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Trade Deadline is looming: Should Pierce and KG be sent packing?

Feb 20, 2013|

Trade the now for the future? Or stay pat and hope for the best? This is the question plaguing Danny Ainge's mind right now... Michael Holley and Pete Sheppard discuss it.

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Art -- -- the last night. Got -- popcorn get your popcorn ready to sit there watching the Celtics and nuggets. You're saying hold. All of the game was gonna go down like this I'd hold true right. Com. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But the yeah its. I thought there -- aghast at the end and it did. And it's another it's justice. No one example I'm not saying they can't overcome bad nights by pierce and Garnett every single night I'm not saying -- people like to lumpiness. One side -- the other. All I said was and I've been saying a warrior about this team be able to. Win consistently if pierce and Garnett are not playing at least halfway decent on any given night you saw what happened last night could not overcome eight for 28. Against with pierce and Garnett that's not -- -- even and I are not that's how they don't have the luxury what happened -- would know. Even on a night like that mean he was there a competition -- one -- Incredible. -- -- their best player yeah. Nuggets to a golf and our best player in the Sox player. He always has been -- recently anywhere I mean he just lights that mop it is it is just. I like his -- a lot much of its Italian but. I like -- Celtic team looked like you right. OK I'll tell you she's got a clay I don't got to claim dot I know and it -- this something the sort of the Denver nugget that better. I like on our audited are likely -- not wanting to watch it. But the but I like yup but now here's the thing retirement best players for many years pierce has -- the best player and the Celtics now where were the decision time. Four for dating games. Of course of course you're not gonna hear much talk a -- the Celtics don't I don't know like the only things out there and and tell you what their plans are. But they will make them they'll make a bold move -- they'll -- spring -- -- -- we mentioned the Kendrick Perkins street nobody saw it come. Had to -- for Jeff Green just kicked out of nowhere near an area. There's a lot of talk about Josh Smith. And I think it's probably an outside chance that he can come to Boston but. If you gonna get Josh Smith here in Boston probably gonna move on from Paul Pierce. In what he'd do if you're Danny -- do you. Say I'm gonna go with the team I have right now. It's not the best team in the Eastern Conference in every the second or third best in the Eastern Conference but it's a pretty good team and not take my chances in the playoffs or did you start rebuilding. Right now. Because if you -- Paul Pierce. We're talking about this earlier -- -- Paul Pierce that takes away. Any kind of conversation you you have to have with Kevin Garnett about waiving the no trade goats because if you trade Paul Pierce Garnett wants to. By. My house in Malibu uncommon -- The rookies on -- map of -- -- -- stay here appears is that that's why said yesterday I am not completely dismissing now I'm wondering. If people would have the same attitude today Michael including possibly yourself had they won that game last night. Is that -- know. It's ideas like I said I've that is going to be to approach her right tonight's game gonna be tough to. Against the lakers there's a reason why the severed -- half point underdogs not the biggest always get to right but you would think. The team playing as well as the Celtics and as poorly as the lakers think what we will dip much closer spread -- lakers for -- by seven and half points tonight. Up front -- back to back spectacular act as part of the bill. If the Celtics are playing this well at a discount that shouldn't they be able and then just block the lakers in a couple weeks ago blown out should they be able to be you know you -- might be depicting how. How many how many are well it is close to a hundred points give bird you know -- on basketball coach -- I don't I barely you know -- -- at bottom -- I got back on May be -- NFL's 302 points and two point sabathia. Now so now we're down a fine -- Then that factor in back to back in that Arnold the big factor in the percentages of do you play a team twice in the year nominee -- to -- -- I -- our US confident as you thought they. It probably 21 on this one I want I want our US topic to Kansas game -- as you -- confidence yes you are bearing on not lose. And I can't see them losing both of these games they they will be the lakers. -- in the camp I mean that they should I Damane Duckett a much better team the lakers are. Oh at at a lot depends on our last time he was commemorate the he'd missed the two previous games four point the Celtics yet nine points and nine boards and -- -- and have not involve up well that's gonna happen tonight. That's part of and he's lucky he got the nine point and only reason we had nine rebounds in -- game is because my dear Tony I don't -- Arnold for what he was doing may be punishing him. Remember he left him in the game for garbage in garbage time and