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KG and Pierce still bleed green - Celtics do little at the trade deadline

Feb 21, 2013|

Those who wanted the Celtics to blow up the team are left sorely dissappointed as Danny Ainge held on to both Paul Pierce and KG at the deadline. Will cripple the Celtics future as a franchise? We discuss.

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RT you know here here's the here's the issue with -- Danny Ainge. Today. I think getting -- develops. A reputation. As the airlines. Maverick. General manager I'll do anything the media asking not to let it. I don't emotions when he first started. It was a traded yeah. I mean he -- he lived. To make a trade if it was a lot of guys. But you really care much about but there are always names in the news. Ricky Davis and Ricky Davis out Jiri -- and Jiri -- -- LaFrentz the all these guys. Chris Carr. You know mark -- These guys just a rotating don't bring him at Brigham and Brigham and I'm just gonna keep making these moves. Until I acquired Wally Szczerbiak keep making these moves to acquire the pieces that I want Antoine Walker came back. After he traded Antoine Walker initially. Brought him back and let him go again an assignment traits we developed this reputation. As this fearless. -- Well trader with the -- Trader at three super. Reader. Really. I made a move. That is as he made it eight controversial who. With -- guy. And I don't think Kendrick Perkins is the core guy I still look at it and some what some might disagree I know -- area but if you look at if you like that. Jeff Green vs Kendrick Perkins -- can acquire Jeff Green for Kendrick Perkins still. Odds -- good. But. Q he kept saying that read our back allow this team and it'll. -- -- -- -- On the team. Look at the average -- of the age of the team all right he's not that'll put the best players right now on the team are old top two players. -- -- -- There and make that trade so I think that's what gets people's attention because. The reputation as a bill until it. I'll do everything guy. Who will trade Paul Pierce I -- know he's afraid to get used to drive or trade Kevin Garnett because it's better for the franchise and he. Made that famous quote that he would let the team get old but. If this is all he's done. -- it's a mistake you did a mistake. I do I do drivers I have that as a ton of respect for Danny -- and our loved by the -- done some great things here is no doubt about it. But if this is the team -- gonna happen going forward Michael. Unless something dramatic happens in the off season that we don't anticipate then I'm I'm a little disappointed. For a southern spread you may not be disappointed today would you guys be the first one called a bitch and moan and to benching. And the next couple years. You know we elect man remember we could've done this week -- done that I'm just wondering. Did Dan has Danny over rated. How much Paul Pierce is worth all the KG deal. It was would've been a great deal -- got that done and who knows still knows maybe it did we don't know. We're not entirely sure 100%. Go out bodyguard if 440 and in the deadline was it three. Yup but I know you gotta check things with the league went. -- sell more likely a look at our nation would start. Start to -- -- did he go over eight you know could do you have a chance to make a deal Paul Pierce and just over rate his skills of 101 other GMs thought of him. That's actually says the Celtics right now. On February 21. Are the worst. Managed team in Boston. Worse than the Bruins. The Bruins -- public portion of the government is one of the best financed teams and and export monopoly and it was Delaware senator and talk maybe old school Bruins. And I can't believe you -- through. Let seasoned management off the hook. -- for letting off the hook judge I feel I feel -- I'm disappointed. I'm disappointed as the team going forward when you really we look at the big picture. Of how were -- help for you -- this team is gonna -- I mean did you guys are some you really -- either go to Eastern Conference finals. I think you dream and but look a -- right before I've been wrong before it's not a perfect world sports book. I would -- its highly -- this team goes past the first round of the playoffs that being said. I think most fans agree with me they be surprised to get past the first round and still you hear about the sentimentality about. Danny owes it to Paul Pierce and KG to stay here -- Celtics and I just don't get that kind of thinking I don't understand I don't think it helps a franchise. Other question is what we have on the table and was there anything they give it everything you read but. Some of the reports out there. It's interesting it's tempting. If you if you had if you had an opportunity to move Paul Pierce and even though you don't think it's a great deal. You come away with a first round pick you come away with a player who could be -- I don't. Does reduce it to superstars. You're not gonna get a superstar player for for Paul Pierce or KG at this point. But our corporate down the top eight players you have an opportunity to get a top eight player. And say a first round pick for Paul Pierce and just turning now. And in -- in NY. And why I mean that's that's that's the what why is well why would be because she thought that you get more and it didn't pan out that way obviously right I mean board know or or maybe that's why they want to trade him. Maybe if I like to. Well that's you know that's a possibility. Maybe just like just I don't know how I -- again. This is all if if soldier and Rondo -- here I'm not saying a word you talk about they -- they're -- Augustine up pretty happy. If they went to the playoffs with that team and the way and and recently helping. I did have a great shot to go back Easter -- finals I think it's going to be very very typical now. Very very difficult team past the first round. Ed you guys you guys tell us what you think is that the right move. Are you disappointed are you guys that's why they do enough or or you just happy to KG pierce had to retire here -- Celtics Lisa looks that way. He's