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Andy Brickley, NESN, on the Bruins upcoming road trip

Feb 20, 2013|

Brick makes his weekly appearance on Mut and Merloni to preview the Bruins road trip, talk about the play of Brad Marchand, and address the flu situation on the team.

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Idol starts backed up by tomorrow at Tampa Florida swing begins in the Bruins -- every three daybreak again. And till April and a great -- -- the of -- joining us on the eighteenth the hotline. How they deal with this stretch here Andy when they are gonna go what about a month and a half or so without the three daybreak in eight ton. A four game weeks in the bruins' schedule coming up. Well same approach they say when they play a hockey game at all vote -- plans to nineteen planned miracle course and things don't go your way. Because -- -- -- game and every body else they aren't I'll start with them and think only because they haven't lately been because their record exports. I think the -- -- the the competition. Has improved within the division. Actually brought attention and a good thing that you could arc in Montreal. Appears the current team this year Ronald going to be the playoffs this year. Ottawa in the -- with the injuries they they are going right now question if you keep the I think that and the competition. Appealed to the Bruins live search competition. It's a good match and when you don't play as many -- You stick to regain political get frustrated. And the point when you get. Well Rick first of all thank you join us to an -- down before Florida and and I'm surprised. 120 got a cute tee time isn't. -- close look at a negative for. Him. And he got some free time I think in the next trip from what I understand to get out there but what I ask you about the I was the plane ride as far as the flu goes here it's seven guys down an emergency call -- No the boy -- -- pretty could -- due to certain -- arrange all the way to make -- state is that in all the guys. -- anybody they'll all you have little related nature that -- coast all the media. That makes some sense. And yet -- -- you guys -- put all of them down there and and Tyler sake of one of the guys who made the trip to a new town and sandy -- the other day what a great job. By the Bruins brick we talked about it last week after we talked about a we get a bunch a text messages say what are you guys. Talking about he leads the Bruins applause lines what do you mean you look for moderate -- say between. Revisit that because I think the last couple games as we talked do you. I've got Tyler state has been more physical there was a 211 defensively -- out of position he skated back and made a play I think that's what. What I think you're talking about that physically. There's still another level for policy and correct. Absolutely and it appear the way that you did player and relative the last -- Who I think that speaks exactly to what we talk about a week ago. You know I the rate acre clear what the mayor. Every player looks in the mirror every player wants to play well -- player. I can -- so that they're playing better and they are. We don't Tyler and I think the comments and conversation that we are we. Just representatives all the -- and the coach they're chatting with arsenic in their thirty or forty year. And -- each of our hired to -- success -- year though the numbers that he put up. Intellectual -- alert. And really scratched circus that level flight -- played -- -- -- Is a clear indication that. That he knows he can play better. And -- liberal like you. That's the thing to -- and we still forget he's still a young kid -- -- -- -- we're last year. Things -- came easy form overseas in May be just sort of expected that the translate forgot about the grind of the NHL. Yeah an and I agree with that to a certain point meeting a certain point in the season and I know skull -- -- all only on but it certainly seats and but you're not -- -- the -- back and talk about making the adjustment from the -- that small rink he played two years NHL you don't like it you know I'll play. In. The year really expect the player in I picked -- a little -- all blown you -- -- -- -- on. But we we were eaten into the -- where I make those. When asked about the power play because now it's a force on a -- knew that and three in the last four games. Is this something they've they've they feel comfortable about now at this -- Chara heavily. -- -- -- -- Let your audio are open tomorrow -- yeah it's like for you guys to pick up on the good -- there. Are they go to work in progress so you can take a look at that I'll wait to bully get and they can be streaky. You look at pretentious than we are looking forward -- gaining momentum and hockey game works and Goldberg you look for production at the right earning not so much the cartridge. The circle here it's huge global currently -- label. Are you looking at certain look. You know Ali coach weaken a little bit as our personnel when you have a number. They can work are you operate it and the effect. But I get back to what we talked about actually get its act. It it's the work. -- got a lot more than just being a regular -- we call our global understanding directory to ought to want to isolate the -- -- ordered to enrich. Sure they have what they are. Our talk and Andy Andy Berkeley is the Bruins get ready for this what the -- West Coast from the Florida swing. If your listing your surprises here thirteen games in where is Brad Marchand leaving the team in goals and the rank in that list. Or are a much surprise or evil. That city leading. Got a -- that might have more pull in to this point in your surprise and art. -- I really like you gain that quick and that ability to protect the in a direction a lot of guys on cartridge. -- alert or -- leverage. The -- goal on Greek coast or want to use that shot shot -- their