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Kevin Garnett Postgame Press Conference

Feb 21, 2013|

Kevin Garnett spoke to the media after the Celtics lose to the Lakers tonight in LA, 113-99.

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-- Many have to anticipate hearing a quote. You know little known. Producer who's -- -- -- between the two. Go to negotiations. He goes to. To sincere emotions when it comes to own should've been -- Give yourself and vice Versa -- because more personal. And you know awful person in the long term you know participate in the normal person emotions -- their first emotionally and but you know it looks like in the house you know you -- about. So you miss California authorities went in motion. Became heroes who -- -- You hear it ignorant -- emotions force. Good to you have to ask a question. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Then wrap your part but. Vote. Well you know -- there always another real owners committed to winning. And you know there's two of them give themselves. Known and hope -- He knows no no better owner Nolan -- Committed I think to me anymore. -- sports or anything. Actually. Simplify. The when Thomas going to talent -- out together. Has always been content there has always been contending team. You know in there were no reports. You know he really would -- for short of corners did a great coach and it was great players. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Gruesome so you know we have a boss so. You know north orange start four norm doctor buss and his family but it's -- must learn -- my heart goes out to his. Focus -- keeps keeps keeps to your -- to -- -- It is jump on them and maybe take them out of -- you call me here. You know. Take you being I don't know. Feel like there's. No you have to anticipate -- being emotional roller coaster. He was and how -- mistaken. Anticipated last night -- use -- and we talked with a normal plan just about the emotions and on to our young -- And knows who I was why don't -- -- tomorrow. He. -- this you visit any future problems case. It is -- old guys that -- -- in its history. We're we're a totally different. Scenarios. And obviously we have the chemistry. On the failure of hosting you know -- -- it was referred to go out and have to plant. We're just about everybody was called where it. Guys understand their place and we can -- with the injury. And we've got a metal movement you know political games together you know treated very. We're not perfect. By any means -- We're working group. Was scared to Beckham or so to speak. You know the break coming up. -- momentum a little bit. -- You know so mr. got to be talks. Some that we all grow our conscious. Some -- -- -- -- a way out of this will be the group struggled with the war torn divisions. -- ago we got a few more consistent you know -- back to -- consistency in defense. And you know look at office -- too many errors that you and we will will go by that I got to play a lot more. You know fight to cope with things like anybody in the league but. No sauce with the man in America first and I -- -- -- -- and went out there.

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