shoulders off today for JC Timberlake -- correct. Gesture that was my selection there was I thought maybe 99 problems but I was sure exactly what would he get away with Alicia. -- try to push the limits on that because there are -- Fenway do we know Jay-Z and JT you're gonna play. In the Washington area do we know. I haven't idiot actually include the first I heard without without them play in upstairs so that's that's exciting for me I'd go to that show up now now -- to be Elton John and you get to beat Billy Joseph two questions. Also. That's a good question that it's a big flip a coin maybe New York -- he's gonna get no matter what no end in Boston not put things up. What's been flipped up here is the goal scorer for the Boston Bruins we talked you in the past about Brad marsh on we see a lot of things about Brad Marchand. -- -- goal scorer and always been one of -- he's got nine goals and thirteen games. Did you expect to see him as a player emerge like this is the guys -- lead the Bruins at disappointing goal scored Greg. Of course not but put it it's refreshing to see it in -- kind of it's where we all thought -- beat. After the problem has spoken up -- that he'd been in the cup here I mean it he's got that China game. And it's a -- in the he doesn't get poked around a little quality nickname about this -- -- for the last couple years. But there's a certain sort of -- -- because I'm about out of I mean you've got a great opportunity to go along all extra curricula so maybe not the sniper. That would be closed and not a -- look at the same kind of cool little different than he first career but a apparently that kind of player second -- -- could you are either through what he says. Well because they're always putting into the post net. We're the go down the line with -- Tyler Sega has been a lot of talk you know a slow start came more played overseas bigger ice. Grind and -- a little bit more and I think overall. I think he has done a better job just took the lack of scoring you know the -- demarche on doing it but still the play about Tyler sing and so -- He had that -- in China they actually that indicated that seem to see him play this year. But he he's been a better overall player I actually extend that -- in the past them clustered right now he's playing good are. Yeah I think that I'm overseer of the cut made it a more well rounded player especially hit some time of the PK and calling -- -- defense is skilled. But it's hard to make that argument when you'd expect to see them you better than posting nine points and it note fell fourteen games so. It obviously I think the cradle cowboy in the opposite -- except that it is sort of a mystery how. Someone who who didn't look so dynamic overseas during the locked up to a point where he was scoring -- -- -- game only has three and fourteen. Do you feel like the system here Greg at any level you know -- defense -- -- system hurts Sagan and his ability to be wide open wheel and deal on bedecked goals scored maybe has. The skills to -- It you might think you know we've seen this system for so long now in an economist at -- close -- -- been. In prior he's from where we're like this before the cut here or like you know you -- fight -- because this system that is principally it's not -- And the next here all the sudden he worked to perfection the personnel there are pretty clicking and -- -- -- on offense. So it's really hard to say whether the system restricts. And I'm not a good player I mean that the market doesn't seem Bundesliga to even call that are few and far between. Would we deeply the other we have more point turnout in its final Bruce Boudreau and I maybe. But wouldn't be a better player. And that coach it would comparison to the sort of all of around different defensive responsibility out of the -- probably not. Does a lot of money -- around now this team but the cap room the trade deadline you know still awhile away here but. When asked about Tuukka Rask because that's what they -- you've seen free money free money the salary cap goes down a little bit more next year. What got to deal is to grass looking for moving forward. I think your question. Obviously all depends on exactly what he's. And that -- in the future and that's why it's how far the -- and get the post season I mean. The one good thing that he's clearly. Proven himself to be everything that air but he hoped he could be the starter and so far so good and in handling the workload. As far -- comparable captive for me right now he's been -- -- you're 2526. Year old. All week. -- you guys I'd like Cam Ward they -- six point three million got to Alec Kerry tight. They can six point five million of those -- -- about six years to me that you're looking to lock him up long term. I'm not sure we'll get up to that level but I mean that's where the bar is right now for only its age and eight compared to other players honestly. You expected to get done during the season going to the airport forum are deeply gets done during the season do they wait this thing until post using ghost. How -- -- -- felt that saying you know I think if we get them during the season it might be via a -- it may be the team continue to play or what have we often feel -- -- come into Lebanon in the the off season I mean. Reminded that you -- art building that you're not only option right now between the pipes and I think he's got leverage it was a good gamble and so far so good these. He certainly not perfectly replicating the numbers that haven't had that it has that feel like he's he's coming close. We're talking to Greg wishes -- puck daddy blogging Yahoo! Sports dot com we're talking off the -- about this trading deadline because it. Is -- late then I just can't sort of figure how it's gonna work help -- their teams and ensure -- said this last couple days. The position to make a -- early they want to acquire all they a cap space -- prospect but the teams that are out of it let me trading talent team like Ottawa that might trade Daniel Alfredsson. Are they gonna wait until that last couple of days the end of march early April and then you go to acquire guy literally three weeks to go. In the regular season it had a test drive that guy before playoff run Greg. 083 weeks for the -- elect he gains. The threats and you know -- and the typical -- folks -- it's going to be tricky because the other the other outfit that obviously is because. Of the truncated schedule and then mostly because of the charity point over time. You got extra patent that you're you've got cut nicotine that aren't gonna necessarily be anywhere near at a behind. And as they are and a traditional didn't -- wonder who accepted -- stores are going to be other routine that might. You're trying to push their unrestricted free agent out the door if you like Florida beat a good example even at the campus get back into it. Invite you to trade that Stephen Weiss because he's probably not gonna resigning their so -- -- a fellow at the