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Alex Speier debates John and Gerry on how prospects ascend through the minor league system

Feb 20, 2013|

WEEI.com’s Alex Speier examines the progression of the Red Sox prospects this spring and how the organization handles their development. Alex and Gerry get into a spirited discussion about how fast teams should advance high draft picks through the system.

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Dennis and Callahan broadcasting live their bottled it Red -- -- training in Fort Myers, Florida joining us in the broadcast that -- has done most of our time down here. Different from WEEI dot com Alex good morning Alex aren't -- great except that I'm you know absence makes the heart reporter tournaments yeah I know like you're only human -- -- him I -- -- one of the interesting things about spring training is is not to revisit. With the players you know everything about the Ortiz as the Pedroia of the Jon Lester but two. Look at the future and based on the fact that the Boston Red Sox didn't trade their future away for any kind of deals in the offseason and we're looking at the Jackie Bradley is in the people like that your -- and if I find very very interesting you think it's a good idea the Bogart's actually place from third base for the Boston Red Sox we've projected as a shortstop. I like the idea of introducing guys to new positions at various points of makes the more valuable roster standpoint. You their college at -- when he came up for instance he started exploring exploring positions other than shortstop which is where -- played coming up. And it allowed him to make his Major League debut faster it allowed him to make. An impact subbing in for Michael when he was injured so if -- -- Brooks goes down for instance. Then you know come the middle of the season I'm probably going to one -- -- cards to be. To be the guy at third base hit to fill in -- even if you project him as a shortstop going forward what do we know a little we think about and Bogart's. We know that he's someone who's outperformed his level and his age by that time he's actually been remarkable the Red Sox have pushed him very aggressively. From a player development standpoint. They had him which is unlike them by the way I know actually that's actually very much within their MO I find that that line of thinking that you guys offered on a number of occasions. To be interesting but it clearly wrong. Of them but nonetheless they pushed him very aggressively. -- he's outperformed his level by a lot he's. He was the youngest guy in double -- he was the second youngest guy in his side in his league and high he was the youngest guy in single -- if he's been a dominant player which -- -- remarkable. And in so that that is as good indicator of future success as you can -- was -- circle. And. Evidence -- evidence were apparently wrong bright bright so when right about -- is expected to lose in the minors at the age 26. That's. Rushing that's. Aggressively. Pushing and got through the minors in the -- could you know you know better than anyone that you can come up examples of both cases or come up. -- aggressively or this aggressive guys going to be and -- It in a bar with -- -- -- open your productive so I understand that I understand that they're concerned there right but. Most of the move further for the most part they're kind of cherry picking examples of guys who have been brought up. More slowly so if you look at the data more broadly right if you look at the number of guys who have been 2322 while making their Major League debut for the Red Sox. You'll find that there easily the most aggressive team in the American League -- what are the most -- like how many twenty -- state Q how many -- -- how many what year old's debut over the course of Major League Baseball you have the -- who -- Mike -- and Bryce -- like Manning -- -- -- meant Manny Machado is absolutely an -- -- -- -- traditional outlets like what makes Mike -- I watched -- play I know -- they -- -- is what makes the freak. The 25 pick. I love this when I'm accused at cherry pick and -- Maloney comes -- he's a once in -- generation player he's a 25 pick in the draft in 24 teams missed on a question of what our basic so they missed only once in A generation player nights at a Strasburg good the Red Sox -- -- 24 teams did miss on a once in a generation player yes it was an incredibly rare opportunity. To have a guy who's a transcendent talent at that stage in the draft you almost never see that other we should point out that Roger Clemens went number eighteen overall in 1982 right do you think. Focus would be ruined it silenced even through just put -- I don't think that he will be ruined but I do think that you be short -- his development -- you would be hindering him thinking in week. -- -- that I do not think it'll -- -- lined up the big leagues had it real it's all another. Craig Hansen used -- success. Craig Hansen was not as bright as as -- undervote -- really who's who's got a great head on his shoulders but. You never know you don't know how guys are going to recall ever not to -- there and the -- -- -- the -- has been introduced to -- is -- making the transition from the -- to the -- the equivalent -- trying to drink -- -- fire -- It a lot of guys. Do you think are great and who in fact end up being great and being thrown. Badly if they feel most prominently for the first time in their lives in under that most glaring spotlight. And then you just -- for the examples of guys come up and -- there's something to be said for coming up to the big leagues and and you know playing. With better players and you know better fields and better lighting and better food in better health you know better and training and all that and and it breaks up the best and some guys I think we saw that with. