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Kevin Millar says nothing is set in stone, the Sox have a shot this year

Feb 21, 2013|

It seems like guys at Red Sox Spring Training are following "The Cult of Kevin Millar." Millar joins D&C to talk about all the influence he has on the current roster. He also looks ahead to the regular season, and isn't ready to rule out the Sox in the AL East just based on how the competition looks on paper.

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And joining us on the AT&T like AT&T forgy elderly call to amend the leaker will be happy cult that -- joins us a lawful and good morning Kevin aria. -- yeah -- realize Kevin their -- five guys in the Red Sox are now who could see the use their best friend. Yeah that's that's that's probably -- and got big poppy is going to be one Ryan -- every child. On site greatly airplay in the same game that late into the Brett Fisher institute airs on a so like you try to be just like we have been like trying to pull and and do you think -- facial hair. Dustin Pedroia thought he'd get I've got to -- his idol he's got to look up to meet bears don't -- that he came in and and then try to keep that number going -- also also be my best friend that. David -- June 2 Eagles need a lot lot David Ross and salty salts Alia -- -- -- sign -- the -- -- camp. -- out of the fight this year I think he was twelfth. -- but -- viewed with the Rangers in just. You're my favorite player in my oh god I'm getting old you like it 41 year old step for the Rangers so yeah I got five or six including -- Now -- I gotta tell you this we -- out of Fort Myers just came back yesterday we sat down for a long conversation with Jonny -- and he wanted to make sure he took great effort in fact. To point out while he admires you love you and like you as a best friend that you are really two different people take a listen to this. -- mode you know have more and you heard. Some people expect you to be the next Kevin Malone. -- more likely one of my really good friends somehow I had a feeling yeah we've we've known each other for awhile. But we just can't be compared to each other because -- twice as good look into them and he actually he dyes his hair through dies I do not dye my hair he frosted that's -- -- it's that guy you do that in just a law need to do it Barbara out of our jobs. It's -- to keep their fate. I don't have fake teeth at the twice as much calories seed and then I think I got three inches on the forms over him like there's others actually nothing compared with Kevin asked. Kevin. You know what's great keep it short stated that brought to you all for remarks make it. Do it the other side at three A did not get bored on the biceps but you know what like -- said AM Saturday when I call it -- ambushed him. In the -- or do something for Comcast and I said. We are we are like you're right because I'm the champion -- not -- -- at a current net champ role in 2013. So hopefully he brings one that did this. Kevin can put any kind of -- qualification spot on on what. Chemistry and clubhouse CarMax and tranquility does four teams out on the field and obviously you're the idiots at a great great time and it translated into a world championship. But as -- put it out earlier don't to need some horses as well as chemistry. Got a courses -- and I mean. It's a self made that being put through the media okay good clubhouse guy you know I'll proceed -- good club bounced our either winning player whatever that means we still had Pedro. Manny David. Chile right and then you had people for coming in there and the and the back in the Balkans we have horses. But the bottom line is you need good guys. You need guys to pull for each other unique guys to sit there because they're anarchy. And -- prepared do you wake up in the morning here in the bad mood to keep you abreast bank in Iraq no word miserable. Are you wake up that day here in the good mood you know body feels good bogey look at Mary -- TJ had to work. Whatever -- -- you'd need that in the clubhouse and sometimes they're Debbie downers -- the jealous guys there's -- haters. And you wanna try to get a group of guys that care about each other important that are but you have to have good players if Jon Lester doesn't fit for the Red Sox. You got Burnett went buckled goes ideal for three months you're not gonna win you know -- Bryant answered as a step up the -- -- -- -- went so you need to pitch you need to play. Eating -- yet but you also need guys like Johnny gold and Ryan Dempster came victory on the guy that you brought in this year. Well the Red Sox did -- say you like your -- you guys are are behind the microphone jets as front. I'm talking about Sox nation they've done a great job of bringing in baseball guys and it will give them a better chance. You just need to tighten up Alfredo or said the scenes. Or things don't sports let's not let one bad aid. Boring machine down like he's that we yelled dot dot let's get him also on the open and if not. Get him out in -- we -- somebody else. Hey everybody. Is cattle like these guys I think liberals gonna want them to win around here Kevin they certainly have great personality. But you get the chance are you gonna pick him for anything above fourth place in the division. Yeah I do I'm not just saying that I mean I play the sacred site group got canceled top to bottom line is I look around the Yankees are better a -- that you're going to be good. But the Yankees are definitely older they got since they installed on the rate -- you can always compete as they throw the baseball but