from. After the season another another -- says the Celtics are committing organizational. Suicide before our eyes. Organizational suicide. Well I think that's I think that's a bit much. It may not know that for another two or three years but it's possible and we talked bullish yesterday. -- -- the way the way this franchise. In opt out -- be the next 45 years can actually dependent on what Danny did or did not do today and so far. It I'm looking ahead down the road 345 years I don't know. I'm just I'm very disappointed as I was disappointed -- -- record. -- -- this is the only way. It makes sense. If he knows. For sure. Kevin Garnett is gonna retire. So he knows Kevin Garnett -- is going to retire him and he's got to get some he's gonna get some salary cap relief there. And of Garnett retires in that changes the celtics' future appears. Got to get some cap relief there yup so he says. Why should I take on for example the Brooklyn deal why should take on the bad contract. Of Chris Humphries. For what why should take on twelve million dollars a year for a guy like a little bit you don't pay. Why should take that on when I know that they get some relief. And I can restart. In a way that -- more comfortable with neck. Year and that's tiger factoring in still Rondo still may be on the trading block Libya before the season starts that suit which is another possibility. Got a -- possibilities so. But if you read -- Andy Dick about this today and he. -- we go well to be he could possibly say with this particular team they haven't stopped when the NBA championship he could he would never say that what he. I don't know. We'll find out hoping comes out this tomorrow and have been pressures on tomorrow -- hope so talk to Bobby Bobby is a Braintree Broderick. Our guys. A lot to do that do not -- Ownership might have a -- to do -- as well not to any arrangement Campbell but thinking I had a lot of I mean I think it's not just all in any that we forget make out what law. Well okay what you say solid ownership I think ownership has been has been pretty clear what you think. It's all a bunch of -- I think ownership has been pretty clear that. -- brought Danny and they let Danny do his thing now he wanted to trade KG in trade and trade Paul Pierce. They can't they can't power they can't find out about it on Twitter he's gonna have to tell. How do you think they would. And I don't think they were to stand Wednesday by no means that you trade Kevin Garnett right now you can't trade Paul Pierce because people like he's got a dual. Beginning -- like this is what we have to do to be better and ownership shuts you down. That that's when those -- an OK well maybe it's time for me to move on I don't let me do much. I don't think where it has that attitude I really don't. You know we know him pretty well. He doesn't sort does that kind of guys who put handcuffs on the any aids because I think which is a big picture got a whole other -- group. Is is a big picture organization and I think deep down -- that say on the record this year but I think they off the record were probably tell you at this team is doctor won a championship this year let's start. You know maybe we -- that we that we do have to start looking ahead to the future here. And that -- said. I'm I'm disappointed today I tell you I'm disappointed. Yeah yeah I -- I. I just wish it and trade it is hard to get rid of at least he tried out on peace in the that you eat column AP content right now all I try to look at the -- the aim at the birds do it. Yet through all through our church and old -- -- today to hearing your -- I know what you guys -- -- I mean and I'd like age of technology or that they look at opposite and how they let me. I'm hoping that -- little girl -- a page. Here we are conducting right. I was gonna say yeah you read Bobby I don't know they're the favorites in Oklahoma City. Might be the favorite by. It wouldn't shock me of the spurs got the NBA final -- -- -- -- to the -- -- -- or Oklahoma City while I was shocked me now that the clippers did make a -- was shocked me they got there. I think those two teams and I don't clippers are right here in standings and that is their third but their game out of the second rotten. I think they're right that they're close to the other two teams but I think their third. Oklahoma City is better than the clippers San Antonio. Is better than the clippers. If you asked me this doctor Erick Erickson welfare Eric. They -- guys. America. Mudslides there really really like. The Celtics did not give up on this team I think have a chance this year even though you know what people don't I want to keep every night night. I really think they have it but. Herta Mueller. Where certainly to all of you for or what why do you think they have a chance to do what when the whole thing. -- -- look at what he's glad the team was so then I mean you can add -- players like -- I think he until he made repeat this that and well. I mean date look at that -- and they added that Jeff Green -- -- can. They also have rod I want the greatest playoff runs in the history of the Celtics what he did he also had KG. It also ahead pierce. Well we still have those guys still yeah she's she didn't lose a little bit but -- once you start giving up on -- team you'd trade away you know he's been. And got -- -- really slippery slope you can't just decide to go alleges. Try to get a couple Lotto pick yet and think. You can tell losing games and and all the -- up -- do we feel like when and again it's it's it doesn't work like that I think to me it's been really. Really summed it up well last night and I -- -- me that. You know we think and that -- idol winners and when you're young -- appeared Jeff Green era on terror. Or -- whatever. -- you know land from these guys and you'll learn how to win and then -- say that seeing that out this stack of lottery -- is called the Bob. Debra -- and their habit that I don't they don't know how to pick players I gotta tell you. I understand you know Tommy Tommy played for the Celtics want championships for the Celtics as a player once Celtic -- championships. As a coach