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Doc Rivers Postgame Press Conference

Feb 20, 2013|

Doc Rivers spoke to the media after the Celtics lose a tough one in Denver, 97-90.

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Can we don't learn the lessons yeah I couldn't do -- -- was -- -- tonight tonight I just didn't close in the corner under world. The person. Into the third showed us that -- on the it's that. No call for better television play. I thought we didn't trust tonight. And it happens we haven't done that. Well but I -- started getting it. They're pitching that was just trying to make plays investors want to -- But I didn't trust each other good at all and I thought we did a poor job perception can. You know now is one of our focal points. Didn't think much of approximately -- yeah we trust each other we've had great. The first we just got to win. You know release only I got try to get back into the -- All a couple of tunnels. And try to remind us that we get five guys just let's play with a five and good luck to everybody -- they -- -- -- -- that they've got an hour quite obviously that all of these guys want to win it. -- that it was Hillary didn't. Yeah. Reverse -- you know -- great. I got away from us in the third -- coaches aren't they were able to match discounted. Though we're small most again -- -- mean. Obviously coming in the game we're more concerned about matching errors and a lot of hours -- he's at -- you know. About the players and water shuttle flight plan against. Schwarzenegger pulled up short two -- rebound but that happens because you play well. And you place or sometimes it's going to wait. Should be careful about -- yards and move forward -- This -- -- that first they're gonna really active and just like honestly yeah yeah we need that on this trip and rust disease and that's one of the things. You don't look forward to talk to everybody in coordination we got evil look more aggressive aggressive and put them. Start dictating play the first almost exactly the way we want to. And then we just got to -- but -- -- -- and -- and Atlanta are especially if you don't you know -- He's been around long time there's a yeah. Yes. Lord George can see your. You know it was quite Rory weigh -- advantages where it must go. Georgia's pardon so -- was mind about that moment you know during the at least in this place. This stuff help -- -- -- -- -- and ugly and you know -- -- those players morph herself but obviously they've -- the Pentagon to pollution it. The rest Kevin. You know certain times we know how. Want to -- we -- a choice in the matter in the early days so it's -- -- guys in this. He's. You got to -- it's. You know marketability and New Zealand Nelson knows too much got me to acknowledge that affect me -- -- to me it's been louder. I don't know as far as I just -- we -- just Bridgestone shirt. When you get the lakers their first home game since. Yeah -- course again I'll do a lot of probably so that's one reason. Policy of first degree they're gonna try to get out to a new star -- Indonesia. -- saw the passing the ball. About bust so. A lot of stuff could have. You know and we're going to be right in the umpires don't. You know ask the league you're -- works.

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