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Chris Mannix, SI, on the Celts potentially trading Pierce and KG

Feb 20, 2013|

Mannix joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the approaching trade deadline and what the Celtics will do with their superstars.

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27 hours away from the MBAs trading deadline it's -- lived 93 point seven WEEI 28 hours away. Just inside 28 hours. Following up on all things that Google wallet the Celtics and the potential that tonight is the final night. Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce and Celtic uniform and joining us on the AT&T hotline. No one better in terms of the NBA ins and -- the Chris medics. He joins us here in the program fit it between zero and piercing KG in Celtic uniforms in your mind. Look I I think there's only a it's a 25%. Chance that. -- that they removed before the deadline that you know that the Garnett stuff. In Bob it was making a lot of those calls about Garnett the clippers and in -- the clippers I can tell you is. It's divided out there at the new organization now the coaching staff. They want Kevin Garnett because they wanna win now if you're -- don't make grow when you're in the last year your contract secure Chris Paul. And you're about to sign a long term contracts you're in a position you wanna win right now whereas the front office. I can die that they they're not all that inclined to give up Eric Bledsoe leads to a potential ten years starter in the league. And -- -- Jordan a sure fire starter right now for Kevin Garnett who could potentially only be giving you a couple more months I mean who knows what Kevin Garnett future. It can hold need to -- always been on a series of one year contract so I think at the end of the day. When you throw in the it no trade clause that Kevin has and you he -- there the fact I've not heard a heck of a lot of significant interest surrounding Paul Pierce. I think more likely than not the court -- these -- together. Yes -- respond to any ancient and there's deals out there I I I do them I do the law I don't sit there and say I wanna see this team make one more run at. I just don't see it having you know it's great delicacy at right now teams want to win now in the offseason. Teams are as desperate. You know they'll look to other avenues other free agents maybe do some differently if it's their do you think the any change. Desperately want to do something I think he's happy with the team he's got. I think if the deal there Lou he makes it and if he can get -- let go beyond great Jordan for Kevin Garnett you'd jump at that you know -- -- and criticisms. -- deal from the -- inside I don't get it he's it -- stop watching errant bullet Soledad. Through the fourth guard on the clippers the third I guess when. When -- is is injured but really got a lot they did and people I think it was in the same trap -- -- law. But there are people back and it said Eric Bledsoe was second best point guard. In that trap it and again you're dealing with potential right now because he hasn't gotten consistent minutes at the point guard spot because Chris Paul has been there. For a couple years now but Eric let that the guy they could set to take over. And the starting point guard Ricky right away and be an effective guide you guys to score fifty points per game. It -- that is that you look at that wait played this year he's up to about ten point per game. But more importantly -- -- percentage in the mid forties right now is three point 0% low thirties this habitat and improving every single year so I think. The guy you wanna get that it would be under Jordan. Well it definitely might be a little or is Donald might get a little bit overpaid. Because Golden State that massive contract out of my last year but he telecommute starting center and your team for the next next decade it would make it feel like that. All the sudden they can be domino that now you can think about dealing Rajon Rondo next year when he becomes LP that you have Eric Bledsoe. Already the starter spot you can giveaway Iraqi Kuwait and trade Rondo. Person starting quantity is sort of drastic yeah -- -- that doesn't -- AT&T -- -- idea about rebuilding team on the. You'll go Chris medics -- it would fit that -- -- -- in my court this idea of the deal because -- -- to do this deal yesterday bikers -- a -- you talked about that there's the potential that. You bring Bledsoe went and no one doubts his talent. And then Rondo and bloods are on the same roster I've -- our John Rondo react sometimes to different things have any can't get -- a lot of purity it. It feels like the way I can I Kenny have those guys Chris. On the same roster we know Rondo can be at times a little bit reactive to things around like bringing another point guard who's got good talent to -- his minutes. The legitimate question but let's not forget that that let don't let off the ball do with the clippers -- when he's on the floor Chris Paul Chris Paul the point guard so let those used to that. And we see Rondo had success and others smallest guard Avery Bradley. Who's played off the ball as well -- -- -- state you know ultimately. If you can't have. Rondo Bradley and let so I mean you can be you -- probably get better value deeper for UT deal one of them and I I think you can move Rondo. Once he proved he's healthy next year -- looked. I firmly believe and have voted for him in the top five man deeply about. I believe that -- always help the in the top NBA players and that kind of guy on that kind of manageable contract. It's going to be incredibly valuable next year so once he proved it healthy I think he could deal him. For potentially many cute -- starred as a drastic. That something that want a bright young franchise point guard they can build around to allocate the least of my concerns. If on the Celtics what to do -- you know with that lineup once you get it there. Chris I look at they keep this team as is right now. We're talking before -- know what's going on what Derrick Rose up in Chicago but I still think in a seven game series is five teams this team will struggle to beat. How many teams do you think they can get by and at first round -- but it seems -- -- beat in the east as is right now. It's got to -- the outlook is that playing good basketball right now you know no question about it but. And you know you get the play happening at a Miami beat the crap out of them I think get away part of Indiana now what that side now what did agree to likely coming back. In the next couple days that can make a lot more formidable. The -- and who knows what Derrick Rose they still played such a great brand of defense that. That they -- the plant they're going to be really -- -- and I think that note preteens. Are gonna be really really copper -- the B which is why it's so important to the Celtics. To try to find a way to look at that 45 slot. -- by the end of the season note an uphill climb. With the -- they're looking up that right now but you got to try to play some really good basketball. Two point one of those three -- we definitely you avoid Miami you don't want any part of them especially LeBron James is playing right now I would want it to be do. With Chicago or or Indiana at that point the policies that. We're talking Chris manic Sports Illustrated NBC sports network beat that thing you mentioned their before that beat the course stays intact. Is he your belief that there could be other moves here there's about I -- Josh Smith for green and -- all that makes. But it. There are other side deals you'd think Chris if they've KG MP Paul Pierce are here other side deals get made for the Celtics. Well there will be more of an opportunity that might get it that you get -- -- to give up to 41 in some situations you look at -- after leader emerging bodies in it seems like every week they can't keep making deals. That you surrender players to -- that -- not have enough bodies to get them through. The end -- -- -- not eating like they have out there were Garnett who miraculously been the only one LP and pierce you gotta protect yourself. With somebody's right to look. -- just let things I'm just warning stadium million miles away from jobs that just donate because. -- -- No question about the borderline all star every single year but he definitely -- case at this point and he's had such a roller coaster ride in Atlanta cute Mort you're more -- -- -- jump shot. The player in the league -- -- chart that got me jump shot jobs that would lead the lead. Elegant or aggregate call Antoine Walker shots group president as miraculous. Shot selection and Chris I I I can listen to you talk. All the width of a NBA just it's amazing. Got but the bottom line -- judgment is that you look at from that the -- summer and it's one thing and it paid jobs that. What you're paying him now on a short term deal it's quite another -- got to give this guy fourteen or fifteen million dollars. Over 45 years which is -- he's gonna be looking for -- gotta believe it's going to be crazy team I'll definitely be difficult if not you can. Have a right now he can talk about being young and it with a young core for the over the future he would Rajon Rondo are close those that did so they've -- -- get along. In that lineup but he's gonna gobble up a -- payroll and you have to look at ask the question is Josh Smith could not be considered a franchise player. I look at him as a second or third opportunity. Not a franchise god why would not pay him. That much money over that many years. I I agree out these Max player guy. Jeff Green I wanna see more of these cheaper Willett that's the other thing develops both. Which brings me to Paul Pierce in because we look at it yet if you subtract Paul appears to me you still have a guy that can step in and Jeff Green. You know could he be the guy. Note to -- I mean I know that he doesn't have a