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Should the Celtics accept the Nets trade offer for Paul Pierce?

Feb 21, 2013|

Mut and Merloni debate whether Danny Ainge should accept the Nets offer of Humphries, Brooks, and a first rounder for Paul Pierce.

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The countdown is on five hours five hours five hours until the MBAs trading deadline just after 3 o'clock eastern time today it's -- -- 93 point seven. WEE out yet you covered all day long all the latest rumors the innuendo the deadline is like noon. Wait. Wait till three a -- Neitzel lead up to that they get an hour of Bob -- Jeffords a year ago. Clock is running on Danny Ainge will he do something it last night's loss and LA. Changed any changes -- you if your object to any age really excited that a fellow Thursday. Right so at 3 o'clock and all the chaos going on it and he's -- racecar is gonna sit there and cook talked these guys in -- -- -- talk Humphries and Brooks and -- Got a call up Bledsoe is gonna call up Jordan welcomed into the Celtics. Now is gonna do a spot with a with a big -- to say and all those guys are gonna he got a call -- Howard's elicited great game last I want more of that all these guys to call up in that he's got to do a show. Tribute Pena asked that you are all land on a big -- the next 5 -- I -- so far all in right now I I am. I -- mall in this this thought of keeping this team together. I just it is very simple question. For a -- For a lot. Why. Why why don't wanna keep this team together. Well I'm proud of this team all of the way they played the course the last what ball games. I'd love I'm gonna put Paul Pierce's Jersey appear to -- -- -- -- he's up -- the impact that he had short time here no question why not. And -- got to finish here. There's a -- give every -- second possibly get. -- that put a team together finished the year it's it's a bill that sets and -- look at these guys going home plate but these guys they got available come to mean now. And then go to bed then then it's gonna you know in the year. So start shaping what this team look like move forward. Well I think you'll get to one of the trade itself there but I -- to say about last night's game you guys hammer this point yesterday until it might be one of the lone voice of the feels slave I would not making a move to make a move to a Dwight -- you're Danny -- iPad is still don't want players that they -- the -- he wore a picture of the Cody where yesterday the -- that's stupid. I will blue black you run those glasses or whether or at least got to compete subtle Dwight Howard wants to compete compete -- he was great last night -- flat flat lost last night does not change my opinion last night was. Not to be expected. But can be easily checked off as on the road back to back in the in the second half. -- they played a really bad stretch there in the third quarter that's what I'll admit that's my sort tapped out there were down eight. And the lakers won on this ten old Ron to slam the door believe -- from eight to 184 minutes and the Celtics could not do anything offensively. They just sort of fell apart there was no movement. Again and little bit hero basketball Garnett took a bunch of shots during that stretch defensively. They had a way to for Dwight Howard mean Dwight Howard kill the Earl Clark. Killed them last night inside on the boards but. The cabby out would be for me as a defending the Celtics after last -- second half back to back emotional lakers owner had it passed away. Lot of emotion before that -- for Jerry Buss so. I can see why they lost and doesn't change my -- helped OJ -- opinion that by keeping it. You make a run at this thing you also ally yourself at some point in the near future not going to be next year because Garnett pierce may still be here but the year after that. When he salary start off the books you know Paul Pierce not going to be year he's got five million dollar buyout reality year after that. You stared at a barrel fourteen million bucks on your payroll that they keep that -- fat milk today. Out of what wildly dollars up three guys -- a contract green. Courtney Lee and -- soldier that's -- that's three years away. And the deal that -- you're two back in the office all fired up this next deal that -- nets have offered Chris Humphries Marchand Brooks -- go to school. Again beat Providence who you know speak at a friars. 