he did lose James Shields let's get that straight. The Orioles you know great season last year. They've still got to come back and prove that to me again I mean what's this a one year wonder I mean they're starting rotation you know element all these guys gonna have a three year again who knows. They're good. But I'll think they're better than a Red Sox right now even. And then look at the blue jays on paper this is the team should win the east. But a lot of teams that for a wallet -- they're -- -- last year. So what what chemistry -- seen have they played you know that that that can be a team like the Dodgers last year that was just put together. And they didn't do a whole line and no -- have a chance to come back that the bullet hit cap approach to people yeah all right -- great year last year don't discount that. But you know he's got do that again now in the east so I give the Red -- legitimate chance because. There's not a whole budget came at a -- them on paper the blue jays are. First -- yet but that's yet of the -- at just 35 home runs and an -- and you know all these guys the Red Sox have a mean that people go out play have a good year. Two springs ago when Adrian Gonzales showed up and Carl Crawford showed up the Boston Herald famously wrote best team ever I don't think that was necessarily good for this baseball team I think they looked at that we are almost have a sense of entitlement. And and and I and I'm wondering if just the opposite may be in effect here that these guys look at a scrappy underdogs as Larry Lucchino. Bob put it -- and have something to prove serve like eighteen wide. Dustin Pedroia a chip on their shoulder you know what I mean. No doubt about it they were the best picture had best salaries. Coming in Beijing develop the proper. That's salaries great the moral of the story is it's a lot of 2003 team if you guys recall we all came -- people like our Burrell Moehler and and the. And Todd Walker and David Ortiz and Jeremy Giambi kept -- more I did it. They're not sexy. What you know what they're ballplayers Johnny gold or you've got a site. Big win over the red -- -- -- -- -- one open late last year and that cup you don't think that's a factor a little bit of -- he's that. A -- get victory you know he's played a lot of when he hears a belly. And -- that double ear -- You know baseball guy you need -- -- somewhere you know you look at Ryan Dempster ever want anywhere tremendous human being. Tremendous QB work -- Great veteran to have an -- are about to teach these guys when he's there at 6 in the morning work it out. If Brian -- -- that -- -- been and you better get it yeah so. The -- all of this whole story is if it's a team now you look at eighteen world meadowbrook state LP Pedroia -- -- LP you know. These is that team that can come together. And see what happens. We -- you know one story here this spring Kevin is the redemption of John Lackey everybody thinks lackeys and have a good year ever he -- and when fourteen games fifteen games get better attitude. He lost all that weight -- you -- -- as you can have a good year. I'm not look good John Lackey -- with -- Josh Beckett saying back in November he was bust his butt back and you know I like John Lackey -- like got a bad bad scene -- he's not a great sound bite you get by the -- -- people want to ambush him because. There's some guys that just don't know how to play the game Jack Spector was another guy that's not -- play the game by the microphone. Great but just because black is not a great -- by an had a rough here let's not regret that we forget he was -- He was hurt bought their own eighty mile an hour but he's a competitor John Lackey they horse -- -- LP. You wanna get on the mound for the angels trust me out based on -- he'll be fine if he's healthy. This guy is going to be huge for you guys trust me he -- he's got that mentality of a Bulldog he detects and he drive an -- 250 or and he doesn't Terry in jeans and T shirt he. He's got to drink beer wants a -- you know what he's a grown ass man your -- have a beer but this guy is a horse Okeechobee is going to be good combine. Pick up almost to a man in that clubhouse not -- the new guys because they have been teammates for John Lackey pointed John Lackey and say he might be the best teammate in this clubhouse and what -- make a list of who I think would be good teammates you would certainly be on that list I guess Sean Casey might be on that list but from your standpoint. Who was the best -- you ever played with and why was he that. Hands down Gabe Kepler capital was the greatest teammate that we had -- -- is probably as big as a role on our team being a point that man. Because. Like -- that guys. When you have guys that care about everybody Jason Varitek will mark belt or went through his scenes a -- in America down a medal for a week straight. I mean Varitek capped or myself or in my hotel room. At 1:45 in the morning with a pizza box. He'll -- trying to figure out mark Al -- that's when you care about somebody what happened club Disco dance and where it will warn about how we get -- back on track. And how do we get him let him -- older things like Gabe -- had to have enacted -- -- -- you all around at the right time. You know Billy Miller is a great teammate trot -- a great team we have so many guys -- but nonetheless Johnny -- a great teammate. You know that just were good guys and good teammates they cared about each other Doug Mirabelli a backup catcher was like our -- hitting coach. I mean we petition write him from the batter's box so those kind of things make it good teammates