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The Big Show's 4 at Four - 02/21/13

Feb 21, 2013|

Everyday we take four topics we wouldn't have normally discussed and throw them out there... today's topics include most impactful deadline day trade in the NBA, the NFL's workout wonders, the filthiest show on television and more.

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Didn't know in this no -- Needs to -- NGOs for poor and the -- -- -- -- yeah. Yeah. Orange ball. We -- -- yeah. Are here it is for new topics we haven't discussed yet we'll throw it out there. And see how we feel about these issues that young Andrew Young Benjamin have come up for us so -- number one what is. They MBA trade deadline is here and worlds now gone. And trade deadline day is usually the biggest snore in sports -- what is the most impact full deadline deal in NBA history. Well it's easy. The tallied a topic -- come to the Celtics. Hey that is the David Rick Pitino officially became that crazy that it was Andre Miller I don't. So Andre Miller and -- you declared for the -- the topic goes strong guy. Hardworking guy not to -- but my my my real answer is. Clyde Drexler. Going to the rockets in 1995. It's there were sixty depict a Clyde Drexler organized run. They won a championship a year before it -- -- disinterested. Before that trade and they went on to sweep -- Orlando Magic in the NBA finals. That that's agree when I would've probably use that myself by Michael. 1996. The hawks acquiring Christian later Sean -- exchange -- when my all time favorite spud Webb. And Andrew lag or being in my group -- Scott -- being acquired it 1983 for the Celtics in January 16 Lake Geneva the most. Most memorable -- of all time -- was -- The -- shocker. So what happened -- did help. -- help -- to get it. Really. It helped the Celtics. Oklahoma City. On most. Of I think he's got -- demo now. Spent a lot of time at the mall what's the circle and. This out of the scouting combine is upon us and possibly the strangest events in all of sports unless of course you're really -- demand measurements. Who is the biggest scouting combine superstar who turned into a complete cost. -- I think we talk about this by our our -- managed. A better to advocate the guys were on a box of Wheaties and all the work -- on the Sports Illustrated he liked what he boxes visceral than that to two part of X boxes through a day. All that stuff Regis Regis. Family to good mission statement in Texas billionaire investor idea and I think he turned -- have one good year or two he was they've talked about Mikey yes. He's going to be like the next great -- he's going to be amazing. Lot of these guys buddies come by and wonders what's that TW goat company noted I'm gonna come -- got another quarterback network another quarterback who's trapped in the first round because he ran fast times at the com. -- -- -- How bowler -- a four and five or something crazy at the combined with. He's quarterback know what you wanted to throw my mobile look. Got W -- -- guys -- to -- portrait that was at the top five or just personal work out or both we just went crazy. -- I think they'll -- it would come by especially the sprints in the and the forty yard dash. Over -- why. Because there's such a difference between that kind of speed and then NFL game day speed. Much different racial group -- about all the time like -- -- Brett Troy Brown Ebert Ebert got Wes Welker. You know it may not run the fastest route what you put them in the game and actual NFL game conditions completely different but we've seen we've seen the -- all the on the demise you've seen. The patriots have but several speedster is that amounted to nothing. That's true but heard Doug Williams the other day Doug Williams has gone out with great heart for the best Q what are the car wash your videos your car -- And one of the things he said was. I'm I'm amazed at these guys is Matt Barkley wouldn't torpedo but I'm amazed at these guys. -- -- -- -- -- -- In if you can't hit receivers. When nobody's out here. What does that say we'll just that's different though -- got a lot of drug straits right so I agree yeah I don't think that's overly anyway no I got a guy is not accurate and there -- no defenders out there that tells you something. Thought that's -- -- talk about to straight people judge somebody on speed while he only ran it off for five to a 43. Or 492 of which is still only half public and I root it out how you're gonna react in football game -- public notices extend beyond sports sports media. Yeah. Number. Do you agree to hear him. Go work out. Did -- -- -- -- we got a lot of people on texting burning Gholston. Now now let him. Are every bit ago -- don't go according out it was a great college player -- Great college player and just become the line is great college player. Who probably do want to come by too because of the strike and how about that straight in the -- test. Is -- one like overrated like if a guy if you get a quarterback. Who. Puts up like six Vince young's six or seven on the what would you draft them. That overrated. Can a guy and sentence him for an -- so as Ryan leaf which dozens. And they were you take decline. You receive incentive to -- guy right. And how he is a Washington -- aka. -- -- JaMarcus Russell JaMarcus Russell that was the national championship game syndrome liberty and a great national championship -- 6566. To do it all anyway it was a to prevent. Cal coach Mike aren't Montgomery as many of -- party scene and has been reprimanded for shoving the player Allen crabby. Having seen the incident incident do you think he should have been reprimanded. At all no no I don't -- I mean now. I politically correct it being hypocritical NCAA. -- and yeah Bobby Knight had taken his own son grabbed a player's thrown chairs across the floor but that's why it is it's a sports thing. I have this football UC football coaches push your players grab about driving past you know all the time in a basketball player or basketball coach. Shoved a player. I think it's it depends on how far you take me due to shove a player does they wake up. I currently have a problem with that. I don't either I -- -- but it -- a