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Jack Edwards: Bruins face one of their toughest challenges in the Tampa Lightning

Feb 21, 2013|

We talk all things Bruins with the play-by-play voice of your Bruins on NESN, the one and only Jack Edwards.

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-- -- -- What they didn't. Are you now and the only idiots. Get. Nice way I screw this up Allison erupted before but I want to should've just want to consistently -- I got it in my head that Jack Edwards is going to be on in the 4 o'clock hour along with the any gains along with Ford for. And I'd like two hours. Two hours right there. Don't Jack Edwards is coming up right now so my mistake Jack Edwards tell your friends your family members Jack Edwards is on the radio right now and Jack Edwards. I has brought you vibrant and smoke shop in Plymouth. Pembroke Brockton where I am rain -- and tonton Jack. Is in Tampa. You'll be at that campus executed I have to -- contemporary native bug had Jack rabbit and the Bruins and a Florida like a pretty good game Jack I don't -- You know we're we're pretty good you know it's what were soft -- outlawing -- 77 degrees. -- on the porch. The beautiful sunny day. Unfortunate how old's house -- Although adult -- where were -- and -- some room to have fortune so. I got lucky. Demand that it did you I do want another front desk do you do you have a touch of the flu. -- -- -- No no in fact are brick is out for a brisk walk. About a 7000 yard walk. Across the TPC -- -- At this herbal -- These he's preparing for the game in his way to get this competitive juices going. You're a little white ball around eighteen holes and they'll be brilliant tonight I can guarantee that that -- saw last night and he's just for true undecideds. Now you brought that up the other day we were talking in the throughout the Bruins edged up and gaga did you practice with the flu. And sometimes in those situations coaches who say okay everybody does go home. This this is not a control. I know why why do you think they continued you run drills instead of this thing. As our players might -- well I don't let nobody out that's about -- I've -- -- say we know they have toughness understand. You got to protect the rest of the team you don't want the whole team have a rash of fluke. Yeah they actually fourteen big guys so to speak on the plane they've. Put them in a different area the plane so the seven guys you got stopped on a couple of days ago could. Admiral coughing fits. It in no small war but. I everybody skated this morning everybody looked pretty sharp maybe Eric record Campbell looked a little bit great. But that not everybody looked pretty good and other a lot of energy. I'm Milan Lucic back in the fold and you know they're they're ready to go they note Tampa they had all the talent that -- point better defensively. And you just gotta be. Really aggressive against these guys all result for 64 bit because if you take 32 thought he could be down two goals against he's got. Are what I ask -- this junkyard earlier -- -- an early in the season the season really is not that old but it just seems like. A long time ago. Cold wanted to mix things up so we added -- to the usual Lucic crate G support line to say and in there and got some result out of it. But tonight it's going to be Lucic. Great she Horton. Would you like to see -- be a permanent. Fixture on a first line. I if you if you look at what they're cheap stunt for that line. When you -- The guy who probably. Used. I don't know if fear is an accurate word but certainly is the guy who makes HL defenseman most uncomfortable. To know that he's on the arts. When you put him out there and then you got Nathan Horton who is returned to his very -- game by missing that -- the last see what that can actually got. In January. Conscious -- sold out. What happens is you create a lot of space that a lot of time for David crate and -- he is about their confidence that when you proposed to their wings alongside them. Orton is a really high quality like maybe not in that absolute top -- but pretty close. And Milan Lucic can pixel rebounds and make your living along the port as well anybody police. Such a pretty good one combination I. I wouldn't mind since they can -- worry is what. Bergeron and marched on especially he's got to play the way place gets one -- she was really aggressive on a fact check when he had gotten back into the Boston don't break up this. Centering pass. You're physically involved with dropped. Yeah you know you to a physically challenging and winning battle along the boards and if when he -- beltway the scorn -- you know it it's kind of confusing. From the outside maybe sometimes when you look at it as well. You know that -- -- try to live in the -- and you know maybe just start eagle hole and get a shot off but. Really. It gave -- balls when it -- in the pro system -- -- getting physically involve winning a battle and lenders weren't all that come naturally. Jack this -- team memory probably. We have a lot of great NHL fans around your -- for not following this team they lead the league with 59 goals lead the whole entire and it shot 59 goals. Cavity of a cab VA markets and we -- coast and Europe pal Ben Watt who we got is his dog really come -- was all special last four games. Yeah he's he's playing probably the best hockey of his entire career. Thank you Boucher had him back in UHL. So he -- Hopefully no -- -- what is the -- was and for would make one point one billion with a bullet last year and cap space as a model one year contract at one point eight million. That want to go work with Roland that was too much money was gonna disrupt the the structure and they had a lot of gulf by. I think that pull out a cute quote Chileans -- commission on at 7000 dollar Euro rates because. Quote really got. -- at the trop almost every one of his bad habits and now the only thing with that is will you be consistent and will he deliver in the playoffs because. Lecture where it's an excellent year for him if you put it in perspective. Against the other -- sat in the NHL where he was. -- it is about -- on the I want every eight games you know and that's that's not good enough and he was much more consistent last year much better contributor and he's got a good one year deal under which