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Doc Rivers pregame Celtics-Nuggets with Sean Grande on the trade deadline and more

Feb 19, 2013|

Sean Grande caught up with Doc Rivers just prior to tonight's Nuggets/Celtics game in Denver.

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So -- that I presented by Lexus continues from the Pepsi Center in Denver so which -- -- will kick off the five game road trip for the Celtics momentarily but first our conversation with a head coach Doc Rivers rusty is always. By Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. Count us in did you watch the Wednesday game over generally watch every of the game over again did you elect -- put yourself through a lawsuit to duplicate its way. Well played is that a game you win a month you know month earlier in the. No there's no way everywhere that. And usually it it was a tough game for both teams you can see. It's one of those rare days before the all star break where a couple teams wanted to play. Neither team had anything and you could you please you. When Courtney seemed turn the corner early in the year and as -- why you says he wasn't thinking as much when we see the game that Brandon had. On Wednesday that you watched again over again. And he's got a few doubt during the stretches at the same thing with them. It's a little different court systems that can. Too much about why he was the point where all of what she's doing -- it -- give himself into team doing the team's stuff in that they're comfortable. Brendon and and you know it was more shot or you know and you know. Change is -- -- -- -- life partner with the -- But I thought it affected him and start thinking about it now it's kind of let -- come back to moment -- well. Talking about thinking too much -- that means is this and it obviously every individual is different bodies this generally speaking it difficult week. To be a player here with a deadline -- You know I don't I think -- that's very individual. And you know like your -- -- my corner there and read more about us the last week and I've actually talked about those. We didn't hear anyone else so. You know there's a lot of do you -- -- What do you want to know. These couple days you have two games to coach you -- back to back tonight. And obviously Danny Danny phone is bring in constantly with -- every little detail with possibly this what do you want to build. At the go over these 48 hours. Don't know if the Bruins that he will call me and we talked through four. Just what do you think about this of this of this and that's. And I -- in my opinion sometimes little cup war. And then we move Mormon obviously something's going down the road you'll really. You know we'll talk about these books that's not happening there. Every night we did talk about how important it is to get defense rebounds and prevent the other team from running that this would probably be. Given the where we are and who you're playing the surprise be at the top of the list -- I mean obviously every -- tipped rebounds and we don't know. The the -- whether -- even you know they're gonna get some office results of this over us about it. But we can't give him transition baskets in office. We do that long. Why is it do you think people don't talk about Ty Lawson the way they should be talking to you I don't know army and I think. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- People's through war on Afflalo who -- -- humans Deborah. You know until that happens I think you won't hear from my future report we knew we were here last year -- May even in the year before all of our conversation thousands of them and run together -- You made a point about the altitude here when -- pointed out that you think it's almost. It's it's like -- in a fight we're within the first couple rounds he gets the first couple rounds accountable for there -- always they're here you know as a player for me. By second about supply and uses mentally into the first. And it's hard you know open now all the artists went away on vacation too so maybe via -- re acclimated to a vacation over for all of us felt -- to nugget -- next on the WEEI Celtics radio network.

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