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Paul Flannery, SB Nation, on the NBA Trade Deadline

Feb 21, 2013|

Flannery joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the NBA trade deadline and what the Celtics should do with KG and Paul Pierce.

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Butler not 837 WEEI for today maybe only. Your home for every single Celtics related -- and the NBA treating them line. Where he everyone we get the documents and audio working you can access it near driver rowdy a driving -- or drive and tax ball that things. On every single one that we see Celtics related you'll -- here on 937 W -- yet here's the latest Christmas couple minutes ago. Boston shopping pierce. But not just looking to off load him asking for expiring contracts and draft picks move unlikely. At that price good for you -- as well say ask for the -- for Paul Pierce Marchand Brooks Chris -- and a first round pick and it's not good enough. Ask for the moon for this guy can really got a team you're one of those that want him to retire bought the cubs -- -- camp believe. It was. Police aren't enjoy your pockets of those and don't not put words in my mouth Vanessa is what I would say nothing to do with the next offseason I'm not giving it away exceed its gonna be good -- -- dating don't give them away. You can give them away you are that's a giveaway that's your your yards so all pierce did it take away for free -- -- -- -- New Jersey a good deal. It's not a good deal look at your opinion. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So of course you know like the deal or everybody -- I mean -- -- the games. It was the league. It's not enough to Paul Pierce in my mind you that your that your opinions again my opinion it is and apparently danger is agree agree with me. But it also. -- will be a whole lot Donny -- it's a terrible deal I'd I know you guys like Marsha -- we -- -- -- callers today. But. It is -- -- as -- getting -- has been on this for awhile -- stuck with it it's getting assets. Are you actually getting any real asset I know it's a one year deal left for Chris how project in trade him Marchand Brooke she called a terrific score you will see got a do for more than a year that. Yeah I don't know if you can't get any more for popular I think everyone kill people around the league one. And having a conversation. -- Billy King in in New Jersey before when they were talking about this oh or more a year ago. You know when it was they would Paul Pierce's Celtic and you see him that he he's -- -- but. So understanding that he's not he's not there are you of the opinion that the people. Are always going to connect into and then thinking OK I'll hold that seat what is he turning into. Not at one point coming in the last minute game guys who the -- shooting 17% in Tibet to. Up 41 from three but it tells you what I think he's shooting a lot of street -- -- keep an -- to Dominique Wilkins Michael door the greats who did very good players. They issued a lot of jump shots and. Good deal -- Paul Pierce. Disagree but keep an eye on this throughout the course the show last plenary here bottom of the hour Kelly it's in Boston as we get all your thoughts in the celtics' NBA trade deadline day -- -- -- -- football look back at the above it all as much as police pulled it off the argument it. I think I caught up I thought I was tired of. And I got a standing ovation from the Red Sox dugout. As a member of the Indians -- it took young young came out of home. Are those memories. I remember watching that you've been at all from all of our outlook on eBay bought baloney -- just thought it. Those Google values that I rebels are to good that's a good dollar spent on eBay as -- say about that. Couldn't find him -- 61. Of the -- Although it looked up this trade deadline volatile. All of north here and dialogue on the -- up -- patent and trademark that she'll want because while you better get into the mythology our bodies that are. The only people that would trade form or not cured if he might opt out of the light that -- not gonna get much want that way. Art AD appears so yes. You want apple -- but it has won because of what they meant as health organization. That you can't testify and that it. Act program or to Atlanta I'm sure did he would do it because Danny you know is -- one -- Call argue about it because he he does what you expect it to do with the look up -- -- that's afraid. Not particularly for the player if you can get. If you don't let KG and peered into. You pick. A prospect like blood flow or maybe a long term shot with dot that the -- belong though I think you have to do it it'll it'll stop this even though but in the -- I've done it yet but -- -- -- you know what that was the right movement -- good luck tomorrow and out of -- agree but. If you can get deals like that you have to do it anybody want it I don't know but at the same time I -- Carter agreed that. If I can they get a lot for 3530 to -- veterans one. Who have a non guaranteed deal next ship that has been out that but it's an awful awful it retire. -- -- LA really wanna give