ever bank that he continued to play that's where the rest of the Eaton is going to an actual what are your -- the end of this year. Some interesting numbers -- mean the Bruins haven't of their own for the last four trips to Tampa Bay in that building -- they conclude in the playoffs. What is it about the lighting in this building against the burrow into play that tough for checking that 131 style that the years. What is it about Tampa -- that gives in Tampa Bay gives the brunt fits. Well for one thing. It's really usually. Nice outside here at. The that that has an affect on your whether -- -- it would better not no matter how focused you -- it sort of makes a little bit softer around the yet it. So that's one -- another factor that. You gotta stay out of the only parts Tampa Bay -- so what Stella no real out there and even though they don't have Ryan Malone is Richard walker and usually let alone there are units. Pulling out than doing the job and not right now he kind of looks like a body double what they -- obligate. Where the two of them are almost interchangeable. They have those long -- and they can make seam passes. You have. Probably all I'm forest worker at this Eric in the National Hockey League -- similarly. I saw it Ronald. Kept at bay gala Tuesday night in Saint Louis was easily the best player on the ice emitted -- on almost every single shift. And -- other combination of talent and drive and desire. And it would -- out what he's doing coaching. You just got to stay out of the box you you can't put them on the power play because. -- cost -- every single night. A -- we talked last week. I was asking you who was on your wish list because the Bruins have all this cap space -- -- -- -- -- -- And I was looking at GS and earlier this weekend there was a story the writers speculated that the Bruins might be in line for Daniel Alfredsson. Do you see -- I think again was going to be a stretch but not all golfers do you see any of that anything like that happening soon. We'll deal with caution there -- is that even though brought note it extraordinarily well having played against him in the division -- entire career. Bribery fraud and ask for a pretty hefty -- flights for Alfredsson. Whether -- yet or not I don't know. -- and certainly -- sure enough. And good enough to play another year after this street street -- that so there's no guarantee that you come back to vote or the brought to sign in and fit in -- accurate cap. -- -- -- You take in a heartbeat if if the deal was right if you didn't have to give up song. Absolutely accurate prospector or somebody who's -- roster player right now if you give up -- speculative. HL player. To get out per -- from the tail end of the season well. You make well it's is this period as they count he's a solid solid character Hungary is back incredibly skilled. Magnificent one time overshot. Smart create things that make the players around him better. It's outstanding eat sensibly he's got entire package yet -- -- the app and in in Ottawa and in their recent sports such as seniority guarantees there about all around player game and get out. Are you surprised that -- to -- delete the Lindy -- administration -- came to an end after sixteen years. What's surprising that the Mercury cured and get -- -- along with what dropped I agree. Although we elect in Iowa and an -- you know how can you not think that that -- got a cult because what what it just pilot water. Okay what that guy on the Calder trophy as the NHL rookie year. When you settle on the air this guy gonna give a little nightmares were twelve to fifteen year -- it has happened and that's the because at the end of wires rookie year -- -- it and get -- -- forever to linger and Tony load. All you want about how those guys didn't play at their very during the playoffs but the fact that batteries. -- -- -- -- -- And -- to continue to grow is making sure that no player. Has quote I totally independent voters late on two mistakes in every rookie defenseman size. But police who was always there to pick up the garbage and not make it looked at and not make him -- -- confidence. Well you know. There goes the security like it's a -- buyers. Have to progress on -- old with a much heavier load in clutch moments -- game so he was accustomed to and that development has been dead flat. Yeah XY and -- you know. That's that's one of the great distinct facets of the Buffalo Sabres out and haven't done anything with that because -- electoral anger -- and there are a lot of -- garbage so. -- battle won't. You go one on top of that that would give Christian -- -- your contract. The last that we saw -- popular detach them to treat Bergeron back -- to report -- one goals for the shorthanded goal in game seven -- trees Cheryl brought -- And start a great player you know -- -- imports -- your contract -- I'm very skilled player but he added that intimidated -- -- and then they decide after collapsing Google Lucic Miller incident the -- oracle the software. So in order to get caught who by the way has played absolutely up to -- you give them everything that they advertise perceive life. He's been -- he's been effective he scored their goal. He's gotten -- reported -- but they -- -- are all you want Sadr and the recording arts eagle the first ones that are in our work and the futures are the ones that are. However edit the second bullet severed the recipe don't lose a lot of it and that is all on the GM that's not when you got all. Let's somebody sabres and bills that are connected -- I just dignity they just have some thoughts and I jump around all right. Hey -- you know articulate -- planet prolific ground and so bullet fired up with just the few seconds ago. Very donors Jack -- always -- the men's -- some entertainment. The hockey talk hockey talk is on the table and so Celtics dog we're now we're now. All we know about the -- the Celtics is that they acquired Jordan Crawford and Washington Wizards. They said about a Leandro Barbosa and Jason Collins. As another deal coming or is this the team. If you're gonna see for the rest of the year when -- talk with the NEA's today and we talk with Danny and soon. Chances are that OK this is always got. If it takes them a little while to get to the phone. Maybe something else is gone.

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