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Our legal expert Harry Manion says Alfonzo Dennard is unlikely to get away with just a slap on the wrists

Feb 21, 2013|

Harry Manion joined D&C once again to provide some of his legal expertise. With Patriots corner Alfonzo Dennard being convicted of striking a police officer, Manion thinks he won't be getting off easy. Dennard's availability for training camp could be in jeopardy.

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As you know by now patriot cornerback Alfonzo bettered. Was convicted yesterday of assaulting a police officer in Lincoln Nebraska that's guilty of felony charge and missed the -- out I believe it's called a class three felony. Third degree assault against another man. Denard -- faces up to five years in prison for the officers assault. And a two year resisting arrest. A -- -- -- we talked were good friend Harry men in the unofficial official legal expert of the Dennis and Callahan program good morning -- talk are you my friend. Mary Howell likely is debtor to. Who spend time in jail for a class three felony first time offense Jerry. You know China I would say it it wouldn't normally and not probable but I think it is now probable partly why. Case should have been should have been tried it should have been played out and the reason I assume that he did not play. Is because they were looking for a felony conviction and they were looking for some -- titan and if that's the prosecutors. Position and it is hasn't been. Instead at least they think I've seen a -- In reports what the with a prosecute. -- military's position is. Then after I win after a convict you of of third degree assaulted a police officer I'm going to be asking for jailed him. And in Lincoln Nebraska and I ain't never practiced at Lincoln Nebraska I practice throughout the countries you guys know and I I tried cases in the midwest and from the midwest. Assault on the police officer is that you really serious matter and and I think the judges. In the end in this is a you know this is professional football player and I think he's going to be very hard pressed not to give him some time but -- able. You -- so you think in Lincoln or to say anywhere Harry you're more likely to do time because you're famous football player. Not less likely it didn't used to be that way in Lincoln. It did in you know back in the days of live whomever Tom Osborne Bob debating it probably -- this -- -- -- away but not that cities. Inspire and the judges -- -- spotlight you know used to doing you know probably. Circle K brick and in this shoplifting and other cases that you know is that it a lot of heavy -- in -- -- the veracity of this year of course but this is going to you know I think he's going to be very hard pressed to give -- That are industry I think he will I think you're gonna see some time march. You don't know why because it's the first defense and you know no prior record that shows a bar fight young guy. You know gotten some altercation he was he was acquitted by the way on the assault on the alleged twenty -- although. So he. -- but you know the police officer by you know according to the testimony came up told -- the move along it's over. And -- indebted popped and you know that's. I think is I think is -- some time I don't I don't you know what I say sometimes I think six months. One who well. Pay the prosecutors said he is unsure. If he would request or suggest. Sentencing to the judge is that good or bad. For dinner I guess it depends on the judge's point of -- Good god you know you don't what rejected the guide states stand up there Indians say you know public and for too many years but in the all right you're saying -- what probation in the and it gives that your record at that maybe it up. Go to the -- End but on the other hand -- Everybody knows the proclivities of the everywhere and every every defense. Lawyer -- Either haven't changed or liberal judge or somewhere in between they usually somewhere between I think I think that judges are saying. I need to measure. In calculate. The right remedy the right punishment direct consequence or dinner I don't -- just ruin his life right it's not the crime of the century. But on the other end I don't -- -- and just to get a slap on the wrist and just like you know sorry you know -- you do it you do something a little bad -- you know do some community service pay a fine induce a probation I I think is that a if I would reject. Based on what they go by the testimony at trial. I would put him behind the -- from maybe ninety days and maybe a little more maybe six months and and I know that's gonna cost him and his season. I know that and that and that may be the right result is also got to deal with it again Roger Goodell. You know this is he's articulated take a hard -- -- Jerry and the personal conduct. It's not it's it's no defense to say wait I wasn't part of the union that was in the player when it happened. There's plenty of precedent for punishing a current player. For pre. Pre draft of conduct that the results in two in the guilty or a conviction and subsite some -- so you know. Standard is a bad night he had a bad night and he's going to be something. So Kerry to be clear if -- position that even if he had pled guilty he would probably got a little bit and jail time. That's what they were after injury I mean -- in my opinion on to -- right right that the negotiations. Are private but. To me to look at it you know you guys know how many and better I've represented here. The last 25 right and I think that I did this movie about ten -- a patent and that may be more twenty times in various iterations that. Whether it's a sexual assault. -- personal assault or whatever you know. And in the bottom line is look I'm always looking to apologize say it was a bad night in public and destroy them. Control the damage to security damage control that's the the agents want when they hire me they want me to go out there and in control the damage do we have to do it to to minimize. The impact