not just been a good guy. It's caring about like so one point when when your offer for and you just drove in the game when it runnin' utes had a -- person but you're able to -- perhaps somebody and ask. That's a good teammate. You know that's a good teammate it's not when you're doing well. You and yourself when you go home. What do you think Napoli will make the transition of full time first baseman okay and do you think it is he's gonna work out here we know the the deal with the hips they're not bothering him yet but it it it feels kind of ominous right now with with Mike Napoli over their first. Yet what looks and that's going to be healthy I don't know much about as degenerates I've seen yet hopefully it's not a bad scenes -- bowel Albert -- or Mikey Lawler. You know the bottom line is that if this guy straps up and hit and that report bicycle. He's getting hit homers -- homer hitter dire. Period and you know what -- When I play to get snapped at what you would -- -- something's got to and it didn't like a bad bad bad bad bad but it was a of one -- but was gunned down at any kind of bugging me. From a player on the other side and then you get a chance to know this -- now on this side when he was with the raiders recovered and been around them. Players love him came late love him and what a good guy. Obsolete thing and I remember all the basket. You broke guys like Chris -- Alan Ball quite as I can't stand you you're the -- -- the highlighting here cowboy hat. And then when you when you get to play somebody. You got while OK you -- -- Napoli. I'm employ at least helped because it. Thirty home runs there and and that's about why he got he got galloped him. Although I was sick haven't. I should remember another guy in the first days from the Red Sox who went with the extra button on Bunton once in awhile to. Who -- you. Now I want you -- you look at it but the false statement. Never you never had an extra but maybe it was by accident months employees that are never. Never -- -- the top guys 81 only that would that that last one never had the button down like and Niedermayer seeing. And we should -- not the final episode of MLB network's reality series the next not cooler air tonight at 10 PM co hosted by of course Kevin Millar and Tim Wakefield. And and it says here that two former college quarterbacks are the finalists and I'm shocked but our guy Doug Flutie -- make the finals let's put that Kevin. Well Doug Flutie was phenomenal he just you know -- he's fifty years old he's the best competitor I've seen there. He didn't he was the second guy gone last night we had to eliminate Ryan parallel. Who is a great athlete I think some team is bring Leonard to try and an outfield with the lies in an accepted a nice swing. Tonight though we're down to David drain and Josh booty. Bottom line 10 o'clock eastern time you better have your -- from the couch watch because it's gonna do it the other boys. How does the judging it. Rewriting you have out of the judging take place or is it just subjective like looking at how the ball or is it getting people out how does that work. -- -- what they've had to catch up a Baltic had to hit knuckle balls they paddock space. -- at some point which isn't a whole bunch of I had to do but. Tonight. I guess they face they play in the game I agree real players and Wakefield and a great job of analyzing they've had Charlie topic common there. Salt he's been down there are so it's going to be a it's fun night they'll be the first time pitch in game and you gotta -- -- -- -- at their quarterback. Rudy. If he played a little bit but they've -- these guys have been a great job. What -- always you during your Major League career when you saw that -- to restarting an ice that -- might be time for a night off who was that. What they right now on the -- holiday all the exciting New Jersey at his teammate without saying anything and rolling at about four work the month. And I Cameron one night he's gonna get trade -- nine but didn't but just to -- he did he monitors yet because thanks for your seven for 47. -- -- -- -- -- Now -- -- fifteen year old Chelsea baker fit into that category as well. Chelsea baker is now officially. On me and I always told guys that would not for TV that wasn't a joke she struck me out. I tried it was like all you are trying to get the girls don't she's awesome and what a great girl. She's gonna have a great little future I'm looking forward to seeing her future she got she. Well speaking of future to have one last thing for me weird does Jacoby Ellsbury play next year do you have any insight on this at all. -- now nobody does nobody knows. Nobody knows Jill but just let him -- Kobe L Berrian hopefully. Eagle that there are still sticky bags in its point home runs for Sox. Final episode MLB network's reality series the next tackler -- to edit and the uncle posted by Kevin and weight should be fun given by the time always a pleasure talking baseball life with you. I've never mind but not done now with. Well I I instead directed -- which you fly you fly I was capitalist. -- double BLM on the AT&T AT&T four GL TE speeds up the ten times faster three GAT and T -- -- I got a -- -- -- which one -- Malone which was Wakefield again on the run together. To sum up the closest thing baseball has to Charles Barkley. And Ali wasn't as good a player right now and -- -- -- Barkley. Who's got more cash and all but. He's got the same no -- clueless on the wall it's exuberant yes and the goalie the Lester. It's the same got to ask you did at.

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