Feb 20, 2013|

Hear the very different approaches of Pete Sheppard and John Saucier talking to women on WEEI.

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Weekends on WEEI. Oh cool. We need six CD -- once -- unto him I wanna get the female perspective of of living with -- sports maniac and being. -- Jones doesn't mean heads out of mistreated dog do and -- -- -- flowers they want sex. PT explored women's sports and relationships. There's just like sports at all. He's got to win the game really mind NN now and then after. You know there haven't been paying out -- next killing me let's go in Gaza. Are dishonest man approached young couples and made them feel super awkward doesn't sex like some will be explained to her blue he goes over oil. I don't know what they're saying haven't. Given its Chris relationship -- weekends or four women on WEEI. DL as it was like I don't understand you being considered sport she -- -- cooking shows. Watch out. -- man takes the blunt approach with them what's your position. -- -- -- In the kitchen standing up and while PC claims he won't cannabis is not going to be about you know -- bombs in western drama crap the women just can't help themselves. And he smack me on the -- Manning and had called wake you up at half time. Hustle -- the government and I wanted to say don't even bother waking me up is doing you have to do -- But back to watching it. It's page six the tour before labor called lead to divorce and big creepy it is Valentine's Day six good sex with women in the weekends on WEEI.

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