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The Annual Red Sox Spring Training Media Roundtable on Dennis and Callahan

Feb 20, 2013|

John and Gerry end their trip to Fort Myers by welcoming Rob Bradford, Gordon Edes, Steve Buckley, and Tom Caron to the set. The roundtable closes out the week by giving their predictions for the 2013 campaign.

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For the final hour of our final day that Red Sox -- train. In Fort Myers, Florida our annual -- Cubs bring it to assimilate Motley ugly -- crew of media members at Boston. And I think we've kind of over over outdone ourselves just yet -- how we get -- -- Gordon needs that got the cameras are off Steve Buckley rob Bradford and Tom -- joining us and -- here at the broadcasts like just they jumping off point here gentlemen. I know it's early I know it's only been a week we can happen at the case may be what is your first and overriding impression thus far of this camp what appears what smells what. Feels different than what we've seen in the past year. I I would say order that -- business community chaos from last year and you go back to the the video screen in the clubhouse with. The in the will put runners go first that there aren't -- -- thought -- -- Steve -- a valid IP Valentine -- right -- and that was and in you know I think the first week -- spring training you guys might agree -- disagree it was way too much blaming Bobby for everything happened last year. Beginning with David Ortiz referring to the manager relate -- but I think with comfortably past that now and everyone is on board. But are you suggesting that. Bobby deserves some blame by referring to chaos last spring night I don't remember seeing chaos in the first couple weeks all I -- I ever. -- -- -- -- No I disagree and. -- that I was on the snow and -- that I had grave doubts about this team and got -- up the -- so. No I thought troubling signs posted. -- -- -- We have put up. -- It was it was a bad combination of uncertainty. And people getting to the about it. Guys trying to do too much guys trying to be so somebody -- really they weren't a lot of home. And then just like you said the jump start him at what is this video stuff in the middle locker room you know what. What is these everywhere and get their hands in at 8:30 in the morning -- here Louie -- get all fired up you know it just it was just different. Bobby did try to reinvent the wheel some last spring in it and with a veteran team you can't do that we we talk about it being Bobby's fault and so he wrote the column about it but he blaming everything on. On Valentine but it was. Lot of bit at the end of the day the dysfunction between Bobby and coaches. And it was like the team was were kids trying to do well at school or nasty divorce they can start I think that laughter I think that lasted longer I think that's all know what the players were rolled their rise from the get go. But it you got to the point where I get the sense that the players' analyst at some point we have to take some ownership of it. But -- the dynamic with the coaches spread is officially a few coaches really never get any better. Did that all go to -- -- a hand basket win with the -- -- incidents and in the Pedroia reaction is that we will do things like that isn't that about where Bobby fell off the cliff and get it done for that -- of the season which. Yeah that's -- Port of no return right right clearly in and you know we talk about the coaches in and -- -- -- rob last bring. Temple are in in body McClure would come out distracting thinking that. That day was kind of followed. The course that they had charted Bobby would come out changed everything. You know that we're not seeing this spring ahead at this camp has been run very efficiently and and you -- You can just sent Seattle comfort level or. If you imagine -- imaginative Bobby if John -- came out that I really don't believe in the wind I really don't think that -- part of baseball then I. Reporters go at the one you have is it that well he doesn't know really what he's talking about if he's never been a pitcher at this this would never out Q do you. Think that translates into wins that's the question I know they're gonna win us all old school guys we just said it would Dave Ross. -- minutes and enemy could have been -- equipment and more gracious he loves them and Cameron Tommy Boy and I -- I know is that either way -- -- racer Dan -- what do I have to put a bunch of cool guys together how many wins does it. -- the last week we start of the shows we do every night. Is that. I consider exhibit at whim ninety and I can just as easily sitters and lose. I can't remember the last time there's been this many. -- -- a run on a calm but it could be 85 and I think everybody would give five. -- -- You go out there -- -- said that they won it all are tied for other job every every team that vigilant to -- again. It's an -- if this is like 79 in. It correctly by minute ago my two concerns are. -- I can boil it down to one a and one B one day. Is western buckled what are they gonna give you and then one B -- if that's gonna get out of Ortiz in the hole. Now and in those questions nobody can answer right now nobody and currently sit here and say -- but don't you think Ortiz and Napoli is disaster that happened like. For second week you know. Or I think yeah you're you're you're not ready to answer any questions that we imposing it in that