27 to two runs at the end to have can kill you every single. Time I've been nice was not gonna bring that up tough game to -- don't continue. And a first round pick the -- offered for the service of the ball peered out. Early Celtics said no you witnessed three years -- Capitol Hill that cap room kind of and I you all the cap from the world just wait. Wait on -- what four guys that you mentioned probably they know that that's the point out the you have to wait three years sport I think that -- BA value in those -- either get a -- and await. If Garnett doesn't retire -- for a couple more years. It's still it's two years after this year Kevin Garnett to take it by the way we set the time my -- to be horrible and does money for you spent on home. On what I'm just say in the free age okay changes UD OK also okay well he leaves and you dig in on lacking get a couple young players and listened. Right now everything that you hear. Right the clippers are out you know there's no discussions. But here we aren't -- -- -- -- would lose their number. I'm Danny right now okay. It's. You acquire players. If you look at sit there and -- -- I don't want Josh Schmidt on this team not only on Jordan imposed Bledsoe would do would house Chris Humphries help Marshal brought in a first round pick Brooklyn nets are. Our good team doesn't help but doesn't help doesn't help but it does -- as you've acquired assets now. And all of a sudden now you can slip in you can flip a Bledsoe when it Josh Smith or whatever he's a free agent you let -- balky you freed up money with him. But whatever it is I don't want Josh Smith here but I want players this is -- Gainey did in the first place. Because of assets he went out and was able to get a Ray Allen to convince Kevin Garnett in another trade. Put the team together. That's what you need to do. He don't need these guys to finish out the careers here and just walked. Used them to give bodies to maybe a future trade or out of the four guys you acquire may be one as the future -- at three you flip then. You acquired the first round pick. It may not be great yours might be better. To bigotry yours away on draft day and acquire another player. That's how I would that's what I would do right now I mean. If if written out so Detroit what more than four Paul Pierce in the report is there -- second first round pick a good for him he should want more. Right now what time is 9:10 o'clock channel 6000 Dickerson here for our -- fifteen minutes now 26 seconds to go with that amount time that he should want more. But I what's it did say Billy King don't don't lose my number. You recall vote to thirty magnolia last offer. Nugget paktia. Try to -- as much as it possibly can't. As much as you can because what we were trouble -- do -- -- surprised there was a lot of interest for Paul. That's when you start look at -- -- team KG would hurt this team if you lost the ball pierce would hurt this team if you lost to. They're still believe it appears to believe -- in playoff time but when her as much as Kevin does and nobody to replace Kevin I think Jeff Greene to step in here and give you some minutes. Looking at a couple of the guys. You know -- -- chemistry or lose to cap that the captain -- a copy down -- gone. To -- a -- companies can rebound the basketball -- Brooks givers and scored off the bench got a stop but that this is a terrible deal for the Celtics I don't think so you're trading for two guys whose minutes are weighed down the shaft. Why can't advocate because there's better players now on the net -- not as good to keep up with the players they house so it's so it's Russia Brooks is fall they went outside Joseph Johnson. At the -- -- and his minutes went from thirty to eleven. Well that's gonna as the team sucked a year ago all right they're trying to get a good does -- -- -- -- Brooks isn't a good player what's -- salary is -- -- to keep it. These guys that they have some great value and I understand. -- -- -- a fourth guard on this team somehow yesterday but not trade for Paul Pierce while we gave herself for sonics get -- that you got markets more exit thirteen and ten guy people. And darkest horse for a second round pick that type of player that -- rotation guard per second topic not in the deal for Paul Pierce will mean you. I can't get credit because you've been steadfast in saying. It's about assets. My argument I'm not sure what kind of message are getting in Chris Humphries whose numbers are way down this year -- got a year left to twelve million. You have -- -- Brooks whose numbers are way down with what he is a second your guy he's a guard he can score what else can he do. And the draft pick itself that first round pick. That's a perennial playoff team for the next 567 years closet keep its nucleus together Brook Lopez Joseph Johnson -- Williams. That's a terrible hole for Paul -- you are giving away Paul -- you'll want to put up about -- out of the of these yard sales. You know you don't -- bubble that I'll bet you up there but we have yard sales were you -- and you've puts up -- to take it for free. You are still Paul Pierce -- -- -- -- appear not announced -- I I'd wanna get more but I would note that about. McChrystal priest to me is a guy it's you know thirteen. 