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Alfonzo Dennard found guilty: Reporter Bill Steckis joins us from the courthouse

Feb 20, 2013|

Steckis joins Mut and Merloni live from the courthouse in Nebraska to discuss the guilty verdict in the Dennard trial and how what the sentence will be.

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Butler not a three point seven WEEI just over a half hour ago the news came down. Files are dead or guilty. Of third degree assault resisting arrest in Lincoln Nebraska. The question becomes what that means for him and into an extent what it means for the patriots. As varying degrees of what he might face the penalty. Sentencing is coming up on April 11 the legal lot pulling in Nebraska outside the courthouse -- -- as -- news 1011 is joining us bill itself -- -- -- Boston power you. Built thanks for taking a few minutes on this my first question would be in any case like this under Nebraska law. Is it normal that if found guilty of this penalty. That Alfonso -- would face jail time in the next oh come April 11. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I hear president will -- that. We like it in the county attorney Jill Kelly -- it likely probation and didn't make some ilk are publicly. Again. Probably from Turkey could add to that. Probably in 08. -- But I let it be -- And they should expect a per call are not -- Chart in the last week like a cork -- Carry a child where it happened and what they call the bar or at 2 AM. You know typical pop. Pop -- -- about it fortunately at bat and -- a career. Those scenes prosecutor -- acting kind of really urged the jury can keep sympathy out of this this young. They're trying to say that he dropped in the draft because of this and he's a football player any. It doesn't matter if he's a football player not those that come into any kind of consideration when they drop the since April 11. -- he is. You know a lot like I hit back at what can. I don't think they're any. I'm an act. And nick how are. -- that. Not what you call at all. You know I'll. Get hurt her or. Opened that. At all I'd like I. Ever got. Well -- where we're purely. I'd bet we hope. We. -- -- I. A lot of Nebraska Oscar fans out there to define a cheerleader stuck up there would surprise. -- -- We'll all -- like you say you're there every day. You saw the case he thought I was gonna get off what was the reasoning as you watch this thing and you said. This guy's gonna get off. I thought or or. Or that it. -- -- in their. That it at any -- or. -- -- I'm content on our way to -- Has -- of Nebraska law we know certain states right different call for do you wise things like that assault on an officer. Probably not taken lightly out imagine. -- -- debt at -- and in their hundred or who are well not all of -- -- for a well. What a lot. More ought to. So there's a lot of fighting going on and how about that camera in that area. The only problem. Now we're talking to bill stack -- news 1011 live outside the courthouse Lincoln Nebraska -- a dinner guilty of third degree assault resisting arrest as you're following. This case there in the courtroom every day I guess that from a prosecution standpoint -- they try to point out as the standard in knowingly and and did. Punch a police officer as you was -- that are went and saw the evidence of the did you get the feeling bill that. You know he'd actually done that -- they do good job trying to convince you that that -- never happened. Well wait in the end it what I'm saying it is is. Not there yet it. -- -- to take on all of 8000. Record the -- thing that I got. Out here on out here. All the -- jail and being in an entire. Picture in how they re. Not sure I. Pushed by virtue I. Wanna go all now. I don't know it's a neat because. I don't think that went out there locally. Cop. On the so what. Are your well. And just to circle back Tuesday in a lot of people around here the biggest question is is he go to jail because as you said there's a maximum penalty. A five years in prison a 101000 dollar fine for the felony conviction. You'd talk to somebody there in the clerk's office and and the early suggestions sounds like probation 280. Days in jail. -- I doubt it can be up here right end. And thought that they are starting that the investigation. Critical -- people over there and you're now 830 or -- We'll find out -- that it could be on. -- Kelly county attorney in oak under eighty gate ERP a -- Bill some great information here today everyone talking about a pack -- is verdict came down jury. No response yesterday come in today and -- they say it entered guilty. Bill stack is that news 1011 Lincoln Nebraska bill great stuff appreciate -- -- on short notice.

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