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Donny Marshall, CSNNE, says C's should make Pierce trade

Feb 21, 2013|

Donny Marshall joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the trade rumors surrounding the Celtics and what moves Danny Ainge should make.

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NBA trade deadline addition Butler and ID three point seven WE DI got still 2 o'clock the big show. With holly -- shepherd then and Danny Ainge scheduled to join. The big show laughter that will he make a deal to talk about with the boys this afternoon -- find out joining us. On the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds that the ten times faster three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible braced on the games with mr. -- went on Comcast sports net. Donny Marshall joins us -- Dario. I'm doing well -- on getting ready for. At a dead so much build up with that lets it it's like Arnold Schwarzenegger -- the first movie after. Open up. Tiger or talk about it and we come out yet but I think that's what I think that's what it is currently. It's pressure when you eat into the rumored. -- -- -- they're talking about. So the putter on the heard BA coaches it's it's one of those. I don't -- blow don't want to become here in rumor after rumor I got. I've heard Donny -- for Steve Kerr and a player to be named later I've heard so many. So many deals out there let's let's start with the Paul Pierce the late one that we've been hearing with. Well Humphries and Brooks and a first rounder. You know -- -- -- builds some assets and I like Jeff Green Humphries can rebound like Brooks in it because I'm a friar I don't know. But I I just think it's of this this opportunity for Danny to acquire some -- it's not just right now but for future most. Yeah I agree and I love march number I just I think that. He's he is my one of my favorite not my favorite you know first couple your players just he's a terrific scorer and shipment. In a situation where diplomats would be terrific I agree. I think the fact that all appears that we east pouring. Obviously it's against the lakers you played very -- Cleveland outlet but. The previous four coming into that game just he really did not play well. I think some people out there a -- Boston. That I start to think it's you know that this may be like to Kendrick Perkins situation we're Danny Ainge said. At Walt pointed to care for it you know I think we've seen what -- is going to give out that a lot of people agreed I think -- got to -- He got to that peak you know about it -- at Oklahoma City and that people were right I mean he really did not. Do anymore. Or any less for that matter and then we'd seen -- -- here I think you know it's extinct I think that Paul Pierce is kind of at the end of that but you guys you know. Come to an end at some point and then you have to start rebuilding and I would just you know Paul Pierce is the -- could be the dark cap would check. The Celtics today he really is being -- to have a guy who came that has played. For four use it and cart career it and it went through all the ups and down I mean that the bad years with 24 when you're in the water and he chipped and ought to carry it into it it's suck negate that point which you know what is it that Leo -- it's the business about a look into. It you can get a guy like work number two you can get a guy like Chris Humphries you know what personality up court side it helps you on the war. Us -- so the foundation of it you you would do that if he -- Italy here there or just that deal you would do. I would I would because you -- you. 241 to get. A terrific sport and you have to really you have to think which you're your head conductor are it and you know outlook. As an executive as as a former player -- mean guys go to -- temperature change has. -- obviously putting this in the other has figured out okay can't be about. What I feel my heart. To be about my business lines and you did not tell you I think that that. That. You're not gonna get a better -- -- -- but that's also not a terrible deal. A whole lot Donny -- it's a terrible deal I I know you guys like Marsha Brooke's -- -- -- callers today. But. It did the piece as you're getting little has been on this for awhile ID stuck with -- -- getting assets. Are you actually getting any real asset I know it's a one year deal left for Chris how -- trade him Marchand Brooke she called a terrific score you will see got a -- -- for more than a year that's what was an -- gonna get playing time in New Jersey in a first round pick I expect. You can get more from Paul Pierce why shouldn't Danny -- try to get at least some foundation asset or peace I don't think any of that exists in the -- deal right now. Yeah I don't know you can't get any more for popular I think everyone you know people around the league one. And having a conversation. -- Billy keying in in New Jersey before when they were talking about this -- or more a year ago. You know when it was they would Paul Pierce's Celtic and you see him that he he's not there yet but. So understanding that he's not he's not and there are you the opinion that the people are always going to connecting to and and thinking OK how old seat. What is he turning into. Not at one point. Coming into last minute game guy who the EU shooting 17% in -- to. Up 41 from three but it tells you what I think he's shooting a lot of street and you keep an Icrc to Dominique Wilkins Michael door the greats who did very good players. They issued a lot of jump shot -- kind of keep you bet that. Idea that it's it may be coming through and not tempo or its courts and that's saying -- eat you know he's giving up. But -- at the end of that of that -- playing whether it's another year or true effect before and I think. Got it from both sides understand that in the asset that -- getting our pieces in I don't think -- -- and I think we hear about trade a lot of people are portrayed and it's it's this trade that would require that they always gonna make a great that's somehow work you guys that it -- it takes pieces. To bring to remember not too long ago that you did not want to leave Minnesota. Almost certainly. Were -- and not if you want to compliment XP did not those two guys are out. But they've made these pieces to get other guys comment that -- could come from -- -- this guy or. He's gonna be up after this season and then we can make them -- we have some space. And now we can bring in the really got so you know what -- you know how to -- it. Once that it's another step you can certainly look back four years while they didn't make that deal maybe it wouldn't be in this situation good or bad. In terms of the other aspects of this I'll ask you did that and the follow up on Josh Schmidt because -- what -- -- report again today that the Celtics -- dark course. Any deal for Josh Schmidt does that make any sense acquiring him for May be less than a year and then having to deal with him -- free agency potentially. We we talk about guys that their talent that are athletic ability. You know really it's better if they have potential. On what they bring to the floor but we don't really talk about. What the coaches how how they would. Respond