you don't know there's they're -- thinks that -- real yes Monaco for a. And we'll -- I don't think the last her book holes it's. The that's a stretch I think it's. You were about the Achilles yes that's too many things that can go wrong but. I sat here last here with you guys on this round table saying to me the biggest appears they have is Lester and Lackey and whomever back in this case. Had had -- you know rely on their sense of professionalism to get back and it and it was -- that and I'll say it means that it's gone. Is Jon Lester don't really think he has I don't know what he's done now don't know but not on days when you're but ignored the advice and went on and let your fifteenth to seventh on manager at. He's got what he used to be which is I mean. Not -- -- And watch here I saw the rolling of the guys and the umpire saying it and that wasn't Jon Lester and I don't know where that they came from. Beckett or what just that the chicken in the BI have no idea but I remember when he pitched in on the all star game a couple of years back. And we were talking to him and I said he faced Hanley Ramirez and I said. Boy you know they do everything we knew playing importantly him Mary you guys will repeat here and say for the going to be realistic he said no I would never have a pizza with him and Ramirez. That's the guy I want back I want that I've been elaborate on Radford talked to the -- of the stunts and get a good -- well no he did his job CI I I didn't read it that way in in in my conversations with -- lesser. I didn't. Fighting come away with that said it's either I think what he says what he certainly set to -- and rob I think he was saying similar things to you it's. In the in the midst of -- wreckage of a season there were still things that he. Look cute that he could build on for next year the fact that he did makes seventeen quality start he wasn't saying. You know because I may seventeenth quality starts it wasn't a horse big years they'll say it was that in and you know this whole idea whether -- -- -- -- not set that aside. Just that the big question for me coming into this season easy it was last year aberration or is he going to be the guy who for four straight years. Gave -- 200 innings won fifteen games -- more struck at a 150 or more in had an earned run average that was pt percent better. In the league average you know how many left handers in history have done that yet. Farrell asked who picks him isn't barrels blog at the list wouldn't be Barton Lester Lester and while things that barrel. That are a couple of them lesser -- -- is barred because the ball then they've got part insurance that you are and and that that obviously you have put up the middle last year John -- and what did Jon Lester and say well this is what he's doing. And it was exactly two that he can fix it right away but that's the encouraging thought we go back to what you said about when I talked the last year. You know that the thing that he got riled up over with next level the next level while it will what he expected to win 25 games aside when I guess right okay this so there's that. But there's also what's wrong -- of doing what you did for the previous four years in the next four years and take away that they've got a winning with an adept at all people with -- out there if you if you said Jon Lester -- come out and went fifty to seventy games and have the RA he did. On the average in those four years you would sign up for that and you know what. That would go a long way to get this team to the title winkle your Gordon who's your favorite new guy. My favorite new guy. I would thinks so far in my own experience been victory. He's been right you know I mean. He makes no secret of the fact that he deals with the eighty GM and you talk to early in the morning men those guys are pop and out of him right and a mile a minute but. I think he brings a tremendous amount of energy here. If he's got a bloody group -- -- thirteen million deal you know a year while player in your mind. The thing is you what you have to do when you look at those salaries is the fact that none of on -- board long term commitment you know they. This may be the famous bridge here -- it would we would be bettering guys. That that. I think there's a lot more depth in this line -- I think there's a lot more balance in the -- but again it goes back to the fact that all of these guys so many of these guys have to bounce back from bad years. Yeah they'll. Dodge arena might be the one that -- about the most. Economy because of the way he's played his his game high energy all the legs that age -- -- You know to like NC bouncing back -- okay Ross was OK now isn't yet but he's bought and physically also for this year. I think -- defined victory seek out I don't I he's going to be flat out quite what you current scheduling regular our eyes when you're at the what have you ever heard Napoli has given my limited that even you know God's right and I think that question may need a left handed hitting first baseman. And they don't seem to carpet -- is that I think yeah I think they are interest and car America let the left handed hitting left field. Well can -- playoff at all for all you Whitman I pick and we don't you're you're you're you've got every night Hazel -- enough and I I heard it go the other day after Alex got you out of that -- -- is what happened -- wandered down one of the practice you know McNabb lobbed the ball and they