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Kevin Garnett Postgame Press Conference

Feb 20, 2013|

KG spoke to the media after the Celtics lose a tough one in Denver, 97-90.

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We'll just look. -- -- -- -- It's trust. Quarters it's. You know we have -- themselves. We're gonna -- from the office. Of course trying to secure some calls. From an aggressive what should we trust -- can. Is it possible just thanks for. It's. Furniture that the -- I think can be used normally it's been fired Carlsberg and it's not three. He's known as the shooter crystal ball and I'm like -- that was removed from the free -- And interestingly enough I don't come back when moments and in. You know who. To -- his best games no. Has got the lakers right around the world overseas it's it was a big game. The -- is that right after the break just talk about. Just grown into that. Personal for some of the most important plus -- finished off -- and restarting the -- It should be spent a lot of emotion in the building. -- -- -- -- -- -- He shot 36 goals and -- it's -- You change your. We have to be aggressive you know you know you for the game -- an extraordinary. Book which we can win. Things like cut -- -- and finally it took us. -- -- -- No meaningful -- and -- Probably you have a focal point. We discuss continue the progress of like a sort of an international rhythm folks are happening you know requests for the -- games. For a no confidence in between. And we can. Weeks ago. Don't put your guard Courtney. -- -- really -- you guys for the person talk about just there. Paul and assuming the moment -- between -- and god -- you have a little before they became home. Putting great no home country club community -- sort of return games -- success -- Alando. Oh good emergence that we help those. Favors. Come back has given us life. Public that we ought to man you know put him for -- to ask questions on news channel whatever we have some room for a champion and those who. Comfort traveler people you know and you know front pushing the ball we know that we never charges. Most about Sarah put someone turns and coming into Bermuda who. Fallen every week on those two of them. There -- good sports and its problems to work we are committed to get to a New York Post and RS. Night in night out and you've -- him to cut off. -- -- -- -- --

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