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Doc Rivers Postgame Press Conference

Feb 21, 2013|

Doc Rivers spoke to the media after the Celtics lose to the Lakers tonight in LA, 113-99.

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I would -- a moment. They're legitimately. We helped them. But he could play welcomed credit. You know on the -- speech about it but -- he played well and you know -- -- -- is more is rebounding. -- -- -- You know -- -- so we don't really care about obviously and that we did a great job -- we wanted to make him score over top of us. He can do that we're finally. But I just submitted that report the game the whole game. And we had a lot of force and I -- because the last I don't know what whatever. You know in this little run that was our worst game as far as energy and just. Effort and just -- him. There the -- You know Matt Matt said to stop -- -- got tired you know we're asking him -- a lot so we we just and have a lot tonight and you know it's amazing still scrutinized and I'm points at our office is awful. And you know but -- used to giving -- this many points. Of a degree -- another to move the ball thought Nash. You know slice of -- -- when nested today it was two refugee. You can see -- ball pressure. Effectiveness in the first but on this team -- -- very aggressive mindset I -- he came in trying to protect Avery. And some veterans who maybe. It's it's 11 exploded outward and but I thought the guys played great you know -- although -- -- Nash as the reason they won the damages -- spirited. The charts. We you know develop a last night we can -- Regis and know when the game tonight we were just bad night. The you know talked -- that. And I -- team right now and talk about that now. Listen we got the guys in the locker room and we got enough in the locker room. And that's just what we. Yeah. I thought you -- on our office that we can have better than anyone else. Tonight. And out but it was good you know you can see some good things he's a great ball mover advantage really tentative at times you know coming off picks. But again we talked about a forty and yet those guys on the floor you -- unregistered and where I was really happy when. In my party defended. Don't -- a little bit of fight. And that's the first thing I told him you know Lee's got a reputation. For being athletic. But he shouldn't great defenders in the -- I went to bed the party did that. And well -- articulate -- either way you know our jurors emotional dent in the problem. I'm like that these guys orbiter a long time you know -- is the emotions is probably Powell needed boy and and -- In -- -- and maybe Iran as well or world which are. But other than that. You know but -- -- -- the other way that you jumped on them. Which I thought we had to do we didn't. That's.

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