did with Jack bottle of the Arnold and I hate the media and I had -- -- -- the Fedora on it at the radar -- yet the -- watch yet the whole war like that guy at Dodger Stadium a shot behind and Danica wherever it where the food but -- like Julio -- with a dud like Korea but. That was act that was putting and -- -- all OK with this -- Vegas figured out and have fun although the floor. But what about Michael. Jackie Bradley -- it could have been because everybody discovered footer with no fifty adept at Jackie Bradley senior who was named after Jackie Wilson the thing. Wilson polish is the only -- what can he be left and that is drugs -- Bob is I don't think that that's big right. You want me -- I thought Charlie partridge get smacked down by Alex about our -- -- out gas so he asked to get back to. Yeah EE he's just eighty. And he's 23. I I know he's hit three very old Jerry Rice harper we've had this conversation and -- I don't think it's nice lead guy's minds on in the league and probably thirty threes that and hopefully. I think I would look forward to some watch him at all if the rest of. You know I got to that point at that point -- I thought about what the most of what the most important players I think it's Ellsbury to because. We know Vick thirty you can victory to bounce back you what you need not Jacoby Ellsbury out eleven. They have something happened -- -- that's a big hit for this team -- If I -- outfield gets a remarkably thin air and you don't have any where near the start -- Ellsbury who played center Victorino Victorino Utley. Victory and victory be the -- maybe later on new years which we all agree that two years ago when a certain tabloid newspaper in Boston at the -- best team ever I have missed those days that that that was not good for this baseball team. Know with the proper -- with Crawford and gonzo and and the sense and not just that. What everybody was saying to them that there were some sense of all we need to do was show up and because based on this this remarkable array of expensive talent. We're -- -- a bunch a bunch of baseball games and bop you beat you completely disagree I thought that was evident winning bad for the Boston Red Sox. -- firstly these low expectations were everybody is saying -- -- -- had to go right the scrappy underdogs Germany it turned out well isn't that good for this baseball team well -- I I understand what you're saying. And I go back to that -- -- years of imperialism I don't think they pick up you know that would and 110 games but. But I have a Josh Beckett payments equal things I've never played on -- team 100 game right for -- and I I don't think it was the assumption that they're gonna win a lot of ball games. You remember they did they did have like seven if you winning percentage the -- we were hot and the -- season. I just think everything fell apart. But in the end it was kicked in it was in the year that you guys agree -- pitching fell apart. And it wasn't it wasn't all that stuff since we're the ones eat chicken Hendrick and them be here. It was it was I think they've they've been eating some of the taking -- in my. But the point is that when you kiowa island every -- house at four innings at a whack and that's the reason why Alfredo -- it's still here. I mean because they learned their lesson when they got to that point also and you have to rely on the kiowa island to go out and hope that he could get through. Or -- thirds. It's not really getting traded is -- have a good -- -- district I I think between now and opening day. They get to an -- -- it and yeah you know get a lot of spring training trades that are big you know Clemens with the Toronto Blue Jays which was every February early spring training. Back in 99 of course the big royalty rate which was disasters you don't get big -- it's been training. But I'd be very surprised if they did not make trade for one of the following the seven is Haley was Saltalamacchia by opening day. Well I think I take two out of three I think both pitchers on the surface. And Bailey will both end up bringing something back in value someone will end up. Losing their -- like the reds right in the spring training last -- Bailey has a lot of value. The other thing the sevens is interesting because I I think. Much like Manny back in the day he's trying to to -- his way out of town he wants to be a starter. Why not. Make it you know uncomfortable for them to keep the problem is -- got the option on little that was -- -- -- to -- -- this says that it that there is no empirical evidence to suggest this happens every single year in the east but if we can just agree to from time to time. Something of which much is expected as an absolute abject filter. The Red Sox were that team last year to use the other team and and I -- some outrageous but Toronto is an example could the Los Angeles Laker effect. Being in effect here where you bring it all these people all these these these unmatched pieces of the puzzle and they don't go together and they don't do it everybody expects. Well what I look at the Blue Jays on that overwhelmed by their everyday line. I mean you you've got Jose Reyes -- that that's obviously a great addition Batiste. You know I can RC on gives -- some pop Bonifacio will help them. But beyond that that that line -- doesn't dazzle me they still have question Brett Larry's good young player but Kobe grass -- question mark. There's a number of question marks here in even with the