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The Big Show's 4 at Four - 02/20/13

Feb 20, 2013|

We discuss four topics we didn't touch upon today... topics today include the NCAA's corrupt scale, the best sports video game of all time, Lebron being compared to Jordan again and more...

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are -- for four or four for new topics that we haven't discussed with for our opinions out there we don't. Really know what's coming so we'll deal with that on the fly. Young Benjamin young Andrew -- have forced number one. The NCAA has concluded their investigation into the University of Miami and new issues between the school and the NCAA have arisen. As the NCAA abuse its power. Animal you. As the NCAA. How much time yet. Aside his is public demagogue just -- -- the importance. You. Talk about. While we have a internal affairs division idea for police departments and so and so forth they should have won for the NCAA. That's all say it is in most -- -- organization. On the planet one of the most corrupt organizations on the planet. I have I think it I think it's confused. Yes the NCAA does abuse his power but I think that. The mission statement of all of these schools especially the big time schools has confused on one hand. They they pay attention to. If guys are going to class. If if they're amateurs. We can't he can't pay these guys. So that they're going down amateur grow so she. All right -- And as the biggest ever got large man who else you've got the BCS balls millions of dollars are at stake. There -- boosters were hanging around some. Who our. On the radar of college presidents. And it kept quiet. Some we don't really know about wink wink she. -- so I mean I just figured -- -- hypocrite hypocrite total hypocrite hypocrite absolutely you're not. Is -- your time at the big time school amateurs stop pretending that your amateurs or professionals. Said many times Michael get into the national Communists athletic association -- refer to that for decades. That's what they are able to go to hypocrisy is off the charts and the problem is where people. Over and ESP and it's among -- places who are involved college basketball football. Don't have the balls to do a real real big time for our investigation I would look to see a guy like Bob -- To a sixty minutes type report it to the NCAA the people who are running it. A talent and most people out again would be shocked -- the coverups. And hypocrisy is beyond belief it's beyond belief. And even in the case in my -- and haven't Shapiro an average of zero. Let it -- man wanted to hang out with your name comes to come out of my on my yacht. I've come to the Miami Heat games with me. I will pay you for performances on and on it's oh my sister to me. Because that's what -- -- do they won't help button when it suits their purposes and then when they find themselves in trouble. Everybody is going to do it and that's perhaps. Towards the proper authorities they have too much power and. -- that's -- MLB the show thirteen is coming out you. The question I wanna know is what is your favorite sports video game of all time. Alternate name tag it number one on the list would be. A terrible helicopter my Xbox -- -- number one there's a techno bowl is going to be. Don't know about all of all types systems right now it's not really fair to blow up in PS3 and Xbox obesity anything I just -- worse -- there. Hobbits a set all time. Mean I'd agree yeah I do work on -- giants. Dhabi boat Jackson was a monster tech -- unstoppable percent followed Jackson unstoppable at tech bubble Lawrence Taylor either block it. Wants Taylor was all over because daddy was he was good but put Jackson on. Tech -- They've gone about it got very standards he was great to about it to be Bo Jackson tech bubble. -- I don't -- we'll -- most of their what -- plays the other -- or what four point four plays yeah. You're gonna run with the Oilers would that run and shoot. Yeah that was great team to use federal court so the bottom bottom end zone out petrol bombs from and don't end zone if you called with the -- didn't guess right you got out of my question RBA's fuel. That's definitely the top. George Brett forget about. That but they have a hit a home run. The British public -- to file -- our ballpark. Profile ball. At any of them honorable mention. NHL 94. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We in -- still -- Hornets. Were pitching well the -- name and watch him out of this is considered computer room you'll be pleased. Mandela would be another -- That's kind of turn it just to slamming him. All right I'm seven into it's it's it's and I'm not I ask about him and -- and you did get on the poker game to produce a poker game I understand. What's your own time. Just produces only about asking to be about exclusive. I mean it is called the producers I know what we -- -- -- I put out games I've played a game about a -- from the strike you guys come out play. Which got them. Harry moving -- on the horse and mine a growing again MBP baseball field my position -- -- on the cover best baseball game ever also loved baseball sellers and our -- I'd three Isaiah Thomas about LeBron James is better athlete Michael Jordan. Who do you think about. Well we start with this polarity of the top. I anything out. Commenting. Whole other problems current law takes -- from the six reports of games for it. All out may have -- governor Richard hands after point. I'm yet has it probably like. A lot of violence a lot of. But Isiah Thomas. Commenting on. Somebody who is good it. As RJ Thomas evaluated nepalese dude I'm not sure I'm not sure we should listen up. This just to settle the argument we have in this. Michael Jordan it's always Michael Jordan every time you turn on -- to first take on ESPN. It's always -- Michael Jordan question. But decrees don't Michael Jordan fifty. Is LeBron better than Michael Jordan is -- better than. Michael Jordan. You could lead you to believe it was -- maybe well maybe -- -- -- -- do you think my highlights donated to street to in you. So the fact that you're comparing everybody to Jordan and an answer the question. EM played a game in ten years guys fifteen years old and we still arguing the bottom like he played last night answers Jordan most of the time that Jordan -- Yeah I mean most it was a decent baseball player mileage wasn't was below below average real -- and get their budget. The fact that he had those kind of skills not to mention he's a great golfer he's a great golfer. I get -- -- -- -- about our -- that as an athlete that's an overall athlete you know. By Jim Brown -- lacrosse players are obviously in history of the game embryo that would give them better players that. -- -- And only acts. We got a little blackjack players as good of a billion. -- -- has got to lose the older guy a guy who can really survive got a terrible. Gambling addiction I saw one night at the casino and Atlanta -- Obama. Lost a ton of money at blackjack while to it was six women. Now that's a win out that is away when he got four was a report. -- radio service RD stirring it up in Red Sox spring training will he last the full spring training with the reds just looked at last the full spring training. Blood he will not be here after tactic. So after patriots. Patriots day health Alfredo -- with players about it. Well our good buddy rob bribe from W -- job much and this change my opinion because in office a Savvis came out today and said it was just. Miscommunication at -- was at -- us that in our contract does anybody really believe that. It was a miscommunication dollars and being a jackass. And I Richard Michael taxis get -- -- -- Who will be here by the. -- -- -- If there's a lot of work. Clement who's been turn. -- some. There's so it's fun of it now president of some great senator and. Rephrase it -- an interview with him maybe after -- can't go if something happens with one they don't -- or something maybe they keep morale because he can't be that spot starter. But I have my doubts that he's going to be the -- gonna be here in the long term majesty to always gonna snap. I hope will be eldest punch anybody in the face but the -- time bomb sparked riots are adjusted system maritime that it would happen again. I'll probably the reason that's the only reason to hold onto them to make sure that every job is going to be all right that there aren't any setbacks for. Brought -- came in out of shape or any setbacks were John Lackey coming off Tommy John surgery. There's one thing you say about the red sack and you think they're going to be 81 and 81 team that's premature expectation it is him oral iron. But a position of strength. Right now appears to be in the bullpen open yeah. And that goes with and now that's a big -- -- Daniel bark if you have Daniel Bard. And John Ferrell hasn't back on track got -- you've got Bailey you've got hammering and you've got to seven is he got a -- you've got some guys. Where you can afford to make some deals that that won't necessarily doing. Yeah now -- by App Store about the starting pitching in the bullpen out of committee in the fourth or fifth inning that's so nice of a major concern about that that come into the fourth inning -- a -- -- -- it's the truth back in ninety seconds with your phone calls and text. But it I don't put put put put put put put put put put put put put put.

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