waited for him a file out of the game and that was the game before -- the world. The day before that Kobe Bryant caught up to -- our and we need to we need emergency. And Howard came back as if he's not a doctor it's my career on and on so some issues there -- have not well again. Huge issues -- a guy I warned about this matchup tonight cagey cagey out of the game Howard in there. At home. I mean KG -- was gas last night green and gas last night -- gas last night not gonna go to Los Angeles who played. The plate tonight. I mean that is going to be a very extremely close come out I'm aka -- can Wear -- idol I don't know but I going to be highly competitive game. And I expect Dwight -- have a hell of whatever game he did were nine point 29 boards. That's one of the things that didn't economic call that I'll give you credit for when you said thanks that the your credit your credit period -- credit. Adamant that was -- you thought they would be guest coming out of the all star break at all star break. Yes and are not everybody just what's the problem. What Barack Obama off duke yet I don't know what it was with pierce and click the legs did. Thank you just had nothing. In I don't understand why he would he would be in that situation didn't plan Ellsbury and KG went -- -- -- -- -- A lot of times sitting around making fun of Craig Sager. In an ugly jacket Christmas or did you -- told that got you got to draft live close to went democratic it obvious that dress like this. But I had -- I don't understand why. They appears in particular look like it was out of it in target. I'd just tickets in. -- erroneously think simpler Michael Benton and -- accuse. Out of shape or dog or I just think he's -- older veteran guys especially the battery and you know we've talked about all of this ten game stretch for the most part. How he kind of regret himself ordered not to break it down closer look at the last three games. Not so much an issue like 15%. From ridiculous. Number. This over the lack -- last two games anywhere. The biggest question. This is the question -- you guys you got to tell us how do you feel about it. Do you use today. I believe in sentimentality. I believe and Paul Pierce spending his entire career with the Boston Celtics I believe in the heart and in the competitive spirit in the resiliency of this team right now. For the next year or two maybe even the next year knows what's gonna happen with Kevin Garnett in the offseason may be retires. All work. You take that. That the chips that you have right now Paul Pierce is one of those chips -- Garnett is one of those troops say we're not gonna win the championship this year anyway. I need to plan for not just this year inaccurate and he didn't plan for the next 45. And you'd take. Paul Pierce and trade him for a 27 year old guy like Josh Smith. What is. We have a bit of -- decades I understand that but -- 27. And you've got to think that he's got at least 45 prime years left in his career where is Paul Pierce. Had no prime years left in the good player but he's passed as part. Are you worried at all that Josh Smith would want to recite here. For big money or do you or whatever money that such an offer exciting Atlantic about sixty million plots. Or do you think you test the free agent market which I think probably would authorize orchestrate the job I can make the -- And make the same amount of money. Sign with another team. You can make and warned that the Celtics will be a live if they traded for just met the Celtic can trade -- campaign more than anybody else. And if it comes down -- that where he's adamant that he wants to leave well at least you have a sign and trade option you can get something valuable is not gonna give Josh Smith. He stays here he says I don't -- I don't wanna -- and Boston long term and he and he walks away you get nothing you get something form. I think the deal would make for us and -- -- -- -- talk all about KG in -- that would -- this -- -- -- also. By the -- Marshall brought this up last -- A -- in -- -- Minnesota he also said he never signed an extension to in Boston to begin traded that was now. He said that them but obviously things change things can change that's why I am not anti Obama Celtics that I'd I'd do the KG deal. -- -- adjudicated arsenic about last night of collateral but will auto and Jordan I do that deal. I do that deal and then you have. You know whether debt at what straight peers Josh Smith or next year you have if you're still lots if you speak -- -- -- to that you still can have him. As trade -- as well get something. -- big for him -- so I mean I think it opens up some possibilities and you know you're gonna have a real good guard in Bledsoe here who probably starting a lot of the teams. Is that good and a center right predictably were fully sever years to start. Which it desperately gonna need. You know Peter I I loved the security but I can't have a short -- yeah you just look at. I would I would love. I would love to see these guys. Retirees ultimately it's just it's a great story you don't see confidence. And then you get to trade port 23 year old guy. Is Eric Bledsoe is -- KG is his feeling tired of KG feeling wise. He's not as good as -- Dion Jordan is not in the same league