pitching staff. Yes -- you know obviously bring in an RA Dickey on the go back to the American League racism questions -- Josh Johnson has some health issues -- bullpen. To me he has a lot of -- are you serious offense doesn't let -- important guys out -- well but he you know he missed a lot of time last year -- art. But to me. John the guys that team it's gonna show that the biggest drop. This year or -- -- yeah. Yeah torn left I left wondering about eight or nine in one run game like sixteen into an extra ticket yet bedding and I didn't do anything here also your right cigarettes to export. In other words now I think I I think the Red Sox will finish in the in the top three in the division you do so Baltimore Toronto blow them. I think Toronto could finish below them I would Wear it at night it's like. I'll be shrimp cocktail -- -- got. Let them down as we get continued at the minute. Welcome back Dennis and Callahan wrapping things up in Fort Myers, Florida are lastly a broadcasting and as we do every single year a media roundtable to discuss the past the present and the future. The Boston Red Sox team Gordon needs Steve Buckley rob Bradford Tom Karen Auld joining us here at the broadcast -- to get back in the bullpen situation well and expand upon the but the Bailey in the set this thing eight is do you think the template is. In ensuring that mine in the baseball off mine and our organization's mind that they wanna do what the Orioles as you just talked about before. Did last year by shortening the games and getting to a very very strong bullpen they flip it 69 win a 69 win season -- 669. Loss season. And sort of what Arizona did the year before on the strength of their bullpen is that the template here. I think you can -- those comparisons you know it's funny if it is the acknowledged one. Hole in his game that was put together -- yeah he's a year after year in trouble or shortstop if if that had -- here anniversary -- by committee I don't know what a bad spot and it got closer by committee is that theory wasn't wrong. That the committee is you still close are you don't hit it close like anybody US. I -- I -- I think -- do need it closer closer -- more. Set up by committee -- and that's all. That the basis of their closer by committee theory was that the most important outs of the game might be -- ones that fifth inning when that demand commodity indeed have some. But what they didn't value up I. Is he still needed a guy coming close. I think all I think above and beyond anything and I agree with -- sub what your thing but it's the human element they didn't factor in the human element and right or wrong this is how relievers worked. They have to know we were just talking about it to bail you want to mediate that he got what -- what he thinks he's no doubt automobile aren't going to be what he believes the right is -- -- court -- two nights ago. They told me the eighth inning run those go back to the human element that's -- that's why closer by committee didn't work in my mind because I wanted to know when they're gonna. And there wasn't enough that it added to the box -- yet. But it on the bike to go to what you're saying about Andrew Bailey mutating. I think this is an interesting conversation because -- -- early early on would hit it restricts sports that he's our eighth inning guy. But it's it is important for him to know his -- it important for guys to know their roles now like you said he's back Ollie and now. Say it'll be a good competition for that eighth inning he will certainly be in the mix for that eighth inning -- might concern when you look at his bullpen is. If guys begin camp thinking they have particular roles. And that changes by the end of camp while that the daily sessions of -- by now what part of it out here tomorrow throws 979 exactly -- to heart. And back to the point on who the eighth inning guy is in what -- -- -- said during the offseason I believe that Andrew Bailey will be the eighth inning guy. I just don't think -- be with this team. And I I think that they love this hour in that role. I I don't know which when you guys said it but it's jumped out at me with -- said yesterday. And immediately I'm saying that backs up my point that the the trade going to be made between now and opening. But here's here's my big question with the people think can we automatically assume that the success that Joel Hanrahan at with the Pittsburgh Pirates. As close for the last years it's gonna translate to the American League east bought us a different to Pittsburgh. -- -- you take -- is now that doesn't regret it if the good point because what if that's the state that doesn't work out. -- would trade in -- bill that Mario in -- felt it as -- show you are no words or -- here -- Bailey's new art -- hit solid can be dependable closer -- and I don't I don't know closer no closer in the major leagues yet if you off. Well though that's your next best option. And -- -- I think -- Maybe Riley is not much of that rub it or goes so in my book or is so right now. And he needs to -- -- -- Nixon Mueller Pedro probably did you know what I I think I don't -- -- Isaac Baker. Yeah. I I think our opens up the topic it is I don't think you can trust. Regular season were based on -- -- -- them anymore proof I want this has talked about needing baby steps with parts that back at that point in his did you think that Jerry and we hear news crew feel real interests and khakis then they have