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Dino, Gerry and Kirk present their awards prior to Sunday Night’s Oscars

Feb 22, 2013|

The guys analyze this year’s nominees and predict which films are going to be taking home the hardware. They will be rooting for an underdog come Sunday night, “Zero Dark Thirty” is their pick for Best Picture.

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Recognize that music. It -- -- I -- to -- yet. Like it yeah I was so it was OK Margaret vital to right and that's not too but -- -- last twenty minutes of the bloodbath yeah I was. Was -- -- -- -- is it typical Quentin Tarantino wins this if he reaches a point every script we're -- What do I do now. I know I'll kill everyone that's about it and got a heads and that's about a half hour too long so I most Marla -- like where and when Tarantino movies hello. And it won't go you know like my. Can't take my son -- that my wife -- equity mutual by solo. The Mexican coastal low but if you choices to go to him -- -- ago all what do you do. I mean the liquid -- movie the good community say oh. To your -- gonna go to the movies price -- she says I don't like indices sorry and -- -- on you know want to ideally like to do the dishes on the negotiate with the make some -- -- and -- will probably -- -- -- -- make sure I didn't -- like this guy generally know I -- get -- -- deal moves along rate. Used to go to the movies along rarely yeah very favorites is the way to do it's something that's when I was younger and go all the time to Matt -- alone in public rodeo so it's great of that to feed up. The only way I can't go in the crowd at the like -- the year -- that David movie opens and have people around 300 degrees and talk and yet now. So you'll -- Star Trek premieres yes yeah all the people who -- for com. What's -- number -- cost to put the Oscars on a -- I mean Sunday night billion. Just a little less -- 12640. Million dollars. Forty million bucks for one night the producers and there are two of them each get a 100000 dollars to produce the show. Names -- Craig's Aden and -- moron if you care. Seth MacFarlane we think it is paycheck is important and I hate you get paid for this a 100025000. He needs the money -- Oscar statue wets it's based on the price of gold which is about 16100 dollars an -- each one is worth 900 dollars they spent 45 grand on the statues. Security quarter of a million dollars to secure the Oscars through a an unaffiliated private firm. Singers Adele and Norah Jones. 141000. Dollars. Barbara Streisand gets 5000 for singing one song. She's gonna sing which -- sang. Anthem. The big things that was basically is being sold a team despise the history of music music there's some Easter musicals. Well site out there and it'll shorten television programs throughout the set cost a million bucks the winners' envelopes which by the way -- laminated panel folded gold -- stamped an embossed. 400 excuse me 88 nominee cards. Other winners level of cost and grant the red carpet itself the physical red carpet 25000. Dollars. But nominees luncheon which I guess is already been held. 156 Oscar contenders 260000. Bucks the governor's ball which is the big party afterwards. One point eight million dollars. In comparison the commission of ball to trouble write -- seven million dollar party. One point eight and how much all of the goodie bags that you'll know I'm I'm getting to that sterling vineyards wine 58000. Champagne 87000. White truffles. 34000. Stake from Snake River farm in Idaho 25001. Regret what the chocolate the decor I'm not sure what this means. Guess it's furniture and stuff backstage in the green room a 100000 dollars the event staff get paid a quarter million dollars and believe it or not this is sickening. The grand centerpiece of this year is ball that would be the governor's ball is a custom custom designed 120. Foot by seven foot six. Here fixture chandelier. One million dollars or chandelier the commission for the governor's ball. Who's paying -- what do they do it's over. Seas and throw away in the chandelier. And who pays for I don't know. The network economy of motion picture or are assigned to whatever via via us to have to make sure it's all green right all recyclable. Oh sure yeah which which musical you hope is most represented. Send your children witness I hate. Theories -- delicious. And musicals are generally plays in the movies. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And so they gonna talk about musical movie. I guess they'll start plays for him is right. What else is there well especially I'm the Gene Kelly singing in the rain I trust us debt that you won't see him Juli is the movie -- because I'm sure -- use -- Oh excellent you released -- meats like this it's true it is Mary Poppins took him. It's an all that late in the program. And devote the loads in election oh well they're gonna do it throughout but there is a huge musical finale -- and I can ornaments that twelve point six billion everybody gets to come onstage and sing like the end of the school play like sponsors -- greatest amount saying. I was gonna -- like sixty. Minutes -- I know your big fan of sixty minutes that they put all the -- The international finance stories. -- you don't care about first of sixty minutes right but then the you know the Oscar story -- investigation thing comes at the end the thing I always say evaluate what they do that for. -- but they start with a good they do give you good story like this morning -- best actor or -- -- best actress or something like that at Augusta they start with a good one right they get to the Pentagon -- -- -- -- two hours of technical awards just get -- of will they get renewable lot of importance behind the scenes than in the don't on the short foreign film at -- So you've seen most of these movies men and -- nine nominated best pictures -- -- -- to England changed. Life of pi Lincoln several linings here dark there while in 50 we root