has been a member of the organization or Philly -- organization. For the entire adult life. So I understand why he says these things but there's that old song I fall in love too easily. That's Tommy hides and if you're wearing green. He loves you and their -- Al -- -- and what Kevin -- and. Anyone can you want Kevin Garnett deal to happen the night of the draft the -- talked to a -- it was a step it up they go back ever got out there they're Kennedy had trouble. Not I said I. I mean they're not raise your comment on that move around some things -- It's to me some of you are delusional. Well there usually. I mean any senate awhile ago that I'm not gonna let this team get old. Like read aloud the Celtics teams of the eighties to get old but guess what. Easier said than Artie Shepard a challenge. Has been posed to you. And I guess -- to me through and -- what. Texas has always hear about trading aging veterans for young talent. So you can win is an example. Of that working. -- can you think of an example. Of trading. An all star reached an all star like. Paul -- not this year but last year. Or. Current all starlight Kevin Garnett. For guy and you win in a year or two years three years from and by the way before iron or warm or a bad about it before you answer. How long were you given the Celtics. To become that team that well that's a senator how long gonna give them to reboot and. In these guys I think people thinking that we're talking about that if they made these deals today that -- -- to -- that's not what we're saying. Where is it gonna take it probably take another year to market to get back to an active about -- two years -- I think -- -- give an example of somebody who traded away their stars. Two years later champions -- and one in the NHL Wayne Gretzky. I don't know well now I've doctor ha -- Popping up Judd Apatow worked up to the -- -- addict I don't you guys are just talented they did it traded agree with that. Okay one of the greatest players in history -- who was far from yet done yeah. -- governor wanted to for financial reasons I want to more comfortably after you left. All right. I'm talking about in the NBA. You trade one you're what you're stars. To get better and a couple of years and happens because you know what it does anytime you trade a great player especially for the guys and is fine. You never went out neck in that that's an area that you never win but the I'm always -- at least -- their prime. -- talked about -- is it in Nevada by appointment as. And when the guys and his and you train them. You always Louis -- Charles Barkley being traded from Philadelphia Phoenix Phoenix got better immediately went in the NBA final -- The Philadelphia. What nothing nothing. So. If you're trading -- and these guys a little past their prime. You're looking to restock. It doesn't happen in the -- right I can't think of one example where. The team traded a player 3233 years old. They get some players down the road here they are a couple of years later stand in the -- -- David Stern getting the Larry O'Brien intro. You can disagree any you can Michael and other and and other listeners ought to do disagree I'm just telling you. From a franchise standpoint the big picture guy that I AM if you had made the KG deal today and got back Bledsoe and gotten back Jordan and made that deal appears. With the nets despite the -- -- I understand that. -- -- tie look at at the future knowing that this team in my opinion cannot reach the Eastern Conference files is not gonna win this year I make deals. I make the deals. A lot of people think Carmelo Anthony okay mom what do they ever win. Rule what are they doing. When anyway no but I -- a championship contender the Denver Nuggets. I did get a degree in the final four there on the west. I did they are going to be OK so -- hey we can get to these and other Western Conference Emmys. Well this gives -- the Eastern Conference this is right now I'd disagree. The comfort -- my five. I don't know I don't. I did there 111. Playoff series may be and that's. I think the one and done. I it's going to be difficult to win one playoff series. -- -- -- A lot more about the fatigue factor a lot more knowledgeable about Pearson and grow and Garnett being accomplish opposite monarch are great at math I tell people that'll be integrated map. Pete if they win one playoff series there in the conference semi finals the regardless of yup it bodes well. You do that what do playoff ticket would play out here and it's going to be difficult. Is it difficult for him I don't. I wish it felt differently Michael I and -- -- taxes -- commend you guys have short memories last year there's a disabling Leicester. Every series last year except Miami that's going to be a tough seven game series. Lester it's every other series of the social would win. And couple games couple series where for them I thought I would go but there's this team get to the NBA finals of the Eastern Conference finals. God bless ship you wanna go I hope they go I hope somehow some miracle you know the lord what the -- direct them -- as yet -- make it. I am serious doubts. I -- appropriately to a suburban vote boosted Iran lie not about it via -- B rob rob not that I'm not saying our nostrils to lie about it's it's it's what they've got the Red Sox last year there's extremes of a five -- Mike. They're not going anywhere -- you could just she ever took little been developing out I'm not very effective management and I'm just yet obviously with the style the team and all that. I don't think this team -- past the first round which now -- also this techsters you have presented a good question is typical. To come up where it is difficult to come up with an example but of the general manager -- put it out there he put it out along time ago that he wasn't gonna let this team get old. And he has allowed his team to get a hold a will talk to him about it I'm sure he's gonna give his explanations. Of why he did what he did or. Or mostly. Why he didn't do what many of you thought he would do final hour the big show coming up.

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