1213 points and eleven rebound what you this year -- -- this -- -- not to shoot 66. Last year -- 35 minutes a game go to bed Jerry denies here you don't -- look at this year -- -- before one look at this event how many minutes you average amount. Twenty point 69 going -- and putting it yet last year. My upper third 35 yeah why is that -- -- well it out okay but still they would not got a guy Reggie Evans from the Los Angeles Clippers. Was giving -- 22 minutes nine boards five points that would outside Andray Blatche from Washington. Was given in nineteen minutes -- went on got a couple more bigs. Looks Lopez's healthy. To last year when he gave you minutes. It's years ago 35 minutes you before 28 minutes he was thirteen and eleven. So now they got a different rotation and use them as much as six and six and nineteen minutes a game same can be said about Brooke she brought in Joseph Johnson. The ball these guys showed question they can play. So you've got some players you gotta pick you've acquired three different assets now for Paul Pierce who yeah you can wait till next year. He's already double -- pinched Everett's neck. These guys have him get really get her yet Peterson -- There out there in a court client. It guarantee that next year when they're even more tradable what you said an expiring deal for Paul Pierce this offseason or next year Kevin Garnett he decides to come back to. Device giving higher their banged up when nicked up a year older and hurt not play again that you. I understand your point about that. But you really think that's a fair deal you -- you talk about Chris Humphries and Marshall -- to ask that they are are realistic assets. Paul Pierce if you keep Paul Pierce. And we'll talk to medics about the sisters got five million dollar borrowed fifty million dollar salary next year bombing your wrist deal but a five million dollar buyout. If you keep on is and he basically the same thing Humphries is god you would trade is an expiring contract does the team knows -- -- gonna feel about this guy -- Bill Kristol is a 28. It could be healthier next year and expiring contract that would give ms. Smith and say I got to got to thirteen and ten year thirteen eleven. Pretty valuable and expiring deal for twelve million dollars -- -- he. He's not a good to -- not a great player. But I'd say it was a great player adversaries agree put out agree with he's not from a thirteen to ten point is pretty damn good for two years straight I guess -- different. Ideas when asked you know if they wanna trade Paul Pierce today if you tell me it is a second first round pick and it gives them flexibility I could see more. I don't see the major asset in this deal -- when I disagree I don't see where the the one guy can spec EC that'll be the peace. That would be the guy can move going forward that'll be the guy that. Yeah I know Chris Humphries to get me something next year -- -- skeptics generally is. I think this is the big rebounder who depicted Goodyear to have a great year a good season ever great you're -- -- everything Joseph Flacco. And got two years -- point for -- box and now have a rotation to Reggie Evans and watch other guys in the front court. If you wanna trade Paul Pierce I don't think they should. I tradable -- trade Garnett is want an anymore overturn I would be more over turned. For a guy who put up a big first half last night and yes he might be hurt. But I saw him got it out for 24 minutes and light up the lakers one of the few guys with any sort of offered to pull against that Laker team. I need a better return and I think -- recognizes that that if you want Paul Pierce you wanted to go to Kevin Garnett you want leader. -- a way that no trade and it's got to be better off that. The off for the nets are are giving is not enough for Paul Pierce I would not do that deal. And it symbolizes everything at -- like about some of the deals that Rick Pitino laid back in the day. Kind of rushed panicky move like -- my ticket for Paul -- next year better trade him now. Are we at a we have first round pick we -- setter let's trade that ended the clerk -- a first for the tally the top and call. If they did that -- a first round -- -- -- metallic golden that's a panic trade. I don't want the unity began to panic there heard Jerry -- doubt that -- beat Danny panic make a deal. You don't make a deal just to make a deal and the -- -- little ansari. That's a deal to make a deal that is on concern it might not give anything for Paul Pierce will take. A couple of -- average. Average pieces. I don't think like anybody really thought Delonte West Wally Szczerbiak -- gold Sebastian Telfair Gerald Green Al Jefferson. The -- combination of players was gonna get you Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. Did you. Al Jefferson's a good player how'd -- do it because it seven guys. And -- first round pick by the way it was Jeff Green the fifth pick overall they got went into being Glen Davis back and return to that round deal. He had six or seven assets. Or any -- many good. Al Jefferson a fifth pick overall Jeff Green. -- don't have that have -- those are pretty good asset yes they are but the point is is that did you pick Delonte West of what would ever help you I'll get to Brian Goldman ever help you out Gerald Green Sebastian Telfair. Beat those guys that help you get Kevin Garnett. So it's -- -- say -- let's -- Chris -- straight up for this got -- talking about. Humphries. And mellow and and and whoever it is Avery Bradley whenever it's any combination. Our pick and new Jersey's pick. Can bring back some but you would immaculate Danny B trade. Because -- a lot of the status of the last day is the Irish Celtic fans -- what the hell this team is gonna deal. They're gonna make the deal -- is the last day to go on record is what they should do between now at 3 o'clock at 6177797937. Your phone number can text us. On the -- text like 37937. -- keeps circling back to the Garnett deal do we at least admit. That it's very unlikely that Danny will find desperately trading partner as yellow -- in the -- Mikhail handed and the deal but I look at it now again. Telfair Gerald Green Ryan Gomes Al Jefferson Theo Ratliff 21. It's a big hole what was that Jefferson was the big piece there maybe about Gerald green was gonna be athletic wing man you're the first round picks were going to be any. So we just admit -- we're gonna to go back to that. They got. Lucky having the KL and -- now -- -- times you've got a front office. It sucks got lucky. But you'll take on -- salary. Is teams that are that you can get lucky -- cut payroll. Wanna get rid of a player may not be happy about it. The organization to be forced to do a -- Revis the jets at the trade him I just there sometimes that it's out there. It's out there if you're a team in position to say that the I got like 1012 guys deep here I've got extra first round picks I've got expiring contracts. Come to me. What are you wanna do. It can happen. Dexter wants to know that first round pick was that the -- of trading be -- to clerk in a first for the top ago. Was on dream Miller who had a lot of good years a point guard how many years this Celtic team got to fight Kenny and -- in Denver old this year anyways 15106. Still playing now. That's the question here today Jordan can do a last chance to go on record before the trading deadline at 3 o'clock and yet the net deal on the table which I am way against -- is all for little -- made the deal last night. What do we make every like conferees. I like the Fryer you like Kardashian like first round pick. Do so with a six what is going 6177797937. That's the phone every detects this AT&T text line. 37937. Get involved on Twitter at Lou Maloney at -- and all the WE BI double get your thoughts on the net deal and what Danny does beat down 3 o'clock your calls next. What Danny Ferry is active as active as anyone in the league and he's very unpredictable as well remember a couple of years ago he trading Kendrick Perkins. Out of the blue at the trade deadline surprised everyone even people within your organization. So fairy is active talking to people about -- Several GM say Rondo still remains available. Even though Danny -- told bill Duffy Brando's agent that he won't be traded. I don't think they'll make a huge move they may be something minor but again. You can never know -- Danny games. Does Chris Broussard talking about the Danny Ainge got Danny Ferry factor the next four plus hours -- -- 93 point seven. WEEI last couple hours here to go on record as -- wasn't the Celtics do. Between now that trading -- level thought the Donny Marshal at 11 o'clock in his thoughts. And your calls and texts and tweets throughout the show at 61777979837. AT&T -- line. At 37937. Texas has good points -- Yeah Rudy Gay was dumped that it's a pretty good players back. In that deal to free up the salary to sort reset their roster. And it all the reactor that was the Toronto but the bad part of that deal not Memphis not in the case of Paul Pierce I want more. I want more you're satisfied with that that's fine I understand it you wanna get anything for Paul Pierce -- get more assets that you wanna go that route. On the Humphries I guess just a minute or just don't agree with Jeff Green. You know and registered DePaul is is. The one dynasty he can't replace PG. If you trade KG you need 200. Jordan you know you need a that that big becomes in the middle -- trade Paul Pierce. If you can get a bigger point guard for. You know I mean that you can get a big of an -- -- shooting guard form. You need to replace Paul Pierce I just you know because I think Jeff Green and aside and I don't think he's Paul Pierce counties is no comparison was -- his career nearly but I elected trajectory this kid is taken right now I think -- starting -- comfortable. -- -- that dunk early for fourth quarter last night and he's had back to back highlight -- plays. He