now as. I have done all -- we don't know but no now he's not going to but -- He's going to be he's pretty good player but you gotta think about what did you forget what can you get for 836. In the -- 37 year old player. And I think that asset at the time when that first rumor came out Bledsoe for Garnett. I thought that was. Up a birdie pretty interest that was until -- know what -- Butler not -- Jordan at the time you got it like that -- so much this one I like a lot better yeah you have to think about it I don't know if it's available to the Celtics or is just hearsay to the rumor. Somebody trying to maybe an agent trying to get -- started who knows where these with a straight come from -- available to one. You really have to. About it -- perfect yet KG set a little bit different camp that's possible. -- say some say they lose by ten tonight the lakers Albert can happen I'd they may lose votes aggregate you know beat by double digits. Do you think the mentality KG said -- chase starts changes like you know what. I'm not sure how -- know how much further a my going to be able to grow this year with this team we're at 21 round maybe maybe it's a -- -- possibly or. Should I really just reevaluate your little bit of data comes up to me and and you know proposes that. Waive my no trade clause. Go back to a team I think had a great chance to win the entire picture I really believe the clippers have a chance to win at all. No cagey there they -- just an an -- -- -- -- -- dimension for them so here's -- what he will be. -- You know I was bleeding green attitude if they know that boost tonight. That's one thought his young -- is the flip side for any team who would require KG if he did waive the no trade. What's gonna stop them from retiring. So really you're you're trading mean would you trade. A couple of young assets for a guy. Who about 222. Plus games in a regular season. Whatever your post season going to be no guarantees or not the best team in the west and they made out of the second best team in the western about a pound -- I had -- -- -- from along with. Well with Oklahoma City first an attorney with San Antonio I don't know that I go to clippers and got very -- that they -- I think it's so closer to put points on somewhere along the way boy I tell you trading you're trading these assets. For Kevin Garnett it's a nice splash bill plastic will write wonderful things about you and LA times of going around the horn and say great things about you. Then if you get bounced in the second round of the playoffs you've said your body -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They got there -- different way but it wasn't for a horrible Grady Little you know managerial move that when it got there but I warrior I. You have to worry about -- so very few opportunities to win now nobody don't wants -- -- he wants it just a question of can he -- clipper upper management to do. So we got the fact that additional few opportunities to win out you could say the clippers have a bright future and it looks like -- that probably do. But I think they would take that she gets. Gamble on KG this year for a chance to where volume -- gonna retire that would be worth it. Texas here and ATT -- are -- possible. Woodham says that Bledsoe is not that good gee -- he's so underrated. He's overrated. Another was in -- -- Bledsoe he's -- is gonna draw on. And another one in the -- the good point. This is why I think a lot of people aren't aren't saying Boston the best fit for Josh Smith -- Texas says why would why would Atlanta. Do that tree. What's their motivation and only thing I can think of Pete is that Paul Pierce's contract allows. Allows Atlanta -- to create some some gaps base. No question I have -- -- you -- that's definitely a part of it no question I'm not surgeon I agree with -- I'm not sure Josh Smith who abuse it would be the greatest fit with this team and -- -- -- -- guilty to consulting with him again RC four year sixty million something around that the orbits I don't I don't like the crowd that's silent about the rumors are out there he went to Milwaukee -- like -- -- I've never anybody's that it wanna play from Milwaukee before but I guess that that -- up their total. Well I'll explain as briefly your regular your phone calls here now and just ninety seconds but. What I'm that was the team acquiring Josh Smith what are the Celtics the books in San Antonio that team campaign warn anybody else if he decides. That he wants to venture to free agency the team that has his rights. The team that he was last week at. Campaign and the NBA rules they can pay more than anybody that's why. It either makes sense to stay with the team wore huge proposals of facilitate a sign and trade you get that money. A team -- -- -- -- -- -- future inflation went to what you guys think Josh Smith. But altogether so different -- the lakers would talk about it and just ninety's. Those guys are not out there. You know both players are under contracts and many of them for multi million dollar contract -- multiyear contracts that are in the Barbosa class so. The answer is definitely not there is no Barbosa. -- was Danny -- on the big show last weekend and we're talking to Danny about some of the options. The they