political correct society. It though some of these I don't know what statements are made out all her might you know might 191819. Year old kid got out of do you sports is one thing. Not college division one high level division what sports please. Top there and I think I think part of it is you know him you look at the players too is that the court is it is it over the -- for coaches. And to make contact with the players just push and they argued to head again ESCO. But look like in decades the player's -- kick -- -- but it did it look like but that. That's what that you gotta watch out for your coach you really want to -- you know it happens in practice that's -- how to practice. All the time all I guarantee your coaches to grab players constantly. All the time. As it and also. Does men's sports vs women sports. That changed again. Well core part of currently -- -- at all at this topic I mean yeah it does not talk about it and that's what you know. Inappropriate touching you understand it you're -- or him. It January I mean your your man and sport dominated settled in my apartment and -- you -- have -- -- sport dominated by women you'd probably just can't do that. Well he would have been -- -- got some of welfare I bet you you know I had some great example but -- get away with. Pat Summitt have bust by about several years ago maybe longer of HBO did that unbelievable documentary on Tennessee basketball universe to Tennessee women's basketball. Phenomenal. There was a game a Mumbai -- -- Richard makes somebody cries so emotionally. She was all in there for every result -- develop their face every moment that physically she machine -- handle players a lot. You know for a you know for more operational reasons are what -- Fort -- With the plethora of new shows coming out in the past few months and two of the year. That. Pushed the board of lines of good taste what is the -- show on network television. I got a I got to me and Roger see Barack you show on network television meaning just that the yeah ABC or CBS NBC fox. While fox I idea that you guys that go outside -- -- -- countries it's gonna ask you about it let's give us a lot of talk about everybody is it an exit. And you know. I -- some obvious and trashy TV. The reality shows real housewives of whatever. And all of -- dance moms have to watch that sometimes. Was shocked I don't the last couple weeks. I was shocked -- they show us scandal. -- guarantee that bow door draft here in Washington a big I'm a big Kerry Washington and in the creator of Grey's Anatomy. Put this together. Some things on. Like Bill Cosby are. I saw. -- At the show. Something's a network TV -- think you get -- 10 o'clock at night. Kerry Washington she is right there she -- prices. Crisis management. Specialists. Sun and it's. News. And she's having an affair with the president -- an Oval Office and doing things that Bill Clinton did -- Monica Lewinsky but we're seeing them in in reaction. It was once last week where. Easter and to grow like Britain. Or something. He's behind her -- to what. That's at 10 o'clock show 2 o'clock a cap -- and not o'clock eight on any. The CIB 9 o'clock family television CBS three day 32 I was I got fourth of all the following on fox which is maybe not be. Roger Ebert certainly is right up dip that's PG thirteen some art -- seems like speaker are there. The Americans on FX for nominal lots of you know. Racy language and some interesting semi nude scenes that kind of stuff. But to me the rock you show up that -- I've never heard -- report that I think it's historical by the way. -- two broke girls on CBS at 9 o'clock and we had to take on -- also absolutely he watches stop by government on network TV before 10 o'clock in my life are at how they get away with it. Is beyond what I'm told about. Every type of sexual position you've ever heard of in your life up talker and the best that the girl place -- -- on the show the big tall girls are invested -- but she's from Hanover. At least from Hanover mass. Tripping over high school at five from a those -- at all because his -- -- -- darker if he's alternate. I thought Ricky but what I have applied to the what did you. Now let's some believe was well I'll I'll watch it because had to see the trailers fog -- -- -- acted out. So -- there's word for what he got sick that quickly what you think Andy bin -- candidates. Texas say the -- retired general. I honestly don't go watch network. Years in which one show on TV person of interest dubious but some he's visiting him which. And that's typically -- -- -- epidemic guys fox is tedious -- Mario. -- -- -- It's something -- with Cleveland got TBS that it's not. -- Edwards. Our ports are some -- as always. With all of it. Our side I think what we're fine in his nobody watches network TV anymore because there are some options where you don't have to. Deal with the restrictions that you do on on network TV but it sounds -- network TV. Is that deal with the restrictions anymore anyway but we'll get back -- the NBA yard trading deadline trade talk the Celtics have made. At least one deal looks like the Jordan Crawford trade with the wizards. Is the one that we're gonna say. Sometimes these things happen after the fact and trading deadline was at 3 o'clock actually wait until 3454 o'clock 415. See if any news has trickled out it's interesting. It's interesting though the Danny change. Has decided he's not going to be on the show today. Does that mean that there's a deal in the works generally. If he's now working on something. He wants to come up come out and talk about the trade that he made okay that's an easy. Danny -- we just got word from his office -- age is not going to be on the show today. Maybe we can talk of the coming onto onto the show tomorrow. I say stay tuned right interests and this is interest in why woody. And I'm gonna companies noted and got a few races you trade it for Jordan Crawford nothing to be ashamed of there. Don't wanna face the music about trading Jason Collins introduces look out there are lots of speculation are we'll talk about NBA trades grow into whatever you guys wanna talk about. In just ninety's.

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