had -- block on tile loss in the night before Denver last night he went baseline and had just a sick. Don't. Mr. Chris Broussard who. Fab Melo as bait the -- us a look at that perimeter scoring wizards Jordan Crawford available. He's in Jordan Crawford I know we can score off the band for years left. One point one this year two point one next year that's out on the money -- point guards regard give up issues point point point six minutes thirteen points. Forces to game. Shoot free throws and only can score when it comes to Jordan Crawford -- is -- -- with his free throw percentage. Eight were 82% the Google pursues awful 41 negotiate he shoots a lot the Washington based buyout Ortiz just Bradley -- his emergence there. Apple says that's what I would do I would trade fab Melo for rotation guard that no great right there. You mean that the -- crawl throughout the bench why would you ever treat fab Melo for a fourth guard that might not be in a playoff rotation. We'd actually be in the playoff rotation with this -- -- Joey Crawford good player second guard off the bench necessary yes but I mean. So you what you want to do -- you're treating young players that still you don't know pick -- up next year the year after may become a good player in this league to help. This team do you want. What -- win a cup why around 10 improve -- Miami and why are you wanna get rid of a young player like Melo we don't know about you could be a Boston. Right. He could be good. The young players have played much basket deals that. He he would be peace in the deal to acquire what I want it I would never deal him. For somebody to help of this team that I still think he's not won anywhere. Yeah and I think every chance to win a couple of rounds and fab Melo we have no idea on years right he is wrought as broad gets. And it may be one of those gives a look back on in and you say boy they give but at least the people that I read to follow the deal league. Are sick here talent he -- every night in night out of fab Melo is one of BA player there's been no sign -- Paul athletic he is a lot to learn. Okay if you tradable Crawford your reinforcing this year's team -- not given up much to do my opinion. It's worth the risk Manning a seven footer. A big in this league to get a fourth guard. On routine that gonna win one around baby who would want fab Melo wasn't so great -- the texture that's -- it's lose trade value means right there's that potential. That great keyword when it comes to fab -- what easy. 61777979837. Gyms and a car we get all your calls on trading deadline day in the NBA what's up Jim. Well strange guy yankees and insult the about a lot. A -- a lot of similar I'm from New York but moved up here so a lot of similarities. Both organizations believe it's championship or bust. I think yankees and the Celtics are doing the same bad -- -- -- on all players never get to world championships. Liabilities. Well so that. I wouldn't go you know these players that players get two or three young players. Or a guy like pierce like -- she could've traded share this year granderson or even sabathia. And hit two or three really good young players should be much much better are the yanks consult. A market. You know you don't that's -- sure it's different in baseball you know me that's just I think it's different those guys have a have a core -- -- to help. You want a bull luxury tax or go to the playoffs to uncle Leo CS who won the World Series to make their money back. Stuff are you wanna go but MBA at -- Islam more difficult. Padilla picked you know you -- sit here and into the awful try to set yourself up salary wise for a few years like Miami did but you know guys like you know. LeBron James don't come around -- the all time. You -- -- itself for that you know he did do it through trades I the best why the best way is to requires many -- again. -- mix and match. Yeah that's why I'm so I mean he get two or three really good players like you're saying look for a prepare so I'd do it in art. -- -- at big east you admit that that Steele is not -- is not two or three really good players I mean -- Humphries Marcia Brooks in a pick. I don't think it's a great call for Paul Pierce I I want more don't as a Celtic fan Jim itself the gig vent all you want more for Paul Pierce than that. You know not really -- I see pierce just not leading I'd rather much. Jarrett and appear scripts I don't see appears. Leading to a championship I think he's -- -- although. Guys aren't either we all rewrite the two guys get definitely need to champion to be the same team with. As -- would say more assets in his opinion. Actually get to to comply -- level compared to one guy who could break out. Still think you better that's my. It identified an interesting that you know this team at ten guys and Ross threw kept him in a couple spots to throw.

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