have they were able to get get Barbosa fairly cheap Britain. So Barbosa goes down Rondo goes down soldier goes down. What are your options Danny can go out. You think there's a guy who can contribute to your top eight and it was him again come and start. Will be your sixth man to eight good NBA contributor and based on the hazard no. So the only the only option you have if you're the Celtics. You're you're hoping for a couple of things. You open you get lucky in that Terrence Williams who was a first round pick a few years ago actually grows into his talent the talent that was projected form. And on that case again -- contract mean didn't even play last night may -- will play tonight. Or it's somebody on your roster is hidden star that you didn't know. And before I thought OK maybe Barbosa is that guy he got hurt. Now the only option only there are two options on this team. Of guys who who might be stars and we just don't know Jeff Green. Is he has started. Hasn't grown into. His is. Haven't reached its peak yet grow our daily points -- yet and I am always getting it -- another one is Avery Bradley. But if you don't have that I mean you pretty much it sounds like Danny use. Various stock this is what we got. The roster is what it is nobody's gonna surprise you with their ability. More playing time is not gonna create a star. That we haven't seen before that we didn't know about before so you just gotta hope that. They don't hope there's another team gets injured but the only way you know win a championship is if somebody else gets -- Now Miami now it exactly and Oklahoma city Oklahoma City it's an art audio and though and probably the clippers and probably it. At a ticket. Probably -- are doing well I'm I'm I'm not dismissing I'm not dismissing it I think a lot of things happen as you said Brooke -- it's great trade last second. A lot of things can happen I think he's gonna happen next 24 hours that is. I think the right thing to do is is to make the KG deal if you want to. Q what he says now rejected that can change it and you don't make -- to talk about what appears adjustment -- topic of Josh Smith this year. I don't know I don't know Josh Smith taken -- -- that's the much or he might if he's going to be the right fit here but like you said he can use and decide to trade. As Texas is just that the Rhonda were best friends which can help Rondo. They'd be good duo -- public keep the team as is just the -- science embody how about Derek Fisher. Good veteran presence and I like where soccer matches as well that's what I like about their trees like -- cheese balls. I mean call about Billy honor anyone via the players at all. -- -- this was going on. All right Billy hotter is voted out. All star weekend the players unanimously say it's time for years ago like Derek Fisher in terms of its leadership before. Derek Fisher has more value to the coaching staff these days. God bless choreography and a much or -- anymore which way you have a real -- -- -- what you're going with the way our guys are gonna get she's gonna take you to that next level Mikey from the team. As is what is it. Got a guy who can play a guy can help you perhaps I guess and a guy who. You and who knows about winning championships. But this is what he has -- -- -- -- winning championships but can't help you win one. On the court -- Oh great don't pay grade so wide. Wide wide go down that road to top target again it was gonna come -- -- -- and -- a first round series and -- more. What was the second round. -- -- and you know and the guys Michael we're talking about earlier today you start looking I mean one team. Last week week before say you know what -- the only two relief fear in the first round probably Miami don't wanna play them it's why don't wanna be India for five bracket but. Nice start looking at a real -- Indiana east valley start no and nor help playoff basketball -- I think dramatically changes -- in 04. From most years. There's there's a few teams I might be a little wary of the -- play in the first if they keep everybody together is currently constitute. A fair. I mean that is that is I don't think that before you look at this. You might be -- might might might be my -- certainly -- over all raced over seven game series it's you know. I worry about the fatigue factor this team. Big time that the time leads them to college we're here. I might feel different I Barbosa so -- -- get -- that would happen KG got a game to talk about that all but that's been happening have a more prevalent than last night the third quarter and -- how to come out to and they got shellacked. Levels straight I give credit comeback this year a lot of balls this team -- -- -- -- -- regards to what you think they don't quit they -- matchup they tied that game up but in the end it is the Brownstein. What do you guys think picking your call 61777979837. On the eighteenth -- -- -- always room for 837937. Of course -- we -- -- around 540 tonight that number 617779. 