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Wednesday, February 20th Whiner Line

Feb 20, 2013|

Ooops! Voices in my head, gotta go!

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My view is excusing views expressed and expressed. The white -- these aren't -- AT&T. Proceed with caution and this discretion advised. Only Morris and now losing Laura your line. Maybe they want somebody else I don't I don't know I don't know why -- -- -- about. I'm through trying to figure it out and now the process and give it to the opposing team regular just maybe things could. It's nice little religious leaders from the crowd nationalism is a very difficult place to play. Of course initiative is not good WEEI. Whiner line I guess I'm not. The president that. So just want. You know afford to continue throughout the season -- how you play. This is not on getting better dial 7793535. Because rather -- us as well as. It was my. You do that they would turn to play comfortably in the -- Two whiner line. Don't know what do. It's just talking about when you come home and anything that is. And I guess since I feel like health plans that stands -- -- they vote to do with the -- and now. When someone deserves it you know you you coming out of shape you deserve to. Holding -- -- three weeks has been trying to test of this franchise it. Everybody's got caught a break this to its -- help. I Antoine wanted to and he really did. Mikey now he's kind of -- and that's one guy. To beat Jordan cards. Aren't you like to just watch I don't think he did that he's on the QB Jordan cards. It's a lot of money manager I would imagine that's from the journalists are rusty piece that didn't mention in -- -- but really -- development in this it. He -- for now the clippers have terminated talks with the Celtics. On that KG for Bledsoe and Andre Jordan trade the Celtics have been eager to continue the conversation on the deal the league sources that the talks will remain dormant the last. Chris Paul pushes the issue with management. Several prominent executives and coaches. Said this deal per -- -- the clippers prominent that championship contenders. How about this the Celtics will consider. Moving Garnett to the clippers for any other combination of players. And -- -- -- the talks let's Bledsoe and Jordan. Are in the -- my character that Hendrick cars have said no thanks. The Celtics wanted to be gone and maybe Chris Paul holds the key to this whole thing. How do you measure one player determining the outcome of major blockbuster trade for French and then. I can imagine this is he's an outstanding pat I just can't I can't see it right now stated -- I'm often made is gonna happen some you know something's gonna happen. And I can't see you can't see at 3 o'clock tomorrow of this team is exactly hours tonight and I don't see it. The water line has brought you by AT&T holy Moly -- WE he's got an odd -- logo is available on your iPhone or android device brought to you by AT&T AT&T. The official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins. But the most forgy coverage in new England and Mike is good yeah obviously. -- geez all over the place -- -- -- -- An Argentine ten times over time we've discovered that. Sounded almost people should know. -- at least it. How. That. OK. All of -- I've got a -- Back. Out because. You want it more ointment on. And -- which it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- canceled for seniors are a bit of money -- money -- they're doing things the past -- people. I don't know. Ought to return to wrestle him yesterday still over the rest rooms -- which we which means -- fish. It's up points. I called the web part by their black vote went right it. And that message. -- Talk about downsizing bigger -- of these so. And now they bring your. And then met Bob touched I was about thirty pounds of Dahlia you know in order that was cited. A he partnered. Pete this is the part that you were brought. Them to death -- Georgia that we've both got a couple nights and a tyrant Hitler. It's a torture the Titanic it occurred is that some weather news. Yeah I agree with what a lot of things outlet walk walk away. I think you know photo of the -- And yes her picture yes yes now and -- it all already been asked that does just that picture. Because you don't want to -- we don't want that school pictures we want to -- -- -- she's on Twitter you can hear. That was a report. So a little more as the Celtics -- this -- reporters looked up a little more substantial up something more smiley. John -- Yeah. Bill that would that'll -- I don't know whatever Alabama's. And it's different thought I would -- it would understanding. I could get it elsewhere in night out there yet we did good work days. Lap while everybody celebrated the paper -- war. I -- a lot like the political balance of the brave overnight no way to go home on the big. Feel that I would have happened but back that you want it sounds good how. -- -- And I. I like that. -- -- -- -- I predict he's gonna happen. Candidly successful year almost out this year and he thought he pitched he pitched batting practice today. It is batting practice the couple days ago nobody at least that's got out of trouble as ever instituted -- it was ten times faster than regular army apologized to the result misunderstood. I -- these taxes and giving people other people are informed on Depeche Mode about this the past Depeche Mode is alive and well new album this summer. Tour for years ago also out in 48 countries. -- And -- bad played a great woods two years ago mr. -- great woods -- what she wants Garry Shandling Comcast and positive with that was the corporate name Comcast yes. And drove. To a broad band that they -- good standing next opponent played one of his teammates feel Paul. Always collapse. If that's partly the way. That's the big game. And now -- just give dislike. Get down slide out of debt and selling. It was celery -- -- -- action based -- It's great country of bitter about forty days black. Bob Cobb bigger platform. But what really. The -- state ought to build up always. And that. Yeah its sentencing -- is April 11. -- -- Oh ball. All. I didn't think anyone who have a war we've done all the way. But the quality couldn't. Brokered. The group that we had grabbed them. How about my connect called in Miami vote and today they. And -- met him in Nebraska -- smacks you in Russia at times those who. -- Go to Miami app MBA. And a little -- all of that white up. Webpart -- left in Italy. And -- -- saying -- somebody doesn't mean you really -- it didn't happen. Yes. But I guess his nickname she weighed four run for weight as a beautiful beach who he. A key fish would be can opener for the short -- -- him to run for Obama in his letter to him. Europe Canada and I sort Marlon Brando told him. Well I don't. And with the mentality and get this done. And when -- okay yeah I could get there and that message. Up front tonight like that really Diebler we tankers were. -- Yeah I don't want to focus group -- call plus. The Celtics. People are I don't think -- had gotten bad and then kind of put a man got. Remember as we know we're talking about. And that message a much more about the -- episodes to pull off to government to do to -- effect in -- want to drive team. I don't drive the communication jerseys stated and agree AJ is hot on those rules break. Just content -- team that's about it -- games yeah. With public usually isn't it don't care what you guys say god it's no god agree. -- -- -- -- six years. Hear our -- Make us world champions get a gone Papelbon. Tumbled strong arms. Brady has had those -- he result via. Lobos beat him in an engaged at this point hard court. Some do from Seattle. Britain showed me welcome back Frasier crane. And a caller. Sauce minority got that one community collaboration. That they're gonna talk to Seattle -- played for Seattle yes. But like Ali Agca acted -- -- -- -- big scary that there are a lot over and won't. You know what that's that's what the Seattle. You know I don't get what we got -- -- -- lack picnic -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And message. Ask your questions and give back to him that question that like the -- in my eyes weren't. And Mike I don't have -- -- could show. I hope I don't get too caught up. This place just. Beat me. Right message to haters out there and write that aren't. Hey Michael what's this guy come. And eventually you'd take some well deserved time are they gonna bring it against both from what we can't show the -- now. Pocket brought about their work. And message and -- the first part. Kevin fall all schalken and Saul -- Eight voices in my head. Mike yeah Mike wants to hear us all about service with Al ready and -- do. It's it's. And the no voices that was enough who. That's another sign that. And. And I did power via the -- native reservoir -- -- The Boston Bruins have -- most fortunate coverage in New England. Much like McCartney. I predict the Yankees I just think it will crumble. They're results we delicious. Red Sox fans.

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