gonna be integrated into court shall -- output -- I mean. Yet to put it now by two writers you could probably write it without within the Bruins -- good fit obviously that -- history which you know in the country which are. That there's some you know. Compelling reconfirmed -- -- agreed to come to spot them. But the relative agreement with Ottawa is. They they keep winning despite the fact account that's set it down -- Carlton Carlton in fear you could be back for the playoffs. So there's there's there's a notion that with their cap space the senator might actually put salt in resumed looking this is a really -- Alfredsson that there are not helpful. Would hold your Jerome Tillman anyways what what does there'll this year no one goal -- -- sister attend but this guy's. The thirty goal scorer what what's the likelihood that they deal him. Spoke funny you know he's he's traditionally Expos starter and nobody that the Cuban media since the games started in January it is that we skipped that part but he still looking into the gate I'm -- -- that -- -- I think it's it's come -- -- where -- I think between the sixteenth because that entire thing down you know they've been trying to just keep their heads above water. -- bill that they as they kept on adding their talent but I don't work and and I and I hope that they find without the conversation with a dilemma hope that he finally get the chance to go complacent place for a contender and and really pushed. -- But I think with -- -- a great career. So if he's available at the gate and get people ought to look at formatting that I want to be extraordinarily years there's a and the sharks so as close circle and put some time McCain as well. With a lot of teams that are going to be an -- in the market and if he's ever put to market. It's gonna be yeah that's that's gonna be the -- and -- knew we all it was going to be direct factor relax you a motivator that you beat something that would be really -- process. That -- standings are so crazy at this point that you look at the teams that -- in the playoffs you got to sort of double checks -- Easter comes -- the teams in or out I was curious. Those teams like Tampa Philadelphia Washington. Where you're around all the time. Is 1 of those standout Eastern Conference Gregg is the biggest six show a prize -- disappointment thirteen 1415 games in here. We read about this haven't met my outlook -- a the other day I realized ought to only had thirteen games like why would they start this year and on Valentine's Day. Ago how many in the real split. They feel they're blocked in by far the biggest surprise you know. There was gonna speak on the record because it's -- from they'll -- go out -- vote with the coach. But there's so much talent on that laughter. That you figured they weren't gonna come out of the gate as carefully as they have been and so I mean it. It it's gonna I don't know -- on the -- off its Internet they're really that way. And I think it speaks more or less about what go to doesn't coach you more about the construction of the opinion. It is simply just hasn't come together out and collect. If you start to wonder whether or not it wouldn't. The group it's the capital to blow up the core. A few years back but rather than let's look at this point -- -- -- -- They got it and in each fairway is out of the first round last year but -- -- mean it was -- a fairly good hockey team. There's cure your thoughts and the Bruins team new -- forty elude the trade deadline and they do have some space. Do they need -- big splash and I listen I know I've heard rumors -- Corey Perry on in amber that team is voter right now and and playing good hockey or just someone like. Dug out Michael Ryder just kind of bring him in familiar to get that third line going. Yet then I think you hit the nail on the head -- like you know if you think about the players committed different look out into the the Michael Ryder isn't the Mark -- it was. Veteran guys the economy and create their own up and scored that goal -- need it and how well experience -- and I think that's. That's the type of player that they should be aiming for but that's certainly they're never gonna shy away from from trying to make a big deal -- -- considering. How competitive the content can be an end. And knowing that knowing the handle ultimately bottom line is that if you -- you can tally up on on one hand the number thirteen that you feel. How they legitimate shot at winning the cup and here America hadn't opened the book competition of the Bruins on that next. So -- I'd prefer them to augment it itself but unrestricted free agent veteran guy but that's the goal for the roster. But again if if the opportunity presented itself to get a regular get Alfredsson -- it can be able to ante up. For me is nothing do with the on ice product but movies that are made about hockey you've posted a blog at the puck daddy blog about the worst five. Hockey -- -- -- time and I'm gonna bring up the one that is gonna cause most controversy a sit across from Lou every day and inevitably young blood comes off he loves Youngblood you -- did. These third at worst a lot of young blue hockey movie that is -- remain please open up the de LY young -- is such a bad hockey movie Greg. Now -- fairness it would be the case Sports Illustrated without commenting on until you capsize the wanna put. -- what certain introduced them to bring the load drew first because that's absolutely I -- an -- young -- and I'm not I'm not a huge fan of that. Maybe it's because every time I turn on the that person there be Q what Belichick -- beyond. But you know it's got terrible acting. It's got one of the greatest hockey -- to all time and it doesn't he get so handsome articulate but I wouldn't say necessarily that I would rank. -- -- old Patrick Swayze rob -- not really so what is the greatest games in India -- -- -- yeah yeah. She was outstanding. I was Carlos called a young blood through -- what's called regular blood for a while they're -- So was called singing young blood for awhile -- refers to him. And I wouldn't regular book miracle would rank it above Puhn. It's about my top five I don't pay you don't itself. I thought the real egregious thing with the people from that side with the Mighty Ducks the worst movie the real question for -- -- -- and they -- -- the top five that the top five worst. Where do you -- van -- certain debt. Which side of the ledger that on. If it's in -- it was dandy Dan during its profits it's got to be in the best -- let's get there is not a great got a double -- girder -- final pretty much. Guy announcing Beagle get snowed in up here this weekend gonna watch some of these movies -- check out the in the list the Greg -- and on. At the puck daddy blog Yahoo! Sports dot com Greg thanks you're time is always we'll talk decent. Order order great stuff Greg -- ski joining us on the AT&T hotline it's AT&T. Forgy LTE.

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