no trade could he be the one to -- ball KG Jeff Green sits nets start lineup and you improve your team elsewhere Paul Pierce. No and I am a little bit surprised at you how I've gauges lukewarm interest in Paul Pierce right now because -- -- still. In accomplish score and botnet made no. And that no hesitation in the past about dangling Paula trade -- go back to last year when they're talking New Jersey. About here that I never really went anywhere could -- haven't -- offered the cell disappears and exchange but. But that -- was open to doing it because you know by trading peers you can start the rebuild process. A little bit earlier in pierce if he's still an elite scorer you don't get yet if -- quite points per game. Almost every single night back contract even note fifteen million dollars that you that you guys I was up five billion dollar buyout. At the end of the Philippines could -- a lot of flexibility. By acquiring Paul Pierce but I gotta be honest with you. Yeah I'm on the phone all the time -- I think that -- the very GMs around the league and I'm not hearing and Paul Pierce's name brought up in a lot of the a lot of these discussions now. That could change the next 24 hours when things really start to eat up. Right for the deadline -- right now Paul's name it is not the tip of the tongue of a lot of GMs of contending team that doctor. There's no way Dwight Howard plays another game lake uniform after tonight correct. But I've got -- I don't think Dwight Howard going anywhere look at all the lakers and not to put up the deal either I mean look he can't. He's got a long lens view the situation with Dwight Howard in -- in Kobe Bryant are the worst couple since I don't know a lot. But you know that they. You can't -- dealing him and mortgaging your future not you can get you know that another franchise type player who might not be on Dwight Howard level. But maybe a couple of -- maybe -- young and -- you get if you can chemical being it's all next year hopefully can catch. -- -- bottled up or at least the lighting the volleys are you gonna catch this year. With -- court but if you can't get that kind of deal but like. Yeah it's it's still -- 27 year old franchise better but it still a guy that was one year removed from being one of the best players in all of basketball. And you do have to assume that next year. He's gonna come back fully healthy you have to believe the back injury. Given -- a lot in just the yield the shouldering regularly obviously -- -- that boat people will we find my training camp. And he'll come back the same player we saw last year and it because you have -- reorganization do you wanna be the franchise. That dealt a way that player for 6570. Cent on the dollar. The cup jacket that publicly and privately he has no intention of doing Dwight Howard and I think he's right I think you have to get this season. But like -- down the room. Yeah I talked about what they want -- -- explain to them. That they can do about each other and I think that's going to happen which is why I don't think you'll see Dwight -- all moved to the -- Chris last one for made the contender in your mind that is most desperate to make a deal ordeals to improve their chances of winning a championship this year. At the great question. You know I -- -- I think the clippers would have to be at the top of the list because. The clippers still don't have that front court depth to try to look at it Garnett it's why they're looking at Paul Millsap in -- the clippers are looking up at the big teams in the western cooperated the big teams. That play exceptionally well in the half court -- Oklahoma City San Antonio -- even despite a lot of Rudy Gay. That's going to be a problem for the clippers in the playoffs they're terrific at the half court in the end when it wrapped up tempo basketball they're terrific in terms of depth of gut -- the best bench -- Kyra NBA. But they're -- it is when the game slows down so they probably more than any team out there. Need to acquire someone they can supplement. Are Blake Griffin play alongside Blake Griffin give them more offense than the hundred -- cable up. -- like she could you agree with them Alec anytime Christine demonic Simon agrees this is our guy would love talking MBA with you -- thank you. -- Hispanic Sports Illustrated joining us on the AT&T hotline it's AT&T forgy LTE was speeds. Up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible your NBA fan trying to follow this stuff. I'll follow Chris on Twitter at Chris -- as I he's pretty tapped in -- Of course you like necessary I think -- I think he burger stated in his own words your argument for the first hour plus the show -- you guys on the same page is Smart. Guy tag team what do you expect Lou and man X. President there out -- not his second break continue with your phone calls at 617779798378. ET text -- their -- -- 379 -- 37 it's not little going.

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