on the career. And I would have to say that happened the year he had an agent they found the right horse in Lincoln Nebraska who went to the two prosecutors said look you know bad night. -- -- The guy just a really bad night very battle let me first -- -- that -- -- -- apologize to the officer. Apologize to Lincoln a police -- for causing this kind of not done and it will -- like I'm shortage. That all happened. It would have resulted in what that's all well and good but I needed ninety days to. Have you ever in your carrier ever seen -- sober guy punter cop. No I've never had a situation Jerry and all the all the players I've represented all the I've never is always alcohol or something else it's always it's always intoxication it's always 2 in the morning. Perry at the right at the risk of sounding like this is let out the risk opposing a sexist question does it make any difference to the dinner. It's a female judge handing down the sentence that's what it is. I don't know I in my opinion I I I discern could -- gender bias and went one way or the other I think you're judged. Male female or whatever will will traded to try to be you know when you're sentencing it's and it's that it's awesome response to them. Is it your view that the person as contrite sure he'll be contrite. I'm sure you'll hear you know a lot of great things he did in the community I'm sure you'll have from his mother and -- hear from everything that you bring everything you've got. And you say give me a break in if he went when he Alec Q which is where what is called what you Alec cute when -- you do -- -- -- And say -- sorry but it looks stunning new insert. You know what I get -- either cut this kid a break. And give him. No jails are leaking go on and deal with the commissioner and it satellite or I got a really teach the lesson and make sure it sticks in -- front. And do justice but can. Unity and so when I shake and bake that irrespective of race color creed of the judge I I got jail time that's but that's -- about it really thought a lot about it it's a close call -- No easy answer but I think you can I think he's in -- time. But a question for me -- is it different in Massachusetts because we've had four or five police officers to three from the cape by the way. So the judges have told them part of your job description is getting assaulted and every one of these 45 -- who Texan and police officers said. This guy is not getting any time if you were in Massachusetts is it different here. Well I wouldn't say different messages in China say it this way. Urban centers see a lot of very very violent for a bright. And -- it's just you know it's it's it's it makes you very cynical and jaded so. So I just threatens the a -- abuser of other child that is just you know. He pitched the living hell out of it yet -- they'll have to deal with the bar room fight. I just don't have the same kind of cynicism and a that is jaded if I'm sitting in the -- Dorchester district court order. You'll also district court. Here in Lincoln Nebraska the big crowd right I mean it is an you know that to be. Parochial but it just isn't the work it is in Detroit you know it is that it is an LA and it isn't Boston is that. You know I've been only in the basket a public sport in North -- it you know it's -- it's a college town in. And I think that judges rarely at least from -- to better I'm sorry for. For him because it just felt like a really bad night in you you guys now is covered sports for years these things happen all the time. I will win the thing we love -- -- not afraid to go on a limb and make a prediction so -- bought this one. Oscar pressed -- the story is does he do time how much time does he go away for life like you should. I think he's still teacher. I have read the police report but it is guilty. I I don't believe in the one -- man from the fugitive I. I think. I don't think there's anyone army and I don't think there was any of burglary and that definitely think it was the site. It got out of control in knots and you know I'd be already thinking about some sort of diminished capacity either took her insanity -- but I guess I go with. I thought it was the one armed man from the fugitive -- -- -- -- new idol I would. That's that's a tough sell it to talk -- in Boston to tussle -- in this. In the South Africa and Italy. The toughest sell is he said he thought she was in the -- none of that was next to me she's the better I know she's in my -- Eric got its idea. -- -- -- Always that light it doctor appreciate the time effort to talk down the road. Very many McDonald's L -- AT&T -- AT&T forgy LTD back to the straight talk. It's put the lumber -- number two and six months. I think if if -- if if they can to get back from like training three months is okay. It's April 11 grow a call that you -- -- three months ninety days sixty days like that no big deal right back you know he's not -- -- -- around that Michael -- -- quakes was in the best shape of his life as a first time he was in -- or not doubled to lead and he gets sentenced to one day. B one -- important stories sent sport and it. If -- think it's going to be gets sentenced to 25 days will be one day more than Donte' Stallworth got for Killen a guy for. You never know just never know story as though we don't know meg bail. This trial's gonna take forever I mean sentence bigamy you read the stuff yesterday that Augusta. It's a crazy place the murder capital of the world. They're called it that is frightening and a wonderfully thought of like if south Africans think you know I could kill someone and get away because this -- -- -- have for. Norwegian talking -- 77 to 21 years or maybe ten. Did the math it's I think it's three months per victim if it's ten years. No frost warning tens of minimum. The sentence is another brand new -- put in the lumber all yeah I was when I won 21 years for killing seventy people some Gregory Texas is in trouble with the law law that we'll get back into the NBA we -- back.

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