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Annoying habits your co-workers do...WEEI style

Feb 21, 2013|

Mut and Merloni go over a list of things co-workers do that piss you off.

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Our earlier today on the Dennis and Callahan Show right here on 93 point seven W -- -- can account checking on demand I suggested there was a great interview. -- -- -- beards and mostly -- -- about noon but to get his own. Kind of backed Barack from week but we couldn't have. I get that on demand WEEI dot com you've got co workers now for couple leave your teammates don't call them co -- got coworker who do you -- your coworker that. Comcast right publish your co workers. I Yahoo! did the bad habits is secretly driving your coworkers crazy -- a -- and see if they ring a bell to anybody writes. Beat Joey a -- original site and some of these are for actual offices and -- that we that we don't have beast actually have like this one about this one. Making an unreasonable amount of noise. That really didn't. As it applies to us here I don't care I hate this job I don't wanna be easier I did walk into the big show off during the break and I thought I asked the question. The only guys have on today's waking up people who's going to be on and Benson why yelling Allah. And I was. I yelled what are you guys have on today and -- nick. Second -- that I. Loud noises causing chaos on conference calls him. Candidates every morning at 830 every single in the drive burning or Joseph always outside in the wind. I'm here way earlier than you -- clowns are so always a nice quiet spot I got -- -- I think guys. Large yeah. You're one of those -- thanks he'll put us on hold our donors -- morning. Seated you don't want to -- two sugars. They need it. Being the source of strong smells -- it is totally do you run -- doesn't work -- -- -- -- totally and it's much this place stinks. Definitely you sometimes I would but it's not all being there are times in the morning. When Joey gets them breakfast and what you get breakfast sandwich every once in awhile this morning yeah Turks will -- after one of my port get a feeds on their -- all framing it and you know we checked those and that's a tough day for everybody around him -- -- Our office as a small shoe box. Tickets it's it's hard apple had a you know exactly what I'm talking about engaging access study reports it's amazing X engaging excessive chit chat. Wow. They'll love seeing all different types of butterflies but. Which Ricky will be our office you know return to committing due to some -- yet. Just like the guy from office space hey guys why it's happening. Hitting him again keep him out get an age doesn't come in unchecked Saturday. This special edition -- your show thinks I need you coming on Sunday if you. Doing things the gross people out. Then -- -- there. They have to be around us so we just know what they do while they're not here at the studio if that's the case -- that happens a lot out -- -- Mikey Mikey doesn't gross out stuff on his show right. -- hooliganism those are really -- -- does that's for sure. Are -- or gal. Touching too much or on wanton ways. -- The rules against that kind of Ross doubled in terms that we actually own rules thanks GO rules -- -- -- personal space. After that we had a -- all the little space in the office I'll feel like it's about as many hander Brad throw the Bradford especially comes in puts all the stuff. In office lap time you write some sort of story. But I think with our group it's not too bad news and finally. Only caring about your own -- your own show guests include other shows yes. Without giving a crap and making excuses about taking those -- -- like it wasn't your fault. And they kissing asked him one of the hosts in the hallway after eight to one of their guests. Never have or how lengthy I don't know what they're really feel let's go over there what number I should it was seven neck got to eight. 123. -- or five there was album. And -- have just. It's weird Yahoo! has that and they're like what kind of -- -- gas. That's weird exhibit were asked to meet a Yahoo! story. That's kind of wacky to get eighteen minutes we get docked in -- come before an additional. If those guys come around. Boomer the -- stuff -- well the.

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