to the coach I think now more with seeing what goes what's going on around a lake would get Tony and his players -- he's really struggling trying to hero. -- has. How he can play them -- -- -- Doc Rivers wants to coach a guy like just met the guy has no position wanna start and basketball while it no position. Didn't know shot selections sometimes -- shooting threes shooting air balls you know make two victory that you see him shooting that raced him then you'll see him in the post. He really has no position and and I am not so sure that that sick and want to get back here in other programs so as a winner one he doesn't. Really understand the concept of what date what they're -- it may -- that. Maybe the coach in this system that you can go in and Atlanta but I'm not so sure that you the Doc Rivers cart guy that you're dot. But then again if it. Should that is about bringing guys -- -- to back championship level it's also about making your championship. Coach happy as well because he's at the end of Ortiz in the midst of trying to consider should be will it be your route should come back to this game for the next what three years of my contract I'm sure you you have to remember. Yeah it Doc Rivers has to be happy as well as the war -- these players because you've seen. And password in the open but c'mon man I do I need more than I'm not sure. I don't believe the judgment it is is one of those guys that got like coaches. Hey you're also you're also handed to -- rights of Rondo and Josh Smith to a boys and disciplined everywhere right. I'm not even talking about personality object. Now we -- -- personality. A guy that. Wouldn't elaborate conversation with the Joseph Johnson. Anthony Johnson -- -- one of my former teammates who was helping he was on the -- -- coaching. He just you know that -- that everyone across the board that we don't know we stay away from -- Because. It's personality he will eat you -- that you. He walked out of practices. That these reports from guys who were on their team coaches and players and obviously you have to have a guy come and experience it for yourself but. -- in gay cop and it it's a small fraternity and and those bad that bad news gets around and it will stay with you for a long time I think a lot of people know that about Jack -- but apart from his talent on the floor. In terms of the Kevin Garnett part of this is there any chance of Paul Pierce is not moved and that the net deals -- happen. Any chance your mind Kevin Garnett waves that no trade clause on yours is contingent upon. A move before that Paul Pierce traded then angels two months has KG analogy consider trades more. Yeah I don't I just don't see it I. You know the KG is one of the last. The old school loyal guys and I know when he was in Minnesota out I'm not reading your love -- here. At war I love that I love I love it well. Ray Allen Boston -- OK maybe are considered many kicks off. I don't see that situation happening because I don't think. I don't think they KG is convinced that there's a team out there that. Keep it. Wave the cause and go to and and win a championship I think he really believed in -- heart that he could win a championship with the Celtics. That's what he says okay here's an opportunity had been Arab -- a lot of great -- so commodity here. I just don't see him feeling now and get to that apply in your career you have control which wanted -- Can you want to play for Doc Rivers who is director Oscar EEE. Guys know that around the scene it's it's back then and I just don't see him going trying to. You know re acclimate himself to another situation to know Kevin Kevin Garnett is the alpha -- can you can hear a -- leading. At this point with less than thirty minutes ago it. And going to. Locker rooms and and Beckett had on the Internet and are on the on the and other team and it would -- -- stop it happening easy really established career and just go either. You know the situation and leave. Dialogue to -- the latest one of the start talking about Jordan Crawford available the wizards in mentioning you know fab Melo and a Barbosa put those two guys together and acts. You know again after losing Gallic -- I don't know what he's gonna be but if he -- a couple years why add a fourth guard. To a team that I don't think really goes anywhere I wanna see but the -- can do a couple of years. -- there's all there's you know to me there's a couple different scenarios one. You guys know it's clear catch basin in naked you know have an opportunity. Next season this summer trip to go deep guys with the context did in the in the in the meantime right now to. To try to dig deep into the playoffs. And I just I don't see either you know I really don't see -- the latter policy trying to. Deep into the playoffs and his team by getting a Gartner and I don't think that that is there's a big you know I don't think they expect that the expectations obviously much. -- less now -- -- and soldier out I don't know if Washington if you if you look at them. I don't think they need an undeveloped -- you know that they really have no direction going -- I think it was just say what about this and -- it sticks. They're -- is really struggling lately I mean really really struggling why would you wanna bring their you know Jason Terry we've seen visitors struggle. All policies and our home most of the scenic -- career I don't know why you wanna bring another -- -- like because not really what you should or an alleged. Alleged there is. You know release. Something that looks very enticing with his contract and -- is I don't see that happening and I agree. I don't know -- their Britain I think he has learned the game. He's been great shot blocker college but yeah it's it's very very different level of India especially you -- -- rivers and you've got to be held accountable for every patient. Everything you do on on both ends of the floor. Well we watch it tonight where they make a deal or not 7 o'clock on Comcast trade deadline special UN the entire cast of and a hundred people. On that show tonight should be fund and. Here I got all being -- hoping Susan as bad -- the Arnold Schwarzenegger will be just you look at one another. The be -- -- -- -- probably wait wait you'd hear from him because I am just. I'm I'm banking on probably going off on very equal he's going to definitely. It makes it up but they're not for an economy is not going to be -- -- they are out there at 7 o'clock tonight on Comcast Dottie thank you -- appreciated. Our report -- our guy from Comcast sports net Donny Marshall joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With up to ten times faster than three -- AT&T rethink possible at some point when -- on talk about a former. Husky teammate Kevin now in the job he's doing a UConn right now that's for another day 92 break to things we get back you mentioned the trade. And the ramifications on talk about the salary cap issue the can be involved -- that the mellow Barbosa. George Crawford trade and how to impact the Celtics missed our cap standpoint and I'll update you. Our poll question would like to see Danny Ainge pulled his team up we asked you -- those two things next.

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