the culture at the ball in one in -- really really expensive she it's been aware that that they get yourself about the you know the -- -- -- -- -- you know all the little things he needs. They look at this team and say you would advocate and we're gonna win ninety. No I I don't I I think everybody striking it a cautionary note. This spring no I'm not talking publicly and privately they say yeah we privately ninety would be stretch a lot of things have to break right now and they're aware that's a big big big thing is significant and because it. -- -- think that they don't rate schedule and I was gonna say it might well but why spend ten million and J. D. -- and seven and Angel and ran for one year if you don't you're not that nice Freudian slip -- the other thing like -- -- -- the -- J. D. -- and not have a -- benefit everyone has to be looked at -- out but everybody starts talking you realize it's not like Stephen Drew and Agile and rentals for a team that's probably not gonna get in -- and especially to -- they -- -- and that told. B they believe they can pull this off back to the original box at first wins four games. I think this team is not going to have a losing record so what's that the Bard you know 82. Pars given on York's a bit. And -- winning again -- at the annual rites of spring right at the cherry blossoms -- -- start driving the departments at the polluters are for real that's the the thing about this team is your 828485. Rangers in this or you're in the hunt and you're good July trade away. From 87 trade deadline I the other night -- I expected to get back to your point when minions -- -- I think that's what they think we put together a team that would get us to July. And not fall off the pack. And then we can make a move or two more you know the immortal like Johnny Miller race -- point this morning that might make the road. To the playoffs that much more difficult not only for the Red Sox but for second team by the American League east you would teams going the fact that the Houston Astros -- no that's that's what I couldn't win every down at the half. He goes fifteen and three go -- and try to thicker they get they have to play the game is the Rangers eighteen times he I said Alou. Lose a hundred of them I think a player you know I've made it doesn't make the average and Carlos Pena two point nine while the averages three million right in the guys listen I said about the put -- finer point on it by. If they don't go 31 against Houston in April just forget. That's not afford a -- that -- -- that you get all of the Eagles and I think when they play. It likely. That in. It's one of those deals like when Pete Rose that money on his team and he is bring in here -- -- pitches. In the money that's how they can approaches. Every and and -- and today. Just leave that starter but -- -- -- broke well what they throw all star game I was politically I would if they -- gentlemen if -- could win a game yet if you want. The biggest difference to me between this team in last year's team and even 2011. Down the stretch is. Assuming that John Lackey is going to be helping give you something and I know that's a huge assumption. I look at the depth that this starting rotation is significantly. Better than it has been in the past. -- -- a guy you can count on for a 180 innings. To 200 innings I think Lester Buchholz. Are solid. -- brought. You know can should be able to build up a good year last year. One -- -- -- compared to a young CC sabathia I don't think he was talking about his current IR I think he might have been -- -- -- -- -- a lot of stuff. But if these guys faltered now when you look -- done -- Pawtucket. You know you can bring up a ruby -- -- -- can bring up and Alan -- you can bring obviously right you know that there's a chance here that. I didn't mention Franklin or else why -- I think that's yeah I -- I think this is the guy who might be the wildcard because we've. We saw -- hamstring. You brought shoulder. This week right wasteland fit -- fit again -- wife seven still here. But to me who LeapFrog the service is -- I figured if I -- well I get Lackey which team wins and I think that we will argue jump -- ahead here here's what I need to -- if we -- -- really go around the table -- -- clockwise around the table. I need a win total. And I need a guy who completely. Goes above and beyond expectations and somebody who has an absolute go on this team when all said and done so -- total a hero and -- The spot that finished his I wanna hear who's not gonna pick of laughs it's hard not to pick of last yes so so win total. Position. Hero -- Rob Bradford QB you can talk while Bob aren't gonna round out there to block Michael there isn't -- But just ran around behind I mean I thought -- always goes lays out and that it right there with all argue with 8585. What place. Healthy third place game. What was hero. And he just developed just this could have beat the the -- MVP year at royal bounced back Pedroia. Well -- I was in the league and who went past. And who will I -- heels are everywhere that -- negative of the ID go I had about -- -- and I don't know who it was close it. -- be useless. A go or go with the stupid to Alfredo with them is that they are -- I've got to go with 84 points yet and finished third. I think the team that wins that division probably won't win more than 8889. Games. I like the Yankees and passed me but. I think Stephen Drew is gonna have a year. A Beltre