for. -- is gonna win that if the best movie I saw last year was zero -- quickly although I won't be bombed it's Argo and your I was thirty. At zero dark thirty is great it will shock me -- -- wins and I'll be happy for winds of Kathryn Bigelow wins anything because amid what are to a not showing in the it is she's a music producer it's horrible right movie and he wins anything. I'll stand and applaud. The idea that movies that -- all this tortured water boarding and it wins in Hollywood will be cringing when it each year actually but -- should -- -- -- musical. I don't see it with Madrid and but it lets -- get the right. Thing that enabled him singing in the rain the greatest before version missing in the rain was from clockwork orange and that's true. Malcolm McDowell broken this song as it was torture in that family. But you think our -- is gonna win that be OK by me Argo is a great movie. -- I would like to see them get up on stage he'd do you know what that did during the Golden Globes. They get a postage whole crew of the use. Netflix crew. And nobody thanked Canadian ambassador. And -- time. And they they think the real agents and heavy winds stylistic stylist and nobody the Canadian ambassador who made the damn movie possible. This bill -- is that it called but can you imagine the -- narcissus -- the ball when you're up there. And in this this he's the hero on the move -- may. And you know he used to this day hero in Canada and we should be one here. We had to keep it secret for so long most people didn't know but until after the movie came out but don't think it's I'm gonna call me ailments that his name I forget. Amber's name I don't either no good character in the movie but in real life. He's a hero right you'd think Ben Affleck knows -- thing they can all as a self involved but that's. It wouldn't be bad if not for him and I will get his name for him and society can thank him. If you win I got a bad feeling that there's going to be some stupid. You know Lamy is so completely ms. dominant as that everything's ominous yet. No no my favorite movie was not and that's when they lost to a more French title that's a that is -- -- -- okay good. Actually -- right through that and torture for two like it was great -- like the B it was the French language Austrian production. Version the story of a husband -- -- dying basically yes from -- dollars -- -- -- gonna make you happy if -- MacFarlane said about his presentation his -- on the thing. He's pissed -- -- in nomination everybody is fair game he says everybody is fair game. My presentation will have a little bit of bite to the whole point of their bringing me on was to give this a little more. Edge so many tickets assure that there it's a good choice -- the gutsy choice and I mean I like Billy Crystal and all but. You do watch you do feel like you have to want to Seth MacFarlane he's gonna step on on some -- yes some toast somebody will be Monday morning will be talk -- Boy did bomber studies in look and comfortable when he mentioned her nose or something. Along those lines went -- it looks -- this is -- One chance to do it so I don't feel like I have to you know play it safe -- -- -- luckily I -- -- here's McFarland talk about that and I'm not feeling a lot of pressure from myself and it's one of those things that there is sort of comfort in knowing that no matter what you do. It gets -- reactions in the reviews. Thank you put on the worst for the best show the world and -- -- will still be played by by the press I absolutely yeah. That's absurd. So we can do well do poorly he's gonna get the same room not true says that's a cop boat and a crotch. You have to break and if you bring it and you make people comfortable. You know that a lot of us out it will applaud you if you play it safe. In the at all you'd user friendly and go all Bob Hope on us. You then then you'll get played the ambassador's name is Ken Taylor the hero of the more week and Benny is the -- -- than anywhere right Ben Affleck will go up like six times a tremendous -- yeah. And when you go up there you better thank him then. Up my -- says you have a roomful of people -- were the top of their game they're successful. They're being honored they are attractive and yet it's also the group with the thinnest skin on the planet. And the producer of the -- I told before the makes a 100000 -- says we have a post that nobody knows what he's going to do that will be an element of surprise. Intimate. Perform I knew I knew I knew that was nominated for original song. So it was nominated he might win -- account and what happens when -- The in the MC the host wins I don't know. What's his face was nominee a couple years going to host of the disaster the kid. Within half James Franco oh -- economic failure of guys I just rhetoric that's right all right guys played terrible and so -- has fully played played. -- -- Where's it at -- why didn't automatically allayed. But amid I think that I think Seth MacFarlane has potential to be. Historic to be epic but we still have a smoke that part. Let's face it everything he does is not. To the edge it's over the edge to Ted is all over the edge which is what it became a cult classic gambling guy you can't sit and watch one episode of them again without -- Can't believe this said that -- -- believe they did that I can't believe he went after he passed -- -- Separate follow -- to be himself. And if he is. People at home people and I were middle America of people people Hollywood are gonna be cringing that's the -- set to make me laugh and make bomber strikes increase in and I agree with you I think -- when he gets -- of extends up there in just those generic Billy Crystal yeah right yeah. Its newest Celtic Jordan Crawford we'll check in with the Washington Post. -- -- -- might be a bad apple heading for the Boston's optional when that we can back pocket could talk about things are Coca.

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