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- With -- actually he failed badly in the major leagues in August of 2011 which is why the Angels sent him back down. Not just at the end of that season but also for the start of 2012 eligible for the Red Sox what formula the Red Sox used to decide whether -- guys advances it's just hard core data just numbers or is there eyeball test -- sort of psychological evaluation as well -- -- all of the factors go into -- so for instance a guy like -- -- -- last year we've been struggling badly in -- -- He and he had a bad first few starts in the in. Ended up being really good for a few starts and they just wanted to -- player development forward so they moved him up to double later to kind of increased the challenge. Because he had been there for you know for basically a year's time -- -- name one guy that you think they kept them -- I think that -- I don't think that apparently was -- down too long I think it I mean I didn't think that you can make a case that. He was Major League ready by the middle of last year but I think it was important. Youkilis with a guy who is Major League ready but they had guys in front of him. Honestly you know if you look I'm shocked Alex -- your typical one mistake parents and I think that I don't think that they've made a mistake with all of -- -- I think that buckled maybe when he report when he bounced back. In 2009. From his horrific 2008 season I think that he could have made an impact on the Major League rotation. And you have to admit that the kept my men Jeremy baker done to. Point five years old he's put show and beat the every day you watched together the guy can wreck. He's got a good OP in the minors time for in the -- actually saw him -- left and hit a lefty I've been watching -- the baker for years in their end of BP's setting and I agree with you I love his swing in batting practice. And I love the fact that he's the best combination of power and speed that the Red Sox have. In their system however he's shown no ability to commit to be able to adjust to written to breaking balls really high strikeout rate and double -- he was exposed to the rule five draft this past this past -- none of the other thirty teams -- a Major League Baseball. So he's a guy who still needs to develop is still needs to have adjustments from at bat to at bat at the plate and he's just not ready for the major leagues even though. Those choose those two tools beaten and raw power against fastballs. In batting practice are off the charts something before the September call -- what would it take what set of circumstances would it take Alex for Jackie Bradley junior would be -- -- Fenway -- earlier in the season I think there's a great chance she's up playing in Fenway Park earlier in the season after he's had maybe a couple months in the minors if you look at the development progression of a guy like Jacoby Ellsbury. Whom he tracks very closely with. It was up by the end of what June I think he made this -- Major League debut and I think they'll be very much in keeping with Bradley that would make him. Pretty aggressive in terms of the development -- if you look at first round picks over the last five years or so actually I'll think over the last three years or so. Almost none have reached the majors to this point so Bradley would be way out in front of the wave of a typical player development. In the minor league system and I think the Red Sox view him as a guy who's capable of keeping up with that and -- finds himself a similar situation I think Bogut is going to be a little later because they have more depth that shortstop you you have three out -- right so they're going to be injuries that necessitate moving guys up. With Bogart's I do think that he only had one month in double -- last year he walked once during that one month even though he showed. Incredibly precocious power during that time so there's still adjustment for him to be made but I do you think maybe by the end of the year you could see him up what's on the docket today for you. Well getting ready for for actual games in fact I am trying to get. A little bit more into some of the history of -- -- in the organization because like you guys I love being down here for the sake of seeing prospects. Learning about them finding out about their history and where they are in that development -- out and Gary do you assessing that tell us that the book that's speaks five languages -- -- -- cute and he's being Smart at David he's he's he's he you know Craig Breslow of our way well I shouldn't give the -- credit but. Yeah there there's some very bright people in that clubhouse is Alex -- WEEI dot com read in check them out good stuff every single day.

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