like you're not those kind of numbers but he guide reestablish his market value here I think he's healthy he's a very good shortstop. For several years with their -- I'm thinking that. The Achilles might be in the moment yeah I was gonna go that -- -- -- first yeah which that are golfers now it seem like -- -- sardonic. I already five wins third place like everybody else. Jacoby Ellsbury if anyone was ever put on this earth to have a contract year ago. Or -- they gonna do it five and a half years right and waiting at the free agent market. I think he has a monster seasons like that you don't trade him. You ride it out you take the draft pick in the -- seasons -- -- place where I think -- go to the back next year but he wants out there. And Felix they're brought to me is the concern. Like two years ago he just up to camp and not ready to go. They kept them that offseason he was in great shape where they'll last year Eagles on this here comes back. A little -- about -- Which if that's like your secrecy and a right -- the last thing you get to pick on all -- I like yeah all right but. Is much of a joke about the entire division winning 84 games and MLB flying in the entire division out on Wofford College World Series get them out a round Robin double elimination. I'm I'm -- temper my expectations 78 wins we all hope and what you know what I did this last year when happen. You'll -- right though in you're right few over right I did what eighty. 83 day -- and excellent equipment but like I said Nick -- 97 and at -- place. Were placed and I other gentleman's c.'s like Harvick because I didn't have a respectable -- wins as they built throughout an eighty's success. That day that I I don't I don't I felt -- Whatever thirty seconds of the -- six I don't know I. I I I think they hero at the turn four I think so unless it's gonna bounce back this season. -- I've someone talk to him out and I mean it's still I think the lead -- him after the rock rap that he's came out. And I think he retool -- I think he's going to be dedicated himself but he's good season. And I don't want you to term -- But I underperform on to my grave concerns at the tees I think the two year deal with lifetime achievement. And he he he's here because he's he's reminder of the good times. But I mean we're in the spring training he's ready golf cart so I don't know what the deal was with him and I don't know if you panic yet. The part that you're not gonna get the old time meaning Ramirez David Wright production right now Jerry. What's the order again and they'll have the summer. -- I -- I said two weeks ago they -- seven the -- in the in the fifth and if we are without cable break but I came up here I get down there you know we met Johnny Gomes and David -- up and Ryan Dempster I see him on every night and and Joel Hanrahan and these guys. The real deal and terrific guys some ago. Hundred -- and I. -- at seven I don't change my mind like two weeks to do whatever it is that what what -- first place 111. And last next fourth place. An amateur -- two weeks and then over performing here over performing hero. Is Jeremy baker yeah IDs. No real little Brooks it's 32. -- That is my prediction and goat is under former Cubs or under performer. Well we hurdle but the blade runner I expect to see opening day to Mike Napoli that if you would like probably honestly because of he's he's -- He's going to be tough it's gonna try to play but he's gonna have issues Mike Napoli yours please. He's going to be taking drugs and he's an opening hours of honesty this it's. Obviously. -- with eighty fourth place and like I need to think outside the box and make everybody laugh. Over performing John Lackey. I'm John Lackey might surprise some people which is a or whatever whether it's an instinctive yeah like his first year in Boston fourteenth. With that well many are out he's gonna go you know. Fourteenth really -- -- on those decisions yet Izturis due to global that -- felt right right I haven't. And I think he is the individual -- -- entire team of low expectations and any team -- seems to be seems to be great also Lackey Ortiz is right off the top of -- it was I was gonna say that too but these guys Olson -- -- -- some of -- -- -- my choice -- you guys had Victor Ortiz because if your injured on July 26 and here we are in in -- -- mid to end of feb and still only 90% not a lot of baseball activities. Continue not easily envision him hitting the back wrong at first base or taking him -- -- -- -- done for the year so everybody that Ortiz. I'm gonna to come up with a pitcher the starting pitcher so I got to decide whether it be Buchholz Lester or do bronze. The failed miserably. Is -- beat -- said Dempster and -- failed in the American League last year. -- -- -- -- you know enjoys the yes I'm not gonna say I love what they've won a post game live sexy can I agree also expect that -- alright that's it. Jump a lot of fun good talking to you. Enjoy the rest your stayed out here we appreciate the normalcy when you get back up north rob Bradford. Gordon needs Tom -- Steve Buckley undoubtedly have no golf balls but have a trip had a shrimp cocktail and -- go to. I think I doubt that -- -- not right between the strip and -- don't what are the guys don't know I think every morning at the studio are yes yes yes -- -- on Friday it's all right we'll take a break and that is the thing up live from Fort --

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