3535 to start the phone calls today would -- he's in New Hampshire that Jeremy. And underdog -- that your. I disagree with you and -- popular and arbitrary and Paul -- you never -- -- -- And to a lesser extent KG it's -- well you keep these guys scrub player. You do it took a look like a little -- -- gloves -- him. You don't trade Ted Williams -- -- a great it'll decide there's a point where a player is bigger and -- the team. And maybe try to keep what the trade you would -- Larry Bird of not a chance he would have ever treated Larry Bird. But the. I have no way but what happened after the big through regard Jeremy are you able to sacrifice like how many years of media be -- below mediocrity in many cases. How many years a decade a decade of war. It happened but if you -- -- -- everybody really bringing it a player that was gonna change that whole secret that you bring in Josh Smith yeah we don't win that you know we don't win next year. We don't have popular. You know right -- is it possible to agree with you -- to -- accurate to -- I talked about it about what got you know what Jeremy are great. When you look at it and I've had this argument Danny -- many times. When you look at. Larry Bird. If you are talking about trading area and there are lots of rumors out there you know maybe the Celtics moved him to be moved to New York moved in the Dallas Indiana where Portland. Larry Bird is is that kind of player where. Even if he's if he's halfway healthy and we saw him at the end of his career in his last season. Back problems still going out in game six of the playoffs series for the cavaliers. And and directing authentic and we could -- and in Russia and registering -- this mean. He's he's a singular talent. Paul Pierce is one of the ten best Celtics to ever play for this organization but he not Larry Bird so I agree appears. You mentioned Ted Williams you mentioned Larry Bird those kind of players maybe you'd think 234 times about moving them. I don't think Paul Pierce in that category and it's a different way to -- Had to put Ted Williams and Jeremy understands from the sent him a symptom sentimental reasons why you read to you want amend or don't want him here but it's a it's a salary cap oriented and MBA to business. You know Ted Williams is that's different store we're talking about. Salary cap issues here that that in -- hot that the Celtics and what you got here really screwed up I mean. -- -- 1012 years of being competitive 55. At least. Will be seriously competitive they had a couple of good years -- of a couple seasons where they were there ladies doubles finals that. Your book yet have a problem yet -- tell the truth. The problem becomes part of your past if your life becomes part of -- -- -- such grated on me and that's great advice. As great advice. And don't worry about the speaker of the fact that it's coming from Rick Pitino was comical he's right. -- still -- pitino for Providence College. In nineteen anyway. I'd like jobless -- right after that season and is and and he just he and I and he promised you he went for eighteen holes tell me how who is -- province is not going to the next. Got the idea idea idea there was -- it was boarded our -- -- Like there was a bond there you broke my heart and you know broke my -- hole where on a day where I know he died I know I don't think we're we're in the in the era. Of of players saying. I'm gonna leave my own terms you don't trade Brady. About this Indianapolis didn't trade Peyton Manning. I don't. Joseph Montana trade -- -- was treated. There's just did if you want it it's a different job and I I do think there are a handful of guys in sports that that next level. May be legendary. You know top players in the history of the game. Where are we can't trade and Larry Bird was one of those guys. Believe I would not feel this way if Rondo and -- were still healthy right now we're thrilled Rondo -- -- -- what -- -- come through that door knob and October through that door and Huckabee on this team and I'm Mike Cohen has blown it up but I did you'd you'd try get a separate set the mentality. From the reality of rebuilding for the future. I think they have a pretty good opportunity here to take some big steps in the right direction. It different just the KG trade alone I think that helps big time for the future. A lot of people playing out correctly that Reggie Lewis and -- tragedies analog to all optional no question not your right and we talked it out there -- acquired after the replacement I'll let you go away because that's at least one more to at least one maybe two more in my opinion. Just his depth below Reggie White and and an -- that -- Don't know and don't question that was one of them. That that's series -- completely magic had to be extra. For the triple the dribbled the setting up what he purports three at the end of that game -- -- why don't unlock and yet like yet the more of your phone calls. We're talking about the Celtics now and a little bit we're gonna talk about the patriots in the first. Team be when it comes members about the -- yesterday nevermind yeah I. Persecuted team BA when it comes to acquiring talent is that you. We'll talk about it come. Was finished they want a Marcus told even when Murray was we're first in regards Terry goes -- and he would do whatever you have to do to meet the team better. Then he wouldn't put Gaza but the team. There was a foundation and we -- understood that they'll have a problem where there have always told him that some of the well was -- forced Minnesota to. My expectations were not to come back can be traded. We both understand that but this is a business -- -- -- cannot do this my preference over. The tie ourselves to you can. He barely dream -- -- -- -- but this forced to organization with the -- quarterly woman going. The vision for the future. And I can't speak on that you have. -- and -- powerful right now just what it is in if it's changed and there was. Kevin Garnett given his take on the business and not let everybody know. -- he wants to stay with the Celtics. So it's up to him this will be the last stop of his career but business is business and I think what he's trying to say is if they make some moves. That that tick him off. Or orders signal that the Celtics are competing. At least even for an Eastern Conference finals appear if they're not competing then he will you will waive the no trade. But that's why it's as if it's up to him if it's up to him Paul Pierce this year it's up to him he's here. But Paul Pierce's future. Is determined by Danny -- Ainge decides to make a move -- appears. There may be haven't actually -- yeah Kevin Garnett and out techsters here on -- detects I'm -- prosperous and to thank you can -- -- 237937. A what NASA's Johnson at the top ten player in the NBA not want to trade -- for him is asinine. I agree with. The question is why would Atlanta do. Is that what we're we're doing and are you confident that he will be here after next season I understand -- -- obviously just the age difference alone and makes it that you wanna do it I'm just on a much or how long is going to be here after the after the -- to the straight and has another one for you. It's excellent services and nuggets are 23 and three at home was a great game and and see anything to say. They can get it done the nuggets the nuggets are pretty good. So drug that's why region last night had a pretty good data is no reason to battle there's no reason to jump ship here. I'm looking at home echelons under the Texas yeah -- -- -- the lakers went tonight to be in a text well now -- -- as well tonight by for the BC wants tomorrow knowing what we will not win tonight. I'm getting an orange they have paid the more I say it the more you say to listen believe -- -- worked out. They're based on my record that's that's that is talked to Justin doesn't mean just. On another doesn't. They. I'd definitely and enjoy and shoulder but I. I heard all these days I registered my computer. Trade purist person that. There's my question. That we really. Are in a situation where. Attitude in our approach to basketball -- not gonna make a better future Rondo and it wouldn't show worse. Possible match for the club on any chemistry and that and I just on -- you -- -- more about who you are a lot more -- over. Out before the -- accord all right thank you regular house is important that may make your other maker of the crippling our way and I'll just a first. We're at a point -- -- talking about I think -- -- in the -- Logan archer can go deep in the -- -- -- competitive it's delicate it's not a competitive team will be armed are. This one. Urgent piece away from putting -- all run together and -- it may be shocking. Some people in the playoffs in this case it's all it's -- it out right. Brooke -- big. Where they are are compatible go to India and employing one -- That part of Puerto. Well you that you might be right just where it's also in dot com I'm not totally disagree with -- I'm saying after. I worry about how far this team go now without Rondo and without soldier in there I'm sorry I think you saw flashes of last night BBC flashes of all you would pierce and Garnett. -- just getting worse as the season goes on that's all it I'm a much or how much going to be able to go beyond the first round. I'm just I just don't see it. I don't think any of these trades right now. You're not making a trade. You to make you a championship team right now no -- if you're trading if you trade Paul Pierce. They're gonna trade Kevin Garnett you're trading for pieces because what you don't want. I'm guessing if you if your regular trade what you don't want is just to have these guys sit here and get nothing for. So if they look at it and say we can't do anything in the Eastern Conference and maybe. They don't feel that way at all navy Doc Rivers taught -- the the hold troop when he says I like the team. And I think we can go far. But they don't really feel that way. It's kind of it's kind of their obligation to look into the best rates available to. And and also how -- what's the point revoke move forward Kevin Garnett may retire Zachary and apart is factoring in the Rondo situation is. India it's a depends on what you believe doctor -- Michael you the list are out there do you believe Danny Ainge. Is in love with -- is is would be afraid to trade right Rajon Rondo now. Pass expert will tell you know we got a false right to that -- tried to report where as a follow up with any player so. -- -- That's why I think I I think now he's he's got Danny to -- in his heart he's got to watch and his -- he's gonna want this deal. To get done we had KG deal because it makes the team better down the road and here's here's another -- win the championship this year -- Other than people and injustice from New Hampshire service why would you put Josh Smith's. And Rajon Rondo on the same team. That they're not necessarily guaranteed to be here together. What you're trying to do is is what Danny did before yeah. Acquires many chips as possible does this chipped up values mr. -- value up. I'll move this for that -- this thing up is what he did in eventually. Acquired enough chips where he can make a trade for Ray Allen and then make a separate trade for Kevin Garnett not here on this on. So every start. You're not saying. All that the next version of the Celtics will have Rondo at the one or have jobs at the three of the four. And then we gotta you know we'll have Jeff we have Jeff Green in there we'll have Avery Bradley now we've got the next -- Celtics championship team it's not a finished product it what you try to do is get enough players who have value into you can eventually get what you want. That's never gonna happen -- and meet these two ideas of they just keep everything together and stand pat and do nothing. Realistically honest to honest to be honest with three everybody out there how far realistically do you think this team can get. In in in the playoffs. Seriously with no Rondo no soldier. What in Iran or not at least grant me the fact that no Salinger is huge minutes -- -- that is gonna have to replace and the fatigue factor that these two appears in Garnett. I don't they have to you can -- get worse before it gets better and Garnett hasn't gotten incredibly. Garnett and help the whole Michael. Do you think that. Last year's open funny. Here's what the gesture of emotional Jerusalem. Detectives that he stops and your story is and a I'm not I'm not saying I'm sorry. Which are not some -- I'm sorry. Sorry million. Maybe not maybe not that bad I apologize. And thinking oh. Love that other. Welcome Mark Martin Boston. They go to the on mark. At the Olympic mix comedy and I got a bad deal and that Paul Pierce you know he'd already been told these -- the -- you he's been given one. One more game farewell game with the Celtics against the lakers April time six. The reason I think just because the you know the look that's honestly -- the -- Gain even before the game let me just looked really -- rounded -- -- that governor got a feeling a new car out the door. Think there -- -- on -- Tuesday when the trade deadline is at 3 o'clock tomorrow. They got a game on Wednesday. So early -- so you tell him before you play Denver. That he's traded and you tell them before you play the lakers that he strayed. Into an expected to go out there and be focused on the game I don't know. Well I think -- you know they have a good relationship with all their honest with them and they want to -- -- you know the game mentally control time taken. I wouldn't doubt it. Much -- the sentimentality. Comes into. Comes into play. Is that it's -- sentimentality while battle that was Israel that what that that's -- area for market I'm talking -- as heartless for Didier -- and I can't be sent data therefore to be sent to that sentiment out that not only can't he can't afford to be sentimental but I think now. And he won't say this keep trying to get him to say we won't say do you would you mind trick I don't have -- we're just keep trying to channel. It is easy it's easy to sit back. Where -- your knees a player with the Celtics. Ward you're playing somewhere else you know Danny in Sacramento looking at Boston's then why do the factory -- I'd trade area -- three -- are not the same anymore it's easy to say that general manager. You're looking at things Larry Bird. He's not he's not the guy who won three straight MVPs anymore. Which one what is healthy was the AM good it. Larry Bird at the -- the last the last year of his career. With the top 25 player and only. Left -- career lasted 1992 was yeah what was he popped. When he finally lost the next in seven games and ultimate loss of the cavaliers in 7 OK and Eastern Conference about what that was an exit on May have been lost their only better for several to game seven playoff series at home right. So last year is yet ready -- yeah. Help 2.5 guys healthy Larry Bird top 25 player Arctic so okay so. You find those guys in so you trade let's say you're straightforward up and comer. Yeah you're trading Larry Bird nobody's gonna give you like a top five. Nobody's gonna trade with the stupid and outrage a lot of -- And now you're trading a good player for a guy who might be good one day what are you going. What do what exactly don't and situation is different. When you've got a guy who's who. You have to talk out of retirement and another team once. Stealing. -- and I love Kevin Garnett -- passion but. Might this might the last year of his career or somebody's gonna trade you a couple of guys 124 guys who might retire. The states it best. I think -- I think it's a no brainer if Kevin wants to do you think it's a no brainer for Danny -- you your first to admit it if Kevin wants to do. And I suspect. You might. Like a chance a chance small one. Don't know about his business. I can't. -- -- Texas this is here's a top twenty player now. The question I answered a couple of minutes.

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