up Jordan impolite thought -- that -- without that one -- thwarted off thirteen million a lot of it or not right now. That's the beauty of I think Jordan's under contract I think for about eleven. The next few years. So you've got him I just think that. You know again I still think it's a good deal you know and induced hearing that fifty ball pat. That the clippers and now internally discussing written earlier anywhere. At the -- to turn it down here anywhere that the Celtics isn't it sounds like it's on the clippers' -- is Kevin Garnett want. -- here and that they want will Paul Pierce -- -- -- pretty clear from everybody that saint and I understand you showed. But a quarter of three you find out what's the best one out there. It's easy to negotiate right in -- this and that's cool now I want more pieces of what this I want that but it 245 call -- back. That's the best you got amid. Role that I know I don't care what time they call the bad deal Mike's had a -- talking traits -- him like we have. The new Republican colleagues in straight Clark is ridiculous it's actually ridiculous you will not get anything remotely equal value for Paul Pierce or Kevin Garnett right now. It is quite frankly. I'm so that got -- people there ready to quit. In the -- bandwagon fans and wanna quit on that came in until they don't have a sharp ballooned. Lou every person can that 2000 and they didn't have a shot clinic in the final and they were joint cooperative out of the championship. To -- year after that no limits and hurt our runner -- heard all the way US he'd take out last year. They call that rallying to run to get smacked in the face we'd be playing in five people forget this. -- -- and have a great run in the post season this year and get -- back -- Eastern Conference finals. Wait Mike -- is not here neither were Salinger. But acknowledge that came can't play well on this team right now you have one more PQ didn't you like one of those those big -- is unhappy in that situation. Yeah like you're gonna have another big man in there and with a QB that -- you. Penetrate -- think they got right now Mike dad and misty. Who can trade -- Are people gonna underestimate this scheme is when Cameron and -- again in the playoffs really. Seriously -- an honor to meet you guys. Let them played out this year they deserve that they've earned that and that you know that he didn't get. If they want to retire they wanna walk away. Then you blow it up you'll do when you're on the playoff hunt and quite frankly I'm disgusted with the fact that you will be saying they can't beat teams in the playoffs because they match -- beat Miami. -- right I -- I think people are highly under estimating the impact Jeff green is gonna have I wouldn't trade him production -- straight up thanks -- tank like garbage out. Protect garbage out -- that does this Greg Dickerson. It that -- Josh Smith is not the kind of got shareware -- the green and -- period in the -- neither Dwight Howard I don't want either one of those. Those two overrated bum like Howard -- -- Dwight Howard is ranked number one center in the NBA because there are no good senator in the NBA. He's athletic he's big. Celtics can win a championship this year the -- Howard is is not good. Celtics deserve to date they earned the right to retire Celtic. -- Sounds I don't buy any that. But that's OK it's just my opinion. You the Yemen a lot of fun watches team play so why not. -- but it's -- for a minute just imagine you're not a fan boy. You're actually a GM that responsible for this organization for the next five years. You owe it to anybody to retire Celtic you'll put their Jersey in the rafters. That's a GO that's what you owed them because it will be that it committed Q okay I don't know anything else I give you one wobble that we've where get a break and. Two all -- loved it sees working hard tweets feeble out of Boston Herald GM just said quote. Danny can't come out of this would nothing whether it's for now or for the future he has to do something tangible net capitalized. All caddies Salt Lake I -- affect you know this colors like that it just like I hate the people that wanna blow this team up I hate the people make all these moves your GM. Okay you're GM. Is the one wants to make these -- to do not my Sony -- you're GM. Okay. The make it sound like a -- media stop everyone in the league is talking about -- call every one wants to make a trade everybody. All of a sudden it's I am sick of these people -- deal this team you're -- does for God's sakes it's not not necessarily true he wants to do. Something that's just a smaller deal mean your you want to be a bigger deal can be a smaller deal. Let's do this we'll get all your trade deadline calls and here we're gonna keep an eye on Twitter every single Celtics related tweaked. Out we're gonna get for you here -- that Twitter is not the end all be all you want the news we give it to -- we come back Paul Flannery columnist SB nation on the NBA. -- the Celtics -- has pulpit said one GM's telling him something in all caps ball plenary next.

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