debate. Are. There I developed much more short order. Video or more polls and beat a global how late term attractive guy I'll play the -- continue to well sort of surprise. Record numbers he put up last year and the fact that the Roland a pretty eat. Ballot bowl line what everybody played well. The match become could be in that -- The hockey guys you guys are great too because you just you get it via. And amnesty as -- affect people down to kind of get to give -- the Rangers -- Beck is they still haven't stopped by the a lot of ranger fans down there but. I was wondering if you talk to some of the players obviously not a easy situation to go down there and see the families and really feel good wreckage you're helping but still. But -- difficult a lot of those guys to be part of that even though was a great thing. Yeah the general consensus. For the people that I -- -- bit more out of that program going down there in an iron in our. Try to resurrect what happened down there once there appreciate your nickname from beyond our our food from the people in that album and archer at their -- and the appreciation that the pro in bound air. In order you know in order to spread a little joy in -- -- and you got uniquely -- and that's. Actual guy -- -- -- or making it back from being out there that you'll overwhelming. Just I mean opposite feeling that you thought he appreciation from the direction and all the players and and the Steelers dark or counter shelves. This can be interesting year because the schedule and the trading deadline. Brick ends up being at the beginning of April the playoffs gonna start like through weeks later so it's gonna be crazy and -- LeBron of ESPN. Speculated that if Ottawa continues to struggle that a guy like Daniel Alfredsson. Might be available captain that that's senator's team at the Bruins. One of the teams they'll be at the far on the list knocking on Murray's door. The try to bring him -- would that make sense -- to see that happening if Ottawa continues to struggle this year. Certainly -- so liberal insider from their perspective. He's been recovery player for a lot of street and I beer. Hello well that the little stronger than say what artery it wouldn't shock -- will really thank. They don't beat it'll that in the regional players they're veteran experience looking to win the championship all the elements that I play the -- waddle wire. Obviously the question become. Would already -- deal with in the and number do here and they put any stock in keeping guys that are the great -- -- the air. For a number years and and what -- used to actually get those answers. Now become real syndicate becomes a player the Oscars here. Look at it from wrong with the cap next year's expected to go down a little bit. That now and how does that affect the amount of money it they have left -- salary cap the -- Got to go all in here to break -- realized that you know we still a -- we still got Nathan Horton think about. Obviously you. You can yeah toward the future are -- the ball then line up which they've done an unbelievable job -- the ultimate protection that there in right now. The fact that all the -- line up very well you -- group -- to have only a limited number of unrestricted -- coming up next year. Going back that you have a lot of all depending on in which up all you believe accordingly to all year. In order to share seriously chair out for me they wanna win right now publisher which is why they will be -- all your. The ultimate insult to -- and the future. You ask you prioritize which opal creek -- what -- done her share in the third set. But you also try to win big here I think that's the balance in the typical double -- -- GM in the NHL -- Rick last one for me SR with the schedule go back to that -- think Claude handles the goaltending here because. -- in in a regular season right -- erotic guy out no he got some days off down -- road here. There's a bunch of four game week's hottest -- rotate raskin who build and in these four game weeks. Don't work when you look at the schedule the beginning of the year whether to injure interstate 48. You -- they of the idea that he character -- out are you expect you all. It would go depending on the racial -- the art when you know you're back at the economic earmark whitbeck at all -- Just based on the schedule the rest of the -- Oh yeah it's the seat and now personality comes party wage when you need to win why want him to Mike I wait a lot in the last two games. Many -- has the added we need the awards at all operate where -- during the all star break you almost confidence. We get into the into the break up a goaltender or that a lot determined certainly closed gates we played when he plays light. Play well today. Out of there that's who we care about stay away from the alligators that they could you please. I'm with to have -- -- no one -- there so you've got a result we'll try to do the same down. Well rhetoric we're gonna enjoy these conversations every week brick -- excited that they be joining us every single week talking hockey and we'll catch you tomorrow and against Tampa. -- -- Any Brinkley a NASA will be a weekly guest on the show joins us on the eighteenth the -- AT&T forgy LT that's a good thing he's outstanding with speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink -- brick is tremendous and he is a guy that. I'm has great insight on the game you watch him what he's talking about these games on on TV. There's nobody better from a color standpoint navy who cut some of these games nationally I I love the guys we have on the recent NBC sports. The -- brick -- does a great job breaking these games down you'll join us every week here on the program. 61777979837. The phone number text the show right now AT&T text line. 37937. Your phone calls until holly shepherded to hear on Sports Radio WE yeah.

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